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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 150

150. Invitation (3)

Faynole expressionlessly gulped down the aperitif wine.

I can’t remember how many drinks I had, but the waiter, who was serving hard, looked at me with a puzzled look, so I must have drank a lot.

It doesn’t fit.

I’m not the type to enjoy alcohol, and drinking this amount of aperitif in the first place is an act of walking a narrow line between rudeness and eccentricity. She would never have done it normally.

‘…that’s interesting.’

But, that’s fine now.

Faynole laughed softly at the faint scent of grapes passing by the tip of her nose.

It is clear that the sense of taste has returned slightly. It’s all because of that man.

“Doesn’t it seem inconvenient?”

Those words came from the seat next to me.

When I turned around, it was Princess Tristan. He always looks at her with an expressionless expression on his face.

Surely, she must look strange now. So, that’s what I was talking about.

“…the clothes are a bit uncomfortable.”

When Faynole smiled and said that, Elnor tilted her head in response.

“The chest area looks very stuffy. Why did someone with a big chest like you wear such tight clothes?”


“Certainly, if that area is large, there are many uncomfortable things. Listen carefully as I will teach you some useful knowledge.”

“…I will only accept your heart, Princess Tristan.”

What does size mean to a subject that is much bigger than itself?

Faynole smiled and continued.

“It was just a metaphor for not being a familiar seat.”

He agreed, thinking that it would have been better to just cover it up rather than admit that he had lost his senses for a long time, and now he was barely feeling it.

The sentence itself was unmistakably true.

“Because I was a commoner. There was no way I would have had the chance to come to such an incredible place.”

Of course, it is dinner at best, but the target is a person with power comparable to the emperor.

In order to prepare for that, people almost reminiscent of divisions are busy moving around.

“If you were an apprentice of the Magic Tower, you would have had quite a few opportunities to set foot in the social world.”

Faynole opened her eyes wide and looked in Elnor’s direction.

How does this woman know about her past?

“The Student Council is in charge of managing the personal information of all students.”

Elnor continued in a blunt voice.

“I heard that you have a relationship with Dean Persi of the Faculty of Magic. is not it.”


Faynole smiled bitterly and set the glass down.

a painful past So much so that I don’t even want to think about it.

The name of Percy Sister Levantine still remains as the biggest scar on her chest.

“…He’s a person with a connection.”

So, just let it go like that for now.

When Elnor heard that, he did not inquire further. It must be because he noticed the complex and subtle emotions in Fynol’s voice when he said that.

“Did you say commoner? Where are you from?”

“It was a small town in the north. You probably wouldn’t know even if I told you.”

“is it.”

“…it was a beautiful place.”

Faynole, who had said that, looked at the wine dangling in the glass with sunken eyes.

red like blood

“Until some kind of… accident occurs.”

Like the sight of that night when she ran out of control and burned the entire village.

Hearing those words, Elnor looked at Faynol, but she avoided his gaze and drank another glass of wine.

It seems that alcohol is going around. Do you see how they voluntarily let useless sounds come out of their mouths?

‘…What are you doing, Fenol.’

She was so upset inside.

Do you want to go back to your normal life now?

A monster like her who destroyed her hometown with her own hands and even injured the benefactor who took her back after losing her place to go?

The Red Night Crisis, recorded as one of the worst disasters in the Empire, was caused by her. The red devil sleeping inside her body.

“…Do you know anything about the Prime Minister?”

Twist the topic by force.

It wouldn’t be too out of place either.

Wasn’t it because of you that she was here and that Princess Tristan was here?

Seeing that Elnor also answered after being silent for a while, he seemed to have vaguely noticed her mood.

“…I ran into it a few times when I was younger.”

I remember them better because I am a human being with a short age difference.

“How was it?”

“I didn’t hear anything other than the impression that he was an unluckyly proud human being.”

Faynole laughed.


It must be a person who makes even her, who was praised as the greatest talent of all time in a large aristocratic family with power on the continent, among them, ranked second in the swordsmanship.

A unique figure who has risen from the lowest to the highest level among the imperial aristocrats.

“…that’s nonsense.”

A young woman who has not stepped on even half of her life to live is the best commander in the empire. A few years ago, it would have been a story that could not even be found in novels.

That must have been the case until Sullivan first came to prominence.

Now, no one can laugh at that fact.

Because everyone who did that is dead.


Fei-nol smiled viciously.

okay. Everything Elnor said is correct.

Except for one thing.

“It doesn’t make any sense.”


The red devil that slumbers inside her heart is the most violent of all devils. So we don’t talk often.

Even if you don’t speak, there are some things you naturally come to know if you harbor demons.

for example.

“Originally, given time, a human who would rise to the position of prime minister even knows the future.

Chancellor Sullivan.

It was undoubtedly something like “the same kind” as her.


Elnor tilted his head and asked in response, but Faynol sighed instead of answering in more detail.

There didn’t seem to be time to explain further.

“Your Excellency is entering. Everyone stand up!”

With those words, all the servants who were busily moving nearby scattered in an orderly manner.

Everyone has a look of nervousness on their faces.


What they face is an iron woman who has not a single human who has survived among her enemies. It’s only natural to be worried that it might go out of sight.


The iron woman walked into the venue with a gentleman’s arms crossed.

Embarrassment that could not be hidden came up on everyone’s faces.


Aren’t they showing off as if they were lovers, as if they were showing off to the people around them?

