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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 173

173. Play (3)

Elfante is a complex structure in which all kinds of buildings are intertwined like a spider’s web, as its age is long.

Even Yuria, who had such extreme characteristics in the first place, had a building where she could quietly live.

That is to say, it is not that difficult to carry out the act in a deserted place without being noticed by anyone.

“…It’s a little difficult to tie the knot…”

Dowd Campbell muttered with his eyes completely out of focus.

The sight of making a noose with strong twine he had obtained from somewhere was beyond desolate and almost maddening.



The two spirits were silent at the same time in the Soul Linker that was neatly neglected along with the ‘will’ in a place not far away.

[…is it okay if I don’t dry it?]

At some point, Balcasus, who woke up, said that to Caliban, but Caliban only sighed in response.

[No, even if you stop, what do you do with something you don’t want to hear?]

[…But can’t we just let him die?!]

Caliban’s answer came back calmly, and Balcassus roared in horror.

No, now that he is on the verge of suicide, why is he so calm?

Even as he continues this sentence, Daud is already almost finished preparing to hang himself. He checks the noose with eyes drenched in melancholy.

[No, there is no reason not to be calm.]

However, Caliban’s voice, which was not disturbed at all despite the urgency of Balcasus, returned.

[It’s the ‘devils’ that cling to him, Balcasus.]

He continued with a wry smile.

[I mean, even if you want to die, there must be at least one guy who won’t let you do that.]

There was no need for Valcasus to ask what that meant.


As Daoud whistled and was about to put the noose around his neck, the noose on the roof exploded and flew away.

Thanks to this, Daoud, who had nothing to support his weight, slumped to the floor.

While he tumbled on the floor with a loud shout, someone landed lightly from the air.


Faynole, who was supporting her body with magic power, let out a deep sigh as she drew back the flames that wrapped around her body.

“I haven’t been able to meet you lately because I was busy preparing for the second trial, so what are you doing right after seeing you for the first time in a while? you are.”


Dawood stared blankly at Faynol’s reflection in the moonlight.

The sight of her fluttering dress fluttering in the open night sky was almost dreamy.

Although the biggest factor in giving that feeling was something else.

Daoud followed her with a blank gaze again as it rose above her head.


Memories are flying but knowledge remains.

I was just puzzled by the fact that I didn’t know what this was.

The two spirits inside the Soul Linker had slightly different views on its appearance.

The horn is a symbol of the ‘devil’ that is obvious to anyone without needing an explanation.

It was apparently a force involved that just blew off the roof of the building.

Just now, that was undoubtedly the power of the red devil, karma fire.

Firepower itself is not a big deal. No matter how hard Elfante’s buildings are, if it’s the devil’s power, it’s a level that can even partially damage the angel’s barrier.

but that’s just not funny.

[…Did you just ‘cut out’ the upper part of the building with demon powers?]

Balkasus let out those words like a moan.

No vessel in the world can ‘take out’ and use the devil’s power in this way.

Normally, the power works in such a way that the vessel that has been eroded by the fragment starts to run wild and its power is manifested.

Even more so, being able to use authority accurately to this extent suggests a lot of facts.


Caliban closed his mouth and looked at him quietly.

Of course, it was not a pleasant experience to see the power of the demons he had personally subdued before his eyes.

More than that, a terrible ominous feeling was running down his spine.

‘…Didn’t it be said before that the more you regain your emotions, the stronger your control over the devil’s power becomes?’

And, undoubtedly.

The power of the Red Devil he was seeing now was in a state of sophistication that was incomparable even compared to that of the Red Night Crisis.

Compared to the past when they just blindly spread to the surroundings, it means that they can move very calculatedly with a clear purpose.

Well, if.

very if only.

If you’ve fought with this side once, you have no choice but to make an uncomfortable assumption.

This guy, for whatever reason.

If you become an ‘enemy’.

If you tried to burn the world with the firepower of all three pieces of the devil, and the power of this level of sophistication.


It is not strange even if a disaster so great that it is incomparable to the late night situation in which several cities were reduced to ashes in half a day.

