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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 112

112. Admiral Yi Dok (3)

< System Message >

[The subject ‘Elijah Krisanax’ is about to awaken the ‘Eye of Truth’. ]

[When the ability is awakened, the target is assigned the role of ‘survival helper’! ]

[ Great luck is given when proceeding with the target ???! ]


what else is this

Eyes of truth, helpers of survival?

Even the last line isn’t quite right.

‘…All of these were features that were not in the original work?’

Come to think of it, when I first came to the Furnace of Struggle, a window about what ‘role’ was assigned to him did not come to mind.

It doesn’t seem like a bad thing given the strong luck…

[I don’t know what you’re looking at, but I don’t think it’s time to focus on that right now?]


that’s right

At Caliban’s words, I looked at the gigantic slash coming up in an instant in the jungle area where the unicorn was in the distance.

It was a slash that cut the water dragon to pieces in just a few shots. It is impossible to see at a glance from this distance.

Fortunately, it was not me who was hit right there and decapitated.

Strictly speaking, ‘I’ is correct.

◎ Clone Walker

[ Item: Special ]

[ Price: 1,000pt ]

[ Creates an alter ego that mimics the main body’s personality and behavior. You can interact with other buffs too! ]

[ Remaining points: 4,000pt ]

He’s a guy who’s been out for a long time.

As soon as I took it out and used it, it was destroyed right away.

‘…At least it’ll be enough to earn time.’

Of course, considering the level of that guy’s ‘obsession’, it’s natural for him to realize that it’s fake and come to slit my throat.

With that thought in mind, I switch windows.

!!!!!!!!!!Demon Alert!!!!!!!!!!

[‘Devil-related’ emergency event occurs! ]

[This is the most important event! ]

[ If you don’t act correctly within the time limit, you will die! ]

[This is an event related to the target ‘Yuria’! ]

[ Make preparations to survive right now! ]

!!!!!!!!!!Demon Alert!!!!!!!!!!

[‘Devil-related’ emergency event occurs! ]

[This is the most important event! ]

[ If you don’t act correctly within the time limit, you will die! ]

[This is an event related to the target ‘Liru’! ]

[ Make preparations to survive right now! ]


Looking at the window that is embroidered in red in front of my eyes, I sigh.

wow. It’s a double event.

Demon-related emergency events are doubled.

If this is enough, Gideon, Kratna, Atalanta… Anyway, even if I bring that line, they’ll die 100%?

[You look relaxed for thinking about something dangerous?]

When Caliban tossed those words from within the Soul Linker, he replied with a grin.

‘No, because I feel comfortable.’

[…How comfortable is that?]

‘If things go wrong, I’d rather die than die?’


Anyway, no matter how much I twist my body, life-threatening events continue to fly in, and at that point people become paralyzed.

No matter what you do, if it becomes your daily life that things get twisted, this kind of threat will feel like a breeze now.

What, two demons on the verge of runaway are coming to kill me at the same time?

yes, do it

stop when you die


‘…It’s noisy.’

[I didn’t say anything.]

‘I thought you were a crazy bastard, just now.’

[I won’t deny it.]

I know it looks that way.

Still, it’s all because there’s a reason for it. I hope you can understand.

Calling this person right away is part of making sure that the basis is clear.

“…If you said something to Yuria, would she even do something like that?”

The saintess in front of me looked at the smoke billowing from the jungle in the distance and asked a question in a daze.

It was a voice full of conviction that perhaps the only person who could create such a scene was YuRia.


Even if you pretend, it’s not a power that one person can use.

This person, as I expected, is proof that he already knew that something was ‘abnormal’ about Yuria.

Reminds me of such thoughts and receives words.

“Would you like to know?”

“…Have you ever said anything about me?”


“There was something profane or suggestive-”

Lucien, who was about to continue with the question, closed his mouth and narrowed his eyes.

Soon he looks me up and down.

“No, that’s all right.”

“…You feel strangely bad?”

“I just thought it was an obvious question since the subject is you.”


What level is my image?

“…Can you give me your hand?”

He sighed and asked Lucien to do so.

When I added that I wasn’t doing anything strange, I reluctantly wrapped the amulet around the hand that was reaching out.


“It is a container that holds the soul. I think the saintess probably has a familiar face.”

The saintess, who had blinked her eyes, not knowing what she meant, immediately opened her eyes wide when she saw the sparkling amulet.

It looks like you’ve managed to communicate with one of the spirits inside.

“…Balchus? No, how in here…!”

“I thought you would be pleased.”

He smiles bitterly and replies that.

Balcassus and Lucien, well.

I had glimpsed it during the previous boss fight, but it’s a very close relationship for a devil worshiper and a saint.

If you didn’t break Chapter 2 with a bizarre route like me, there were quite a few sections where you could use the two together.

And, that’s exactly what I want from this person right now.

To lead the next boss battle to the result ‘I want’.

A master of divine power and a master of gold magic, there must be one miracle at the level required by two people at the same time.

“So now… I only have about two hours left.”

He looks at his watch and continues talking.

Tatiana blocking Riru, and Yuria, who has lost her eyesight, somehow finds me, are barely satisfied in that amount of time.

“There is something I want you to do in it.”

Saying so, explain the plan.

What this man is going to do for ‘his sister’ while I block something in the sea that will soon be summoned by Tatiana’s ritual.

“…No way, you.”

