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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 149

149. Invitation (2)

“…again why, why again, why again this…!”


Calm down.

Seeing Atalanta mumble in front of him, losing his temper, those words came to mind automatically, but this time, unlike usual, it was difficult to put such words straight.

Because I don’t understand what’s going on right now.

“It’s already a disaster that the imperial chancellor invaded the academy without a word, so why are you involved in it again…!”

“…I didn’t get involved because I specifically wanted to get involved.”

Responds in a melancholy voice.

“Even when I was standing still, you ran into me.”


Atalanta looked at me almost breathless.

It seems that he has come up with a possibility that he doesn’t even want to imagine.

“You’re not saying that he’s also a vessel of the devil, right?”

“I bet it isn’t.”

If nothing else, that’s for sure.

If it is a vessel of the devil, it cannot be designated as a ‘seonyeok’ in the first place. It is systematically impossible.


But then.

I’ve said it many times, but it’s infinitely impossible to infer a clue as to why you’re showing me that kind of behavior.

What was the point of acting like that to someone you didn’t even have contact with?

“…anyway. I don’t know why, but it’s clear that Jae Sang-ha is paying a lot of attention to you right now.”

While thinking so, Atalanta continued with a tense voice.

“You were invited to dinner. With Princess Tristan.”


“I will prepare the clothes for you, so please wait quietly in the drawing room until I escort you.”

Atalanta said so in a stern voice as if warning.

I would like to react exceptionally strongly to someone who somehow covered all the accidents I committed in the furnace of struggle, but the weight of ‘Chief’ and ‘Prime Minister’ is definitely different.

‘…The head of the republic and the power of the centralized state have a different sense of weight.’

If you compare it on a country-by-country basis, there will be tribal unions and empires there, but that’s a problem that arises because of the difference in technological level.

In other words, it means that the Empire has overwhelming manpower and resources enough to match the technical skills of the tribal union playing at the level of science fiction.

The chancellor and the emperor are the ones who can do that with just one word.

“This time, I really can’t protect you if you make a big mistake. You have to stay calm. You know?”


If anyone sees me, I’ll look like a madman who only causes accidents everywhere I go.


It’s not that wrong.

At least looking back at my actions so far, it’s hard to deny that even with empty words.

good. Promised to Atalante that this time, he would quietly eat and return.

“Here you are, Doud Campbell!”

before I even finished thinking about it.

There was a human who burst open the door of the president’s office and came in.

it’s payol It’s also a sign of urgency that doesn’t answer.

“…Fenol Laipek?”

Atalanta also checked the opponent and tilted her head.

It would be a bizarre situation for an ordinary student to suddenly burst into the president’s office like this, but even Atalante seemed to be aware that this guy belonged to the Heretic Interrogation Center.

You can see it just by looking at the fact that instead of raising any questions, they move on to purely asking questions.

“What are you doing here…?”

“That dinner, I’m coming too!”


Atalanta frantically started washing her face dry.

And me too.

I didn’t even feel like drying it.

Since I declared that I would stay calm, it felt like an accident was coming to my feet from all around me.

[I always think, unlike you, all the girls around you are hot.]


[What’s that, why don’t we gather them all together and try something like the World’s Most Devil Contest? The strongest guy gets your first night right-]

“…shut up, please.”


I don’t particularly want the dignity of a paladin or the look of a respectable mentor from you.

Let’s keep our dignity as human beings.


[You and I are no longer human anyway.]


That’s right.

I sigh and look down at my chest.

This is the location where the Seal of Fallen, who is in the middle of changing my race, is located.

“I shouldn’t have a seizure a little later…”

[What is a seizure?]

“There are two bowls, right?”

Also, the bowl containing the strongest devil, and the two bowls with the highest degree of convergence at this point.

It’s a combination that can get out of hand if an accident happens.

Thinking so, I gazed at the building where meals were being prepared noisily in the distance.

Elnor and Faynole are probably waiting in the dining room. I’ll be joining you a little later.

[But why do you join later?]

“They say the procedures and formalities are like that.”

He sighs and answers.

“The leading role is the last to enter.”

[Yeah, I know that procedure. Then, shouldn’t the chancellor come in last? Why are you the last?]

“yes. They say that the order in which I and the Prime Minister enter is the same.”


Caliban let out a laugh.

Since this person was also a guardian who worked inside the imperial palace, he must have noticed the meaning hidden there.

[…Isn’t entering at the same time only between lovers and married couples?]


In other words, it is almost a level of bullying. This person is my partner, so don’t even think about cheating.

Probably, the tendency to do this is quite strong, as Elnor directly shows.

[…do you spray any pheromone? What the hell did you do?]

At that, I just shake my head without saying a word.

No matter how private the event takes place in one of the quiet buildings of the academy, human eyes and ears are everywhere.

Rumors will surely spread. It is also a possible story that it is processed into contents that can be called desires and scattered all over the place.

“…I do not know either. In the first place, I’ve never really met him.”

[But you seemed to know, maybe?]


[It was the atmosphere that I met you several times before. Either talking or acting.]

I stroked my chin at Caliban’s words and lost myself in thought.

Agreeable. Because it seems clear that they consistently put out such a ‘tee’.

[By the way, are you sure there is nothing to point out there?]

I slightly frowned at Caliban’s words.

“…What does it mean?”

