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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 117

117. The capsizing tidal wave

My head is blank.

I’ve been getting that kind of feeling since before, but now it’s much worse.


Lilu looked at her trembling hands.

I want to find that year to tear it apart, even for a moment, and turn it into powder.

And, the overwhelming power that seems to be able to do that enough overflows from inside the body.


That year isn’t the only problem.

In my head, all the annoying things that happened recently, the things that pissed me off, come to mind.

I want to crush everything with this power.


There was a faint awareness that there was something strange about her condition, but a torrent of emotions that covered even those things shook her entire consciousness.

irrational anger. An irrational impulse to destroy.

-Hello, Liru.

And in that state, I heard a familiar voice in front of my eyes.

It would have to be explained that way. Because this was his voice.


Li Lu stared blankly at her with unfocused eyes.

Who is this?

Why is it that he takes on his own form?

-Maybe talking like this is… well. You are the only vessel with only one piece. Even if the other guys want to do it, they won’t be able to because the difference in ‘personality’ is so great. Being weak is helpful at times like this.

…piece? bowl?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

While those thoughts were floating in my head, the other person continued to speak.

-In my heart, I’d rather help you… but I can’t because I’ve already signed a contract. We are all subject to contracts.

The voice continued to utter incomprehensible words, accompanied by a chuckle.

“…Who are you.”

-It is the part that is responsible for the femininity of your personality. How long have you been talking to each other?


-just joke. Hi-Hi.

The voice, which seemed to be languid, croaked, soon spoke again.

It was more serious than before.

-You’ll find out soon after all, but… I can’t tell you right now. It smells a bit like the Heretic Inquisitors. It’s better to reduce the number of cases involving you as much as possible, right?

“…If you’re just going to talk nonsense, get out of here. You bitch who doesn’t know what a ghost is.”

-oh. If you can answer like that, you must have regained consciousness quite a bit.

An unidentified ‘something’ in the form of himself immediately placed a hand on Riru’s forehead.


For an instant, my consciousness was wide open.

The feeling that the anger that had been messing with my head subsided in an instant.

-But… I can tell you this much.

As Li Lu stood there with a dumbfounded expression at that feeling, the other person threw that word out again.

-See you in a few days, Li Lu.


-‘Together’, because we can do one fun thing. You know?

I couldn’t understand at all what the hell you were talking about.

dragged out

I don’t know why he felt that way, but that was the first thing Riru felt.

At the same time, the blue energy radiating from her body disappears all at once.

“Oh, wow!”

As soon as the blue aura that covered everything around disappeared, Riru, who could no longer stand on the sea, sank into the sea.

Fortunately, swimming wasn’t that difficult and I was able to float easily.

“What, what am I doing here?”

keep talking like that

He looks at Dowd Campbell clinging to his body.



what else is this

Since when have you been stuck?

I have my eyes closed. As if he hadn’t even come to his senses yet.

Looking around, I saw pieces of meat and gore all over the place.


How did you come to be in this situation?

Do you keep thinking like that?

Daud’s body, which had closed his eyes, moved slowly and hugged her tightly.


Startled, she turned around.

“If you come to your senses, quickly fall…!”

Then, Li Lu immediately opened her mouth in an angry voice. The blue aura that had disappeared earlier was slowly oozing out of his body.

Also, being swung by this side is disgusting. I don’t know what to say, but if I hear another strange excuse this time, I really-


At the low voice, she stiffened her body.

It didn’t take too much effort to realize that something was different from the usual atmosphere.

He’s a guy who doesn’t usually reveal all of his true feelings. As long as you’re sensible, you can’t be unaware that this guy is always hiding a plot inside something.

But, for now.

Really, the atmosphere that he was talking with his heart was conveyed desperately.

So, even Riru, who was arguing over something, had no choice but to answer with a cheeky swipe of her nose.

“…What, all of a sudden.”



It was an apple that came out endlessly.

It was a sentence that stabbed me in the chest.


Li Lu himself has always preferred direct speech, but strangely, the first word that came to mind was the sentence ‘Do you know what makes you angry?’

Even though I thought countless times that I couldn’t understand women who talked like that while dating.

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Just as an expression of the psychology of wanting this man to take care of himself a little more.



Before he could continue his words, another sincere apology flew in.

“I never imagined that I would be so precious to you.”

Again, something flew into my chest and hit me.

My face is even redder than before.

Normally, she would have retorted that she didn’t like any nudity, but the certainty in Daud’s voice made her tongue harden.

It is a voice full of conviction, as if he had ‘seen and came’ somewhere.

And, even Riru himself.

If I had to deny that now, I wouldn’t have the confidence to strongly deny it.



If you look at it, it’s an act of covering your eyes and screaming.

I’ve already been quite swayed by this man. Of course, there are things I am grateful for, but there are many things I want to investigate beyond that.


Woe, you have to pay.

I should be angry

“I’m sorry for ignoring that feeling. I’m really sorry for using it like this. I’m really, really sorry that you went through such a terrible thing because of me.”

like this.

If you see him hugging himself and apologizing as if he were confessing his sins like this.

I can’t possibly do that.



My heart tickles.

