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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 110

110. Admiral Yi Dok

Tatiana cautiously caressed the necklace hanging around her neck.

In front of his eyes was Alan’s body, wriggling tentacles all over his body. As the turquoise color seeps out of the necklace, the degree to which the tentacles move also increases.

I hear the sound transmitted from under the sea. A ghostly voice echoes in my ears.

‘Forward, a little.’

It really wasn’t long until he summoned the being he served.

Thinking so, Tatiana gasped and accelerated the progress of the ‘ritual’.

Considering the one-day grace period that was originally promised, this would be tantamount to beating that person in the back of the head.


‘…If I don’t do it like this.’

I can’t be certain that I can kill the man with certainty.

I hate to admit it, but Dowd Campbell was an terribly capable human being.

No matter how much he didn’t try to kill him in earnest, the man was a human who fought and won the victory against ‘that’ boy king.

In terms of strength, it is within a few fingers of the ‘revealed ones’, the most powerful among devil worshipers.

There are very few people who can win in a head-to-head match with that side.

[Woah, the apostle.]



Did they say that even a tiger would come if I said it?

Even if he competed directly with the boy king, a human who would almost always be on par with him was sending her a message.

Tatiana struggled to lift her eyes and stared at the screen floating sideways.

A man with all sorts of ornaments hanging all over his body. From the outside, he looks like a slob somewhere, but from Tatiana’s point of view, who knows the true nature of this man, it’s such a thin camouflage that it’s laughable.

[Is it hard? Can I help you?]

It’s a frivolous way of speaking.

It conveys the feeling that you are looking at her who is doing her best to perform the ceremony with all her might.

It was as if he was putting so much energy into such a chore.


However, instead of being angry with him, Tatiana kept her mouth shut.

The ‘worst person in the world’ that even the pioneer himself acknowledged.

A villain who sticks out his tongue even to the luminary who dreams of the resurrection of the devil who will destroy mankind and destroy the world.

This man is a human being united by that level of ‘malice’ and ‘karma’.

In other words.

It also meant that he was an existence with unbelievable power, enough to survive intact until he won all those titles.

The greatest magician of all time.

The boy king, the one who made the whole kingdom drift for a long time.

“…what’s up, Talker.”

[No, a message from the captain.]

A man called Talker took the word with a grin.

[It’s okay to mess around, but he said don’t forget the original purpose.]


[Killing that man is killing him, but it’s not because that’s all we handed you over to the ‘sealing ball’. Do you know?]

At those words, Tatiana turned her head and glanced at Alan.

Even if the devil ran rampant, there was a means to temporarily ‘control’ it.

An artifact from which this man’s heart was extracted and implanted in its place.

It’s probably just a one-time thing. I can’t hold on to it for long though.

Even if the gray demon inside Princess Tristan’s body runs rampant, it is a relic that is powerful enough to ‘hold’ it.

And, he clearly remembered what the Seer had asked him to do while handing it over.

[All you have to do is act as a water ghost.]

Talker smiled and continued talking.

[The really important thing is that the captain and I will take care of it. okay?]

Tatiana bit her lip until blood came out.

The Seer told himself that all he had to do was ‘hold on’ to the man. so instructed

Probably, it was the tone that said that even if he tried his best to ‘kill’ that person, that was the expected outcome.

Tatiana, the apostle of the overturned tidal wave, would never be able to kill that man even with all her abilities. It’s like saying that.

It’s like you can almost feel trust in that man.


The Seer regards that man as suspicious… ‘important’.

It’s like, obviously, it wouldn’t have been long since we’d seen each other face to face.

To the point where I could even feel the attitude that I had known that man for a very long time.

‘…as it was originally.’

I should have received that kind of attention instead.

I should have gotten that level of trust from him.

Thoughts like that were pounding in my head like crazy, but Tatyana’s voice was still numb.

“I know, Talker.”

[Hey, is that all? It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, but we greet each other warmly-]

“If you’re going to talk nonsense, stop.”

Having said that, Tatiana immediately terminated the communication.

Strangely enough, this frivolous man tends to be more obnoxious when he sees women. Are you trying to act like you really are?

There are also scattered things that are more important than talking to a man like this right away.

She formed a cursed seal from her hand.

It was a technique that showed an image of a fixed location.

Perhaps, from now on, the cursed Kraken, the spearhead of the Deep Spawns who will attack this academy and cause chaos, will appear there-


-I did reveal it.

Although the problem was that it had turned into huge chunks of meat that were completely shattered nearby.

Tatiana’s expression went blank in an instant.


what is this

what is this?

Even if they can’t do it right now, they are powerful beings who are normal only when they ridiculously break through the defense line of this academy.

At least, it’s safe to say that no one in this academy can easily deal with them.

I don’t know if it was Casa Garda in its heyday, but it’s been a long time since she had all her limbs cut off so that she couldn’t exert her power as instructed by the Seer.

Who the hell did this?


Fortunately, that question was soon resolved.

As I turned the screen around, it wasn’t long before I saw a human running on the sea.

And Tatiana opened her eyes wide when she saw the ‘blue aura’ emanating from her body.

She knows very well what that means.

A vicious demonic energy that can only be seen in a vessel of a demon that is on the verge of runaway.

‘…Dawud Campbell.’

You crazy bastard…!

Tatiana gritted her teeth.

