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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 118

118. Overturning Tsunami (2)

“The magical tracking system is activated. It scans all indications in range.”

“Move all of them to the target point, the beach near the academy.”

“Acceleration sequence starts. Artificial shaping begins.”

Hatan nodded his head after hearing such reports coming in one after another.

It is a task to gather the magical energy of all the rulers of the Demonic Realm into one place, excluding the water dragons that are still alive and the unicorns whose existence has been confirmed to have completely disappeared.

According to Doud Campbell’s request, he asked to summon such monsters, which would normally take several months to a year, ‘much faster’ than planned, from a ‘specified place’.

‘…If I said I was doing something like this, everyone would say I’m crazy.’

It’s about why he asked for the academy’s ‘full authority’, to the extent that it feels natural at this point.

Even if it is the furnace of struggle with the most outstanding technology among the three academies,

It is a task to forcibly ‘resurrect’ two monsters entering the express line.

If you add a little too much bragging, it’s a miracle that’s almost like reviving a lion.

With the exception of the Mage Tower, this kind of thing was possible because it was at least a tribal union.

-Are you really going to listen to that request, Hatan?

Hatan turned his head and looked at the hologram of the only chief who had followed him to the command room.

Utard Han-chai. The other chieftains all expressed concern in their own reactions, but he was the only one who agreed with Dowd Campbell’s plan.

“You agreed, but why are you saying something different now, again?”

-I think he might have an idea, but I can’t guess his intentions at all.

Utard continued with a sigh.

-I don’t want to doubt the man’s talent, but I don’t understand why he bothered to resurrect the ruler of the demonic realm he subdued. Besides, it’s not just that…

His gaze soon returned to the screen in the situation room.

The existence that was creating this “situation” just happened to appear there.

-…In a situation where such a monster is appearing.

Certainly, such concerns were understandably overwhelming.

Hattan and Utard both groaned at the sight of the huge humanoid cephalopod emerging from the bottom of the sea.

It’s an ‘old’ magic beast that you can tell by just looking at it.

Basically, due to the nature of demons that grow while eating other demons, a demon’s age often symbolizes strength.

As the strongest monsters in the material world right now, the four major gods and dragons, who are considered to have entered the almost divine realm, are monsters that have been around for thousands of years.

“Confirming the existence of a new demon!”

One of the faculty members who was reporting the situation brought up such a remark.

“…a being from another dimension! The identifiable grade is…!”

The sentence that followed was almost like a scream.

“Hey, it’s a demonic beast that is at least a thousand years old! It is an ancient god class-!”



Hattan and Utard were stunned at the same time.

Is it over a thousand years old?

It is a monster that makes even the rulers of the Demonic Realm, where even hunting words among hunters wander around like a joke, to the level of children.

And there are three of them.

“When was the last time a super-class monster was discovered?”

– It’s been over a hundred years, you old man. Since the 4th generation, there has not been a demon that has gone anywhere near it.

“I should say I am happy. It’s not like they’ve been there for thousands of years.”

The two of them, who had been having such a conversation in a bewildered voice, fell silent at the same time.

We must have been thinking the same thing in our heads.

“… will you die?”

-…I guess so.

No matter how great a person is, he can never win against something like that.

Even if you run away right away, even being guaranteed survival is a funny story.

“…Maybe he didn’t know that something like that would come out. unless it is.”

There was no way he would have said something crazy about dealing with something like that with just a few people.

At Hatan’s words, Utard remained silent.

“Let’s hope he’s not too much of a braggart.”

At least, I hope you get one straight.

That way, you’ll be able to come up with a countermeasure on how to deal with the other two.

Everyone must have thought so.

What followed was a completely different scene from what they expected.

“Dealing with low-level monsters remains only as a record, so there are many uncertainties, but there is one thing that is reported in common.”

Kassa said that and looked at the appearance of a giant with tentacles all over her body.

Old God class. Among the monsters revealed in the rifts of the second dimension that sometimes appear in the material world, it is probably the most powerful level except for Pandaemonium and the beasts of the other world.

And there is a clear reason for such a reputation.

“Everybody has at least one crazy ‘power’.”

It doesn’t reach the level of a demon that goes up to a scale close to reality manipulation, but even so, if it’s an old witch, it definitely has at least one ridiculous ability.

“And that guy seems to have the curse of invulnerability.”

Seeing Magi wrapped around her body, Kasa came to that conclusion.

At this, Elijah, who had been wide awake beside him, asked a question in a daze.

“…the curse of insomnia?”

“If it’s a ‘weapon’ that’s made, it means it won’t be hit by anything.”


Elijah was silent for a moment.

It’s like you don’t understand what this person is talking about.

“…Does that make sense?”

“Of course not. The world is wide, and nonsense is everywhere.”

“How do you catch something like that…?”


Normal people would think so.

A thousand-year-old beast that does not take damage from any weapon, conversely, casts a curse that continuously damages the surroundings from its own body, and its basic ability itself is extremely powerful.

how do you catch it


“Didn’t I tell you before? The world is wide, and nonsense is everywhere.”

I mean yes.

It is said that there is at least one human being who has a crazy idea, puts it into action, and actually does it.

for example.

If the opponent is a monster that is impervious to any ‘weapon’.

