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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 174

174. Play (4)

The tour of Yuria’s mansion ended in the evening when the sun was setting.

To be precise, it would be the time when the artificial light dims.


If you look up at the sky, there’s something that looks like the sun, but if you look closely, it’s just an artificially created sculpture moving according to a magic formula.

The facility itself is said to be hidden deep underground.

It was also very paranoid.

“If you do this, I believe that you, too, will know about the mansion well.”

Young YuRia proudly said those words with an ahem.

It seems that he is quite proud of introducing me to all of this place, so I unknowingly smile and applaud my father.

This makes the boy even more proud. My chest rises sharply, and even my nose exhales with excitement.

Even though I stroked my hair, I straightened up right away.

“…What is it? Are you treating me like a child?”


I know.

How could I have done this to my employer?

I’ve felt it for a long time, but I tend to over-cute children.

Especially if it gives off the feeling of a younger brother like this guy.

From noble mtl dot com


It reminds me of the old days

I laughed bitterly inside and brushed off those thoughts.

She smiled at YuRia and put her hand away.

“I’m sorry. Are you in a bad mood?”

However, as soon as I said those words, YuRia grabbed my hand.

As I was looking at him with a puzzled expression, he mumbled for a long time before finally opening his mouth.

“…I didn’t ask you to quit.”


Whatever it is, it seems that the child is right.

Pat him briskly until his hair is messy. A pleasant expression like that of a cat roaring appeared on his face.

‘…More than generous, I’ve withered away, really.’

At this point, I don’t even know who the employer is.

Doesn’t this guy come to wake me up after I oversleep? Doesn’t he move busier all day to teach me what to do?

As I think of such thoughts, I soon feel the eyes of other humans pouring in from around me.


Really, really.

They’re the ones who find it unpleasant for me to stick close to this guy.

As if it was uncomfortable for me to give this ‘thing’ this kind of attention.

“…You should go in and sleep, young lady.”

Unable to hold back the growing displeasure, he said such a thing.

It was a word I brought up thinking that I should cut YuRia out of these guys.

As soon as he heard those words, Yuria’s expression quickly darkened.



Was there a mistake in what you just said?

“Bur, already…?”

He tilts his head and responds to the words he stutters.

“You told me all about the structure of the mansion, and a lot of time has passed.”

“…Well, in the mansion, ah, there might be places I haven’t looked around yet… there are…”

Looking at the guy who couldn’t bear to speak and was crying, I realized one thing.

There is no mistake in what I said.

YuRia is afraid of falling with me right now.


I don’t know why I feel that way, but if so, the solution is simple.

“…Then, shall we make a special arrangement for the lady today?”


Looking at the guy’s expression, which suddenly brightened up, it seemed that he was the correct answer.

“…so the princess met the prince and lived happily ever after.”

I’ve only heard the concept of a bed time story, but it’s the first time I’ve read it to someone else.

classic story.

A princess who was persecuted by the world, and a prince on a white horse who saved it.

A pleasant happy ending that can easily be seen in any fairy tale.


However, upon hearing such a common story, YuRia’s eyes sparkled and shone.

“It’s a beautiful story…”

“…Is that so?”

“yes. The scene where the prince and all 12 princesses got married at the same time at the end was particularly impressive.”


There was something like that.

The editors who inject strange things into children’s fairy tales must be insane.

“The fact that the prince seduces women with a strangely easy way makes the reader want something like this, breaks through the difficulties with bizarre ease, and beats all the women he seduced like that, but it’s still a beautiful story… ”


It’s strange.

why does my chest hurt

Thinking about that, YuRia hesitantly opened her mouth again.

“Hey, Mr. Chamberlain.”

“Yes, lady.”

“Will a prince like that come to me too?”


I am speechless.


I’m sorry to tell this guy directly, but what this guy goes through after this is to bring blood to the entire mansion after contact with the severed person.

Perhaps the emperor forcibly created such a ‘stage’ in order to awaken the role of ‘amulet’.


And, from my point of view, knowing the contents at least roughly.

Even with empty words, I can’t get the word out about the prince.

It’s an event that makes me feel like sh*t just thinking about it.

!!! Warning!!!

[ Impure intentions are detected from the target. ]

[This knowledge is information that the ‘exclusive attendant’ cannot know. ]

[ Do not speak out! ]

[ Do not break the cast! ]


I looked at it with a bitter smile at the red warning window that appeared in front of me.

I can’t even say that in the first place.

Because I have a restriction not to break the ‘role’.

And, above all.

Guys here, honestly, I don’t think it would be too bad to see them die.

