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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 157

157. Long time no see?

“…So the rules for selecting a hero will proceed as follows.”

As I was reading the handed over documents, Atalanta threw out those words.

“This is a schedule that starts with Elfante, then the Furnace of Struggle, and finally the Great Hall of the Holy Empire, where the holy sword is kept. At each academy, candidates will pass the trials prepared by that academy.”

Nodded at Atalanta’s explanation.

It was definitely the same as the selection process I remember.

“Two candidates from each country are followed by an entourage to assist them. Just like tradition.”

The reason for the grandiose word “Transition” Is probably because all the warriors in history have never acted alone.

Because there was always a fixed human being by their side to assist them.

Of course, not many roles are assigned. At best, to the extent that only secondary activities were performed so that the hero could be active.

In terms of game, it feels like the player’s pet.

In the original work, someone in the hero’s party should have taken on the role, but now it’s me.

“Although the emperor does not personally attend… the Archbishop of the Holy Land, one of the chiefs of the tribal union, and His Majesty the Emperor in Elfante do come in person.”

“…His Majesty himself?”

No matter how you look at it, the class doesn’t match.

If you are an archbishop and a patriarch, you have to have Chancellor Sullivan to observe nominally in order to get the right rank. But the fact that the emperor would come in person.

“…He’s taking a political risk too.”

The president smiled bitterly as he said that.

“It is like implicitly admitting in public that your influence is actually lower than that of the chancellor.”


Yes. Even considering the progress of the main story, the emperor was always a person who could not shake off his influence because he was always pushed by the chancellor.

However, the important thing is what the reason for observing this is, even at the cost of publicly revealing it.

“…Is it because of me?”

“I like you because you are quick-witted.”

Atalanta nodded, shaking her head.

“…I don’t know how you do it, but it seems that His Majesty has high expectations of you. Seeing that you want to see you with your own eyes, even with that kind of compulsion.”


The Emperor, as I said earlier, is one of the human beings who play a key role in the main scenario.

That’s also in the chapter where Elnor’s personality is awakened as the final boss.

The biggest support that supports Elnor’s spirit is Beatrix and the emperor, whom he has known since childhood.

Relationships are restored after Gideon later learns the ‘truth’ that rejected him, but at least for now.

“…I don’t want to disappoint you.”

So it would be better to make a good impression on them.

I have confidence. Anyway, the progression of the selection of heroes didn’t deviate much from the flow of the game, at least from what I’ve seen so far.

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If that’s the only thing you don’t like.

“…What is the possibility of placing a fishing ground in Seonghwang-guk?”

“Wouldn’t it be unconditional?”

I let out a sigh in response to Atalanta who returned with a wry smile.

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Just looking at the fact that Seras was put in, it seems that he is extremely wary of ‘my growth’.

But if my name is included in a large-scale event like the selection of warriors, how could the nobles not play tricks?

“Are there any expected means of attack?”

“Perhaps… They’re trying to question your ‘authenticity’. Because you’re the kind of person I’ve somehow forced myself into, almost improvised. I would argue that the selection of warriors is less vetted to participate in an agency.”

If that’s the case, it’s an attack method that doesn’t have much to block.

To be honest, I have already accomplished several ridiculous feats at the student level, but in the end, Seonghwangguk is the one with the highest authority in relation to ‘devils’ and ‘heroes’. If it’s from that side, anyone has to.

Atalanta let out a deep sigh and continued her words.

“Moreover, Archbishop Luminol is a person who has performed ‘miracle’ several times as a proof of faith not only in the Holy Land but throughout the continent. If someone like this directly doubts that legitimacy, it could make your participation in the selection quite difficult.”

“…That’s a bit of a headache.”

While saying that, he flipped through the documents.

Archbishop Luminol. Middle-aged male. His expression is peaceful, but the energy of darkness emanates from his face, as if he is not a subordinate of the emperor.

Certainly, as Atalante said, as a priest, he is a person who has reached a high level, and even from the perspective of an ancient player, there are several records of performing miracles worthy of being treated as advanced skills.

Among them, his specialty is miracles…


As soon as I saw the item.

A smile caught on my face.

“…What is it, that sinister smile?”

“Looking at it, it would be more of a problem if this person doesn’t come.”


“From my point of view, I like this person better.”

Is there a law that tells you to only work there?

I mean the humans they send to do the work.


I’m also the type of person who’s good at tinkering.

Befitting the name of the Imperial Academy, Elfante is always a noisy place.


Even taking that into account, the uproar that now seeps through the entire academy is not normal.

Standing next to him, Elijah looked around with a puzzled expression.

Put the warrior candidates in a row

Compared to the Empire’s best holidays, the Full Moon Festival and the Harvest Festival, crowds of people were swarming around.

