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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 128

128. Promise must be kept (4)

As the dust rose from the wall where Daoud had been impaled, Li Lu gasped for breath and rose from her seat.

[…It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a table set so fancy.]

Those words flowed from nearby, but Lilu looked at them with teary eyes.

“No matter how you think about it, this is not it!”

At least.

Neither you nor that man should have such a first experience.

In this way, what is the difference between mere crime!

[…you can’t say such soft things?]

The spirit body heard those words.

Until just now, no matter what he said, he seemed to be speaking with a flat expression.

At least when he brought out this voice, it seemed strangely cold.

[Because you’re so soft, you’re always taken away, Riru.]


[Shall I be honest?]

The spirit body slipped back in front of her.

Still, the corners of his eyes drooped and he looked relaxed.

The carefree laugh that had been there until now was nowhere to be seen.

[Are you sure you can beat the other girls?]


A few images come to mind.

Certainly, women who knew about this man before her, more deeply, more.

The humans who want to monopolize Dowd Campbell and demand much more than her.

[It’s not just women like that, and you’re saying that there will be more people around you in the future?]


[You don’t have experience with men, you don’t know how to fit in, you don’t know how to dress up, you don’t know what this guy likes, do you think you’ll compete with that guy?]



Riru, who raised her eyes proudly, opened her mouth with a firm will.

“What is that?”


At the confident words, the spiritual body widened its eyes.

“What do the other guys know?”

Certainly, as this guy said.

I don’t think she’ll be able to compete evenly next to this popular guy.

may fall behind Maybe you’ll lose so badly that you’ll just stare bitterly as the other women get ahead.

But, nonetheless.

“At least this guy never hit me in the back of the head. Betrayal is not something you shouldn’t do.”

I don’t want to do anything ‘against this guy’s will’ in a dishonest way.

Even so, be sure to do it your own way. Fair and fair.

It will capture the ‘true’ heart.

It’s not like this trick!


at that point.

The spirit body grinned and looked down at her.

[…uh-um. It can’t be done either. I tried to see if I could go differently this quarter. Because you’re just as stubborn now as you were later.]

“…? What do you mean?”

When she looked at the spirit body and said that, he grinned and replied back.

[Well, like most of ‘us’… I’m especially warped of the time axis. I already know that you are stubborn until you die.]

“You mean you can see the future?”

[Rather than that, I should say that I’ve already been through it… Among the many ‘branches’, there are some things that never change. One of them is that you never have intercourse with the West until a certain point.]

It was a sentence that was so complicated that she couldn’t understand what it was saying.

I was able to understand one thing smartly.



“What does that mean-”

[Sleeping, Liru. Later you give birth to that person too. Sprung Sprung Pung.]


Li Lu blushed and opened her mouth as if she was about to explode.

“…I, I, do that, later?”

[Does it really?]


[Even if Seobang-nim asks me if I really need to do it today because it’s physically difficult, it’s not uncommon for you to forcefully bring me to the bedroom because you beg me to have another child.]

“…Ooh, ooh, don’t be funny, don’t be funny. Are you, you, just making up random words?!”

[hmm. Like a virgin who has never held a man’s hand, I doubt it when I say this.]

Having been stabbed to the point, Li Lu’s body stiffened.

“Ooh, noisy…!”

Li Lu’s eyes began to spin.

I’m embarrassed.

Beyond the burning face, it seems that tears are almost coming out.

[Even when we merge for the first time. Because of his ego, he boasts a lot of bluff like he has a lot of experience. When I entered the main room, I couldn’t resist and was buried under Seobang-nim, and my face completely melted.]

“…i, ii-”

[Hearing just one word from Seobang-nim that he is cute makes my heart race, and he endlessly begs me to hug him a little harder-]

“Everyone, shut up! Shut up!”

Lilu let out a sound that almost screamed at the mental attack that poured out without passing through a single filter.

Seeing that, the spirit body fluttered and floated around her again.

[…But, I mean, this is for you. I don’t want you to get hurt as much as possible.]


Li Lu glared at the other person with a puzzled look.

In what way does acting like this help you?

What do you want to regret?

[…it happens.]


In the voice that followed, there was a certain level of confidence similar to that of Riru from earlier.

[I regret it, Riru. If you go then, you will regret it beyond words. That I couldn’t make deeper memories with Mr. Seo.]


It was like being cut open, a wound that had barely healed torn apart, and the pain was like being sprinkled with salt.

such a voice.


In the depth of the emotions contained there, Riru was silent without even realizing it.

[…But, there’s one more chance.]

A smile appeared on the spirit’s face again.

Having said that, the spirit body floated up and approached Li Lu’s nose.

There is no materialized form, but he taps her nose playfully.

[Three months later, Liru. Then you will have a chance to shine.]

“…is it shiny?”

[yes. There is a chance to shine so brightly and brilliantly that it will stick in Seobang-nim’s heart.]

“Can’t you tell me more about that?”

[Then it’s a violation of the rules. Scary guys can’t come to catch me.]


[I can kick out quite a few guys, but… but there are things I need to protect.]

The spirit body, who had said that and smiled wryly, continued to speak again with a chuckle.

[Still, I can give you at least one piece of advice.]


[Do you know a human named Elijah Krisanax?]


I know… I know.

We met a few times while passing by. Did you say you were a candidate for a warrior?

But why did that guy’s name come out all of a sudden?

[Please hang out together. Be as close as possible.]

“…what? why?”

[That way, we can help each other later. That’s the only way for everyone to be less sick at the timing when the white guy openly makes an accident.]

“…Can’t you tell me in a way that I can understand at least a little?”