By my standards, it’s a place where only human garbage is gathered.

Although she later feels guilty for the fact that YuRia cut it, it’s to the point where she thinks that not knowing it from the beginning might be the medicine.

While thinking about that, YuRia opened her mouth in a low voice.

“Right now, there is only my older sister next to me.”


“…She is the first to treat me like this.”

With a dumbfounded expression, I looked at YuRia, who kept her mouth shut while saying that.


He said ‘outside’.

It means that he knows that he is isolated in this mansion.

“…miss. what is that-”

“…I already know you’re alone.”

YuRia said in a calm voice.

“According to the doctrine, life is sacred. The most sacred union that humans can create. According to that doctrine… I have no mother, no father… just a lowly creature created ‘out of necessity’.”

in that voice.

He said he deserved to be despised by those around him. you know yourself

I am saying so.

This young child calmly recited such cruel words.

“…So, you can’t complain. You can’t be sad. I can’t cause trouble to those who treat me kindly with a smile.”


“As for my duty… I have to fulfill my duty.”

Saying that, I looked at Yuria in a state of speechlessness as she smiled.

“It is soon that His Holiness and sister will visit here. When the time comes… I will be able to repay the kindness I have received.”

It is also true to describe the life confined in this cage as kindness.

It definitely comes from the nuances of talking.

This guy already knows.

The fact that there is not a single person in the mansion who sincerely thinks of him and cares for him.

That the purpose for which he was created was never a good intention for himself.

Even the fact that the emperor would bring Lucien a few days later, and that nothing good would ever happen to him.


Come to think of it, the way he continued to treat me softly throughout the tour of the mansion.

At most, the exclusive attendant, the owner of the mansion, took that kind of attitude.

Since he knew his ‘circumstance’, he was just being as kind as possible.

At that point, questions arise.


why do you do that

Why do you calmly accept this fact?


There is only one reason that comes to mind.

If you look at the personality of this guy you’ve seen so far, there’s only one thing.


Because I don’t have a choice.

Because I was not even given the environment to choose a different path from the beginning.

‘…That’s too much.’

isn’t it terrible

A child at the height of play.

A child who should grow up to be pampered in the arms of his parents, to be loved overflowing, to know the world, to rise up even if he falls down.

Being locked up in a cage like this for a specific purpose, being isolated and sacrificing yourself for those who never give you even a handful of love.

A child who is kind and precocious enough to accept it all on his own and act on his own will, to face such an end.


isn’t it terrible


While thinking about that, YuRia continued speaking in a gloomy voice.

“…it’s nice to meet… a nice person like Mr. Chamberlain.”


“Sir, I think you are a little different from other people.”

Are you hearing something like that?

Suddenly, I realize one thing.


Brings a window in front of you.

< Event Info >

▶Sweet play◀

[Convince the target ‘Yuria/White Devil’. ]

[ A time limit of 3 days is given. If you break your cast in it or don’t escape the mental world, you’ll be stuck in that world forever! ]

[The ‘role’ assigned to you is ‘Lady Yuria’s exclusive attendant’. Don’t break the cast! ]

[ Prevent the tragedy that will come to the target ‘Yuria’! ]

Read it through again, paying particular attention to the last line.

It seems to know gradually.

Why did the white devil put me here?

what do you want from me

‘…I’m asking you to prevent a tragedy.’

Although I have confirmed the relationship between Li Lu and the Blue Devil before.

The relationship between ‘devil’ and ‘vessel’ is much closer than expected.

There are exceptions like Seras and the Purple Devil, but that’s because he’s the only one.

that guy

I really want Yuria to see ‘happy scenes’ from her most nightmare past.



It’s clear what I need to do here.

To YuRia, who is smiling hard, I also smile at her.

“Do not worry too much.”

At my words, Yuria weakly smiled.

“…Sir, you are a good person.”

You probably think it’s useless encouragement.

Because he already knows that a great misfortune will befall him in a few days.

Because the subject of such an incident is none other than the Emperor, a person who is no different from a natural disaster, he knows that there is no way to stop it.


From noble mtl dot com

I’m not talking empty words either.

“I’ll get you.”


YuRia’s eyes widened.

It’s like you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about.

“Although he is a madman who seduces women with a strangely easy way, breaks through difficulties with an unusually easy way, and hits all the women he seduces like that.”


I continued talking to YuRia, who was making a dumbfounded expression.

To be honest, I don’t know about the prince on a white horse. I’m not very confident in that kind of role.


“I will definitely come. what kind of guy?”

It seems that a superman riding a white horse can manage it.

A role that completely upsets the plot of the play.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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