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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 127

IF Side story – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

※ This episode is an If abduction!

It deals with ‘what if this happens?’, which has nothing to do with the main story.

Before a person goes to sleep, there are times when all 50,000 thoughts come to mind.

Riru Garda’s bedtime that night is perhaps the most representative example of such a phenomenon.


[What is it, Liru?]

Li Lu silently glared at her spirit body floating on the ceiling.

Seeing her lips quiver, it must have been something she was struggling to get out of her mouth.

[Looking at the condition, it seems like Mr. Daud’s story?]


[Seeing that he was shy to speak, did he have a dirty imagination?]

It’s always like this when talking to a spirit body.

You know yourself too well.

In a good sense or in a bad sense.

So, I can somehow get these words out.

After all, you already know what you’re thinking.

“…Once upon a time, you know. When I was with him.”

The scene from a few days ago was replaying in Li Lu’s head.

The beautiful memories I had with him-

[Ah, the day Mr. Daud was manipulated by me and threw Liru into bed?]


Even if you say it anyway.

As she was staring at the spirit body, it giggled and continued the sentence.

[why. Do you regret hitting the chin at that time?]

“…no regrets.”

Probably because I would have done the same thing if I went back.


“If only, then I.”

Li Lu took a deep breath and said.

“If you didn’t hit the chin and blow it, that’s…”

[How could it be?]


Liru made a face without saying anything.

With pouting gestures, he turned his body around and turned away from the spiritual body.

Unfortunately, the opponent was instantly back in front of her nose thanks to the ability to move freely in the air.

[Curious about that?]


Saying that, Li Lu turned her head around again.

[Then why are you blurting out the words in front of you?]

“Noisy. I will sleep.”


Seeing Li Lu who closed her eyes saying that, the spirit body smiled sinisterly.


Of course, Li Lu didn’t notice that because she had her eyes closed.

[Sleep well, Liru.]

And because of that.

Li Lu even forgot to put her hand on her head as the spiritual body said those words.

It’s a dream.

That feeling is clear.

Otherwise, there’s no way the same sensations from that time could be ‘reproduced’ so perfectly.



“I’ll take it off, Li Lu.”


Riru looked up at the other person with blank eyes.

Oh, Daoud.

she is the man she likes


With a daze consciousness as if sunk in deep water, she barely recognized it.



“Why are you like that?”

I look up blankly at the man who said that.

‘…This is a dream.’

Considering the man’s condition at that time, there was no way he was speaking as naturally as this.

Now, it’s like.

It looks like the ‘real’ Daoud is hugging him.

‘…if it’s a dream.’

It’ll be fine, map.


without even knowing what the hell you’re talking about.


That answer came out of her mouth.

“…I’ll take it easy.”


Daoud’s hand slid inside her collar.


this one, that one

That’s foreplay.

‘…Honestly, I’m not sure.’

It’s not that I didn’t receive s*x education at all, so I know what this is.

I’m not sure what that means.

Does it really make me feel better when someone else touches my body?

Such a question, Riru was holding very firmly.

“Ah, heh, uh, that, that, that-”


It means that I was thinking that way until 30 minutes ago.

“You, you, why are you so good- hee-!”

She couldn’t even finish the sentence she was continuing in an unfair voice, and let out a shrill moan.

The body is the greatest asset to humans on the battlefield, and especially to the race that assumes the greatest risk by taking on the vanguard.

Therefore, if you are stepping into the realm of making it your business, controlling your own body will be one of the activities that are as natural as breathing as part of your work.

So, in other words.

The current Li Lu was nothing short of an amateur.

“Ah…ah… uh… uh…”

His head was buried in the pillow he was holding with both hands, but his groans, which were not properly formed in language, flowed out in exultation even when they were crushed.

The pleasure buried in her rapid breathing was a tone she had never uttered in her life.

The sound of rapid breathing due to vigorous exercise is similar to a companion who has been with him for the rest of his life, but he has never fallen to this state due to someone else’s intervention, not his own control, so it was natural if it was natural.

The linen of the pillow he was chewing on with his teeth tore open and rolled into his mouth in handfuls.

The idea that she was getting something useless was vaguely muddled in her head, but more than that, the sensation of Dowd’s slowly pulling out his finger, which had been poking around inside her vagina, digging deep into her brain made her brain boil.

It was a bonus to feel her bodily fluid dripping all over her crotch and rubbing it against his fingers to make it sticky.


A small amount of saliva flowed from between her clenched lips.

I had never seen such a foolish look in my life, but the pain from holding back my moaning for tens of minutes had already been working effectively to make me feel ashamed of such a fact. The area around the eyes is also full of moisture, so sooner or later, tears may flow down.

If there was a mirror in front of my eyes, I would have been ashamed to the point of wanting to die.

Entrusting her body to a man, she was gasping for breath like an animal being bred, not even close to human.


because it’s a dream

It must be because it is a dream.

I thought so, but the sensations that touched my body right now were terrifyingly realistic.

And on top of her struggling with pleasure.

something caught my eye


For a moment, my brain seems to stop.

It was something that boasted such a presence.

“…Do you see it for the first time?”

