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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 175

175. Play (5)


Lana tilted her head and opened her mouth.

“Mr. Dowd, aren’t you feeling a little muddy for some reason?”


I wholeheartedly agree on that part.

Elijah smiled bitterly as he looked at Daud, who stood blankly beside him.

It’s good that Sullivan and Faynol got Atalanta back Daoud before he smashed the Devil’s Vessel heads, but it’s almost always been this way since then.

I’m blank as if I’ve lost my mind.

Only like this, you will never look good in the second trial.


Elijah sighed and looked at the huge force field spread out around him.

Compared to the impressive artificial dungeons shown in Elfante, only the scale is large, but it is simply an extremely hard and large hemispherical force field, but it is rather scary because of it.

It’s because there is an existence that needs to be ‘locked up’ with something like that.

If the first trial was intended to test the boldness and bravery of the candidates, the second trial was said to show their patience, planning ability, and improvisation.

that came out as a result.

‘…To survive among demon beasts with only one body.’

Elijah sighed, recalling the test method.

I told them to push the candidates with their bare bodies into the monster haunted area near the furnace of struggle, and tell them to survive in it for two days.

In addition, in a state where those monsters had become berserk and made them much more aggressive than usual.

At this point, if you’re sane, you wouldn’t think it was something you would do to people who haven’t reached adulthood, but it must mean that the weight of the name of a hero is that heavy.

And, if there is an additional problem there.

“Mr. Elijah and Mr. Dawood were ranked first in the total score in the last trial, so they will be severely checked by other candidates. Will you be all right?”

“…there’s no way it’ll be okay.”

Saying that, Elijah looked around.

Soon, the eyes of the other candidates who will enter the hemispherical force field together are unusual.



As before, the Emperor of the Empire, Chief Utard of the Tribal Union, and Archbishop Luminol of the Holy Kingdom were sitting side by side in the ‘Grandstand’ installed in the sky.

The problem is the last person.

He is staring at Daoud as if he were glaring at an almost crippled enemy.

‘…I understand.’

Elijah muttered those words in a cold sweat.

If you think about what this human did to Lana next to you in the previous ordeal, it’s even more strange that it doesn’t come out as a father.

It would be fortunate if he didn’t openly cheat on this side in this ordeal.

“…should be fine.”

Scared to mumble that, Lana turned her head to look at Elijah.

“Hey, Mr. Elijah.”


“Actually, nothing could have happened, but since Mr. Elijah just said that, something must happen.”


What is he saying now.

Elijah glared at Lana with narrowed eyes.

“…that’s a sinister joke.”

“I’m not kidding.”

Lana said with a grin that didn’t fit the sentence.

“Well, I’ve heard a lot of good things from before.”


“If it’s something I’m sure of, you can see that it will definitely happen!”


I hope you don’t talk about such an ominous and meaningful story with such a smile.


Elijah looked at the still dazed Daoud and sighed inwardly.

‘When are you coming back, sir?’


I feel dangerous if I don’t come back.

I have such a strong feeling.

< System Message >

[This is the most important aspect of the ‘Sweet Play’ event. ]

[ You must prevent a tragedy from happening to the target ‘Yuria’! ]

Seeing such a window pop up, she laughs.

It feels like being punched in the ear.

‘You know I brought you here to do this, right? Behave right!’ It feels like the white devil keeps sending out warnings.

“…His Holiness is coming.”

YuRia saw the elevator coming down from the upper part of the mansion and heard that.

His face has the dignified expression he always tries to maintain, but his hands are trembling pitifully.

No matter how firm and dignified you are, you are still a child. There is no way you can exercise perfect self-control.

And I’m beside him

I was staring blankly into space.

“By the way, what the hell has the attendant been doing since a while ago?”

“I’m checking the time, ma’am.”


If you’re going to check the time, you can just look at your watch, though an expression as if asking why you’re doing that is caught on Yuria’s face.

What I’m checking are the numbers next to the ‘system window’.

It is not the time that has passed inside here, but the purpose of figuring out how much time has passed ‘outside’.

‘…The second ordeal must have started soon.’

Considering the various conditions, it is the timing when Elijah would have entered the second trial, even if forced.


Saying yes is the same as saying that there is a very clear reason why I need to get out of here quickly.

I don’t know what will happen to that side in the second trial, but strictly speaking, the main quest is Elijah’s side. that is of the highest importance.


Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to skip this quest.

However, I also have a situation like this.

I’m going to use a little unconventional method.


