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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 111

111. Admiral Yi Dok (2)

Elijah Krisanax was a man of great affinity.

No one would dispute that proposition, even if they had managed to somehow get a hold of the greyhounder in its current state.

“…Ah, over there. Mr. Yuria.”

Elijah opened his mouth, letting a drop of cold sweat run down his forehead.

“Hey, I think it’s okay to relax a bit. Seo-sensei, if you were mad at YuRia, you wouldn’t have asked me to do something like this…”


YuRia looked around this way without saying a word.

Funny enough, the first word that comes to mind is ‘white’.

If other people see it, they will tilt their heads, asking what the hell is that?

Yuria is a person who gives a black impression from head to toe. There is no room for such feelings to intervene.

Perhaps, if Elijah hadn’t kept seeing something ‘blooming’ near the body now, she would have agreed too.

“…Well, I’m sure you did what Mr. Dowd asked you to do, right?”

It was the white aura that radiated from YuRia’s body while she was saying that.

Elijah’s gaze started with the sword that Yuria was holding and then went over her entire body.




The shape of ‘white Yuria’ inside her body is giving off such a terrifying expression.

‘…I see, I see, I see…!’

Elijah recalled that thought, barely keeping the corner of his mouth quivering.

Recently, there are many cases where we are ‘sensitively’ conscious of the things around us to an unusual degree.

In Trisha’s words, it’s strangely ‘smart’ or something.

As for Elijah himself, being smarter or whatever is not a part that I can feel particularly well, but there is something that definitely touches me.

‘Terrible things’ are very visible.

Like the ‘something’ inside Princess Tristan’s body, and the ‘something’ inside Yuria’s body right now.

Things that previously looked whitish and barely perceptible in outline are now very clearly visible!

“Yeah, sure. The teacher will be satisfied too.”

Not really.

Daud apparently only told him to ‘moderately subdue’ the unicorn that Yuria was sitting on, but he never told him to kill it so much that he couldn’t even revive it.

But how do you say such a thing so gently?

Anyway, Daud said to her ‘please’ and attached it to Yuria. Considering that person’s personality, there’s a high probability that she ‘calculated’ that she could somehow appease even this condition and did such a thing.

Then, it becomes necessary for her to live up to those expectations as well.


If you ask her why she has to live up to their expectations, she’ll probably blush and yell at you for being noisy.

Oh, I don’t know. Anyway, it should be.

That’s it, um.

Wouldn’t it be comfortable to ‘request’ something?

‘Later, later, I’ll definitely get it back by ship…!’

She couldn’t quite define what she wanted back, but at least she wouldn’t be manipulated barefoot this time.

I need to get a definite answer about going somewhere alone for at least two days.

“Mister Elijah.”


“Now, what are you thinking?”

Elijah swallowed in vain.

Yuria was looking at herself with dead eyes. The white form of YuRia inside her body was glaring at her with her eyes almost radiating.

As if she had read her thoughts about Daoud.

Although he had reacted sensitively to topics related to Daud before, it is almost a ghost level after seeing that white shape clearly.

“No, it’s nothing…!”

I was so scared that I was choked up, but Elijah managed to get those words out. Tears are about to form in my eyes, but I squeeze them in as hard as I can.

Let’s change the subject for a moment.


is to tell a story

Most of the world’s problems arise from the disconnection of communication. Now this situation can be solved with enough stories!

“That, more than that! You keep wearing it!”

Elijah pointed to the leash that was still around Yuria’s neck and turned around.

It was a change of topic that could be considered forced, but fortunately, it seems to have been somehow effective. As YuRia’s energy softened, it was the same just by looking at the slight smile on her lips.

As if stroking a very precious treasure, Yuria touched the leash and the handkerchief tied next to it.


It was as if, as long as she was touching this, the melancholy and shadyness that had been eating her up until just before had vanished.

“Every time I touch it, I can feel Mr. Dowd.”


“It’s like being nearby. I have to say that I feel very, very relieved. I have only good memories of this stuff.”

Elijah ruminated for a moment about what Daud had done with that leash.