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Just hit it with your ‘bare fist’ and kill it.

It’s like a madman, but a human who reached such a clear answer very intuitively.

Kassa grinned and looked at Doud Campbell, who was approaching ‘naked’ towards the giant that emerged from the sea.

“Oh, sleep, that’s it, sir…! What are you doing over there, you asshole!”

Seeing Elijah, who was astonished at the sight, laughter soon flowed out.

“You’re not very naked. It looks like something is stuck in your arm.”

“What the hell can you do with a gauntlet like that! The opponent looks like that! hey, wait Go get it right now-“

Elijah, who was spitting out such words, was restrained by Cassa, leisurely biting into a smoke pipe again.

“Well, why don’t we just leave it for a while.”

Those eyes, for sure.

“If you think you can’t do it, I didn’t even teach you from the beginning.”

His eyes were full of trust in his ‘disciple’.

In the meantime, the eyes of the giant who had seen Dowd Campbell close by were fixed there.





From that body, a level of curse that was incomparable to what was usually expelled fell into Dowd Campbell’s place.

It is a terrible level of curse that makes you blind just by looking at it.

A blow with such power that it could boil the sea, shake the earth, and even resonate with the heavens.


“Sorcery is exercised based on human willpower. Any kind of purpose is fine, as long as you have a strong will for it. That’s how powerful the magic is.”

At the same time as Casa spit out those words.

Daoud’s arm began to form supernatural powers.

It was a skill that Casa had shown him the other day.

The use of magic, and the end of the fighting art she created using it. break the sky.

Of course, the power itself would not be able to demonstrate even half of the phenomenon she showed. What she just showed me was absolutely not the level of skill that was possible.

And, it is very likely that even Doud Campbell himself, who uses that technique, knows about it.


Even if you can’t do it the same way.

Even if you can only imitate it.

“If you have the will.”

While Cassa muttered those words, the size of the supernatural ability formed on Daud’s arm began to grow.

and the next moment.

“Anyone can create a miracle.”

with those words.

Daoud’s arm pushed through the air.

It was a lightly swung fist at a distance where the blow wouldn’t even reach properly.




It ‘breaks’ that curse, ‘twists’ the space, and ‘tears’ even the giant beyond that point of impact.

one human.

A thousand-year old witch beast is torn apart in one blow.

miracles, create


And Elijah, who saw this, was silent without saying anything.

‘…just that, what was it?’

far away

orphan, high.

I can’t even interpret it, or even ‘admire’ it when I see it.

Daoud’s blow earlier was an attack that reached that level.

“…Uh, that, how…?”

I haven’t heard of that nobleman training in that field before, or that he has great talent.

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Just that, what the heck?

“…sensei, did you have that much talent for martial arts?”


Casa smiled and accepted her words.

“That guy’s other talent is garbage.”


“In fact, most of the talents related to fighting should be considered garbage. He’s someone who can’t even keep up with the brilliant talent you have.”

To the answer that mercilessly disparaged Daud, Elijah remained silent.

“However, I knew how to handle ‘law’ well. Because he is that kind of guy.”

Casa continued with a long sigh of tobacco.

“A guy who will do anything for the goal he wants. It’s an abstract word, but he’s first-class when it comes to ‘willpower’.”

“…Willpower, huh?”

A normal person would have given up.

If that man acted like he knew everything, there was a high probability that he would have known in advance that three monsters like that would come out against him.

A normal person would have given up, collapsed, blamed his own misfortune, and was crushed to death.

However, in such a situation.

that man

Somehow, I figured out a way.

He approached Casa, who hadn’t even met him, and prepared for this situation from a long time ago.

Of course, there must be a special flash of light only for that man.

I don’t know what method was used, but the fact that I knew in advance that this was going to happen also played a big part.

But, now.

The basis for creating the fact that one human being is ‘destroying’ a monster of that level.

Only one fact wraps around its core.

will power.

A belief that never backs down if it’s for the goal you set for yourself.

“That’s what you need to learn, future champion.”

Casa continued with a grin.


The best outcome is that you live and everyone around you doesn’t get hurt.

don’t give up on it

No matter who the opponent is, no matter how bad the situation is.

Never stop struggling to reach the best results.

Even if it’s crazy in the eyes of others, no matter how broken you are, even if it’s ridiculous, even if your dignity falls to the floor, even if it’s something to be criticized and ridiculed.

Do not compromise with yourself.

Do not compromise beliefs and reality.


Elijah looked at him without a word.

As if possessed.

With the appearance of a person who discovered ‘Utopia’.

never take your eyes off it.



However, Elijah looked back at the giant in awe at the screams that resounded soon after.

Even with such a battered body, she is still alive.

“Even after being hit by that, did you survive…?”

“I didn’t pick up the title ‘Old God’ for nothing. You won’t die in one hit, of course.”

Elijah’s eyes, hearing Cassa’s words, suddenly caught Daud acting strangely.

I’m looking at my arm.

To be precise, the magical engineering watch hanging from that wrist.

“And given his personality, he must have ‘prepared’ something more.”

As if, around this time of year, something ‘is going to happen’.


And at the same time Daoud muttered those words.

“Nice to meet you, hey.”

Nearby, a ‘white’ aura surged up.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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