While thinking about that, Faynole sighed and placed her hands on her waist, squinting her eyes.

It was a gesture that gave off a hint that he really couldn’t stop it.

“Someone can’t die even if they want to, so what is this side? Did you want to cheat?”


Daoud was embarrassed and let out such a voice.

No, in the first place, this person was not even seen in the hospital room when he collapsed, so it is completely unknown.

But why are you pretending to know him?

As I was staring upwards while thinking about that, Faynole landed lightly on the floor.

Then, he strides forward and grabs Daud by the collar, who is lying on the floor, and lifts him up quickly.

It was hard-to-imagine physical strength in such a slender body, but it would be funny to argue with the devil’s vessel in the first place.

“…Me, who are you…?”

And then

Faynole kissed Daud as he said it.

“…? …?! —-?!”

Startled, Daoud struggled as hard as he could, but Faynol’s hand holding him was immovable.

Ju-wook kisses his lips. until you run out of breath. Daoud struggles

“…what, what, what, what…?”

As soon as the words fell, Dawood picked up the words with a distraught expression.

I’m not sure because I’ve lost my memory, but I was just about to feel a sense of deja vu, as if something like this had happened before.

“…It’s a supplement.”


“Because I’ve been away from you lately, I can’t feel my heart pounding.”

In contrast, Faynole continued her conversation with a level tone.

Feeling emotions is a big deal for Fynol. It must feel like an oasis given to a wanderer wandering the desert.

In particular, what gives a strong ‘resonance’ is related to this man.

Kissing right after meeting like this is not that special.

At least, from her point of view.


“Since you said you would make me happy, shouldn’t you be responsible for this much? I was in a hurry too.”

“…Me, you too…?”

dizzy, really.

Daoud’s eyes lost focus again.

He jumped up and picked up the noose that had been thrown on the floor.

“…what are you going to do with it?”

When Faynole smiled and asked, Daud muttered half-distraught.

“…As expected, wouldn’t it be better for someone like me to die…”


Hearing that, Faynole laughed again.

“Who’s going to do that?”


With those words, the noose Daoud was holding was set ablaze by sparks from the air.

As if that would never be tolerated.

“Don’t get me wrong, Doud Campbell.”

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Faynole continued with a smile on her face.

“Your life is not entirely yours.”


Dowd’s eyes returned to some degree of focus.

Being too ridiculous was the main reason.

“Come into someone else’s life as you please. You take someone else’s heart as you please, and you say you’re going to die at will.”

However, those eyes were not smiling at all.

Rather, it must be glowing with an insidious color.

“Isn’t that too… selfish?”


“You, by surviving to the end, make me happy, and you have an obligation to be happy too, right?”


“If you die, I will pursue you to the end of hell and hold you accountable, so let’s stop doing such useless things. Did you know?”

Faynole lightly kissed Dawood on the lips again.

Compared to the sticky kiss from before, it’s just a matter of brushing the surface.

It was a terrifying contact that somehow gave me chills.

“…leave it at that, Faynol.”

As Daud was breaking out in a cold sweat, a voice like that came from the side.

“I’ll give you credit for finding this guy so quickly, but what if an artificial soul enters and stimulates his already unstable mind like that?”

“… Excuse me.”

As Faynole nodded and put Daud down, Sullivan, who opened the door and entered, sighed and shook his head.

“Don’t make trouble, Viscount Campbell. You have to have some awareness that you are a patient.”

It’s a warm voice.

However, it was an ominous favor to the extent that Daud, who had suffered countless times from women, could even feel fear.

‘…No, no way.’

Is this woman ‘connected’ with you?

“…Me, Prime Minister, excuse me.”

Daoud asked in a trembling voice.

“Even if I ask what your relationship with the Prime Minister is…?”


Sullivan furrowed his brow slightly at the sudden question.

The answer that came out seemed to be asking why such an obvious question was asked.

“It was nothing.”


Daoud’s expression brightened momentarily.

yes then it is

No matter how crazy he was before he lost his memory, at least one person was just normal-

“You must have known that.”


