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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 119

119. Overturning Tsunami (3)

While putting on the mask, the body of the overturned tsunami that took the form of a giant in front of me collapsed.

As it had done to the water dragon before, the white slash chopped the giant into small pieces.

The vitality that had survived even my blow was incapacitated once again, disintegrating and falling into the seawater.


However, I’m in a state where I can’t even react to it right now.

it’s tough.

I’m not joking, I feel like I’m going to die for real.

As I took a deep breath, sweat ran down my body like rain.

It feels like I just poured out all my energy with just one punch.

‘…I only imitated it, damn it…!’

I take a deep breath and think of that.


It’s nice that you can get this level of power just by following it clumsily.

If this level of rebound comes, I have no idea how much load will come on my body if I complete it later.

< System Message >

[ Fantastic magic operation! ]

[The mastery of ‘Attribute: Magic Operation’ is greatly increased. ]

< System Message >

[ I mimicked the skill of the far-off stage, albeit clumsily! ]

[The perfection of ‘Attribute: Martial Arts – Standing’ is greatly increased! ]


There are good things about it.

But I guess it’s not in vain that you’ve suffered so much.

Following the message that popped up in front of my eyes, I scanned the system window that popped up.

< Mastery Info >

[ Attribute: Magical Skills ] [ Rank: Skilled ]

[Current proficiency: 0%]

[You can handle ‘magic’, an ability that can be exercised based on the target’s willpower. ]

[ ■ The output is determined based on the ‘will power’ of the caster. ‘Willpower’ is calculated according to the degree of desire or longing for the target’s goal. ]

[ ■ It becomes possible to fuse magic with other abilities. ]


Being able to fuse magic with other abilities is another feature I have never heard of.

In the game, there is no branch itself where Elijah can handle magic itself, so there is nothing to compare it to.

And, thinking about it like that.

[…Where are you looking, Mr. Dowd?]

The ‘letter’ that makes the mogol growl was caught in the field of vision.

It is YuRia who communicates with letters, not voices, as always when she reaches the limit of congestion.

When I turned my head slightly, there was YuRia standing on a huge rock, exuding white energy.


No, no.

They cut down a whole coastal rock the size of a house and dragged it all the way here.

It’s almost astonishing to see a neat cross-section as if it were cut from any kind of paper.

“Thank you for saving me, hey.”

[I didn’t save it, I just cut it because it got in the way. There are many things I want to be explained to Mr. Daud-]

And before even saying that.



Now the overturned tidal wave, which has become a hideous piece of meat that can’t even be called a ‘body’, started moving again.

It is a jingling life force. To the point where even YuRia, who had made it this way, was dumbfounded.

[…Nonsense. Are you still alive?]

It deserves it.

Aye, it’s because I’m under the ‘curse of insomnia’.

It’s not that I just crushed them with my bare fists.

No matter how much the blow was fired with the severer with the devil’s fragments in it, as long as it was a ‘weapon’, it could never cut off the lifeline of this side.

Thanks to.


From that body, the curse pours out again.

Compared to the one I crushed earlier, it was a black wave so vicious that I could feel that it was several times more vicious. Being swept away makes you feel like you can kill any living creature.

< System Message >

[ ‘Curse Wave’ is detected targeting you! ]

[ ‘Anti-Ma’ stat resistance roll…]

[ Resistance succeeds! ]

It was a vicious attack to the point where resistance was judged even from a distance, even though I managed to avoid a direct hit for a long time by maneuvering using the divine shield again.

It’s what you see in the game. The final pattern that comes out when your stamina is almost to the bottom.

If you come this far, there’s no point in coming close and smashing it with just that.

It’s spraying instant death attacks in all directions like that, but it’s hard to get close to it, and considering the rebound that comes from just using ‘Sky Break’, it’s the limit to feed the remaining two guys one shot at a time.

Then in the end, in order to ‘finish’ this guy, you have to use Yuria.

For that purpose, I deliberately brought it out of the gate.

There is one more thing prepared for that.


Carefully follow ‘under’ the sea with your eyes.

I can feel the aura boiling under it.

‘It’s not about time to come out.’

The other ‘two’ should be summoned by collecting all the skills of the Furnace of Struggle, but it’s only natural that this guy will come out if you hit this much here and now.


as soon as I thought of it.

A huge tsunami was created and a ‘water dragon’ appeared.

He looked like he was very angry, as if he wanted to take a look at the faces of the guys who dared to mess around in his area.


‘…She used to look dignified.’

Of course, this one is also one size larger, but compared to the overturned tsunami’s overwhelmingly huge body, it feels small.

And, what I’m going to do next is to shove this side’s dignity and dignity to the ground.

One more maneuver using the Holy Shield. Jump up to the edge of the water dragon.

Those eyes immediately catch me, and I hold a growling roar in my mouth.

The problem continues there.

It means that I even found the figure of Yuria who was following me.


< System Message >

[‘Fear imprint’ effect activated! ]

[ ‘Water Dragon’ sees the target ‘Yuria’ and stiffens in fear! ]

As the body is large, the pupils are also large, so it is easy to read the emotions dwelling there.

Having been hacked up by Yuria before, the guy stiffens with the fear deeply imprinted in his consciousness. It’s like a debuff, so to speak. Being unable to do anything for a few seconds.

And, that’s enough.


I reached near the guy’s chin and punched straight away.

‘Being beaten up’.

‘Blow it away’.

The sight will make you feel like an ant sending an elephant flying with a punch. The difference in size between the two is that much.


I’ve already passed the human standard for a long time.

