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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 158

158. The Mountain Beyond the Mountain

I can feel Archbishop Luminol looking at the angel from behind the veil with a look of great bewilderment.

Perhaps it’s embarrassing on the other side.

Because the person who should have yelled at the devil’s energy as soon as he sees it has hardened and is only looking at me.


Even though the bishop said that, the angel still continued his words with trembling eyes.


And, from my point of view.

I got it.

Originally, the person I would have run away from even if I tried to meet him is now standing right in front of my eyes.

[You, you, why, why here…]

You can tell right away just by looking at the trembling voice entering ‘my head’.

As an angel, it is your duty to always maintain a reverent and dignified atmosphere when appearing in the material world.

However, to that reverse angel, the trauma itself is enough to make even a person in such a position let out moans that he couldn’t contain.

I almost got eaten by the devil because of me after doing something wrong.

“…Didn’t you just say long time no see?”

“You mean that guy has even met an angel?”

A buzz like that came up one by one from the crowd around.

It looks like the angel’s face is getting worse after hearing that.


Only Elijah, who was next to me, looks at me and the angel alternately with an expression that seems to know something.

It must be because this guy was with me at the moment the angel met.

“…Me, sir.”


“I also have been watching with the teacher for quite some time, so there are times when I can manage to figure it out on my own.”


“…You look like you’re planning the most trashy thing ever.”


I’ve always heard that he’s feeling better.

It seems that he is almost mind-reading since he got the eyes of truth or something.

What kind of ability is that?

[What else do you want from me? What is that sinister expression?!]


Or, if anyone can see my face right now, I’m on the verge of being rotten.

‘Well, it’s nothing special.’

Like Caliban, this person seems to be able to answer the question of talking to the mind just by thinking in his head.

This is the lucky part.

Because it takes a lot of courage to say what I’m thinking right now.

‘People are trying to do something important, but there are people who keep preventing them from even standing at the starting point.’

No, really.

It was like that in Elfante, and it was like that in the Furnace of Struggle, and I’m really trying to keep the demon from destroying the world by running around until I die.

There are too many people who keep interrupting me to satisfy my own selfish interests.

It will be a prosperous country here.


Let’s prepare a line that will suffocate that side.

‘I hope the angel can testify for me here.’

[…Evidence? What are you talking about?]

Convey what you need in your head.

The response was dramatic.

[This kind of garbage that doesn’t even look like a human!]


[That, how am I supposed to say that with my own mouth!]


What to do.

While thinking so, I manipulated the spear and forcibly applied the skill to the reverse angel.

The reverse angel who was floating in the air folds his wings and comes down to the ground.

[Uh, huh? What is this?!]

I was about to use a truly valuable ‘order right that can be used directly on an angel’.


It’s only natural to make people bring up a bit of high-level words.

“…It’s been a really long time.”

[Why, why does my mouth move on its own?! What the hell did you do to me

The reverse angel’s voice rang in my head.

Before I even finished saying that, the sentence I asked for resonated throughout the hall.

“I missed you, ‘Master’.”

As soon as that sentence fell.

“This lowly servant is ready to obey any command.”

A wide open space.

For an instant, it was covered in silence.

< System Message >

[ The target ‘Reverse Angel A1101’ recognizes you as a mortal enemy! ]

[ Negative effects are imprinted! ]

[ 2 Stacks of negative imprints! A special effect occurs when 3 overlaps! ]

[ Skill: Reign of Evil is activated. You get 1 command right that can be used on the target! ]


The command authority is copied.

Looking at the window floating in front of you with a smile.

As soon as the reverse angel uttered such a sentence, Archbishop Luminol hurriedly reverse-summoned it, so I didn’t even have time to look at their reaction, but this is enough.

I was worried about what to do if I couldn’t refill the order, but the fact that an angel uses the word ‘master’ to a human in the material world seems to have properly crushed my mentality.

From a human standpoint, it’s rudeness to the level of calling a pet a master.

[…Is the boy king sleeping now?]

‘Almost so, right? Why?’

He’s mostly always silent.

Unlike the lively Caliban, it is basically always quiet.

It looks like he’s locked himself in to prepare something else for the prohibition, but it would be nice if he could show his face sometimes.

[That’s right. Now is the perfect time to clap together.]


[Now, it’s nice to see that she doesn’t feel guilty at all unless she’s around you. People are the same, so I like it very much-]

Ignore the bullsh*t and look at the desk.

“…A bomb fell.”

Seeing the media outlets that are making headlines about what happened yesterday, I can’t help but say that.

“Wow… It’s not even a fuss…”

Following my words, Elijah, who was sitting on the sofa secondarily taking over the materials I had read and looking through them, groaned as well.

“You said you would become famous, isn’t this too much to do?”

As Elijah said, he read one after another the headlines of her articles.

[Angel’s declaration of obedience, the Holy Kingdom still remains silent about it-]

[ Archbishop Luminol is raising the possibility of ‘mass hallucination’- ]

“…No matter how serious it sounds like a mass hallucination, it must have been quite a shock.”

