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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 125

125. Promise must be kept (2)


Casa Garda laughed and looked at the nameplate in her hand.

It was the object thrown at her by Dowd Campbell, who had recently appeared again and again unexpectedly.

In fact, it was clear that it was not something to be treated so lightly.

This is like a royal seal by imperial standards.

The chieftain’s mark. It must have been something Alan had been holding all along before.

“…how did you get this again?”

Cassa asked such a question in a dejected voice to Daud, who did not ask or argue, and gave her such a thing.

“Well, isn’t it a mess right now? The warchief is dead too. The whole coalition was swung to that side. Because I cleaned it all up. Even if you negotiate well with the chiefs, you can get this much.”

Certainly, it is.

From the standpoint of the Tribal Alliance, it must be disgraceful for the warchief to be swayed by someone to this extent. Perhaps there is unprecedented chaos in the Chiefs’ Council right now.

Even so.


Was it that easy?

Although the chieftain is not a position with strong dignity and power like the emperor of an empire or the emperor of a holy kingdom.

As you can see from the fact that Kasa was brought down after being challenged to a duel by Alan, it is an open position that can be replaced at any time.

It’s a level to cover the ‘strongest’ among the chiefs, but it feels like it’s not ‘dominant’ the tribal union, which is fundamentally an alliance.

But, nonetheless.

First of all, it is one of the seats representing one of the three hegemonic powers. In this way, it is absolutely not a place to throw the decision to ‘outsiders’.

So, with that question in mind, I ask again.

The answer that comes back there is another masterpiece.

“No, just.”

It was a soft spoken word.

“If you twist it, let’s open up once.”


“It’s a pre-modern position where the owner is covered by a duel anyway, so why are you so convoluted? Hand it over when it’s nice to say it. What about that?”

It was enough of an answer to make Casa burst into laughter.

That’s right.

Kassa had already heard that they had shown the chieftains a live broadcast of the killing of the ancient gods, and that they had even repulsed the unknown menaces who attacked the place where Princess Tristan was staying.

“They all know who taught me the magic I used to kill the ancient gods in the first place. It means that I am treated as your direct disciple, not as an outsider.”

It was an answer that would cause Casa to giggle again.

The skill part is covered with all sorts of expedients and scams, but it has already been proven enough.

In the area related to ‘authority’, did you say that it was solved by citing her?

If so, there are some things you should ask about.

“What are you up to?”


“As long as it was a combination of performance and authority enough to aim for the highest authority of the hegemon, I could have received anything I wanted.”

Still, this man.

I took that position and handed it over to her. You don’t even sit down.

“…Isn’t that the only way to think that there is something else you want?”

“…There are many reasons, but the one that is most relevant to you. Only then will Li Lu be happy.”

“Is that child?”

“Actually, it’s probably too early to say why with only a warchief. It’s just the beginning.”

After saying that, Daoud scratched his head awkwardly.

“Did you see the gin your granddaughter is carrying?”


Casa nodded slowly.

She saw with her own two eyes what kind of energy Li Lu was exuding from her body.

It’s hard to deny what it is.

“…the Devil is the Continent’s hero. There are those who covet that power and aim for it, but fundamentally treat it as an existence that must be subjugated for the sake of mankind.”

Daoud said so calmly.

And then

With a sigh, drop the ‘bomb’.

“To change that perception from the root, there is no other way than to spread my influence from the highest level of the continent.”


Kassa widened her eyes.


This man, now.

“…Now, are you saying that demons are not enemies of mankind?”



Still, Dowd cut it off.

“Not an enemy. I will prove it.”

It was a sentence in which many details were omitted.

Why is it not an enemy, and how to prove it?

“The Warchief of Tribal Union is the beginning. The imperial family, the headquarters of the Church of the Holy Kingdom… I have to erase all the ‘debts’. At least, no matter what I ask you to do, at least once, without saying anything.”

For nonsense, for absurd motives. It’s a plan to make a crazy person.


As much as when you say ‘why you do that’.

It was a voice full of confidence.

“Including Li Lu. That is the only way for people who have such things to be happy.”


Casa let out a laugh.

That, in other words.

“It could turn mankind into an enemy, child. Deep-rooted hatred is not so easily changed.”


“You are saying that you will fight against all of humanity for your women. you know that?”

“…just telling the truth.”

Casa burst into laughter again.

this guy.

stupid It’s stupid. He is a mad, stubborn, single-minded general.

“That’s such a crazy idea, kid.”


Casa liked such a person very much.

“Be sure to push through. Let me in too.”


That includes her granddaughter.

There’s no reason to refuse.

“…This is why I like you, Casa.”

At Daud’s words, Casa gave a mischievous smile.

Then, as if I had suddenly remembered, I asked another question.

“By the way, why did they attack Princess Tristan?”


“It’s weird, I guess.”

Casa opened her mouth as she stuffed a fresh tobacco pouch into her smoking pipe.

“It’s as if summoning three ancient gods is itself a ‘trick’.”


“You seemed to already know that. yes?”

I could say this because I had personally seen the battle with the ancient gods and what Daoud had done after that.

This man, too, did not appear to have poured his “sincerity” there from the beginning.


As if he knew in advance that something else would come after this.

The appearance of knowing ‘clearly’ about such a person must be an attitude that has no choice but to ask such a question.

“Do you know me?”


Daoud smiled bitterly.

“…he’s someone I don’t know.”


“Not yet.”

It was a strange answer.

I don’t know now, but it’s like an answer that in the future I’ll know who it is.

Casa pondered the meaning of the word for a moment.

