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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 109

109. Council of Chiefs (2)

[I’m not crazy. under!]

I turn my head to say that.

Barol Guerdo.

He’s probably a guy who has bad feelings towards me due to the influence of Kroon I’ve beaten before.

Have you been saying bad things about me since before?

[To hand over the entire academy. What do you mean? Are you asking me to sell it to you? A place that is different from the cradle of the tribal union?]

It might sound like he’s just putting up a fight because he’s talking about Barol, but I have to understand even if there’s a reaction like that.

Since the tribal union itself is a small town with a small number of members, it is a place that is obsessed with raising each member to the elite. It’s not for nothing that the chieftain, Hatan, is also in charge of the dean.

So, I don’t even want to give the whole academy.

“It’s enough for a proxy event. Permission to use the facility, permission to deploy personnel, permission to remove equipment… anything.”

The golden triangle academy itself is one of the great triggers of the scenario. And in order to make the most of it, the person who will be the ‘owner’ of this place has already been decided.

that’s not me

“Just a few hours from now. That’s enough.”

After adding those words, silence filled the surroundings.

Anyway, from that point of view, there must be one thing that is a ridiculous request.

[…Leaving aside the absurdity of what you’re asking for.]

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Just look at the words that follow immediately.

One of the chieftains opened his mouth in a puzzled voice.

[What kind of threat is looming in the first place? Without explaining that, it’s just a request that’s just a guest.]

“I can show you right away without having to say it.”


“Would you like to bet?”

I replied to the chief who said so.

“Soon, there will be a catastrophe on a level that no one here will be able to deal with. therefore.”

When you say this, confidence is life.

Even if you stick a knife in your face, you have to lay the iron plate on the level so that not a single drop of blood will come out and continue talking.

“What I’m showing you is a crisis that ‘even the chieftains can’t deal with’, and if I erase it right here. By listening to me. How are you?”


Utard, who had been listening to me silently until now, spoke in a puzzled voice.

[An unprecedented threat, undetected by the technology of the Furnace of Struggle, will soon come. only you know that The only one who can stop that is you.]


[…And you have the ability to instantly erase it right here?]



Upon hearing my words, the faces of all the chieftains changed strangely.

Those who doubt, those who are stunned, those who laugh.

By the time I got to Barol Guerredo, where I had ill feelings towards me from the beginning, I was completely angry.

[…it’s not even worth listening to.]

Barol said as if chewing.

[It’s bullsh*t that’s not even worth reconsidering. Did you get the title of Great Hunter by luck?]

“Let’s talk some nonsense. How did you get such a title by chance?”


“Have you ever touched even the tip of one of the Demon Lords? Do you not see anything because you are always selling drugs and committing crimes?”

Give back what you hear.

It is a part of deliberately scratching your temper.

It is said that blood does not lie, and Krunge-Ledo’s shallow humanity is a product that he inherited almost intact from his father, Barol.

Even if you throw one such ridiculous provocation, it will definitely catch me in my opinion.


I mean like that.

Look at how serious he is, just because he just heard a word.

[…I said it was a bet, you bastard.]

Barol growled in a subdued voice.

[If you fail, what are you going to bet?]

Those eyes flash with a sinister look. It’s probably that he’s trying to cheat on me and put me at a disadvantage.

“Take my life or whatever you want.”

What I want is the situation itself in which this guy makes such a dispute.


“I will do anything you want. If you don’t believe me, you can go through the pledge process.”

while I’m answering that.

Hatan, who had been watching the situation silently for a while, grinned, and Utard was also caught sighing.

Because by saying this just now, the bet was ‘established’ without any chance for the other chieftains to step in and stop it.

It’s so certain that you won’t be able to get away with it later.

[…You seem quite confident, you bastard.]

In fact, after talking this far, even Barol, who had said such a thing in the first place, was taken aback. I’m trying hard not to show it on the outside.