I guess so.

For the Seonghwangguk, it would be like a nightmare.

Most of their position and influence comes from the fact that they have produced ‘first warriors’ and the religious authority that they are directly recognized by ‘angels’.

By the way, an angel spit out the word ‘master’ or something to the person who said with their mouth that their qualifications were questionable. There is no such thing as a gossip.

Of course, you can use your collective influence to officially dismiss that fact, but you can’t shut all the mouths of the countless people who witnessed the scene.

The topic of what kind of relationship I have with angels will spread with terrifying momentum in the future.


The awareness of the ‘candidate for the hero’ to whom such a person is attached as an ‘accompanying member’ is bound to skyrocket terrifyingly.

“So, how do you feel about emerging as one of the hottest people on the entire continent?”

“…Honestly, I don’t really feel it yet. Even if you say that the topic has increased, there is no change in the immediate surroundings. Originally, I was receiving a lot of interest in Elfante.”


I hope it’s an insider.

For various reasons, I still haven’t escaped the level of perception of ‘a suspicious person’, ‘an insidious person’, ‘an asshole without friends’ and ‘a guy with a lot of women around him who is suspicious’.

It is a perception that is already billions of light years away from the ordinary academy life I dreamed of when I first entered the academy.

“…Teacher? Why are your eyes moist?”

“It’s because my eyes are bright.”



At least, it’s safe to say that Seonghwangguk and Beopwang are blocked from having any room to tackle me throughout the selection of heroes.

So, that’s nice.

“…By the way, what have you been doing?”

Those words came out without my knowledge.

No, it’s because he left his room alone and broke into my room and occupied the furniture.

Since a while ago, I keep cutting out things from newspapers.

“I am collecting pictures taken in one frame with the teacher and me.”


“Oh, this came out well.”

Why are you doing that in my room?

All I can think of is that even Nara, who doesn’t have a good eye for this kind of thing, is blatantly doing things like that to ‘appeal’.

‘…He’s been very active lately?’

No, really these days

As I looked at Elijah, who was saying that, speechless, I heard a voice from within the Soul Linker.

[Can I ask you one favor?]


[When the two of you are going to do something, please do it without me knowing.]


[I think I’m going to die because I’m still having a hard time, but looking at that, I think I’m really going to die for the second time.]

‘…That’s not going to happen.’

What is a giant?

I still vividly remember being cut in half by YuRia in the past, but it wouldn’t be strange if I was broken into more than 20 pieces by other devil’s vessels.

I sigh at Caliban’s nonsense and turn my gaze to the documents Atalanta delivered.

Originally, as the opening ceremony progressed, the approximate progress plan for the selection of heroes was written there.

The incident that took place during the event was so bombshell that it all went awry, but it seems that all the relevant documents were delivered to the officials.

‘…The most important thing is…’

This is a list of candidates who will participate in the ordeal together.

It’s also a competitor list.

It’s also a list of people I’m going to have to somehow piss off and make them run to kill me.


It’s also the part where the ‘variable’ is most likely to explode.

When I look back on my past, it is always in this area

‘Two tribes are twin berserkers. The Empire is Elijah and…’

Fenol Laipek.

As soon as he sees the name, a bitter smile spreads across his face.

If you think about it.

< Quest Info >

[ Main Quest ]〖 Chapter 4 – Red Night 〗

[ Related events coming soon! ]

The name of the main event in the current chapter is ‘Selection of Heroes’, but the name of the main quest that is the background of the chapter is ‘Red Night’.

This is the case with the chapter where Faynol appears as the final boss, but the question is why does he appear as the ‘final boss’?


In the middle of the selection, there was an opportunity for him to run wild.

It’s my job to stop that.

[Isn’t it just a quick and easy solution as always?]

‘It would be if there were no variables.’


‘Besides Seonghwangguk, there is one more guy who will show his face unconditionally when it comes to devil-related matters.’

Those who are far worse than you in terms of getting in the way of my comfortable scenario.

With that in mind, I turn the document to the next page.

Anyway, this is the list I know so far. It’s a line that perfectly matches what appears in the game.

No doubt they are powerful, but it is something that can be dealt with nonetheless.


The problem.

I popped out while looking through the list on the Seonghwangguk side.

Because the ‘variable’ I was so wary of was pushing his face very openly.

No. 1 Candidate. The chief of Daeshinjeon District 1. It is a very standard inseon. I can applaud you for being a very good choice.

The problem is, it’s the other guy.

“…Let’s go slowly.”

Looking at the face reflected in the profile, those words come out like moaning.

A man who gives off a frivolous impression at first glance. On the outside, he looks like a swallow who is good at flirting with women.

But, even so.


As soon as I saw that side, dizziness came over me.

It’s about to fill your eyes.

I feel like the world is giving me variables too openly to f*ck me.

That’s it, this guy’s true identity.

“…It’s out of balance.”

Because he is a monster at the level of making the selection of warriors itself a ‘child’s play’.


A vassal of the Precursor.

A guy who could even subdue the two-piece El Nore, with his face sticking out.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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