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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 108

108. Council of Chiefs

Hattan U-Jul tried to calm the headache.

“…I’ve said it many times, but I didn’t just die and go into resurrection. Extinction itself was confirmed. Its existence itself is undetectable.”

Everyone was silent.

It was the silence caused by the thought process not understanding the current situation, which is common when people hear something too absurd.

It was a question that was repeated many times, but this time, someone who couldn’t stand it again opened his mouth.

[…The unicorn in the jungle is completely dead?]

“okay. Surely.”

[It has been confirmed that all other rulers of the Demonic Realm suffered damage equivalent to extinction.]


[and that’s all-]

“It was done by one guy and the one hunting team he was instructed to do. If you ask me one more time, I will take it as a duel with me.”

As he uttered those words in a voice that barely contained his rage, silence fell over the other chieftains nearby.

An emergency call where all the chieftains gather actually doesn’t happen that often, but if that’s true, it’s not unreasonable.

[This is unprecedented.]

One of the chieftains said that in a low voice.

During the history of tribal unions, there are very few people who have succeeded in killing even one of the rulers of the Devil’s Land, let alone eradicate their existence.

Even if only one ruler succeeded in hunting, he could be recognized as the best hunter of the day.

Rulers belonging to the four demonic realms, all of them?

[…According to the tradition of the tribal union, he should be rewarded accordingly.]

“If it’s the title of great hunter, of course I should give it to you.”

[I’m not saying that, Hatan. Don’t you know?]

The chief spoke up and continued his sentence with a sigh.

[…Due to the nature of the alliance, that is not enough for those who have built a ‘great cause’ that has never been recorded in history.]

new punishment. It is a tribal tradition.

For someone who has accomplished such a great feat, it would be unacceptable to just throw away a title that existed before.

Even if it is an outsider.

At the heavy voice, everyone shut their mouths again.



Everyone present is silent, but they are probably thinking the same thing in their heads.

That’s something no one in this room can do right now.

Even the warchief himself, who oversees the tribal union.

Then, what on earth will be given to those who have accomplished such feats?

[Is that so great?]

However, even with such a feat, there will always be people who want to be cut down because they don’t like them.


Hattan looked at him and sighed.

Barol Guerdo. The chief of the Blue Boar Tribe, the most problematic of all tribes.

He was also the father of Krounge-ledo, who had recently been scolded for arguing with Riru Garda and Daud Campbell.

[Well, anyway. Judging from the story going on now, it looks like you guys are all trying to throw him something outrageous. Didn’t that require unanimous consent from all the chieftains?]

“…Are you saying you’re against it?”

[You said it before. Is that so big?]

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Just listening to these words makes me feel that fact is even more confirmed.

‘…I told my father, that bastard.’

It is clear that he is insisting on personal feelings just by looking at such ridiculous bullying.

That idiot, next time we meet, I’ll fold it in half.

[What is the warchief doing?]

Those words came from someone.

Utard Han-chai.

The father of Luca Han-Chai, who is currently studying at Elfante, the academy of the Empire.

[In this situation, it would be normal for the warchief to commend him directly, without having to vote for us.]

That’s logical.

If an out-of-standard monster pops out like this, it’s normal for the warchief to step in and deal with it before the chiefs gather like this.

“Allan continues unresponsive. I only visited the furnace, but I don’t show my face anywhere. No one has seen it.”

[…that’s difficult.]

However, Alan, who has now arrived at the melting pot of struggle, is not doing any external activities as Hatan said.

As if someone had already died.

[First, call the person concerned and listen to the story.]

[Let’s bring an outsider to the Chiefs’ Meeting, Utard?]

[I can’t help it. In the same situation as now.]

Now that must have been the most logical solution.



In the end, the other chieftains had no choice but to agree with a confused look on their faces.

!!!!!!!!!!Demon Alert!!!!!!!!!!

[‘Devil-related’ emergency event occurs! ]

[This is the most important event! ]

[ If you don’t act correctly within the time limit, you will die! ]

[This is an event related to the target ‘Liru’! ]

[ Make preparations to survive right now! ]




I wondered when

‘…it’s strange that he’s not angry.’

