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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 156

156. Retribution


[…Why are you still? Isn’t it a crisis right now?]

Although Caliban said that to me as I stood there after receiving the box.

‘…Crisis, but won.’

The first thing I thought was something strange.

The wedding of a tribal union is a large-scale event beyond imagination, even compared to the traditions of other countries.

There could be many reasons, but basically, the tribal union is a place where you have the fewest members with a sticky number, which plays a big role.

In that sense.

If one of the warchief’s clan were to marry, it would mean a major event that would give you a headache just to think of its true scale.


That’s what I mean.

Proposing to me with just a box like this is something that should never have happened.

A proposal of marriage that could be considered a sudden move beyond such a trivial thing would never be tolerated as it was.

However, when a person who values tradition so much proposes in this way, a sense of incongruity arises before a sense of crisis.



First of all, I carefully ask that question.

I wonder if this person is really saying this.



Liru’s voice, now avoiding my gaze and saying that, is still the same.

It’s obvious that he’s shy, but more than that, he has a firm will.

“…I know this is sudden.”

Li Lu covered her face with her hands and opened her mouth.

“…Still, I don’t think there will be a chance if it’s not now.”


“If you leave it alone, it will be taken away.”

A voice like that murmured out from under her hands covering her face.

The voice of Riru who said that was very creepy, unlike this person.

There, no doubt.

There is even a mixture of fear.

It’s a contrast to his usual confident attitude, so it really touches the skin.

That this person is really serious about bumping into me.




It can’t be helped.

It was the same in the case of Elnor and Yuria. In fact, I would have rejected all of them unless it was a crisis at the level where my life would fly away right away.

From my point of view, who always has to walk a tightrope among demons, the risk is too great.


Clean your teeth.

Strong enough to feel the scent of blood on your gums.

Actually, they always talk about trash.

It’s always a sin to say things like this to people who really bump into me.

“I’m sorry, Li Lu.”

No matter how much I declare that I live with all the demons, if I bring something like this out of the blue.

I can’t accept it.

To reach such a goal is to clear all the main scenarios and eliminate all threats.

In the end, it means that what I have to say here has been decided.

“…Right now, it’s too sudden.”


“There are still too many things we need to know about each other to get there… I think.”


I managed to suppress the feeling that my throat was about to get clogged up, and I continued to say those words as calmly as possible.


No answer came back.

Of course, there’s no way there’s a human being who can respond right away after hearing this.

You can’t even see his expression because his face is covered.

“…I’m sorry, Li Lu. Right now, it seems a bit difficult.”

He continues his speech gloomily.

There was no response from Riru. She just lowered her head and looked at the floor.

“…Now, that is.”

In a low voice, those words came out.

“You mean the answer will be different later?”


It doesn’t change.

I’m planning on living with you in the first place.

But I can’t say that right now.

It’s only possible to spill it loosely.

“…I think it’s important to get to know each other first.”

Leaving those words with a bitter smile.

Actually, it’s more like a rejection comment left to save face, but nonetheless, the words themselves are unmistakably sincere.

Me and this person still have a mountain of things to know about each other. I will continue to see you in the future.

“…Then. What do you mean by recognizing each other?”

“Even if talking about marriage is difficult… It means that we can spend as much time together as we want.”

Even if it is impossible to get married.

It is possible to start step by step.

At my words, Li Lu brought her up again.


Riluga mumbled for a while.

Soon she opened her mouth with a hint of nervousness.

“Can we start with the opposite s*x?”

“…That much, no matter how much.”

Right now, there are numerous women who will attack you if you don’t marry them. A man-woman relationship is a nobleman.

Even when you talk to people around you, it must be a relationship that is at a level where you can somehow get over it.


With those words.

Li Lu removed her hand, which had been covering her face the whole time.


By the way.

Your expression is a bit strange.



Obviously I turned down the marriage proposal.

This person said, ‘I did it! Are you making a face that says, “I got caught!”?

“…Since it’s a relationship between a man and a woman, they’re closer than friends, right? We are not lovers yet.”

He even smiles at me while spitting out such words.

In a fish-eyed state, I reflexively nodded my head in response without realizing it.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“Okay then.”

Lilu now smiled broadly and patted me on the shoulder.

Then she hugged me tightly.


“When it comes to a relationship between a man and a woman, this much can be done.”

“…Li, Li Lu?”

“Let’s meet more often in the future. I will call you.”

There was a slightly twisted, ferocious smile on Riru’s expression when she said that.

This is the usual Riru’s appearance.

As if.

As if just now, hearing my story, everything that looked depressed and weak was all ‘acting’.

“Since you said ‘Let’s do it step by step’ first, there is nothing without me?”


“Sure, yes.”

Rilga said that while scratching her cheek.

That cheerful smile is still there, but her face is slightly blushing there.

I said, pushing my shoulder with my fist.

“Please take good care of me. My ‘boyfriend’.”



What is it?

Why do I get a cold sweat?

I think I made a huge mistake…?

“That’s enough! Have a good evening!”