Daoud said that with a wry smile.

Her gaze was fixed on the towering phallus.


Riru unconsciously fixed her gaze and nodded.

“Looks like it’s loosened up enough, so I’ll put it in.”

Daoud laughed and pressed his lower body close to her.

“Now, wait. I, I am still mentally ready.”


“Uh, huh?”

“i love you.”


And at the same time.

“Ah- hahahaha-!”

Li Lu’s back bounced violently.

Daoud, too, trembled all over.

It must have been because I could feel the soggy flesh wall twitching through the skin.

Even when the body temperature is extremely high, the heat that is clearly felt radiates from the genitals and surges through the whole body.

With each thrust from Daoud, Liru’s vaginal walls writhed and gently wrapped around his penis. It was a sign that he was feeling like he was going to die.

Once again, he pushed up her waist with a piston stroke, and a thin moan of hee-heet came out of her pursed mouth.


He is a warrior of the tribal union.

Whether it was himself or others, he was a person who always tried to show only a solemn, hard, and violent appearance.

such a person

Now, lying beneath Daoud’s body, twitching all over, face a mess of saliva and tears, gritted teeth and suppressed moans.

“Ah, that…”

As if she couldn’t hold back the sound, Lilu reached out and grabbed the pillow.

Then, he placed a pillow over his face, pressed it tightly with both arms, and hugged it.

Seeing that, Daoud almost burst the air in his lungs at once.

“Lilu, show me your face.”


“I miss you.”

Saying that, Li Lu hesitated, but loosened her arms wrapped around the pillow.

In response, Daoud lowered the pillow slightly, exposing only her eyes.

As he met the drooping corners of his eyes and the eyes that melted in the heat, Dowd felt his sense of ejaculation, which had already reached its limit, heighten even more.

“I-I can’t stand it anymore, because it seems-“

he gasped and spoke.

“Show me your face. I’ll show you while looking at it.”

Saying so, he gently picked up the pillow. This time she didn’t resist either.

Muddy air was spit out from the bottom of the throat, and boiling liquid rose up through the urethra.

As Li Lu’s legs were wrapped tightly around her waist, her arms also hugged the back of his neck as if pulling him.

It seems to be accepting Daoud with the whole body.

His upper body leaned over her, and at the same time as Li Lu put her mouth on Daud’s, semen poured out with terrifying force from the tip of Daud’s glans that was touching the cervix.

“Ah, uh… uh…”

Even with her tongue sticking together, Liru continued to let out a shallow moan in a thin voice.

I can feel my uterus rattling every time his penis makes contact with the cervix and he spits out semen.

This man is loving himself.

wanting yourself

Such thoughts run through my clouded consciousness.

The thought is fed back as it is, and the sense of satisfaction, happiness, and fellowship that the fact brings, and the ecstasy of all of them run through the whole body.

The uterus, which had already descended as it was about to come down, once again gently wrapped around his glans. As if acting like a child, as if it was still not enough, he pushed the circumstances further.

“Dah, Wood… Daud…”

Calling out to him in a voice full of exhaustion, he continued kissing him. They frantically exchange saliva, entangle, suck, and lick their tongues. The whole body is sensitive as if it had become an erogenous zone.

As he gently brushed his back, a tingling sensation ran through his nerves, as if electrified.

“…You feel good, Li Lu?”

“Yeah, yeah, it was good, it was good–”

He said so with a high-pitched voice, like dripping honey.

“More, more, pour a little more-”

As she begged, she looked at Daud’s phallus being pulled out of her vagina.

I want to hang my head and smell it.

I want to taste it while frantically licking it with my tongue. I hope you will be happy to serve it yourself. I think I would be proud if I touched it with sincerity and flinched because it felt good.

I want you to spray me with semen. You can treat yourself like an object, stuff it down your throat, and let your semen flow as you please.

Spraying it on the face is also good because it feels like being marked as a possession.

Anything is fine, give me that, please, please…

I begged so much in a voice of concern.

“…that sounds like a tough one.”

That answer came back with a bitter smile.

“Why, why- I, I like this, I like it, I’m waiting like this- hurry up-”


Daud said and stroked her hair.

“It is morning now.”

the dream.

It ended there.


morning sun

You can also hear birds chirping.

But why is my body so sore?

Something very… What is it?

I think I had a pleasant, unpleasant, bizarre dream.

Thinking so, Li Lu tried to get up from her seat.

It is said that he would have done so even if he hadn’t heard the squishy sound from his lower body.


Li Lu looked down at the bed with a firm expression.

I have an ominous feeling.



When she lifted the blanket, her entire face turned red.


All. up to the sheet.

It was very clear that it was wet because of the ‘liquid’ that had flowed from it.


“What, what is this-?!”

A shout that seemed to break the dawn burst into her room.


And, the look.

The blue demon clinging to the ceiling was watching and giggling.

[Did you feel good, Liru? No, he said he was curious about it last night.]


[How do you like Mr. Daud, the ‘your ideal type’ I created? I think you liked it.]

“You, you-”

[see. So obviously, just looking at what he said ‘more, do more, pour a little more’-]

“Shut up!”

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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