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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 113

113. Transmission

Expected time and expected place.

The person I was looking for was sitting still in the exact location I was thinking of.

It was also a place I had visited before.

The space of the Garda clan. This is where Li Lu used to burn the belongings of the bereaved family members and perform funeral ceremonies.

“…Warchief. Kwon Seong. Casa Garda.”

He silently threw those words behind Casa, who was sitting on a cliff by the sea with a pipe in his mouth.

“I have come to be taught.”

As soon as he heard that, Casa giggled.

“Ah, we used to be like that, didn’t we?”


Admittedly, it’s a little funny to bring up such a thing.

Casa and I, as master and disciple, did not even have much of an exchange. So far, I’ve only done basic physical training with Liru, just as he said.

“How did you know you were here?”

Without saying a word in response to that sentence, I went to Kasa’s side and sat down.

“…Because I knew from the beginning that this was my favorite place.”

It is just this person’s personal taste that this place became the personal property of the Garda clan.

“Especially like now.”

He sighs and continues.

“I thought you would be sitting in a place like this and watching if it was interesting enough that you… want to ‘watch’.”

Although it has been shown several times, Casa Garda’s ‘insight’ is not average.

It’s not about punching, it’s because you can see through the essence of everything to the point where you wonder if this side is the ability you saw.

in other words.

It means that I am ready to chew popcorn after seeing myself in the process of Time Attack with two demons coming to kill me.

“It’s not usually funny to have multiple fuses attached to the back end.”

Casa giggled again and continued.

“I know you did it on purpose, but do you intend to go that far?”


Yes, yes.

Although he has not had much contact with me in the meantime, he has a very precise understanding of the situation I am in right now.

“…Then I believe you will know why I came to you.”

He said that as he put the things he had packed in the bag on the floor with a thump.

“We don’t have much time, Casa.”

The horn of a unicorn, the scales of a water dragon, the heart of a flame horse, and the claws of an ice tiger.

They were made by putting all the materials obtained while hunting the rulers of the Demon Realm into the AI Sephira in the Hall of Fire.

He glanced at his watch and continued talking.

“…Now there’s only about half an hour left.”

“I managed to hold it in until that much time was left. I think I kept saying that my martial arts were absolutely necessary.”

“Because I trusted you.”

And that trust is still valid today.

There have been quite a few times when this world has stabbed me in the back of the head in a spicy way, but there are absolute things that never change.

At least, the people who have the title of ‘Holy Saint’ are already called superhumans, and Kasa, who is called Kwonseong, is also a member of it.

Putting everything else aside, if you just ordered me to do some basic physical training, it was definitely for a reason.

There must have been a reason why he stayed still until I came to visit him at the last minute.

“…Don’t you want to show me something?”


It was like that in game too.

During the scenario, if you meet the conditions and take this person as your teacher through a personal quest. It is a daily routine to tell Elijah to do strange physical training.

Most players get tired of the process, which takes up too much time and offers little real reward, so they just skip the quest altogether.

If you endured it to the end, it was only before the boss fight that you ‘demonstrated’ a decisive move.

From what I’ve seen so far, this must be the skill that suits you the most- and that’s because it’s an event that brings out ridiculous special moves.

‘…I don’t know what principle makes it possible to follow it immediately after seeing it once.’

Elijah, who saw that, always realized something, along with the cutscene, and the skills flew to his jaw, so I don’t even know. It’s systemic permission.

But since all those ‘gamey’ rules have worked so far, I can only believe that the same will happen to me.

That’s why I haven’t said anything yet.


Hearing my words, Casa smiled and put the smoking pipe down on the floor.

“You know a lot, child. I felt that way from the first time we met. It feels like everything ‘knows in advance’ and moves.”

Casa, who puffed up smoke from his pipe, laughed.

“It feels like you’re receiving it for the second time.”

“The second one?”

“There was a guy like that before. A guy who has the feeling of ‘repeating’ something he already knows.”

“…was he wearing a mask or something?”

“Do you know me?”

We know each other.

Even though I only met him once.

“…not very friendly.”

In the end, because I’m the one who must be killed.

After hearing my words, Kassa tilted her head, but soon switched to another topic.

“by the way-“

Casa’s gaze lingered on the bundle I put down next to her.

