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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 170

170. Catfight (2)

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Daggers and gauntlets collided.

Violent sparks flew over the rooftops bathed in the pale moonlight.

This time, it was an airlift exchanged for a whistle. It’s been a long time since we’ve forgotten how many times we’ve been competing for this level.

Both are probably feeling it at the same time. That the other person is not a very easy-going person.


Seras frowned and ran his hand through the wound near his face. I can’t remember the last time I saw it, and blood was oozing out of it.

‘…The exchange of air and water is possible.’

Of course, her specialty is covert assassination, not all-out combat like this, but she didn’t win the title of Grand Assassin by playing cards.

This kind of exchange itself is impossible unless it is one of the strongest players on the continent. And on the list she knows, this person named Riru Garda is at a level that she will never be able to put her name on.

However, there is something strange about the opponent’s movement.

‘…Somehow, it seems to move knowing in advance?’

It’s as if she moves ahead of her attack path, as if she ‘knows’ the future a few seconds later.

Although she overwhelms her physical abilities and fighting skills, the situation continues to be in full swing because of her opponent’s bizarre movements.


Again, the weapons collided violently. At a distance close enough that they could feel each other’s breathing, Seras opened his mouth with a sigh.

“I know one thing for sure.”

“Ah, that’s a coincidence. I know.”

Riru and Seras fell on either side and glared at each other.

“Are you from Seonghwang-guk?”

“You are from the tribal union.”

On the one hand, miracles and blessings based on divine power. One is martial arts-based boxing.

At least, the origins of the techniques both sides are dealing with are clearly different from the magic-based rigid body techniques used in the Empire.


Li Lu’s gaze glanced back to the lower part of the building.

Perhaps there’s Daoud, who was trying to stop them somehow until he came up here.

Of course, from the point of view of two people who already have a lot of steam on the other side, I heard it with one ear and let it go with the other.

“…What are these crazy religious people doing here? ”

Seras’ expression twisted slightly.

‘…This way?’

It was as if he had taken care of Daoud himself.

I don’t know why.

I really didn’t like that sentence itself.

“well. Shouldn’t we care about savages who have nothing but science and technology?”

The hostility grew stronger in each other’s eyes.

As we worked together, we were convinced that this level of skill can only be achieved through high-level training that is handed down as a vision from a young age.

Considering that most of these things are secretly shared only at the top of each country, we eventually converge to one conclusion.

Both of them are people close to the ‘heads’ in the Holy Land and Tribal Union.

And, at the same time, being in a state of being interested in a man in common suggests a lot of facts.

“…Even if you don’t want to pay attention.”

Riru chewed and spit out the sentence.

“It’s a garbage country ruled by the most sinister person in the world, Seonghwangguk. is not it?”


As soon as he heard that, the expression on Seras’ face was erased.

“…say what you know about our country, savage.”

“Empire isn’t such a pleasant town either, but it’s probably better than there, right?”


“Even in countries that aren’t very interested in politics, I know that there are a lot of gossip going around there. I hope Daoud doesn’t bury that stuff and goes away-”

Before she could even finish her sentence, Li Lu suddenly leaned back.

It was something that was done thanks to the survival instinct unique to a person who is on the verge of death, before looking at the future and wondering what to do.

She looked at the scar on her chest with a dumbfounded expression.

For the first time, I couldn’t keep up with the pace. I didn’t even see it.

It must have been sheer luck that he escaped fatal wounds.


The atmosphere of the other party was completely different from before.

Lilu squinted her eyes slightly as she looked at Seras, who was gripping the dual dagger in reverse.

The light is erased from the eyes. And ‘purple aura’ is spreading all over the body.



Perhaps due to the effect of such a change of attitude, Riru laughed when she saw the animal ears rising above her head.

I can see why this guy was so enraged by those words just now.


A bipedal beast. In other words, the beast people.

It is the most famous class among the sub-species, which are hybrids between humans and other races.

“You’re good too, you. Are you a sub-species but set foot in the empire?”

In an empire that actively promotes anti-racial discrimination, it would not be strange to order to capture or kill beasts immediately upon discovery.

There is a reason why sub-species hate the Empire.

Even more so, if you were from a prosperous country that advocates equality policies without discrimination for all races, you would have more than one or two reasons to be angry at what Li Lu just said.

“…original way, everyone who sees this should be killed.”

Seras answered in a toneless voice.

“I won’t kill you.”

Like the Pope, and the one I received from Archbishop Luminol a while ago.