Looking like she was quite ashamed of what she said herself, Li Lu left that and ran away in a hurry.

Not long after.

I was left alone under the night sky in the evening where I could hear the sounds of insects.


What the hell was that?

[It’s a masterpiece, really. Is this causal retribution? If you do as you say, the butterfly effect?]

To me like that.

Caliban threw the words in an astonishing voice.

“…What, suddenly?”

[No, how can you not laugh when you open your eyes and intuit the nose cut? I didn’t learn all of that by watching what you did. There’s no comedy because I’m watching you suffer the opposite.]


What are you talking about, this man.

Caliban giggled.

[Didn’t you forcibly start a ‘male-female relationship’ with that other person by refusing to marry?]


[Originally, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I had no intention of approaching you first. But now, the other side said it was a ‘male-female relationship’ and gave me an excuse to have nothing to say even if I approached it without any burden?]


[Because there are a lot of people around me who will rush to death if I don’t meet them. Rather, I never thought of this kind of foxy approach, did you? Do you have low tolerance?]


[As long as you agreed with your mouth to start with a relationship between a man and a woman, you can’t take it out if the other side asks to do something about it. The legitimacy is also held over there.]

“…Well, wait a minute.”

[No matter how many women around you try to get your attention, there is no woman who can ‘call’ you. But now you have one?]

Wait a minute. That is. Therefore.

Is that how it works?

[It’s a high level, that lady.]


[You’re being worked on, dude.]


[The marriage proposal is fishing. I set a trap to take the initiative from the beginning.]

I heard that.

After being in a daze for a long time.

It was only then that I realized one fact.

“… Huh?”

Unlike Elnor’s previous marriage proposal or Yuria’s charge that immediately followed.

This time, the ‘demon-related alert’ did not come to mind.

That is.

That person came to me in a state of ‘don’t mind being rejected’ from the beginning.

As if.

From the beginning, as if you expected me to act like this if you poke me like that.

If you think about it, from the beginning, I thought he would propose to this person in a strange way.



Have you been gaslighted in reverse?

Riru Garda rubbed her still-hot face hard.

[Wow, did you really do that?]


She muttered curtly at the sound of her voice mixed with laughter coming from behind her back.

My heart beats like crazy. There is no sense of reality.

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Just now, myself.

“…Over there. Hey.”

[Yes. Li Lu.]

“If that guy is now my… ‘boyfriend,’ then I, I…”

She muttered her words as she wiped her face.

“…With that guy, uh, what… Can you go on a date, key, key, kiss, hah?”


The blue devil desperately suppressed the laughter that was about to burst out.

Oh my God.

Is this a sound that comes out of a grown woman’s mouth?

Unlike what he looks like or what he does, he is a genuinely ridiculously pure human being when it comes to dating.

‘…Nice to give you some advice.’

In the first place, considering Li Lu’s original ‘speed’, he would never have done a marriage proposal.

First reason. First fellowship. First confession. First love.

All the time she will build up with this man in the future will be a series of events that she has never had before in her life.

However, it is unfair to go past that and propose marriage.


Rather, that’s what I did.

“…Anyway, they said you would definitely be rejected here. Why did you do that?”

Li Lu muttered in her slightly excited voice, with her excited breathing.

“…Really reliable in this field, you.”

If I’ve realized while living with this guy, the information about the ‘future’ that this blue guy drops from time to time is almost real.

Even because she was influenced by this guy, there are times when she suddenly comes up with the future ‘several seconds’ later.

This guy says it’s an additional factor that occurs during ‘fusion’.

-It is a process of going through gray, purple, and red. A union of pieces and bowls. It’s just that we are much easier to communicate with than you, so it’s easy to ‘coordinate’?

-Tuning? What tune?

-Uh, that you can enjoy two flavors at once during the night?


– Just kidding. You’ll find out later, Li Lu.

I remember the blue guy saying that while giggling.

-It means that when Seo Bang is most in danger, we can shine the most.

Though such an incomprehensible sound also followed.


[Yes, what. I kept telling you, but you have to go down to make money?]

The blue one floated near her, giggling.

[Considering Seo Bang’s current situation, this marriage proposal is no different from a bomb. I can’t accept it.]

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By poking into that part, I got an opportunity to build a ‘natural relationship’ that other vessels couldn’t even imagine.

The ‘stage’ to continue that advantage is coming soon.

[Hmm… Considering the flow of the time axis, tomorrow is the selection of heroes.]

The blue devil muttered that and ran his hand through his hair.

“…Selection of heroes? What else is that?”

[There is such a thing. It’s a pretty important event.]

At least.

The turning points related to Doud Campbell’s ‘Crisis’ all start here.

Heroes, gray demons, white demons, red demons, all intertwined in a crucible of chaos.

There is no room for the blue devil himself and Liru in ‘as it was’.


[…’This episode’ will be a little different, Mr. Seo.]

The blue devil murmured, licking her lips lightly.

[Like last time, you’re not going to let the other guys covet Seo-Bang?]


It was a sentence with an alluring resonance that made even Liru, who was listening to it, feel a slight chill down her spine.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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