“…Whoa, this is no joke.”

“Are you nervous?”

“How can I not be nervous with a person like this?”

It feels like a really big event.

In just a few days, all kinds of facilities to be used as ‘trials’ were installed throughout this huge academy, so it’s true.

‘…Everyone is excited.’

Thinking that way, I looked around.

Since it can’t be immediately revealed that traces of the devil are being found here and there, this event feels like it’s being publicized externally as if it were a national contest to compete for ‘first place among the warrior candidates’.

From the perspective of other people, it almost feels like a sports game.

Looking around with that thought in mind.

Warmth penetrates through the hands.

I looked back in shock and saw that it was Elijah.

With an expression with the corners of the eyes drooping down, both hands are placed on top of mine.

“I’m nervous, please hold me.”


“I feel relieved when I hold hands like this with the teacher.”


Come to think of it.

Have you ever held Elnor’s hand like this during the Full Moon Festival before, when there were so many people?

The difference is that I held Elnor’s hand first.

Now it’s about this guy grabbing my hand.

It’s probably similar to saying that this side is much more reckless compared to that.

‘…Everything contrasts.’

I don’t think who is the enemy of destiny, even in such a trivial point, it’s obvious.

“…Can’t you?”

As I stared at him in silence, Elijah threw out those words.

Her face is smiling bashfully though.

Seeing that he asked in a slightly nervous voice, he must have been quite courageous.

“…Until I go out in front of people.”


He let out a silly laugh and took one side of my arm.

I never told you to go that far, but I’m letting you go as long as you’ve already given permission.

[… Kill… Tell me…]


Why is this human again?

[I have to intuit my sister’s fawning over another guy, such a b*tch…]

‘…Is it painful because Elijah is precious?’

[I think I’m just going to vomit physiologically…]


I don’t know what a man without a body is called.

In fact, from her older brother’s point of view, seeing what her sister is doing, she can sympathize.

It might not be close to the feeling of watching a pet mudskipper twist his body while dressing up in flowers and acting cute-

“…Aren’t you thinking strangely, sir?”


He also has a bit of an eye for ghosts.

Change the topic on purpose to distract attention.

“By the way, didn’t you say that the reason you wanted to become a hero was because of your brother?”

“Isn’t it? Why are you bringing up that story all of a sudden?”

“No, if you think about it, the means are too great compared to the goal you want to achieve.”

If you just want to find your brother, isn’t it normal to collect that information instead of becoming a hero?

“…Um. I have already done as much as I can.”

Elijah laughed softly.

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It’s not a refreshing laugh as if flowers are blooming as always, but a bitter laugh mixed with a bit of self-deprecation.

“…I couldn’t do it with the means I could. Whatever.”


“I came to Elfante in the hope that I might be able to find at least some traces of my older brother since he had been here, so I enrolled, but it didn’t work out…”

In her voice, there was deep fatigue and shallow despair.

While I was busy running around, this guy must have had a lot of trouble too. Most of her spare time would have been invested in finding traces of her brother.

“So, the only thing left to do is to rely on external means, now.”

“External means?”

“If you are a hero, you are famous. Enough to spread across the continent. Even if I don’t bother looking for it, if my brother can find me, I thought I might still be able to find news.”

I silently look at the face of the smiling guy again.

Actually, that is nonsense.

There are probably not many people like this guy who will risk their lives in a dangerous event like selecting a hero for personal reasons.

Everyone will participate in the selection with an enormous mission or belief, or at least national interests.


However, in other words.

That sounds desperate.

Enough to commit such nonsense with such absurd motives.

You must be saying that he misses the only blood he has left.

The sound of Caliban being silent can be heard from within Soul Linker.

Even if she pretends not to be human, when Elijah says something like this, she always shuts her mouth.

What you will discover at the end is your own death.


But, in the end, you’ll find out someday.

What I’m doing is holding this guy up so he doesn’t collapse.


“…If that’s the case, you might end up doing it sooner than you think.”

It’s always a routine.

My specialty is ‘compression’. It is to bring achievements far ahead that could normally only be achieved after a long time.



“You will become famous. Even if today passes by right now.”

As for progress, the sooner the better.

At least after this ‘opening ceremony’, Elijah will become a celebrity whose face will be sold all over the continent.

At least enough to give him enough authority to do what he wants without hindrance.


She smiles at Elijah, who has her question mark slammed into her face, and moves on to her podium.

[Imperial, Elfante, Hero Candidate Enters No. 1!]

It’s like a real sporting event. Even something similar to a moderator is arranged.

Listen to the comments that give the impression of introducing players entering the green corner and stand on top of the podium.

‘…That’s amazing.’

Representatives from each country to observe the event are seated on seats covered with veils.

