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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 126

126. Promise must be kept (3)

“…to the room, if you bring him, he will release you from this state.”

Lilu muttered something like that.

She was clearly aware that her current condition was not normal.

I keep gasping for breath.

The body is like a ball of fire. A burning sensation overwhelms the whole body.

And, above all.

If he was normal, he wouldn’t have done such a thing.

“…By the way, what is this?!”

To others, it might look like she was shouting into the air, but she was in a very serious situation right now.

That’s it.

As soon as he dragged Daoud into his room according to the instructions of ‘someone’ who put her in this state.

Just now, my body escaped its own will and hit the back of Doud Campbell’s head, who entered right away.

And, there is only one thing right here that can do such a thing.

[Oh, but you couldn’t move your body to hit.]

Something similar to Li Lu’s ‘spiritual body’ floating in the air sighed and heard those words.

[Even though this man usually looks this weak, he becomes incredibly strong in a crisis situation. I have no choice but to strike it abruptly so that I can’t cope at all.]

It’s as if he knows Dowd Campbell well.

Even when the whole body and mind were not normal, the feeling of resentment at the words came up smartly.

What’s wrong with me?

A guy who doesn’t even know if he’s a ghost or a ghost is pretending to know this guy better than she does.

At least, to this man himself.


that’s it, so

‘He said he would accept me as a concubine…!’

It was a bit miserable even thinking about it myself, but it is true that this was the upper limit of the crush this man showed me.

As she was slightly sullen, the spirit body floating in the air giggled and continued talking again.

[sure. It has already been decided that I will have such a relationship with Mr. Seo.]

Even the words that came out like that were a sentence that came out a little more than before.


As Li Lu blinked her eyes at that word, another sentence mixed with laughter continued.

[The West, Li Lu. me and yours.]


Li Lu only pursed her lips.

“Go, suddenly, what do you mean by that?”

[However, even if that fact has already been confirmed. I have to do something like this to preoccupy a ‘slightly more advantageous’ position.]

The spiritual body, ignoring her question, approached the fallen Daud.

And when I put my hand on the chest, the seal engraved on the man’s chest began to resonate with a blue light through the clothes.



Daoud jumped up.

Through that seal, it seemed that he was being manipulated by this spiritual body.

And as soon as he got up like that, he rushed at Liru.


As soon as he felt his body touch, he unknowingly let out a scream like that.

He, who constantly worked hard every day to become stronger in the tribal union, was such a foolish scream.

No matter how normal it is right now, it is definitely a disgrace.

Feeling ashamed of myself like that, I pushed my eyes up.

Dowd Campbell was lying on the bed.

His hands were holding Li Lu’s hands one by one and pressing them hard.


The hands are big and warm.

The pulse seems to be transmitted.

This might feel pretty good-

‘…Me, what am I doing now!’

Li Lu, who suddenly came to her senses, bit her lip hard.

You have to calm down.

Right now, both he and this man were being swayed by that grotesque spiritual body floating in the air.

We need to keep our minds together and act straight!

First of all, let’s start by giving this man a sharp tip.

Thinking so, Li Lu opened her mouth to say a word to Dawood.


He would have done so if he hadn’t seen Daoud in his eyes before he said such a thing.



He was just looking down at himself without saying a word.

Even so.

With that alone, I don’t know what to do.

Lilu pursed her lips and looked at Daoud, who was riding on top of her.

I can’t even make eye contact.

My heart is pounding.

breathing quickens

Lips dry up.

Her body, which had been hot since before, became even hotter as soon as she clearly recognized the man’s figure.

“Hey, hey… Hey, get your head together…”

It’s a thin voice.

I can’t believe I made it myself.

Even so, Daoud’s ensuing actions turned it into a much weaker moan.


Lilu let out a moan like that.

It was a reflexive sound that came out as soon as he felt Daoud kiss the nape of his neck.

My brain feels like it’s about to burst from overload. The stimulus is too strong. It feels like stars are twinkling right in front of your eyes.

[You look happy, Riru?]

And in that situation, a voice with a light laugh was heard again.

[How is it, how does it feel to be in contact with Mr. Seo? Is it similar to what you imagined?]

“…Who would imagine such a thing-”

[You did.]


It was a voice that was dumbfounded because it contained too much confidence.