[For now, this is it. It’s hard for me to maintain this image as well. I think I used up my allotment for the week?]

Certainly, the image of the spiritual body saying that was gradually blurring.

It seems that it is a burden to show more than this.

[Sooner or later, I’ll come out to check again. Until then, try to keep what I said.]

“…Tch. It’s funny how you believe everything when you don’t even know what you’re doing.”

[Even if you say that, you will be sincere in what I said, right? Because you are that kind of person.]

“…Since a while ago, you’ve been teasing me all the time.”

Having said that, Riru was pouting her lips.

The spirit body smiled again and nodded.

I don’t think you have any intention of denying it yourself.

[Anyway, three months later. things explode It’s a big crisis for everyone, and something like that could be an opportunity for you soon. Just remember that.]

Still, as long as you say that.

[At that time, can’t you fail?]

It was a warm voice like a real sister.

jaw hurts behind

The back of the head hurts similarly.


From nob le mt l. co m

Glancing to the side, he opens his mouth.

“…Hey, Lilu.”


“Yesterday, what happened?”

Lilu, who was nervously walking next to me, glared at me with her entire face blushing.

“…Don’t ask me.”

“No, but you can ask why I suddenly lost my mind, and when I came to my senses, my jaw was split in half-”

“shut up.”



Seeing his expression, I felt that if I asked more, my chin would hurt even more than it does now, so I shut my mouth.

“…Anyway, please clean up and come.”

He sighs and throws those words at Li Lu.

There are many things that have been messed up like this, but anyway, the exchange student program that has been in the furnace of struggle ends today. Because it’s only until today.

“Next time, instead of smuggling, come proudly to Elfante.”

Cassa’s rise as warchief again is a situation that causes great aftermath and administrative disturbance.

This person was told to stay with him and help clean it up.

It won’t be long, but until then, goodbye.

“I’m waiting for you.”

Lilu replied while scratching her head shyly.

“…I’ll bring you a present.”

“oh. Can I look forward to it?”


At those words, Li Lu shut her mouth and glared at me without a word.

Your face is turning red again.


What kind of gift is that?

why are you anxious


Having said that, Li Lu turned around and ran towards the furnace of struggle.

It’s as if he couldn’t handle something if he said more than this.


Why are you talking like that?

I have my doubts, but since they don’t seem to get an answer no matter what I ask, I give up and step inside the train.

make a fuss Everyone is so peaceful that it is hard to believe that they were at the academy, which was attacked by terrifying monsters just a few days ago.

[It’s okay to be proud, dude. Because you worked hard, they are as peaceful as I am.]

What are you doing now?

I smiled at Caliban’s words and entered the room assigned to me.

Sitting in a peaceful train cabin with no one around, I stare blankly out the window.


How long has it been since you’ve been sitting alone like this?

< System Log >

[The target ‘Yuria’ is in extreme despair! ]

[The target ‘Lucien’ is in extreme guilt! ]

[Target ‘Elnor’ is in extreme helplessness! ]

[The target ‘Fenol’ seems to have something to ask of you! ]

[ Find a way to appease them! ]

Maybe it’s because all the people who would rush at me like Deukdal are in this state if I’m alone.


Still, I’ll have to appease them all.

Recently, I tried to visit him a few times and even talk to him, but I never succeeded because everyone ran away when I just made eye contact.

Just looking at my face gave me a strong feeling of guilt.

Perhaps, to the extent that I felt like the people I normally cling to were deliberately avoiding me, it meant that I was really depressed.

where should i start

I scratch my head thinking about that.

‘…Still, we should talk slowly, one by one.’

Thinking so, I let out a sigh.

After all, they’re not people who can’t speak. You just have to try to communicate at the right time.

“Oh, you are here.”


So, except for this guy.

I didn’t even invite them, but I opened the room door and focused my eyes narrowly on the guy who came in.

“…hello. Phenol.”

Phenol Lifek.

A sorcerer from the Heretic Inquisition with blazing red hair.

“Hello, Doud Campbell. I have a favor to ask of you.”

With a simple greeting mixed with such business, the guy smiled.

“Do you remember what I said before? You asked me to seduce you.”

“…but I do remember.”

“yes. That has to do with it.”


The bombs fell all over again.

“Well, I didn’t really say anything. It has a time limit.”


“You’ll have to seduce me within a month from now.”

< System Message >

[New quests related to ‘Chapter 4 – Red Night’ are renewed! ]

[You must raise the favorability of the target ‘Painol’ to ‘Friendship Level 1’ within one month! ]

[If you fail, it’s game over! ]

…one month?

I blink my eyes at the sudden time limit.

No, wait.

Boy, obviously…

< System Log >

[ ‘Skill: Fatal Charm’ cannot be applied to the target ‘Fanol’! ]

…wasn’t there something like this?

to me, so

Seriously, this woman within a month. without the aid of skill.

It’s almost the same level as Elnor’s, telling me to flirt with me to the level of flirting.

“You have to make my heart beat so fast that I can’t help it when I see you. or not…”

“…or not?”

Faynole smiled again and replied.


The words that followed were sentences that did not suit that expression at all.

“Will something terrible happen?”


The vessel holding all three pieces of the Red Devil said.

A 100% devil fusion rate, a human who can bring out the true red devil’s ‘body’ outside if runaway.

I don’t know exactly what that is, but I know it’s absolutely nothing tolerably terrible.

“You promised me.”


“Then should I keep it?”


promise to keep


He holds his head aching from a headache.

if i do then

Up until now, everything I have done has been a mountain beyond a mountain.

On my subject, there’s no way we can have a peaceful time just because one incident is over, right?

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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