No matter how unarmed it is, there are fighting skill stat corrections and even an EX-class desperate situation, but this is really nonsense.


I wonder if Yuria who saw that scene would let out a moan like that without even realizing it.



The water dragon that was blown away by my fist collided with the body of the overturned tsunami.

And, albeit for a moment.

By that contact, the curse of invulnerability is ‘taken off’.


I smile and look at it.

It’s a scene you often see in games.

The opposite of the curse is divine power, but there is no means to unlock the old god’s level of witchcraft right here and now. Even the saintess can’t do that.


Even if it’s not the level of the ancient gods, if it’s at least an ‘elemental lifeform’ that reaches the ‘special level’ level.

It is possible to ‘neutralize’ the curse for a very short time.

like i did now

Of course, if it wasn’t for the fear imprint, I wouldn’t have been able to throw the water dragon there as easily as if I was playing pinball.

that it is

It just means that you should quickly take advantage of the valuable ‘opportunity’ that you have earned in this way.


[…what is it?]

To Yuria, who flinched at my sudden words.

Throw a sentence with a smile.

“I will be honest.”

To the other person who is staring at me expressionlessly, I continue to speak calmly.

“You said you had a lot to explain to me earlier.”

[…you know, you know-]

“But now it’s not just one or two times like this, and now it’s annoying to explain.”


“I won’t make any excuses, so keep it simple.”


At YuRia, who opened her mouth wide because she was dumbfounded, she smiled broadly and threw words lightly.

“Catch me~”


After hearing my words, YuRia, who had been silent for a long time, smiled broadly.

[Will you die if you get caught?]


Of course, only the mouth was smiling and the eyes were not smiling at all.

Will you really die if you get caught?



The next action all happened in an instant.

[ ‘Skill: Divine Shield’ is activated. ]

[ Due to the effect of ‘Attribute: Divine Power Operation’, 2 are created at the same time! ]

Creates a divine shield in the air, immediately steps on it and rushes into the tattered upside-down body of the tidal wave.

Yuria, who saw that, followed me, kicking off the cut coastal rock she was standing on.


And, let me go over those two with acrobatic movements.

The water dragon and the overturned tidal wave that were in the path of me and Yuria were ‘split’ in half with a single blow.

Neither of them can even scream and split in two.

Since the water dragon is an elemental lifeform, even if it is assumed that it can be resurrected later, the overturned tidal wave turns completely into ashes, so it is a certain death.


It’s amazing.

It was a strategic strategy that was carefully crafted according to the situation, but I didn’t expect it to work this well.

Right before the runaway, Yuria, the three of the best.

[Mr. Dowd.]

I was looking at YuRia while thinking about that.

He was smiling broadly as he was covered in bodily fluids from an upturned tsunami and the blood of a water dragon.

the facial expression though.

The light in his eyes was dead.

[If you get caught, do you really die?]


I know, dude.


‘…Forward, two.’

I look at the two remaining giants.

And, as I requested the furnace for the struggle before, I also visually check the ‘Yamma’ and ‘Ice Tiger’ that are slowly taking shape.


To my eyes, they both look like disposable grenades now.

The curse of the capsizing tidal wave can be lifted very briefly.

It’s all stamped with fear, so it’ll be easy to use that way.


He smiles and organizes his routine.

From ‘peeling off’ the outer skin with martial arts, ‘shove’ the ruler of the Devil’s Land into it, and ‘finishing’ it with Yuria’s sword.

It’s a simple task. Just repeat like a worker on a conveyor belt.

“…let’s finish it quickly.”

I’ve been preparing quite a bit so far.

You’ve been through a lot.


For now, let’s go a little comfortable and simple.


So that.

It’s because you can organize it quickly and prepare for this ‘next day’.

‘…there’s no such thing, that bastard.’

If you think about it, that would be pretty strange.

He summoned the people he served, even putting in a big horse called Allan.

Where is the person who summoned him and what is he doing?


You can guess where it went.

So, let’s quickly catch up.

Thinking so, I immediately flew towards the second giant.

Elnor Elinalize Tristan loves full-body pajamas with polka dots.

It was comfortable because I had been wearing it since I was young, and more than anything, it is hard to change to something else because I have grown fond of it.

Of course, she knows very well that this isn’t an embarrassing outfit for a grown woman to wear, so she’s reluctant to show it to others.

That’s why the moment she heard a knock on the door just before going to sleep, she was annoyed to the core.


It’s annoying to change clothes.


Again, there was a knock on the door.

Elnor sighed with a look of annoyance welling up in his head.

Looking at the clock, it’s already early in the morning. Who is the person who will come to us at a time like this?

‘…well, it’s going to be noisy outside.’

I can’t even see Daoud. The whole academy is busy not knowing what it is.

Uninvited guests keep coming back lately, so it’s annoying.

Again, I don’t see Daoud either.

Recently, it seems that the man’s ingredients are lacking in my body, so I get annoyed easily, but it’s difficult if I keep scratching my temper like this.

Oh, I can’t. Next time you see Daud, ask for a hug and a kiss before you go in-

“Princess Tristan. Are you inside?”

A voice from outside the door interrupted Elnor’s thoughts.

Although she’s had a lot of uninvited guests lately, even taking that into account.


It was a human voice that I never imagined would be heard in this place.

“…Priestess Tatiana?”

“Have you been upset all this time?”

“What are you doing at this hour?”

“…it’s nothing. only.”

Tatiana continued with a single smile.

“There is someone I want to introduce to you.”

With that said, right away.

A huge explosion occurred in Elnor’s room.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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