[There was a guy who gave off a similar vibe before. The guy who gave off a familiar atmosphere even though he had never met you.]


I think I know what you’re talking about.

It must be referring to some grim woman who is always wearing a mask.

[By the way, you kept showing that you knew something about that side. About its identity.]

“…just a guess.”


If the guy I’m guessing is really a visionary.


If that guy really ‘turns’ into a Precursor later on.

There is a possibility that the chancellor knows me.

[…What are you talking about?]

You could have met Dowd Campbell from ‘Another Timeline’ instead of me.

Like the noise the gray devil makes whenever he sees me. So are the pioneers. Even the Blue Devil.

Because there was a consistent voice.

It’s not that difficult.

Chancellor, if there’s a possibility, he’s probably in that category.

[…What are you talking about? At a point in the past that you can’t remember, you said you were so groggy that you couldn’t meet anyone?]

“If it’s not the past, it’s the future.”


“The laws of time and space are not absolute for demon units, Caliban.”

The Blue Devil is a story that has been proven once again. They say that the timeline flows differently for demons than for other people.

He has shown his words and actions several times as if he knows the ‘future’, so he gains persuasion.


Caliban said in a bewildered voice.

[Did that chancellor come from the future?]

“…To put it mildly, that’s true. Rather.”

I answer by narrowing my eyes.

“It means that something may be ‘repeating’.”

[Repeat? what?]

“Go to the world.”


Silence fell from within Soul Linker, suggesting what the hell they were talking about, but I can’t find a better explanation than this.

At least, the ‘truth’ of this world I’ve hypothesized so far is best reduced to that extent.

“Well, it’s because I wasn’t quite sure. Right now, I think you can just understand that something came from the future.”

[…I feel like you’re teaching me something, so I’m pissed off?]

what do you teach

Right now, I’m just getting a vague feeling.

Even if I reflect on my experiences and memories, the phenomena that could never happen like this happen are problems caused by the time axis being distorted.


“But one thing is certain.”

I want to know what the ’cause’ of such a phenomenon is.

Isn’t there a monstrous guy who twists space and time just by being around me right now?

[…the gray demon.]


What comes from the future, the world repeats itself, whatever happens.

Everything is related to him.

In the first place, in this worldview, he is the only one who has the power to cause such a phenomenon.



Then, the ‘why’ he did such a thing becomes a key topic again.

What the hell happened in the future, when I looked at me from the present point of view, the demons turned their eyes on me and rushed at me, and the gray demon twisted the entire time axis?

Focusing on ‘me’, what the hell will happen later?

‘…I don’t know.’

For now, clues are too few.

For now, you should focus on the problem at hand.

“…But the Prime Minister’s problem remains the same.”

So even within such a hypothesis, a problem eventually arises.

At least all the beings in such a hypothesis are only those who are entangled with the ‘devil’ in some way.

The Precursor is the head of a group of devil worshipers. Gray devils and blue devils are the devils themselves in the first place.

Then, the chancellor.

Where on earth and what connection is there to be included in such a phenomenon?

As I was immersed in my thoughts centered on such a topic, the voice of another person suddenly tickled my ears.

“Here you are.”

“Ah, President. I thought I was going to lose my neck while waiting-”

Saying that, I tried to get up from my seat, but I was frozen in my seat.

Because it wasn’t Atalante who opened the parlor door and came in.

As soon as I met the golden eyes, I stood up as if I had been struck by lightning.

“…Your Excellency?”

“I’m here to get you, Dowd Campbell.”

“…Well, Your Excellency, it’s enough to send a servant for something like this-“

“Can you?”

The chancellor smiled lightly, and then strode over and grabbed my arm.

Naturally, the arms are hooked to each other like a loop. It is tightly attached up to the armpit, so it is completely adhered.

“I’m greeting you, Daud.”

“…Me, Prime Minister.”

First of all, one thing is certain.

If you enter the hall like this, Elnor will run out of control. It’s straight game over.

“Anyway, I think this is too much for my status. Keep some distance-”



A cold sweat runs down my spine as soon as I realize that Sullivan’s voice has dramatically lowered the temperature.

oh, i was wrong about this That kind of feeling creeps up on me.

“Again, I want you to stay away from me?”


Then, a sentence that would make you forget even the chill running down your spine beats in your head.

‘…This time too?’

this person.

What do you mean?


as soon as they met their eyes.

understand intuitively.

What is the ‘link’ between this person and the devil?

< System Message >

[The ‘Seal of Fallen’ reacts weakly! ]

[ Responds to target =Removed object=! ]

Being so close to each other, the ‘energy’ that overflows in those eyes is an atmosphere that I’m sure I know.

This person is a ‘vessel’.


It’s a completely different form than the devil’s bowls I’ve usually encountered.

[What are you talking about?]

‘…Though it’s a bowl.’

He spoke in a cold sweat to Caliban, who asked in an absurd voice.

‘There is no piece of the devil.’


‘There are no pieces, only power remains. like…’

I can’t stand the back talk.

However, Caliban finishes the sentence.

[…as if you were the devil ‘itself’?]


Exactly, that’s how it feels.

what the hell

Looking at the Prime Minister in a cold sweat with such a feeling.


Sullivan grinned.

“Shall we go in?”

The Prime Minister said that while drawing a beautiful curve with golden eyes.

It was a beautiful laugh.

To the point where it feels like the devil’s temptation.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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