I usually use that to pull Yuria like a pet, throw her like an object, and swing her around like a mace until she suffocates and chokes.


that’s a good memory


“…Ms. YuRia seems to really like you.”

It was an attitude that I had no choice but to bring out such words without knowing it.

No, if that’s enough to remain as a good memory, how much do you have to like that person to be able to do that…?

Undoubtedly, the question itself must have been lightly asked with such thoughts in mind.


However, the answer that comes back.

“…i like you.”

Although it was the usual Yuria’s usual timid, low-confidence, quiet voice.

Undoubtedly, it was a voice filled with ‘desperation’ enough to cover it all up.

Elijah looked back at YuRia, startled involuntarily.

Even though it was difficult to catch all the expressions because he was looking down at the floor with sunken eyes.

“i like you.”

In that voice mixed with crying.

“I like Mr. Dowd. Really, I like it. I can give you anything.”

As much as it contains sorrow as if it were cutting out the heart of Elijah who was listening.

To her, as far as the sentence she is saying is an absolute truth.

“I want to be with you. continue in the future.”

I could definitely feel it.


Suddenly, I had a thought.

As long as this kind of answer would come back to the question she raised reflexively.

For this woman, maybe.

A human named Doud Campbell could possibly be a person who means ‘the meaning of living’ itself.

‘…Same with Princess Tristan.’

Does that person even have the talent to be loved by such terrifying people?

This isn’t just love, it’s a level of obsession that can be said to be ‘subordinate’. It wasn’t a joke, to the point where I felt that the man would accept everything no matter what he did to us.

The only thing Princess Tristan and I can’t stand is that we are “abandoned” ourselves, or that we prioritize “others” other than ourselves.


uh, wait a minute.

Didn’t you just point out some incredibly important context?

Elijah frowned and went back to the thought he had just had.

Dowd Campbell is a human being who is especially loved by these terrifying beings, and what these human beings have in common is that they cannot monopolize the man.

In my head, the words Trisha had said a while ago flashed through my mind.

-…That person seems to be forcibly suppressing his heart.

And, the man is hiding his liking from others.




It smells.

That man smells like he’s walking a tightrope risking his life for something.

My head starts spinning in a terrifying way.

‘…if this works well.’


Only you are aware of this fact.

Originally, there was no room for her to rub against Dowd Campbell, who had such terrifying women lined up around her.

What if she could be the only one who could understand the man’s ‘principle of action’ and ‘heart’?

Unlike other women, what if you were the most ‘safe to visit’ companion?

Isn’t it possible that only oneself can be an opportunity to occupy a ‘unrivaled’ position next to the teacher?

‘…what. what. What…?’



Odds, isn’t there?

Elnor and Yuria, like the cheetah that she started belatedly, even if she came now, she could get rid of them all…!

“…So, at least this.”

As she was continuing her thoughts, YuRia threw out such a sentence in a quiet voice.

“…I can’t concede to anyone. To secure my own memories with Mr. Daud-”

While YuRia continued to say those words.

With a click, her leash loosened. Naturally, the handkerchief that was tied next to it also slipped and fell.



The silence was thick.

Elijah looked blankly at the untied leash and the handkerchief that had fallen on the floor.

Soon, like an unoiled machine, his head snapped back in an unnatural motion.

And there, standing there was the person who had loosened the leash.

“…Mr. Dowd?”

When YuRia brought out those words in a trembling voice, Dawood, who was wearing a familiar mask as Elijah, nodded.

“uh. Mr. Dowd.”

“…is that, why, why…?”

With eyes that were completely dying of light, Yuria stuttered and managed to get those words out.

“Oh, this?”

Actually, Daud, who heard that, was being told with a nonchalant expression.

“I’m going to confiscate it for the time being.”

“…why, that, uh, cut…?”

When YuRia said those words in a voice as if strangled, Daud shrugged.



Again, the words came out in a low voice.

“I think it would suit someone other than you.”


“For the time being, I’m trying to fill in for Lucien-san, what do you think?”


let’s correct

This kid is not at the level of risking his life and walking a tightrope.

I just wanted to kill myself, so I went mad!

While Elijah was stunned and thinking about that.

Yuria drew her sword with a completely expressionless face.



A white flash exploded.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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