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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 155

155. Reunion


Trisha sighed and looked at her best friend.

The period between Elijah and her could not be considered to be that long, but there was one thing she knew for sure.

When it comes to love, it’s so hot that it’s a mugwort.

If so, what is this attitude now?

“…what did you say, Elijah?”

“hmm? No, I have to help Li Lu.”

It’s strange.

Is this the guy who trembled with anxiety, saying that not long ago, there were other attractive girls around the teacher, so there was no way he would look back?

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My emotions, which used to fluctuate to the point of being frightening whenever I bring up the story of Daoud, are now very calm. It is like looking at the surface of a calm lake.

“…If it’s Riru, is that person? That violent woman.”

Tricia caressed her chin and opened her mouth cautiously.

At least, the last time Trisha heard information about her, she was a human who clearly had a crush on Dawood.


Are you going to help that person?


What kind of wind is blowing?

What are you trying to help in the first place?

“Hmm… It’s clear that Li Lu is preparing something.”

Elijah rubbed his blindfolded eyes and grinned.

“Perhaps he is about to make a very important confession to the teacher.”

“…Did I tell you that?”

“Even if you don’t say anything, you can clearly see that you are very nervous. It seems like you keep hiding something inside.”

“You see?”

It is not a word used in the sense of noticing the situation.

Tricia’s intuition was correct even with the words that followed.

“huh. You could barely see the emotions, right?”


“I can see something… agitated.”

Trisha opened her mouth.

The ‘Emotional Eye’ she possesses is an ability she awakened while interacting with divine power.

To be precise, most of the priests acquire special abilities when they reach a certain level, but Trisha’s eyes are among the most powerful.

It’s almost like the ability to read other people’s thoughts.


Did Elijah get something like that?

“…you mean, emotions, you can see, Elijah?”

“No, it’s not just that you can see all the emotions. I only see people who have… ‘bad’ things in their bodies. Only when you have very strong feelings.”

“Anything bad?”

“I couldn’t tell you what it was. A deal that will make enemies here and there.”


Seeing Trisha tilt her head, Elijah shook his hand and continued.

“In the first place, how can you see everyone’s emotions? If you have something like that, I think it will be difficult to meet people nearby-”


“People aren’t going to hate you because you’re the kind of person who looks into your own head. I can’t even say these things unless it’s Trisha.”


Trisha agreed, putting the smile on her face.

Because on the other side of my consciousness, I was kicking away all the terrible memories I was trying to overcome because of Elijah’s words.

Because of this, I was bullied a lot in the past.

It was not uncommon to be treated like a monster nearby.


There are people I’ll never see again.


Trisha struggled to manage her expression.

Difficulty turning the topic around.

“…By the way, is it okay if I just help you with that? It’s about Mr. Daud?”

The words that followed were intended to divert the topic, but at the same time, it was a question that had to be asked.

What would he do if, after helping him like that, Li Lu really got along with Daud?

That’s what I was thinking, though.

“Ah, it doesn’t matter.”

The answer that followed was very calming.


“Teacher, looking at it, I was born to be a woman anyway. No one in the world can stop that. So don’t block things you can’t block anyway, and see how you can get the efficiency out of them.”

Elijah smiled and said to Trisha with a dumbfounded expression.

“I am an irreplaceable existence to the teacher now anyway.”

Undoubtedly, yes.

Now, Elijah is the only one who has the means to effectively ‘subdue’ the crazy women who are running after him near Daud.

Even that Princess Tristan couldn’t do something like this. Even if I win, I will give my opponent a harpoon. Given Daoud’s usual disposition, this is something he would never welcome.


“Then it might be better to flirt with other women around you.”

That way, it’s even better if we hit each other.

“…her? why?”

“Then won’t the teacher be more dependent on me?”


then the more

The value of Elijah as the only human who can ‘direct traffic’ to such people will skyrocket even more.

Daud won’t be able to live without him…!

“…So you’re going to put a woman near Mr. Dowd on purpose and watch the fight happen?”

“Ah, that’s not it. Then the teacher becomes dangerous too. There is no need to deliberately exacerbate it.”


Elijah smiled and continued.

“Li Lu is just a friend, so I help her. No matter how hard it is, if you can’t even convey your heart straight, that’s too much.”

“…Hey, Elijah.”