I bet you didn’t know that I would declare you to take everything you want.

“I have myself. It would be better to put an end to this conversation and start betting right away.”

Saying that, I approached the console embedded in the center of the table and operated it.

Now, this place serves as both a conference room and a sort of command and control room. Using nearby facilities, you can get a very good view of the surroundings of this academy.

“Now, it won’t be long until what I said appears.”

check the watch

Examine all available video cameras nearby.

[…is that right?]

While doing so, I heard Caliban’s voice from within Soul Linker.

[That woman named Tatiana said she would give it just one day. Isn’t it still a long way until then?]

‘…If you’re going to stop it, stop it earlier. Why are you doing it now?’

[Because you’re not the kind of person who would do such a thing without thinking.]

I’m glad you know.

I let out a sigh and listened to Caliban’s words.

‘The words themselves are too vague.’


‘I was told to give you a day’s grace period. You’re saying that you’ll just put up with me for a day. Just that one thing.’

If you think about how much Tatiana is subordinated to the visionary, I must be a thorn in the eye because I’m being driven by that side of attention.

Even if you’re told to hold on for a day, there’s a good chance you’ll interpret those instructions pretty broadly in order to somehow kill me.

In that sense.

It wasn’t long before I found what I was looking for using the console.

The place where I projected the screen is in the middle of the nearby sea near the furnace of struggle.

[…for a moment. what is that?]

And on that side.

A huge ‘hole’ reminiscent of a huge sinkhole was forming.

In the state of embracing the darkness that knows no end.

In fact, sinkholes dug deep and wide enough to accommodate a few buildings from the ground are a sight to behold.

However, something like that happens in the middle of the sea.

It’s not a normal sight at all.

It is such a heterogeneous sight that it even feels as if a ‘road’ is pierced from one side to the other through the sea.


And inside it.

Something starts to ‘climb out’.

A mollusk creature covered in black tentacles from head to toe.

But the size is unbelievably huge.

It’s not a joke, it’s a size that doesn’t seem to be far behind compared to modern battleships.

[…Kraken? No, but…!]

“Not your typical Kraken.”

To the surprise that one of the chiefs exclaimed, Hatan also responded by holding his head and groaning.

“The fact that the whole body is black means that it is a witch holding a curse. They are not the normal guys who live around here.”

It’s just that the Kraken is one of the large monsters in terms of classification.

Although insanely powerful, Hattan is a hunter who has already hunted it alone. If you form a hunting party, you will be able to deal with it without difficulty.


“…Magic beasts with such strong ‘attributes’ are usually those from another dimension, and those monsters are several times stronger than normal ones.”

Having said that, Hatan laughed and gnashed his teeth.

“There’s a good chance I won’t be able to catch that either.”



At those words, the surrounding chieftains all fell silent.

A monster that even Hatan, who is said to be the best hunter of the time, could not catch.

If this person is impossible, there is no one who can deal with that right now.

It doesn’t even end there.

[…Damn it. Not one?!]

At the same time as that scream erupted.



As if crawling out of the sinkhole, several are crawling out.

That’s a number that goes over a dozen or so.

the things in me

‘…This is the first phase.’

These guys are, so to speak, ‘the advance team’.

The Apostle of the Overturned Tsunami boss battle is basically in the form of ‘defense’. With the furnace of struggle at the center, it is to stop the monsters constantly attacking from the seaside.

These guys are the first.

[…really prepared something.]

‘I told you. It’s because they say they’ll tolerate killing me for a day.’

It meant attacking the furnace of struggle in advance and killing all the ‘people around me’ who would be the driving force for me to endure the battle.

It’s because I don’t kill myself.

He probably went into their summoning ritual immediately after showing me Allan’s condition.

So I figured it would be open by now.

If a person continues to be subjected to something similar, they eventually develop a tolerance.