“-If you believed in me that much, I should repay you.”

What’s inside is a prosthetic arm and two prosthetic legs.

These are items that will replace this person’s missing limbs.

Probably, even things made with materials like that.

If I’m right, the replacement of Casa’s body is only for a moment.

“How hard has your body been?”


At that, I look down at my own body.

It has grown more than before.

His shoulders widened, his abs felt, and his overall body became thicker.

reminds me of the old days

Before I became Dowd Campbell, I had a strong body.

Of course, this never means more than just getting better.

“That should be enough.”

Casa, who had said that, got up from her seat while moving the ‘replacement’ bodies that were fitted to her body.

“Aye. I know why you are doing such a reckless thing.”

Cassa twirled her arms around and grinned.

“You’re not the kind of person who would do something dangerous like this just to save your life.”


“Thinking, thinking, and thinking again. You do it so that no one you touch gets hurt.”

Casa closed her eyes and let out a deep breath.

“Aren’t you a child who always chooses the path that hurts you? rather than hurting others.”


′′ I can see the intention you are embracing. The feeling of being afraid that others will be swept away because of your existence.”

as soon as i heard that

There are images that pass through my mind.

Alan Bar-Thor.

A human who was transformed into an incarnation by Tatiana simply to summon an ancient god. A human sacrificed as a ‘sacrifice’.

Even though I am a human with no one face.

He died ‘because of me’.

If I had acted differently, if I hadn’t provoked Tatiana, if I hadn’t been noticed by the seer.

A human who could have lived, as a result, was sacrificed by Tatiana.


The butterfly effect, created because of the existence of me.

Uncertain variables that inevitably arise as a result of my actions for survival.

As Casa said.

One day, I’ll be able to attack even the people around me.

“You can’t get them all, of course.”

Calmly accept Casa’s words.

yeah i know

Although he commits all sorts of crazy things with the knowledge of a deceased person due to the privilege of possessing. A crisis that even such a country cannot cope with will inevitably arise.

There will definitely be people I ‘miss’.

However, nonetheless.

“…Never with them.”

At least.

It’s not as good as those women who say they like me and can do anything for me.

Including those two people who are half mad and come to tear me apart, of course.

The reason I made it that way in the first place was because I didn’t want to see those two go wrong.


If I’m right.

The only way to save them from the upcoming ‘threat’ is to run the two of them out of control here and now.

“hmm. Dangerous women who, with the slightest mistake, could blow up your life.”


“A normal person would throw everything away and run away in such a situation. Is there any particular reason?”


Close your eyes and answer.

“…I don’t want to go through the same experience twice.”

In the world, there are enough memories to go through once.

Engraved in my brain, in my soul.

Things that carve wounds that do not heal even after decades.

“Once is enough to experience a difference in 3 seconds.”


It’s clear he didn’t understand what he was talking about, but Cassa just nodded with a wry smile.

“…a wounded soul.”

Without answering, he only scratches his head with a bitter smile again.

Not a proud memory, sure.

“So, my dear. Because you are like that, there are things you can do.”

At those words, my expression also becomes serious.

If I remember correctly, this is the line that comes right before Kasa ‘transfers’ her skills in the game.

Before long, the “magical arts” began to rotate on Casa’s body.

Magic is a very rare talent even within tribal confederations. Right now, the only people around me who can use it are Casa and Liru.

‘…Is this the first time I’ve seen him write straight?’

Magic is also the most bizarre of all abilities.

Because it is one of the few abilities that can cause a ‘miracle’ with human will.

It’s kind of vague to hear, but that’s the only way to explain it.

sure thing.

Among all abilities, it is the most high-risk, high-return.

It’s not that I panicked and stopped Li Lu from trying to use it once before.

“You just need to train your body. All you have to do is make a basic bowl that can ‘imitate’ what I’m going to show you. You have nothing more to take from me.”

Casa said with a grin.

“I can only show you once.”


Kwon Seong pulled his arm back.

Magic spells form under the stretched arm. The arm moves out slowly.

“Don’t miss it.”

It was a slow gesture reaching towards the sky.

It is a leisurely movement that cannot be seen as hitting someone. It was unbelievable speed for an attack by someone called Kwonseong.

However, only with that action.


the sky.

It collapsed.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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