“oh. Is something going on?”

While the chancellor spat out such words casually,

Faynole laughed inwardly at the sight of Daud dragging her swarthy face.

okay. Until now, most of the things that man got caught up in were self-inflicted, but this time, it was clear that he was a victim.

At least that man wouldn’t have committed anything directly ‘now’.

‘…That’s right.’

But, for a human who doesn’t know that fact, that kind of thing would be fine.

Elnor’s expression crumpled rapidly when he saw Daud with his arms crossed.

< System Message >

[ Corruption level of the target ‘Elnor’ is rising rapidly! ]


I’m sorry, Elnor.

I couldn’t stop it.

Thinking so, I was dragged by the Prime Minister and took a seat next to me.

I tried to escape several times along the way, but every time the Prime Minister glared at me with dead eyes, so I couldn’t help it.

It looks like he’s really going to commit something if he goes.

[However, there is no piece of the devil. Then you can’t even go wild?]

‘Where is the madman who pretends to be with the prime minister?’

[That’s right.]

Caliban smiled and agreed.

‘…And putting that fact aside, it’s dangerous.’

In the first place, even if there is no piece, the feeling that this person will be able to use the devil’s ‘power’ is close to certainty.

The problem is that I can’t even guess what kind of ability it is.

There are only 6 demons I know of. I’ve never heard of any other devil.

‘…Could there be more?’

Even I, who dig deep into the settings of Savior Rising, have never heard of such a thing.

Nonetheless, this person.

it’s the devil

At least, there is a history of holding that piece.

It feels completely different from me, who can pretend to be something like a demon imitation thanks to the Fallen Seal.

In the meantime, the servants who had set up all the food bowed their heads deeply and left the venue. It must have been that Sullivan had instructed him to do so in advance.


And, as soon as I saw it.

From nob le mt l dot com

My speed burns black.

If you dare to bite the servant, it would mean that from now on, stories of ‘nothing good to hear from anyone else’ will be flying around.

“first. Thank you for accepting the invitation. Princess Tristan. and…”

After opening his mouth, Sullivan’s head turned slightly and landed on Faynol’s face.

“…There is an unexpected face. ”

With a gentle smile like a trademark, the conversation continued.

“Well, that’s fine. It’s a story you’ll hear anyway.”

“…What do you mean, Your Excellency?”

Elnore replied, expressionlessly spraying red eyes viciously.

Even if it was a princess, it would be fair to say that the attitude towards the chancellor was unparalleled rudeness, but Sullivan did not blink an eye.

As if they bit people to do this in the first place.

And right away.

“I hope this is a story that will be passed on to all the other women around this man.”

The Prime Minister dropped the bomb.

“Don’t even think about approaching my husband.”



Elnor and Faynole blinked at the same time.

The words came out of nowhere without even blinking, so it seems that the shock evaporated before he got angry.

The Prime Minister, who spoke up, still had a gentle smile on his face and moved the tableware casually, putting food into the bowl.

As if he hadn’t made such a big statement.

It’s like declaring a very obvious right for granted.


And that’s me too.

Brain freeze is getting a little hard.


what the hell…?

“…Are you saying you want to get married?”

Faynole asked in a slightly bewildered voice.

It seems that it is very difficult for a human who has completely erased emotions to accept this remark calmly.

In the first place, this person’s position is his position. It must be a clear statement that will bring a stir across the entire continent.



The answer comes so naturally.

It was as if he even added a hint of why he was asking such an obvious thing.


Elnor opened his mouth in a cold voice.

The horse is at the level of being cold, and if the horse had the physical power, it feels like the flesh that would have left enough to hack Sullivan to pieces by now.

“That man is engaged to me. you know-”

“I know, Princess Tristan. That’s why I’m putting more emphasis on you.”

A gentle smile did not leave Sullivan’s face even as he dealt with Elnor, who seemed capable of killing people with words. It’s almost admirable.

“A woman as undeserving as you would never treat this human”

“…what do you mean you don’t deserve it?”

At those words, the smile on Sullivan’s face grew even thicker.

“Princess Tristan.”

As if he was just waiting to be asked.

“Because of you, a war could break out sooner or later if done wrong.”


as soon as i heard that

I feel my blood run cold.

This is because it was a line that was constantly flowing even in the game.

It is a line like a fuse that triggers a ‘specific event’.



‘Go to sleep.’

[what? no, what-]

Ignoring Caliban’s bewildered words, he took the Soul Linker off his arm and put it into his bosom.

The story that Sullivan will bring out from now on.

It’s a story that this person should never hear.

“…War. What do you mean by that?”

“Princess Tristan.”


“Perhaps the word ‘selection of warriors’. Have you ever heard of it?”

With Sullivan’s words, a system window appeared before my eyes.

< System Message >

[The main scenario is changed due to the change in the target ‘Sullivan”s status. ]

[ 〖 Chapter 4 – Red Night 〗’s starting point has been changed! ]


okay. That’s what I know.


It’s the line that announces the beginning of Chapter 4.

The chapter that creates one of the biggest inflection points in the scenario.


I caressed the soul linker inside my chest unconsciously.

The reason why Chapter 4 is the biggest turning point in the scenario is simple.

It is also a chapter where Faynol, one of the devil’s vessels, appears as the final boss.


The ‘original protagonist’ of this world.

It’s the most entangled chapter.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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