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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 171

171. Drama

“-So you are now entangled with the white devil and trapped inside.”

[How is the movement of other vessels around you?]

“Tell me what are you doing? Everyone is running with their eyes on fire to suck up that memory-lost guy.”

Talker, Seon Hwa-ryun spat out those words to the Seonhwa beyond the video screen.

The sentence that followed was almost mingled with laughter.

“It’s ridiculous that it’s ridiculously intense. How does it feel to have women like that fighting over me?”

[…What do you mean, Talker?]

At the answer that came back in a slightly barbed voice, Talker giggled inwardly and opened his mouth.

“Ah, of course, I know it’s regrettable that the captain couldn’t join us. But once you think that he is a fake personality with an artificial soul, those feelings are a little less-”

[Stop the nonsense. Did you contact me to tell me about that?]

“It’s a joke, a joke. do not be angry.”

After all, it was a confident attitude even though the Seer had failed in the mission entrusted to him, but it was an attitude that neither the Seer nor himself cared too much about.

In the first place, he is the strongest spirit magician of all time who remains a legend in both the eastern and western continents at the same time. It would seem that neither of them seem to care.

In that sense.

“…Captain, he’s a more dangerous variable than I thought.”

For such a person to seriously say such a thing, it must be a situation that is quite serious than I thought.

His face always wore a silly smile, but his eyes were serious.

“I know that he serves as the ‘key’ to all demons. But the speed at which the demons are twisting around him is much faster than expected.”


“Originally, it is said that the white devil imprisoning him is something that will happen even in the ‘other world line’, but in the meantime, other vessels have never been so close.”


Talker continued talking towards the Precursor who kept his mouth shut.

“As it is.”

As long as I take out this sentence.

“The ‘end’ comes before we can do anything?”

Even the smile he always put on seemed to have been erased.

“There’s not much time left, chief. Something must be done before more demons are unleashed.”


The Seer replied in a low voice.

[I know this is my last chance. therefore.]

It was laid low, but it was also a voice that I could definitely feel as much as that ‘determination’.

[…I’ll have to think about how to use it. key.]

The key does two things.

unlocking the lock. locking the padlock.

So far, Doud Campbell’s ‘key’ must have done the work of the former quite astonishingly.

Even Talker knew, there was no precedent for a case where he survived while being loved by demons so quickly with that soul constitution.


What the Precursors and Talkers are trying to do is to ‘lock’ the lock, not ‘unlock’ it.


he smiled bitterly.

It’s funny.

How many people on the continent are aware of the irony that the woman with the title of head of the devil worshipers is the most enthusiastic about locking up all the demons?

“good. To use the key is to write it. In order to do that, what should he do to get him free from the white guy? If the devil is determined and wants to redeem the soul, he won’t be able to escape-“

[It doesn’t matter.]


[The gender of this bowl is all female. From my point of view, is that the reason why that man is making such a good save?]


[A white devil can do anything as long as he is female.]

What does this firm trust mean?

It is a voice full of firm conviction that as long as the other person is a woman, you cannot predict the odds against the man.


That’s it.

feel a bit

“…For some reason, Captain. It’s a certainty that comes from my own experience.”

[Rather than that, what is the current state of the Red Devil?]

The Precursor, who mercilessly cut off what Talker was trying to say, continued on without hesitation.

Anyone could see that he didn’t want to talk about this topic, so the talker smiled wryly as he accepted the words.

“If it’s a red devil… it’s him. Faye… what was it? Fynol? Why is he?”

Of all the demons right now, he is the most docile. While the rest of us are growling at each other to eat that Daud guy, it’s so quiet that we want to do something about it.

Is it worth caring about? To the extent that I think.

[well. I wouldn’t think so.]


[Keep a close eye on that side, Talker. After the white devil, that’s the one with the highest chance of having an accident.]


[Because a cat that looks calm is the first to make an accident.]

It was a word with a meaningful resonance.

“My sister and His Holiness are coming in just a few days.”

YuRia, the little girl who was walking ahead, heard those words in a well-polished voice.

Strict facial expression and way of speaking… He seems to think to himself.

“In it, I will instill perfect manners in you so that you can show a shameless appearance as my attendant. Do you know?”

It’s not strict, but it’s a problem that I feel like a strict appealer.

I’ve felt it before, but it’s awkward for this guy to use this kind of tone.

It’s not just me feeling that way, it’s hard to feel that someone is taking an unfamiliar attitude.

To the point where it was obvious that the timid guy was somehow holding on to the things that didn’t suit him.

“…Why, why are you looking at me with such a strange expression?”


When he says that, I unknowingly touch the corner of my mouth that was loose in my father’s smile.