And the saintess, who had listened to the explanation, spoke with a trembling voice.

Cut off the tail of the horse before the sentence is complete.

“are you okay.”

“You, then die…!”

“Because it’s okay.”

If you’re in danger of dying, you’re already wearing countless of them. This person is worried about nothing-


I was beaten on the head by the saintess.

It was a move that gave off the feeling that someone who had never used violence in his life burst into anger and acted reluctantly.

“Take care of yourself, you idiot!”

The saintess’s voice continued.

“Be aware of how many humans are concerned about your life! That includes me!”

“…Thank you for your concern. I thought you were a little shy of me.”

They usually scold me for doing anything, so this kind of worry is different.

Even in the system, this person is my… He.

It was because I was constantly reminding them that I was wary of being a prostitute.

“It’s not particularly awkward, it’s, it’s, it’s…!”

Lucien-san, who was about to say that, shut her mouth.

mumble something into your mouth Soon, with a reddened face, he hits my head with a bean again.

“Anyway, take care of yourself!”



I’ll be careful.

However, I’m saying it because I’m really okay with being in danger.

There’s something else I need to worry about right now.

“I’m sure Saint Lady Jin knows what’s in your sister’s body.”

As soon as he said that, Lucien’s body stiffened.


It is more likely that Lucien is accurately grasping Yuria’s condition than he thought.

In the first place, it is a position to examine the curse that dwells in the body every day. It’s strange that someone who is a master of divine power can’t even detect what’s involved with the thing that casts the curse.

“At the heresy interrogation center, people were arrested because of that. I think the saintess would be quite concerned too.”

Previously, he was just playing with a doll changing clothes that wasn’t even funny, but Faynol is essentially the final boss of the next chapter.

There was absolutely no way he approached Yuria with such soft intentions alone.

“…It means that the imperial family is keeping an eye on Yuria.”


Lucien’s expression darkened.

Strictly speaking, the Heretic Inquisition is a group that operates separately from the Holy Empire. I ask for advice there, but the one that runs it is definitely the imperial family.

It’s a natural reaction.

How could they be happy to hear that after they had escaped from the clutches of the Emperor and the Holy Kingdom, other dark powers fell into their eyes?

“So, on this occasion, you will have to pluck some of their… ‘buds’. Instead of worrying about me, let’s focus more on that.”

Probably, if I’m right.

If you ‘calm down’ the runaway Yuria well.

There is a high possibility that my value, which is already running through the roof, will skyrocket even more in the imperial family.

To the point where the attention was focused on me instead of YuRia.

In response, Lucien bit her lip until blood came out.

“…Again, aren’t you saying you’re willing to sacrifice yourself? For our sisters.”

“are you okay.”

The imperial family are the ones with the most power and the most closed ones out of all the scenarios.

It proves that fact that I haven’t even met their sidekick at this point in time when I’ve met the Emperor and the Warchief.

If there’s a dry matter to rub into there somehow, it’s a welcome to me. There’s nothing to lose-

< System Message >

[The target ‘Lucien’ feels very guilty towards you! ]

[ Negative effects are imprinted! ]

[2 stacks of negative imprints! Soon the target will fall into the ‘negative’ state! ]

[When ‘Negative’ status is resolved, ‘Fatal Charm’ is applied, and the favorability of the target soars! ]

[ Receiveable rewards are given! ]

[Skill: Dominion of Evil is activated. You get 1 command right that can be used on the target! ]



Is this one of the gift skills?

If you let a good person fall under negative influence, you will be rewarded.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a window, so I forgot I had this skill.

It’s a bit embarrassing because I didn’t intend to write it.

“…Ah, you really don’t have to feel pressured.”

When I said that while waving my hand, Lucien-san nodded with a gloomy expression.

Even if she had the title of a saint, it was just a matter of formality unless there was a backup from the Holy Empire. Now, there is no sign that you will help Lucien.

In the end, he probably reacted this way because he knew he had no choice.

However, the system window that has already popped up shows no sign of disappearing.

Guilt is still valid.



I don’t know, we’ll fix that later.

Now, there are things much busier than that.

“…But, Mr. Dowd.”

Thinking about that, Lucien opened her mouth with a worried voice.

“Don’t you have one more?”


“No matter what Yuria does with the help of me and Valcasus, the other one is…”

After saying that, the saintess was speechless.

I was probably talking about the blue devil.

No, but I managed to feel it too.

To be able to sense the energy of Li Lu running from far away from the sea right now.

“That too, yes. There is a way to solve it somehow.”

“…how is that? I hope that also throws your body-”

“It’s not like that, that…”

A drop of cold sweat flows down.

that’s it, um

At least, it’s not a solution worth talking about in front of the saintess.

“…It’s kind of hard to tell.”

“Why? As expected, you alone will be seriously injured this time-”

“…Didn’t you say you didn’t want to hear sensational stories earlier?”


I left Mr. Lucien, whose expression was blank, and turned around.

“Anyway, please do what you ask!”

“No, wait a minute, everything, Mr. Dowd! What was that just-!”

I ran at the voice of Mr. Lucien, who hurriedly restrained me.

Anyway, as I said before, the real chapter highlights are just around the corner.

As a ‘final check’, there’s someone I need to meet.

Someone who will play the role of the last puzzle to clear this chapter.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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Status: Ongoing Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Fated to Be Loved by Villains raw mtl I was proposed to by the final boss.


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