He must have fallen in the middle of the open sea by now due to the influence of Fenol’s space-shifting spell.

What I did there is rubbish no matter who sees it. If what dwells inside that body is the ‘demon of anger’, it’s strange that it doesn’t go near the rampage.

No matter how long it takes, it will probably come to me in a few hours.


Of course that’s it.

Right now, from what is in front of my eyes.

“Dowd Campbell. Come inside.”

I listen to one of the staff say that and check my watch.

It’s marginally safe.

The biggest reason for defeating the rulers of the Devil’s Realm in 5 minutes was because I was sure that it would take quite a while for this ‘Chiefs’ Meeting’ to be convened.

‘…It’s the hardest thing to call people of high rank anywhere.’

As I entered the room with that thought in mind, the holograms of all the chiefs were staring at me.

I don’t think it’s a high-tech neighborhood, but if there’s an urgent need to get together, this way is possible.

A strange silence ensued, but finally someone opened their mouth in my direction.

A gigantic warrior wearing a wolf skin. It is an impression that I have seen somewhere.

[…Nice to meet you, Doud Campbell. I am Utard Han-cha. He is the father of Luca Han-Chai.]

“Do you know me?”

[Lucca once told me about you and Lilu Garda. They say he has great abilities.]

Oh, is that it?

That guy said he was going to give something to Riru with the right to succeed as the next chieftain. It would be natural to talk to your father.

[Do you know why you were called here?]

I met Utard’s face as he said that in a calm tone.

“Isn’t that what you called to discuss the reward you’re giving me? Unions tend to give special preference to hunters.”

[…You’re pretty familiar with the Alliance. okay. You are right.]

Utard replied with an interesting smile.

[What you have accomplished is unprecedented, even in the history of our union. As you may know, it makes sense that such a person must be rewarded.]

[I said it before, but I’m against it. Even if you give me the title of great hunter, I have no intention of giving you more.]

[Barol. Don’t be too mean.]

[under. I just have my right as a chieftain-]

I silently look at the hologram of the chieftains exchanging such words among themselves.

‘…No, what.’

To be honest.

“It doesn’t matter now.”

That reward, I will definitely accept it.

Because there is a place in the tribal union where Liru must be… ‘seated’ for later. As an opportunity to be used there.

It was for that reason that I had to rehabilitate Li Lu before.

But, right now.

The situation itself that I needed was all the chiefs ‘all’ gathered like this.

There’s something I need to get permission from these guys urgently.



At my words, Barol, Utard, and even the other chieftains all turned to me with puzzled looks.

[…Isn’t that a problem?]

“It seems that everyone here unanimously gives me the title of great hunter. Is that correct?”

[That’s right. I’ve achieved this level of achievement, but it doesn’t make sense if I can’t take it.]

Seeing Utard answer that way, he shuts his mouth for a moment.

In fact, the foremost emotion is sorry.

Tribal confederations have been mentioned a few times, but they are very closed groups. In a place where top leaders gather like this, it is not a common situation to bring in an outsider like me who has no connection to the side.

It’s like he didn’t bother talking to me first, and it’s probably possible because this person took care of me.

It means that I am not a person who can justify the ‘damage’ that I will do from now on.

I’ll have to ask for forgiveness later.

“…Then, I know that it is possible to exercise a legitimate right.”

The great hunter is a title referring to the highest authority in the field, seeking opinions from other chiefs when it comes to dealing with ‘beasts’.

Well, I just got it by riding the demons for free, so I don’t need such an enormous modifier, just the power to make other chiefs listen to me is enough.

“…Now the tribal union, and this melting pot of struggle, is in unprecedented peril.”

It was supposed to happen once before, but it was gone because Elnor blasted it hard.

But, for now.

Perhaps as a reaction to that, such a threat multiplied several times and was approaching us.

“So I am speaking as someone who has been given the title of Great Hunter.”

And, in order to overcome such a situation.

“Please hand over ‘all’ of the furnace of struggle to me for a moment.”

All of this ‘academy’.

It should be my long term horse.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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