All the people here are representatives of each country. Humans who could change the continent’s situation with a single word.


Among them, I sneak a peek at the seat in the very center.

The current Emperor of the Empire. Cecilia 11 years old.

I just keep silent until the end and just sit quietly.

I can feel that gaze, without a word, falling into me briefly.



It’s short, but it’s clear that it’s a deep contact.

There is one fact that I feel for sure.

This person really doesn’t need anything else and came here ‘to see me’.

“Welcome. Elijah Krisanax. Dowd Campbell.”

I turn to the right at the familiar voice.

The chieftain from the tribal union.

Utard Han-chai. The father of Luca Han-Chai, a member of the hero’s party.

It seems that this person has been dispatched as a representative.

“Other candidates will be entering soon, so just wait a moment-“

“I’m sorry, Chief. I don’t think we can keep them waiting here.”

Yeah, if you don’t tackle me, I’m sorry.

With a wry smile inside, I turn to the direction where those words came from.

Archbishop Luminol.

A human representing the Seonghwangguk.

He is stroking his holy relic from within his veil, looking straight at me.

“…What do you mean, Archbishop? Does that mean there is dissatisfaction with the warrior candidates selected by the empire?”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. There is no problem on the candidate side. But.”

After saying that, Archbishop Luminol stood up.

“I can sense an unholy aura from that ‘attendant’.”

“…What do you mean, Archbishop Luminol? Refrain from groundless suspicion.”

“This is not an unfounded suspicion.”


The archbishop’s holy relic radiated divine light.

It is an enormous amount of divine power. To the extent that the spectators who were watching around them were buzzing.

“Right now, ‘this person’ will testify why I felt that kind of energy.”

At the same time as saying that.

A portal opened in front of me, tearing through space.

It’s not just for space movement.

It created a ‘gap’ between dimensions, even for a moment.


From the inside, a “Something” With a presence that overwhelms the crowd walks out.



And to that figure.

The surroundings, in an instant

Even though the circular audience seats are filled with a wide crowd, everyone is watching the portal holding their breath.

The portal that leads directly from the other side to here. And the one who stepped out from the inside was undoubtedly an ‘angel’ with a halo and divine wings.

“…An angel?”

“Nonsense, that only exists in myths or sources…!”


I read about this person’s specialty in the document.

It is ‘Angel Summon’.

“He who represents the will of Heaven”

Certainly, yes.

There is no way that the Seonghwang-guk side would not know that I am in contact with the devil on a deep level. If I summon an angel to ‘testify’ such a fact, my position is literally thrown into the gutter. It is not difficult to go to the death penalty.

Nevertheless, the fact that I did not cut myself off during the selection process and waited for the event to start and for me to be exposed to the public was waiting for a dramatic production to deeply hurt me.

You have no bad taste.

“Faithful one who serves the will of Heaven.”

An angel’s voice sounded heavy all around.

It is a voice with an overwhelming presence that makes most of the listeners turn their mouths off, and some even take a breath in because they are so moved.

The proof of Shinhwa has now descended to this place.

“I came to this place after receiving your call-“

The voice of an angel who continued to speak like that.

As soon as I saw myself, I was cut off.


Your expression goes blank.

Your expression asks why are you here?

As if me and this person are spherical.

“…The agent of God?”

The Archbishop of Luminol said that.

Angel is immovable. Even the complexion is slightly bluish, looking at my appearance.


That’s not it.

When considering various circumstances.

The hierarchy that can be summoned from this person’s line is just that of an inverted angel.


If you summon the ‘reverse angel’ in Elfante.

There is only one angel that will emerge.

A “Female” Angel that is very rare in the underworld that I am familiar with.

< System Log >

[ The target ‘reverse angel A1101’ recognizes you as unworthy trash! ]

[ Negative effects are imprinted! ]

[ Receiveable rewards are given! ]

[ Skill: Reign of Evil is activated. You get 1 command right that can be used on the target! ]

This person.

Obviously, something like this has stuck with me before.

I still have vivid memories of blackmailing this person through the white devil and ripping off the star iron.

And the point to note here is that there is one ‘command right’ that can be used with this person.

“Reverse angel.”

In my words.

The station angel trembled with his body.

Those eyes trembled. It is a stark difference from what he was trying to say with a dignified appearance just a moment ago.

At that figure, he grinned and added one more word.

“It’s been a while, right? We.”


Watching the angel’s face collapse.

Activate a skill.

[ Activate ‘Skill: Rule of Evil’. ]

[ Exercising the right to command the target ‘Reverse Angel A1101’! ]

[ The target will absolutely obey your words! ]


Absolute obedience.

That’s good.

Because what I’m going to ask you to do from now on is something you’ll never be able to do without that level of force.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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