He too has instructed several times to be extra careful with Daoud’s safety. There’s no need to mess things up by touching people nearby.

“…but I’ll have to pay the price.”

However, at least.

It probably wouldn’t matter if she took care of this cheeky woman who acted as if she had taken care of the man.

Because I really don’t like that attitude.

Outside of the mission, so are personal feelings.

at the same time.


I could hear the blue guy behind Riru opening his mouth with a voice filled with alertness.

[I can help with everything. It’s a bit difficult if the other person is ‘on the same level’ as me, right?]


[They are of the same type as us.]

Riru looked at Seras without a word.

Somehow, I thought that a strange colored energy was coming out of my body from a while ago.


Immediately, a ferocious smile crept across her face.

“Did you wear something like that too?”

A blue aura also radiated from Liru’s body.

following that. Power dwells in the body.

It is a skill that has been used a few times in the furnace of struggle.

smash. Anything that touches its body will be destroyed.

As long as the other side brings out something similar, this side has no reason to back down either.

Again, the two lunged at each other.

However, the momentum is distinctly different from before.

In the past, it still felt like two humans clashing, but now the aftermath is spreading in all directions, almost like two people colliding with a natural disaster.

The air screams, the ground vibrates, and the entire building they stand on shakes.

“…what? what’s the matter?!”

“The dormitory building…!”

There is an uproar on all sides. Even the students who were sleeping under the dormitory woke up and added to the fuss.

However, the two vessels who had already entered the battle had no time to care about it. No matter what happens around you, it must be the intention to knock down the guy in front of you.



And, right before their weapons meet and explode.



There was a human intervening between them.


but firmly.

A swung single sword separates the two of them at the same time.

Riru and Seras, who were knocked out in a single blow, both looked bewildered at the same time.

‘…wasn’t there anything?’

It was an action I didn’t feel at all.

I didn’t show any energy, I just intervened as if it was natural.


As if ‘just that’ is enough.

It was as if they were in a different place than those who had displayed this level of magic.

“…You guys.”

And there.

“What are you doing right now?”

though expressionless.

Elnor, who was spraying grass around with a pissed-off look.

He stood tall, reflecting the moonlight with the sword he had just swung.

“Calm down. I’m not really interested in what the two of them are fighting for. Shouldn’t we at least refrain from having an accident in front of Daud, who is in poor condition?”






Elnore shot intense red eyes and looked down, where answers flowed weakly.

There were Riru and Seras, who had been standing on a handstand with one arm for 30 minutes.

“…but why the handstand?”

Elnor tilted his head at Daud’s sudden question.

“Are there any problems?”



Isn’t there a universal way to kneel and raise both hands when punishing?

Why did you do that in such a harsh position…?

“…Isn’t everyone doing that when punishing?”


“That was average for the Tristan family, but…”


Daoud just nodded without saying a word.

Once again, it feels like I’ve slightly found a clue to where the source of this princess’ monstrous physical ability comes from.

by the way.

“…How should I compensate?”

Elnor glanced back at Dawood’s words as he stared gloomily at the tattered dormitory building.

“Compensation? What do you need to ask?”

“…Isn’t this what happened because of me?”

As he said that, Daud’s expression as he looked at the destroyed building was full of bitterness.

“No, it’s hard to see this as your fault.”

Elnor retorted in a strong voice.

“Isn’t this purely a matter of the greed of the killers?”

“…No, but…”

Elnor sighed and stood up when Daud tried to say something again with a gloomy expression.

As it is, he approaches and hugs Daud tightly.

To Daoud, whose eyes were round, she whispered in a warm voice in his ear.

“It’s okay, yes. It’s okay. you are not trash Those women were just trying to seduce you with nonsense. You are not at fault.”

“…Mr. Elnor…”

“Even if you make such a mistake, even if you are criticized by the whole world, I can accept you as much as I do. Pamper yourself.”


From noble mtl dot com

The expressions of Riru and Seras, who were watching Elnor say that while stroking Dawood’s hair, became strange at the same time.







So, considering the current situation, they are definitely wrong.

[…I ended up making porridge and giving it to someone else?]


[You and that person, why did you hit and f*ck like that?]

To the blue devil’s words, Li Lu silently agreed in her heart.

“What are those expressions?”


“Are there any complaints, you guys?”

“…has no face…”


However, the power that the other party has just shown is too devastating to challenge.

Riru and Seras simultaneously shut their mouths at Elnor, who glared at him.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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