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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 172

172. Play (2)

In the main story of Savior Rising, Yuria’s past is all briefly mentioned in one or two lines.

It’s to the extent that it’s an artificial creature raised in the Holy Land.

However, I know as much as the fact that this mansion will be ruined when he catches the first disconnector and causes a runaway.

And that Yuria is still suffering from that guilt.

Sometimes I heard from Lucien. I still have nightmares because of it.

But, what else does this mean?

“…what do you mean by that?”

He barely breaks his expression and continues talking.

Annoyance and anger are pouring out inside, but anyway, I’m in a state where I shouldn’t stand out as much as possible.


“This is something that all the people who use the mansion know. That those cursed things, whether younger or older, will eventually be used as ‘scapegoats’.”


“They are essential for the utopia promised by His Holiness.”


“You know enough to come all the way here, right? You mean the ‘paradise plan’.”

The Paradise Plan is a word that is tantamount to the ultimate goal of the doctrine preached in the Holy Kingdom.

A utopia where everyone can pursue peaceful and eternal happiness without any fights or strife.

It is the goal of the Seonghwangguk and the Emperor to descend upon the earth.

And I already know which direction the goal of the emperor will roll the scenario.

‘…Chapter 6.’

Seonghwangguk Sanctuary Attack Quest.

The final highlight is the battle against the false god.

Even in Sera, which is famous for the difficulty of main quests, 80% of the entire user pool is famous for being grounded.

If I hadn’t built up some kind of relationship with the homunculus sisters, it would be because the difficulty of clearing the final chapter would often be worse than the final chapter.

If Lucien and Yuria don’t have enough good feelings, they are forced to watch the event where they are ‘sacrificed’ by the Emperor.


the problem is.

So why do people who will later sacrifice themselves in the name of their ‘great cause’ use the words ‘disgusting’ or ‘monster’?

Is there not even the slightest pity?

“…Looking at the expression, it seems difficult to understand.”


“You might think so, but the homunculus was originally”


Gradually, it becomes difficult to hold back.

Even though he knew that sooner or later, the moment YuRia catches the cut off, they will all die anyway.

I know that Seonghwangguk has a somewhat gloomy side, unlike the holy atmosphere it seems on the outside, but isn’t this a bit harsh.

“…You know.”

As I was about to open my mouth to say something, I heard a young voice next to me.

“Oh, you made me wait. sorry!”

It’s Yuria running fast from across the hallway.


“Gee, lady. Be careful not to fall.”


As soon as he appeared, he changed his expression completely and glared at the servant smiling round and round with a puzzled look.

‘…Are these human bastards?’

There’s a certain degree of being shady.

How could they be so mean to a child they created and were going to sacrifice later.

When I think of YuRia holding onto her heart and grieving in the future for killing these people, anger that causes pain in her temples briefly dyes her hair.

“…Unfortunately, it seems that you are still not allowed to enter His Holiness’s office.”

As I was barely suppressing the rage that was about to burst out, Yuria said that with a regretful expression.

“Still, they say they’ll tell me what’s inside soon, so let’s go in with the attendant then.”

“Sure, lady. You will find out sooner or later.”


I don’t know what.

At least considering this guy’s intentions, it would never be a good thing for Yuria to have this door open.

As I was thinking that, a window suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

[ System Message ]

[The progress of the current event ‘Sweet Play’ will be updated. ]

[ Prevent the tragedy that will happen to the target ‘Yuria’! ]



Forebodings never go wrong.

“…Are you seeing progress? And that too soon.”

Elijah looked over the documents delivered in front of him with a frown on his face.

The second ordeal of the selection of warriors was about to take place, and a detailed description of the location and method was written.

I wondered what the hell he was going to hear when he was suddenly summoned to the president’s office by Atalante, but the news is worse than I thought.

“I’ve been blocking it as much as possible up until now, but it seems I’ve reached my limit now.”

Atalanta accepted the words with a sigh.

It is an event in which the thriving kingdom, the tribal union, and even the empire are held in one accord.

No matter how much the leaders of each country have delayed the progress under the agreement, if all the hegemons are doing it in concert, there will be something forced to do even for the eyes of the eyes.

And, above all.

Because there was only one ‘real reason’ for being forced to put it off.

“…It was only after confirming that Daoud had regained consciousness that both the Tribal Alliance and the Holy Land agreed to resume the selection.”


“The fact that the memory has not been recovered is a secret that only a small percentage of people know about, so there is no reason to postpone it any longer.”

There is no reason to reveal that humans who can exert control over the ‘devil’s bowl’ just by breathing are in a state where they are easily swayed here and there.

In other words, from their point of view, they must be in a position to proceed with the selection as they have come to their senses without knowing what flaws they have.

Elijah sighed as he rubbed his forehead at the sensation of a throbbing head.

‘…okay. I understand that.’

In the first place, I don’t understand the fact that the entire selection schedule changes depending on Daud’s condition.

“…The main subject is the selection of heroes, but why do you feel more interested in the teacher who is attached to me than the candidate candidates?”

“I can’t help it. It feels like the emperor of the empire, the chieftain of the tribal union, and even the emperor of the holy kingdom are examining the man’s movements in a strange way.”


Elijah rubbed his chin with a frown on his face.

I understand the case of the Warchief of the Tribal Union. It’s probably the most transparent kind of interest. Doesn’t that daughter, Li-Lu, have an intuitive goodwill towards Dawood?