Of course, she knew that there were several other vessels of the devil in this academy besides Princess Tristan.

However, up to that point, I hadn’t even thought about the idea that he would act as an agent.

That’s right, anyway, isn’t that guy’s purpose to ‘survive’ too?

‘How on earth am I going to fix that…!’

If the ‘demon of wrath’ is so angry, it can be said that the survival rate of humans who become the parties to that anger converges to zero.

There is a degree of peeing on frozen feet. You’re making demons rampant just to stop your attack?!

‘…Damn it.’

If you commit crazy things like that, this side will rather get on the kids.

At least, that man should be alive until he is killed by himself.

Only then can the Seer carry out the mission assigned to him. That way, you can properly show your ‘ability’ to that person.

‘…don’t die, Dowd Campbell.’

Tatiana gritted her teeth and began to repair Jin, who had been shaping through the ritual.

Originally, it was to concentrate all the monsters that were trying to call down in one place in the form of encircling this side from the slopes of the academy.

I need to slow down a little bit over there.

‘Until I kill you, stay alive!’

…There was no doubt that Tatiana felt something was wrong.

It was also self-evident that it could not be helped.

-There is a high probability that you are thinking the same way.

So, the summoning path of the monsters would be extremely concentrated in the direction that Li Lu was now approaching.

If I die within the time that they threw at me as a grace period, it would be like I couldn’t keep the mission that the Seer gave me.

< Quest Info >

[ Main Quest ] 〖 Chapter 3 – Apostle of the Overturned Tsunami 〗

[15H left until the ‘Duel’ incident! ]

[The incident continues immediately after the boss battle! ]

As proof of that, isn’t it the appearance that the window’s time limit is also shrinking while popping up the words, “It’s urgent?”

At least for this time, rather, Tatiana would do her best to stop Liru.

There is no dog benefit like this.

[…You’re really sneaky.]


[Is that it? You’re also a woman, whether it’s an enemy or not, so it’s possible for you to rub things around like this-]

You shut up, little.

Passing those words into the Soul Linker, the sentence continues.

“…so this is the end.”

I stop manipulating the simulation as I finish the explanation that has continued so far.

The chieftains nearby were all silent.

They look like they don’t know what kind of reaction to take out after hearing what I just said.

“Aren’t you crazy?”


It’s not that I don’t know what to react to, it’s that everyone just kept their mouths shut because they were dumbfounded.

Seeing that everyone seems to agree with Hatan’s voice with a laugh, it’s definitely like that.

“I think the plan itself makes a lot of sense.”

“okay. Honestly, it’s such a great plan that I wonder how an outsider knows everything about our academy’s functions like this. however.”

Hattan continued with a sigh.

“You said that the krakens that were killed just over there were ‘first summons’.”


As I said before, the Boss Battle of the Apostle of the Overturned Tsunami is a structure that takes the form of a defense.

Following that, other monsters will be summoned one after another to attack this academy.

“okay. I know that in the future, something powerful enough to be called ‘something like that’ will come out.”

Hattan continued to speak in an absurd voice.

“How many people will be put in there?”

“Five people.”

me. Elijah. Yuria. Saint Lucien. and Talion.

Elnor is not. Probably, the other side must have ‘prepared’ for it.

Rather… it’s better to leave it alone thinking about ‘after’ the boss fight.

“…five students will catch it.”


“Are you kidding me? With only 5 people, what-”

“No, that’s not it.”

To Hatan’s question, he cuts it off and answers.

“It’s not just five people. Five people is enough, so five people.”


At my confident answer, the surroundings fell into silence again.

[…I can see why Luca said that.]

What came out of the long silence was Utard’s sentence.


[I told you to keep an eye on you. I’m not an ordinary crazy person, but if I keep watching, I’m sure I’ll realize something.]


Did he say something like that?

“…Have you noticed anything?”

[Yes, obviously. tell me later.]

After saying that, Utard smiled and continued.

[First of all, I agree. We wouldn’t have the right to refuse anyway.]

“Utard. sincerely?”

[I’m serious, Hatan. I want to take a bet on this bold young man.]


Hattan clicked his tongue and scratched his head.

“Do whatever you like. I do not know.”

from that word.

The other chieftains followed suit, all sighing or whatever, expressing their will to agree.

Barol is the only one who doesn’t talk from beginning to end, but what can I do?

They’ve already lost a bet on me, so I don’t have a say.

“By the way, it’s just us moving according to your plan. What are you trying to do in the meantime?”

At such a question from Hatan, his expression frowned reflexively.

“…I have work to do.”

“So what is it?”

“Find a way to live.”

No matter how much Tatiana was approaching this way, she would slow down a bit.

In the end, it is self-evident that Li Lu is now approaching this side at full speed to break my head.

I guess I’ll have to figure out a way to stop it eventually.

“…what is it.”

He speaks in a spleen tone.

“There are people who need to be beaten to the point of being very angry.”


Hatan asked back in an astonishing voice.


You have to be as angry as Li Lu, no.

I need one more human who is more angry than that and rushes to kill me.

< System Log >

[The target ‘Yuria’ is getting more and more proficient in the devil’s power. ]

[ Target’s stage 1 fusion rate has reached 99%. ]

[The second piece of ‘The White Devil’ is coming soon. Related events are updated! ]


I’m going to see you now, boy.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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