< Event Info >

▶Sweet play◀

[Convince the target ‘Yuria/White Devil’. ]

[ A time limit of 3 days is given. If you break your cast in it or don’t escape the mental world, you’ll be stuck in that world forever! ]

[The ‘role’ assigned to you is ‘Lady Yuria’s exclusive attendant’. Don’t break the cast! ]

In any case, this is a limitation. You can’t act recklessly.

“Ooh, are you kidding me? One word from me, like you…!”


I lowered my body to eye level with YuRia, who was swaying with tears in her eyes.

This guy has a young body, but I have no choice but to act like this because I am the same as a man who has grown up outside.

“Can you do that, my lady?”

When I said that in a serious voice, the guy who was about to scream immediately shut up.

Still, seeing her clap her fists with teary eyes, it doesn’t seem like she’s completely relieved.

Obviously, I said it was good manners.

“Sure, lady. I will do my best to fulfill the duty entrusted to me.”


The guy whose expression brightened rapidly at my words, quickly managed his expression with a look of sorry.

“Eh, speaking only with words is something anyone can do! Make it work!”

Seeing him walk ahead with quick steps while exhaling a hum through his nose, he manages his expression to loosen up again.


of course.

Although such a feeling continues to be followed by unpleasant questions.

this kind of guy

what the hell are you going through

Could such an obvious but innocent child grow up to be a loner with a gloomy personality thrown into such a harsh environment? Could it be that I was so lonely?


Look around without speaking.

It’s a strange thing, I kept feeling it.

What I felt while being dragged out under the pretext of escorting young Yuria was that this was one of the most gloomy buildings in the Holy Kingdom.

From the outside, it’s an aristocratic mansion with no problems. There are servants, and all of them treat YuRia kindly when they meet her.


If it’s a normal house, there’s no reason to have something like that.

I look at the warmly blazing garden and the birds on the tree turning their heads in line with the movement of our side.

Although it is an element that would not be a problem at all if a person who does not know it sees it.

Bird eyes are all studded with ‘Jin’ using magic stones.

It means not just a flying beast, but an artificial life form, a homunculus, created with intention.

And it doesn’t end there, but things to monitor every move of a target are all placed throughout the mansion.

Even the way out of the mansion is not visible at all. As if intentionally excluded by design.

The more you see things, the more certain it becomes.

this is not a house

It is, so to speak, a cage.

It was created to thoroughly confine and breed a certain guy.

As I was slowly walking behind Yuria, thinking about that, Yuria, who had been explaining various things about the structure inside the mansion, stopped for a moment.

“Oh, this is…”

It’s a black door.

Overall, it is treated with materials that boast a unique presence even in a luxurious mansion.

“…This is His Holiness’s office.”

Yuria brought out those words in a slightly frightened voice.

“Hey, this place… I don’t know…”


“Uh, Unni and His Holiness, I told you not to even come close to this place…”

It must have been taught many times to never enter.

It’s very sad to see the tears dangling from my eyes.

“If you can’t enter, you can let me know later, lady.”


Upon hearing my words, Yuria clenched her fists.

“Sah, it’s my job to educate the servants. If you don’t make sure!”


Again, the sense of responsibility is useless.

If not, I just have to figure it out.

“Hey, wait. I’ll ask others if it’s okay to go in and come back!”

“Oh, wait…”

Before she had time to say anything, Yuria quickly ran down the hallway.

that guy really Action is good once.

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Thinking like that, let’s sigh.

“Ah, over there.”

Someone nearby spoke to me.

When I turned my head, it was a servant wearing the same outfit as mine.

“nice to meet you. You are the new exclusive attendant this time, right?”

“…yes. Did I do something wrong?”

I can’t think of anything else as a reason for suddenly talking to him.

However, the other person who heard my words shook his head with a friendly smile.

“No, not really. I just want to give you some advice. I think you don’t know anything.”

“Ah, if you let me know, I will really appreciate it.”

this is a good man

Thinking like that, let’s look at the other person quietly.

“You’d better not get too close to the young lady.”

such a word

came out of nowhere


I stare at the servant who said that.

It was the guy who greeted YuRia with a bright smile when he ran into her earlier.

There was nothing out of the ordinary.

But why did he suddenly say this all of a sudden?


Slightly twisted stomach.

He barely holds back his frown and continues talking.

Anyway, I have to dig up information about the current situation.

“…stay away, what do you mean?”

“You’re a servant who just entered the mansion, so you probably don’t know, but…”

The man who said that continued in a whispering voice.

“That b*tch is a monster born without parents. It is a cursed creature.”


“If you stay by my side, you won’t see anything good either.”

On the face of the employee who said that.

It was full of contempt and disgust that he had no intention of hiding.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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