But, why the emperor and the emperor?

“By the way, so how is Daoud doing now?”

At Atalanta’s cautious question, Elijah involuntarily swallowed dryly.

no, um

The intention of the question was to worry about whether he would be able to participate in the second ordeal in a situation where his memory was blown away.

It is impossible to be honest about the fact that a chaos is unfolding to eat even a bite of the defenseless side.

I heard that not too long ago, a person named Seras and Liru had a big fight because of Daud, and then Elnor got a big blow.

Even more so is the fact that Elijah himself also added an outrageous lie.

“…that doesn’t look bad.”

Elijah managed to squeeze a smile out of the words, and Atalanta’s eyes slightly narrowed.

“Is that true?”


It seems like you already know something.

As Elijah barely kept a smile on his face and was dripping with cold sweat inside, Atalanta opened her mouth with her eyes still narrowed.

“I heard that Seras and Liru had a big fight in the dormitory where that man was before.”


“…Of course, given their nature, it’s understandable that they roll their eyes when they see Daud, but we have to take into account the man’s current condition.”

Atalanta continued with a sigh.

“Not the brazenly brazen Dowd Campbell that it used to be, but now a very clean, blank artificial spirit. No one knows if it will be distorted by shock or what kind of sudden action it will take.”


“From my point of view, he must still be in a very dangerous state of mind. If you give it more shock there… something serious could happen.”

At Atalanta’s words, thick beads of sweat actually flowed from Elijah’s forehead.

I somehow open my mouth and come up with an excuse.

“Oh, oh, what’s going on? Everyone, if you get scolded once, you’ll keep the proper line.”


“I mean, is it really? I heard that Riru and Seras have calmed down since the student council president’s crush on them the other day!”

Elijah, who was about to say that to Atalanta, who had an unreliable expression on his face, immediately shut his mouth.


She let out a voice that was strange to the vitality that suddenly began to circulate through her body.

Of course, from the point of view of repeating training every day, I always keep my body in the best condition,


As it had been before, did this sense always come to Daoud whenever he felt a ‘threat for his life’?


“Why is that?”

Seeing Elijah stand up with a hard expression on his face, Atalanta said with a puzzled expression, but Elijah said it urgently with a look that it was difficult to explain at length.

“…Now, Seo, the teacher might be in danger!”

“…yes? what is that…”

“It’s hard to explain, but I have to go see the teacher right away!”


Fortunately, Atalanta is also a human being who has great interest in Daud’s safety.

Instead of asking further questions despite such a messed up explanation, she immediately grabbed Elijah by the back and hurriedly wrote the formula.

“…probably in the dorms by now.”

From noble mtl dot com

space movement. The coordinates are right in front of Daoud’s private room.

After the halo of light that wrapped around his body disappeared, Elijah hurriedly glanced around Daud’s door.

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. However, there is only one woman in front of him, holding her chin and looking at Daud’s private room.

Elijah, who saw that side, said in a dazed voice.

“… Lana?”

Lana Rey Delvium.

He is an Undead who was previously tied up by Daoud and used as a ‘bait’.

By the way, what does this person have to do here?

“Hmm, Mr. Elijah? Long time no see!”

“…It’s been a while since it’s been a while, what is Lana doing here?”

“Eh, no, I came to say hello to Mr. Dowd, and it was a bit noisy. There were so many women who were clamoring to come and spend some time together.”


“Mr. Dowd seemed distressed that I had touched so many people.”

Elijah tried to avoid Atalanta’s stinging gaze from beside him.

‘Are you going to be okay? It’s going to be okay?!’

“But in the midst of that, Mr. Dowd asked me with a little… straw feeling. Have you ever laid a hand on me?”


Foreboding feelings welled up in Elijah and Atalanta at the same time.

“…So what did you say?”

“It’s just me, I’m just going to relive what Mr. Daud did to me during the last ordeal and recall the pleasant memories one by one.”


“It’s the first time I’ve seen a real man who casually commits such cruel, bloody, and immoral things. Is it really not so?”


The faces of Elijah and Atalanta turned earthy.

– No one knows if it will be distorted by shock or what kind of sudden action it will make.


We talked about that just before.

And what Dawood did to Lana is trash beyond anyone’s imagination.

“…Did I do something I shouldn’t have done?”

While Lana’s vaguely questioning words echoed in the hallway, Atalanta hurriedly opened Daud’s door.

There was no one inside.

And the room is incredibly tidy.

It’s like trying to make up your mind in the position where you’re going to hold a gig.


Atalanta, whose face turned earthy, quickly looked around the room.

Anything was fine, so it was an action to find clues to confirm the man’s condition, and to some extent it was able to achieve results.

I was able to find a small note on Daoud’s personal table.

“…What does it say?”

To Elijah’s tense question, Atalanta didn’t answer, but glared at the sentence written there.

A few minutes pass.

A few more minutes pass there.

With trembling hands, Atalanta set the note back on the table.

Elijah, who had been standing around and watching the scene, quickly caught up and checked the note.

[I think it would be better not to have something like me. Hello everyone.]



Everyone was enveloped in silence.

how much time has passed

Atalanta opened her mouth with a trembling voice.

“…Gather all the women who clung to him. One o’clock is urgent.”


“…If you don’t want me to kill you all, come find this man right away–!!”

A scream like that fell like thunder from Atalanta’s mouth.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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