Trisha struggled to keep a smile on her face as she continued.

As a friend, help me

The words are a bit strange.

“You’re talking about helping a friend right now, right?”

“huh. why?”

Isn’t it strange to ask why?

The attitude Elijah had shown until just now was that since I was ‘No. 1 anyway’, no matter how many other women approached me, it was useless.

“…That Riru, is that your friend?”

It was a question Trisha struggled to bring up.

“You are my friend.”

The words that followed were unflattering.

“So… maybe a second or third concubine is possible?”


Usually, at times like this, isn’t it like saying something like that for a friend’s sake?

What is this attitude now…?

“But the teacher is mine?”


“Isn’t this a lot of concession?”

What a fleeting friendship it is.

That thought passed automatically through Trisha’s head.

[Can I ask you one question?]



I won’t take the question in the first place because it’s obvious what I’m going to ask.

With that thought in mind, I slightly relaxed the hand holding Yuria’s leash.

It was because I could hear YuRia, who was being dragged, panting slightly.

“…Oh sorry. Are you sick?”

“Ah, no, because right now is perfect, this, continue like this…”



do not do as you wish

I try not to look back as much as possible and continue to pull Yuria’s leash.

Because if I looked back in this state and ran into YuRia’s blushing face, I would be frustrated by the real social shame.

[okay. I can’t exhaust myself without asking.]


[Right now tomorrow is the start of the selection of warriors, what the hell are you doing here right now?]


What is it?

It’s necessary.

[‘Activity – walking on a leash’ is in progress! ]

[‘Activity – Lightly Strangle’ is being performed! ]

[Target ‘Yuria”s masochism meter is being reset to 0! ]

[The target’s Corruption level is dropping massively! ]


If you look only at the phrases written in the previous part, it is still a hot trash that deserves to be buried socially.

But that’s what you’re doing.

Thinking so, I called up a window.

just saw it yesterday

< System Log >

[The built-in skill ‘Soul of the Guardian’ is added to ‘Soul Linker’! ]

<Item Info>

[ Soul Linker ] [ Exclusive Equipment ]

[ Enchantment: Epic ]

[ ‘Fragments of Heroes’ Fusion ][ ‘Essence of Evil’ Fusion]

◎ Built-in Skills ◎

■ [Image World] [Skill Rating: A+]

[ Summons a spiritual body to form a unique area around it. Within the realm, some abilities of the spirit body can be used. As the consciousness level increases, the scope of the area expands and the number of abilities that can be used increases. ]

{ current available abilities }

[ Attribute: Age ]

[ To a knight, a comrade is a family. You can spread some of the buffs you have to nearby people. ]

■ [ Guardian’s Spirit ] [ Skill Rating: S ]

[Guardian has been recognized by everyone as a guardian of justice and morality since ancient times. Each time you defeat a character with malignity, you gain a special stack. When the stack is full, the soul can descend into the present world for a certain period of time. ]

Current stack: 2%

■ [Forbidden Arts] [Rating: 4 strokes]




This person, to me, is an almost insignificant neighborhood brother, but he is the first human being called the Guardian in his lifetime. Even that Gideon was a person who was reluctant to come into direct contact.

Bringing Caliban into the present world is undoubtedly a terrifying advantage. The stack must always be filled.

If tomorrow starts the selection of warriors right away, the priority is even higher.

‘…and, obviously.’

In Sera’s world, the word ‘subdue’ is a word that can be established if the opponent is harmed in some way.

Putting this guy on a leash and dragging it around, anyway… It’s a story that you’ll be judged as a kind of ‘overpower’.

< System Message >

[ You subdued the target ‘Yuria’! The stack of ‘Skill: Guardian’s Spirit’ is stacked! ]

In fact, this kind of window kept popping up.


[Failed to subdue the target to a sufficient level. Stacks build slowly! ]

Seeing that such a window also opens, it seems that this level cannot satisfy all the requirements for suppression required by the skill.

Even a little more heated garbage needs to be studied more-

[…isn’t your brain really starting to taste?]


[Studying something worse than this?]

No, but the only one who can readily accept something like this now is Yuria, who has a masochistic temperament, so what should I do?

To subdue, you have to harm the other person somehow, but no matter how much you are a vessel of the devil with a bean pod on me, there is no human who will stand still and meet it when I wield violence.