< Quest Info >

[ Main Quest ] 〖 Chapter 3 – Apostle of the Overturned Tsunami 〗

[15H left until the ‘Duel’ incident! ]

[The incident continues immediately after the boss battle! ]

In the past, there was a time when I believed in the words written here and got hurt by the Seer once.

And the lessons learned then.

Even if you make a plan ‘on schedule’ according to the information written here, there can be many variables.


However, there is one thing I want to tell you.

The fact that it is not the only one that can create a variable that causes a blow to the back of the head.

With that thought in mind, I switch the system window.

!!!!!!!!!!Demon Alert!!!!!!!!!!

[‘Devil-related’ emergency event occurs! ]

[This is the most important event! ]

[ If you don’t act correctly within the time limit, you will die! ]

[This is an event related to the target ‘Liru’! ]

[ Make preparations to survive right now! ]


For example this.

-…! …! …?

The krakens, screaming and approaching the furnace of struggle, hesitated for a moment.

They will feel that something is coming behind them.


Even those monsters who are powerful enough to let go of Hatan.

Something powerful enough to instinctively feel a ‘threat’ and stop moving for a moment was approaching.

[wait for a sec.]

One of the chieftains opened his mouth in a spirited voice.

[…isn’t that a human?]


It is a person who is ‘running’ on the sea.



Everyone in the room fell silent at the incomprehensible grotesque scene.

What should I say about this

Whether it’s athletic ability is good, or it handles special abilities well. It is not a figure to be explained in such a category.

Alone, it’s as if he’s twisting the world’s laws.

Kicking off the surface of the water, it runs at a terrifying speed as if it were flat.

He was running so vigorously that a tidal wave would rise behind him every time he kicked his feet.

And, as far as I know.

There is only one entity capable of creating such a scene.

Surrounding the person running on the sea is the ‘blue’ energy that is explosively emanating enough to cover the entire screen.



That’s an angry Liru.

The man who was dropped in the middle of the sea with the magic stone given to him by Faynol.

It was deliberately calculated carefully so that the monsters were located on the ‘route’ that would come to me, and I sent them off.


Seeing such a scene, while all of the members are losing their spirits, my voice drops.

“From now on, I will deal with those demons.”


Ignoring Hatan’s absurd voice, I snapped my fingers.


And at the same time.



Nearby krakens open their mouths and rush at Lilu. Several monsters the size of a house rushed towards Liru at the same time.

It would be a truly desperate crisis.


uh, so

to the magicians.

“Go away!”

Riru screamed and charged as it was.


All the Krakens that ran into it.

It was just ‘crushed’.

Like an egg hitting a rock.

The size difference between the two is so unbelievable that it is a sight beyond common sense.



Seeing this, everyone in the room opened their mouths in amazement.

It’s natural that even I, who knew it would end up like that, was so powerful that a cold sweat broke out.

It’s bloody.

That is [Crush], the power of the blue devil.

During his demonic powers, he can tear everything he touches to shreds like that.

The opponent’s size, defense, durability, nothing mattered.

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Just by touching


If you think positively.

With this, Phase 1 was skipped.

The battle still remains, but there is no need to fight with such terrifying monsters right now.

And the negative part that can’t be covered even with that thought.

“Dauud Cambeee-

As I was thinking about that, Li Lu screamed in a booming voice on the screen.

In response, the blue aura surrounding the body surges up to the surroundings as if it explodes further.

“Come out right now! Killed—–!”

The screen quickly turns off before the sentence ends.

And then I turn my head to the chieftains who look this way in awe.

“…I won the bet, right? I kept my word.”

Humans in this room have dealt with a threat they could never have dealt with. Stand still in this room.

It’s a clear fact.

[I did keep it.]


[That, isn’t it coming to kill you now? You can see that as your ability-]

“But the threat was dealt with.”


“It’s true that I’m the cause.”

If you’ve already made a promise, it’s not like you’re changing your words.

Hurry up and give me the full volume of the academy.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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