I didn’t know that it would be so embarrassing for this man to really bump his heart into himself like this.


After being silent for a long time, she mumbled and opened her mouth.

“Really, are you going to be friends?”

Come to think of it, was that why you were so angry with this man?

in one such sentence.


It’s strange.

I don’t even know if I know my own heart.

“If you wish.”


don’t want

A little more than that.

A little more, more closely.

“…I don’t know. shut up.”

However, she did not have the courage to say such a thing right now.


“Hug me tighter.”

You can ask for this much.


“If you’re sorry, please hug me tighter.”


Daoud tightened the arms around her with a puzzled expression.

The man’s body pressed closer to her.



“…little bit more.”

He closes his eyes and is buried in the warmth that surrounds him.

Lilu closed her eyes and buried her forehead into Daoud’s chest. She holds her arms behind the man’s back and secures them.

in that state.

feel this man

hear the heartbeat listen to breathing


A feeling of relaxation throughout the body.

What should I say?

very reassuring

“thank you.”

Li Lu stuttered and opened her mouth.

“…I forgot to look at sh*t. I needed some reassurance.”


Daoud’s eyes turned slightly to Liru’s appearance as she said that.

Alan’s body floating on the sea. And the ‘body’ of the Garda clan combined with it.

Riru’s body was trembling slightly.

Like you’re afraid of seeing something you never want to see.


Daoud closed his eyes for a moment and sighed.



“The man who did that will pay the price.”


“I will make it.”

And, the eyes of Dawood who said so.

“and. I, from now on.”

It was holed up in a huge sinkhole that was being recreated in the nearby ocean.

Phase 2. The body of the overturned tidal wave.

The ‘gods’ served by Tatiana. The most powerful being that woman can wield.

“Against that guy. It proves that I have the ‘ability’ to do so.”

with those words.

A gigantic ‘marine creature’ that seemed to tear the heavens and earth apart, eventually revealed its gigantic body from under the sea.



Casa, who was sitting on a cliff, slammed the smoking pipe on the floor with her eyes narrowed.

okay. I thought it would come around this time.

I didn’t expect it to appear in such a fuss.

With her eyes still squinting, she looked back at the human sprinting out from behind.

‘…a child with ridiculous talent.’

Cassa thought that while looking at the orange-haired girl rushing towards her with teary eyes.

Behind her, a short girl with a ghostly appearance and white energy dripping down her back was following her.

“So, the one who caused the accident was the teacher, so why are you doing this to me-!”

“But, Mr. Elijah. I’m sure you know where Mr. Daud is. You seem to be hiding it from me. If you bother me a little, I think you’ll let me know.”

“Even if you ask me in a strange tone, I won’t know!”


“Kiyaaa ah-!”

Next to Elijah, who barely avoided the terrifying white slash, Yuria jumped off the floor.

Although it was an action close to teleportation.

Elijah also ‘reacts’ to such speed.

Twisting his entire body to avoid the slash, he used the centrifugal force to slash the girl in black who rushed at him with the scabbard.

“Oh oh.”

These movements were so efficient that Kasa, who was watching, shed such admiration without even realizing it.

His instantaneous improvisation and sense have already surpassed the level of a student.

You can tell just by looking at the black girl who rushed towards it so terrifyingly that she flew helplessly away.

The distance is considerable. It was enough to fly over the coastal cliff beyond Kasa’s location.


won’t die

From the looks of it, she doesn’t seem to be a normal girl, so it’s not like what would happen if she fell down a cliff.

If you recall what that guy named Dawood said in the first place, flying like that and flying down the cliff itself, that, what.

Because I have a sense of ‘planning’. Just like his temperament.

Rather, this one is more deadly.

“omg! Whoa! Ahahahaha…! Sir, I will never hear from you again, ahh…”


“Well, by the way, who are you?”

“…Did you pick out all the hides?”

Seeing Elijah throwing such words at him with a dying expression, Cassa smiled and accepted the words.

“Probably the teacher of the person you call teacher.”


At those words, Elijah looked at Casa with an evil gaze.

Are you going to react like that? Casa is tilting her head because she wants to.

“…Can he cover this age gap now? What is the range of alternative defenses…”

“…Stop talking nonsense and come and sit next to me.”

Casa said, holding her throbbing head with her free arm.

“Are you a candidate for a hero? Then you must not miss what will happen from now on.”

Elijah’s eyes widened.

“Do you know me?”

“Everyone knows.”

She put the pipe back into her mouth and said.

The beginning of the year has always been her good friend.

Even more so when you have a good view like this.

At the shore where her gaze was staying, just at that moment, a huge monster was protruding from the bottom of the sea.

To the place near Daoud and Lilu.

Not one, but three in total.

It will be an impossible fight.

“…Ancient gods of a different dimension are monsters that require national strength to deal with at the human level.”

Certainly, he’s a guy with all sorts of mysterious abilities.

It is by no means an opponent that a single human can stand against.


Her gaze was not an ancient monster protruding from the sea.

“Take a good look, future hero. It will definitely help you reach that level.”


“Because from now on, you will be watching a human being overcome the impossible.”

I was fixated on a man who was charging at such a ridiculous opponent.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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