“I have some special thoughts for you.”

Having said that, the chancellor smiled softly and gently brushed Daud’s face with a kind hand.

From Daud’s point of view, it felt almost like a gesture from the grim reaper.

“Anyway, let’s stop making a fuss and go back.”

“…are you going back…?”

“There are quite a few people who care about you.”

“…rather kill me… kill me, Prime Minister…”

Daoud, who muttered so with unfocused eyes.


He immediately shut his mouth.

Maybe it’s because I noticed something strange.

“…Prime Minister?”

The complexion of Sullivan, who had looked so stern as if not a drop of blood would come out even if he stabbed him just before.

As soon as he heard those words, he was so pale that anyone could tell.


Then, Sullivan hurriedly covered his mouth as if holding back nausea.

A cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

breathe heavily The emotion mixed in that face made it look like a person terrified.


As if it was stimulated by ‘trauma’.



Not only Daud, but even Faynol looked at him in bewilderment.

‘That’ Chancellor.

A human who could put even the emperor of an empire under his feet if he wanted to.

The woman who was even called the iron-blooded chancellor.

At every single one of Daoud’s just now, he’s backing away like a frightened child.

“…Prime Minister?”

“Leave the recruit, Faynol.”

With a distinctly harsher tone than before, Sullivan brought out such a sentence.

“…I have an urgent matter for a while, so I will go and see.”

Sullivan, who managed to get that sentence out, quickly turned his back.

Then, almost as if running, he runs out into the hallway.



Silence passed for several minutes.

“…Did I say something wrong?”


When Sullivan hurriedly left, only Daud and Faynoll were left standing there, looking puzzled at the same time.

“…Prime Minister?”


It was the only sensation that Sullivan felt when he arrived in front of the private room in Elfante.

“…Prime Minister, are you okay?”

Sullivan, unable to answer even the question of the attendant in front of the door, ran into the door with a pale face.

And right away.


As soon as I get to the bathroom, I vomit what’s inside.

In my head, the ‘old’ memories with someone were playing.

A really long time ago.

Memories that never existed in ‘this world’.

– Thanks as always, Sullivan.

someone’s voice.

-I know you’re busy with the Prime Minister’s work, but take it easy. Rely on me too.

someone’s warmth.

-…No matter what your ‘devil’s bowl’ is, I won’t abandon you.

someone’s smile

Memories that could never be erased even while the world was ‘returning’.

bang your head encroach on consciousness


The one word I just heard echoed in succession.

-…You’d rather kill me… Kill me, Prime Minister…

I know you didn’t mean it.

The circumstances were completely different, and Sullivan knew best that he hadn’t really meant that to himself.



It is truly a nightmare experience.

precious memories.

By a word spoken by ‘the same object’ that I just heard.

Covered in the most horrific scenes.

– Please.

It was a rainy day.

I remember the terribly broken imperial palace.

I also remember the image of a man holding his arms and breathing thinly.

-Because it’s a request.

-I’m sorry. I’m so… so sick…

-…Would you rather kill me?

The smell of blood on your hands. The smell of intestines attached to the feet.

With a smile he barely made up, the look of Doud Campbell asking himself to do something like that.

As soon as those memories that were covered in dust from the other side of consciousness replayed.

“…Ooh-… Oops…-!”

With a face mixed with tears, Sullivan vomited more violently.

After a while, the nausea continues even when there is nothing more to vomit in the stomach.


How long have you been doing that?

Sullivan, completely exhausted, collapsed on the spot as if collapsing.

“…no. this time…”

A voice mixed with crying came out like threads.

“In this world… no… no…”

without hesitation.

“I can keep it…”

The golden chancellor muttered such a thing as if he was sobbing.

“I won’t let you die…”

Surely, it will.

Even if it means giving her everything.

No demons, no damn seers, no emperors, no emperors, no one.

You can’t take Doud Campbell away from her.

‘…At least, this time.’

In the chest of Sullivan, who gasped for breath and repeated such a promise, the golden magic shone softly.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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