While I was thinking about that, YuRia drew my attention by pulling on my collar.

In front of my eyes, the emperor was descending from the elevator.

The outfit is different, but you’ll know it as soon as you see it. Because I’ve never forgotten that unlucky face.


And he looked closely at the sword wrapped in the sealing sphere in his hands.


It is a sword that Yuria has been wearing ever since.

Even though so many seals are attached, the feeling of bad luck is conveyed at a glance.

YuRia, who saw that scene, was startled and trembled for a moment.

“…I’ll be back.”

Soon, a pitiful smile was put on his face.

It is clear that it was a voice barely suppressing fear and wringing out pathetically.

It was a reaction that came out because I knew that it would have a bad effect on me.


Here’s what I know as well.

Just like this, Yuria catches the disconnected person as instructed by the emperor, and is forcibly pushed by him to massacre all the humans in the mansion.

It is an event that gives him a very deep trauma.

In other words.

It is also an event that I will do everything in my power to block.


It’s a way I wouldn’t even try.

Not to break the role, especially if the white devil puts all sorts of restrictions on me.

Even for me, this is a bit of an afterthought… It’s a gamble.

But, I guess I’ll just have to believe that somehow it will work out. When did I think and do something?


Check the means to do so.

I have something saved for this moment.

<System Message>

[Use ‘skill copy’! ]

[ You can copy 1 skill from target ‘Yuria’! ]

The skill I was looking for, it didn’t take that long to find it.

< System Message >

[Copy ‘Skill: Curse of Severance’! ]

[Attacks those who come within three steps without identifying peers! ]

[If you catch the target ‘disconnecter’, the effect occurs! ]


“How are you, Yuria?”

When Beopwang, who had come close to me, said such a thing, Yuria immediately flinched.

As always, polite, courteous, tickling voice.

Some even said it was an atmosphere suitable for a person standing at the pinnacle of all saints.

For Yuria, it was nothing more or less than a voice that sounded like a hissing snake.

“Today is the day when your glorious ascension is scheduled, Yuria.”

The emperor with a gentle smile said so and held out something to her.

It is a long sword.

To the extent that it looks almost the same as her short stature.

“Would you like to catch it? This is something prepared just for you.”

“…Me, His Holiness…”

Yuria opened her mouth with a trembling voice.

“…Do I really have to catch it?”

do not want to do it.

It looks sick. scared.

The moment I catch that, it seems like something terrible is bound to happen.

That’s what I was thinking, but that’s what I said.


Hearing the emperor’s voice, her body flinched again.

The color is still soft.

However, the eyes looking down on her.

Those eyes that seemed to have no hostility at all.

It is a cold gaze that cuts through the skin.

This is your only ‘existence value’, so it contains the pressure not to deny it.

“Are you willing to abandon your duty?”


“I bet you haven’t forgotten that it was the church that fed and raised you.”


“Are you going to be the bad boy who betrays grace?”


In response to her trembling body, the Pope smiled benevolently again.

“I wanted to hear that, Yuria. After all, Yuria is a good kid.”


Yuria closed her eyes at the sword that was being pushed out in front of her eyes again.


I don’t know why that person came up.

Strangely enough, there was no doubt that it was the name that came to mind before her sister as the person she would rely on the most in such a scary and trembling moment.



The ending must have already been decided here and now.

no one can help her

It’s just a fate to conform to being swept away by the tragedy that is about to happen.

Yuria reached out for the sword with a trembling gesture.



Before YuRia could catch it.

I can feel someone’s footsteps in the distance.


Seeing the man approaching her side, Yuria reflexively asked such a question.

“What now…?”

Before asking a proper question, that hand grabbed the handle of the severed sword held by the emperor.

Subsequently, the ‘curse’ contained in the sword rode up Daud’s body.

An old curse that has lasted for hundreds of years erodes its body.

Originally, it wouldn’t be strange if a human being eroded by such a curse went crazy with the pain and died instantly.

Instead, Daoud drew his sword casually.

As if he had been ‘transmitted’ the experience of someone who had dealt with this curse countless times before.



poof, and

wield it towards the emperor.

The blade of the severed sword passed straight through his neck.

It was a gentle motion, as if cutting water.


The emperor’s head rolled on the floor with such an ugly sound.




To the surroundings where the fountain of blood gushes out.

Silence fell.


silence again.

Then, continued silence.


While everyone stared at the spectacle in awe, the man who created the spectacle opened his mouth in a low voice.

“A play must have a twist.”

at the same time.

The road to hell spread out all around.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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