Except for this guy who volunteered to go for a leash walk.

“Ah, ooh, ooh, da, Mr. Dowd, be gentle…”

“…Oh sorry. Are you sick?”

It must have been a bit excessive to drag this guy around, lost in thought.

However, despite my words, Yuria shyly smiled and said,

“…Ah, ah, no.”

It’s a really pure laugh. To the point where you can even feel the freshness.

If it hadn’t been on a leash, it would have been quite a picture.

“Even if it hurts a little, it feels great.”


“This is the first time, and I heard that it hurts a lot when I do it for the first time. Mr. Daud did it, I feel good…”




What are you saying so sublime?

I’m ashamed to hear…!

[…Is this lady okay?]

‘…I’ll be fine as long as I don’t get caught by others.’

At least at the point where the corruption level doesn’t go up, isn’t there the biggest risk?

In the first place, even the sight is ambitious in a sparsely populated field where there are no people now.

Turning the corner while answering Caliban like that.

I ran into Elijah, who was smiling all over his face.



is not it?

Are the risks a bit high?

Thinking like that, we are facing Elijah.

The boy smiled and came closer to me.



I have to say something.

Let’s break out in a cold sweat at that thought and open our mouths for an excuse.

“I’m not the student president, sir.”

Those words came from Elijah first.


“I can understand whatever perverted and radical tastes you have.”


“Rather than that, can I take a walk for YuRia? I have something urgent right now.”


Not only me, but even YuRia, who had been contemplating, suddenly became dazed.

what is he saying now?


“Now, wait a minute, Mr. Elijah…! What is this…!”

“are you okay! Friends usually help each other with things like this from time to time!”

“…yes? yes? Is that so?!”


Could it be that

Even if you don’t have any friends, what do you do if you believe those words?

“…because I created an opportunity for you.”

While Yuria was being dragged along, Elijah let out those words with only the way he spoke.


It was as if I was talking to someone “behind” me.

“Cheer up, Liru!”




When I turned around with a stiff motion like an unoiled robot, there was exactly the person Elijah had spoken of.

riru garda.

Daughter of the Warchief.



He is carrying a large box in his arms.

It is a size that almost makes one feel uneasy.



silence ensues

Normally, it would be normal for her to say something at least as if she was staring at her like that, but now Li Lu is breathing very hard, as if she has almost forgotten how to breathe.

The face is also red. A blush that was evident enough to pierce through even dark skin appeared all over the body.

“…It’s been a while, Lilu. How you doing?”

Eventually, I get the dust greetings out of my side.

“If you came to Elfante, why not contact me at least. I would have gone and had a meal.”

The intention is to lighten the topic as much as possible.

No, really.

This person, unlike before, is now the person who will be in charge of the important role together with Kasa in the tribal union. Even from this side, if something similar to ‘accident’ hits me, there is really no answer from my point of view, with the selection of heroes in front of me.

“Your face seems to have improved a bit, doesn’t it? Relief-“

“Doud Campbell.”

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My words are cut off by Li Lu’s sincere words.


It seems like a futile effort.

This person, undoubtedly, brought something worthy of an ‘accident’. It’s the color that makes me feel that way.

“…the last thing I said before we parted ways. remember?”


Do it.

Obviously, he meant to return to Elfante with a ‘gift’.

I guess that’s the box I’m holding right now.

The problem is, what kind of gift is this… ‘serious’?



Li Lu pursed her lips again.

The feeling of being unable to get anything out of his mouth from this tomboy-like person further accelerates his anxiety.


What is it really?


Riru was silent for a long time.

In the end, he opened his mouth as if he had made up his mind to do something.

“Take this.”

With those words, the box is pushed forward.

It is a box adorned with luxurious engravings and jewels.

Undoubtedly, he could be used for any big event. It’s never something worth a penny or two.

“…is that my gift?”

Please, I hope it’s not a big deal, and I try to create an atmosphere with a light smile on purpose.


“What is this? Does it look expensive?”

“Coma box.”


to the words that follow.

Reason stops working.



Let’s get the answer out really hard.

“Doud Campbell.”


The whole body, including the face, was in a state of redness.

However, with a blazing flame in his gaze.

“…marry me.”

say that

He exhaled firmly.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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