[Since Seo Bang-nim started to care, he did it almost every day. You had a serious and violent expression on the outside, but on the inside, you had a lot of delusions like an adolescent girl.]


[I mean, it’s amazing. Who would think that a person who tries to look like a female warrior on the outside would have such a pitiful imagination that she is a virgin with no experience with men?]

“…Ah, no, who, did that-”

[Sometimes, I imagine going on a date with Mr. Seo while holding hands and chattering.]


[If Seobang-nim gets something on his lips while eating something, ‘Really, what would he do without me?’ While doing it, I imagined wiping it instead.]

“…Hey, ah, no.”

[If by chance, your bodies touch each other, before you go to bed, you will fidget with that place for no reason until you fall asleep while smirking and recalling your feelings-]

“Wow, wow! Waaagh-!”

She screamed like that without even realizing it.

It might have been because of Daud, who hugged her waist tightly while stroking her neck, but it was also because the damage she was thinking about was too strong.

[Isn’t that a true song?]

Seeing that, the spirit body floating in the air smiled and accepted the words.

[So shouldn’t you be thanking me instead? You are accomplishing what you dreamed of or imagined instead.]

Li Lu pursed her lips for a long time before finally coming up with an answer.

“…This guy would never do something like this.”

Although he is usually insanely sharp in some parts, he is filthy ignorant, and although he seems to have a good head, he is a person who gets lost in strange parts.

Not too long ago, the memory of hugging myself tightly and saying sorry over and over is still vivid in my memory.

this man

Without his consent, he would never do this.

That kind of trust was firmly planted in her heart.

[Yes, sure. Mr. Daud is not the kind of person who would do this to anyone around him, no matter how he looks. I’d rather die.]

Even after hearing her voice, the answer still came back with a flat expression.

[But, so.]

It was still a voice mixed with laughter.

[Do you not want this man to do this to you?]


Feeling Daud’s hand on her thigh, Lilu said while moving her whole body.



At the same time, Daoud whispered something in his ear.

“love you.”


In front of my eyes, I see the stars again.

My head is spinning tight.

My heart is beating so hard it feels like it’s going to explode.


She gritted her teeth and let out a breath.

Having just heard that word, a ‘feeling of happiness’ fills my brain to the point of almost losing consciousness.

It’s ridiculous.

Was she such an easy woman?

[If you really hate it, you can just drop this man, right? One hit or whatever.]


Lilu closed her eyes tightly.

If I continue to meet Daud’s eyes like this, I won’t have the confidence to refute that statement.

“…you, you, made my body, strange.”

[Still, you have the ability to escape. You already know.]


[It’s been a while since I lived in your head, Li Lu. I don’t think you even know what you’re thinking?]


Her eyes were forcibly pushed up by ‘something’.

Then, the face of Daud, who was approaching his nose, was caught in his field of vision.

at the same time.

Her gaze met that of the man she had been trying so hard to avoid.

My heart skipped a beat, and I sat down.


For an instant, Lilu stopped breathing.

You feel your lower abdomen getting hot.


This man, like this, like that.

Was it cool?

I don’t know if it’s because she’s in her current state, so it looks especially intense.

It seems to fall in

It’s like being conquered just by looking at it.


In the meantime, Daoud untied the front seam of the clothes he was wearing.

It was an action with a very clear sense of purpose, but Riru looked at it without even thinking about rebelling.




I want to be conquered by this man.

Either way, it doesn’t matter.

I feel like I want this man too. It feels like falling into a trance state.

‘…huh. Oh, huh? uh?’

Is this what I was thinking?

Hey, what are you thinking about right now?

To think of such thoughts in my mind spinning round and round.

Daoud grabbed his clothes, which were almost untied, and opened his mouth.



“I’ll take it off, Li Lu.”


As I let out those words like a moan, I heard a grinning voice from the side again.

“Isn’t it a little bit stubborn to come all the way here? Trying to be a little more honest with yourself-]

“I absolutely hate it like this!”

with those words.

Lilu’s fist, which he threw with all his strength, lodged in Daud’s chin.

The body, which flew almost with a puncture sound, soon splendidly crashed into the wall.


It was quite a spectacle to see, more than I thought, to see a spiritual body that had only been able to produce a relaxed voice until now.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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