“…You seem to have a pretty clear idea of who the suspect is?”

Probably, it is an answer that cannot be returned unless a list of such people is clearly culled.

Daoud was silent for a long time in response to her question.

As if just thinking about that fact would make it ‘hurt’.

“Well, whatever.”

Then, he forcibly grabbed the topic and twisted it.

Anyone can see that it was an intentional change of words, but Casa did not bother to fault it.

There are one or two things you want to hide from everyone.

“That’s all it’s about, Casa. For the time being, would you stay in the furnace of struggle? I will contact you when needed.”

“Oh, that’s nice.”

When Daoud was about to leave the room with that last word, Cassa threw out a word.

“That boy named Elijah. Can you send me one more time before you leave the furnace of strife?”

“…? It’s not difficult, but what is it for?”

“There is something I want to teach you.”

In her eyes, Elijah was a gem standing at a crossroads.

On the verge of realizing a very special ability.

“Speaking of demons.”

Casa continued with a grin.

“That child will be able to play a very special role for you who are suffering from being caught in the middle. You can believe it.”

“…A special role?”


Cassa received the words with a certainty that even Daoud was embarrassed.

“If I am right. He will have a very strong competitive edge even among women who try to eat you.”


“There must be a moment when you too are deeply troubled about who to greet first-”


Daoud quickly left Casa’s room.

As if it’s a topic you want to run away from.

< System Message >

[ You have completed the main quest! ]

[ Rewards are paid! ]

[ A special interaction with ‘Tribal Union’ is added! ]

[You can request ‘special support’ from the target only once! ]

[‘Special support’ is the right to make almost unlimited requests regardless of field or subject. It can have devastating effects, so use it with care! ]


With a sigh, I scan the window that comes up in front of me.


But, why are you a little bored?

In the meantime, I’ve been giving away a lot of things when I clear the main quest, but this time, hard work is the most boring topic ever.

I think I’ll be a bit sad when this ends…

< System Message >

[Perfect clear with no leaks! ]

[ The furnace of strife took no damage, not even unnecessary casualties! ]

[ Additional rewards will be given to help you progress through the next chapter! ]

oh. yes.

Seeing the window popping up in front of me makes me smile.

Yes, people shouldn’t live too harshly.

When you give it, give it a little, so-

< System Message >

[The target ‘Seras Ebatrice’ takes an interest in you from an earlier age! ]

[ The target will arrive at ‘Imperial Academy Elfante’ soon! ]


What if you spread something like this?

If it’s Seras, I know.

The master who controls the ‘Oath of the Crescent Moon’, a secret drug agency operated by the Emperor of the Holy Kingdom.


It is a vessel of the devil with a high probability.

Unlike the Devil’s Vessel, which tends to be randomly assigned as the chapter progresses, this is a fixed one from the beginning, similar to Faynol or Elnor.

The one holding the piece of the purple devil.

I’ve probably never met him in person, but I’ve had contact with him a few times before.

in the first place.

< System Log >

[ Check the current condition of the target ‘Seras’. ]

[Your overall mood seems to be directly aligned with Seras’ taste! ]

[ If you meet in person, the probability of falling in love at first sight is very high! ]

[‘Skill: Fatal Charm’ is activated in advance! ]

Isn’t this the guy who came up with this beforehand?

If this guy is added at the current timing, from my point of view, walking a tightrope among demons, it will only add one more bomb.

Now is not a good time.

Even though I cleared this chapter while walking on a tightrope around the really terribly twisted one.

The result is this.

< System Log >

[The target ‘Yuria’ is in extreme despair! ]

[The target ‘Lucien’ is in extreme guilt! ]

[Target ‘Elnor’ is in extreme helplessness! ]

[The target ‘Fenol’ seems to have something to ask of you! ]

[ Find a way to appease them! ]


A sense of crisis breaks out in a cold sweat.


I think I’m pretty good at tightrope walking, but why is everyone like this?

what about the last guy

how do you fix this

save me…

“…were you here?”

In the system window that is dizzy just by looking at it

The voice I didn’t want to hear the most came from behind me.

I turn around like a machine that has not been oiled, and I look back at the person who uttered those words.

“Liru? Are you feeling well?”


An awkward silence flows.

Looking at the answer, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything different from usual.

if you look closely.

That state, a little.


He’s always a rugged but meticulous person who organizes his clothes, but now his clothes are a mess.

It is scattered here and there, and thanks to that, the firm bare skin is much more exposed than usual.

My face is red, perhaps because of my mood.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m sweating all over my body.

Admittedly, it doesn’t look normal.

It feels like being ‘forced into that state’ by ‘something’.

[Hey, you’re here. You were supposed to be held captive for a day, huh?]


[That’s why I don’t carelessly keep promises.]

‘…why do you say you’re happy?’

[You must keep your promise. Fighting, Doud Campbell.]

shut up.

You please shut up…!

“You don’t look very good. Get some more rest-“

I hurriedly spit out those words.


Riru cut off my words and entered.

trudge. walk towards me

The closer I get, the more I feel the strangeness.

An excited sigh and sweetness are mixed together in the breath. The eyebrows are also slightly elongated. With a gaze dripping with honey, it grips my neck.

Something very ‘urgent’.

I stare at it, breaking out in a cold sweat.

“…I’m free today. There is no one in the room I am staying in.”

chills down the spine

“Do you want to come and eat something?”

“…That, Riru.”

“Eat and go.”


no, that

Are you going to eat?

Aren’t I being eaten?

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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Status: Ongoing Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Fated to Be Loved by Villains raw mtl I was proposed to by the final boss.


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