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Extra After the Ending chapter 28

28. Don’t take it home(2)

Don’t take it home(2)

“I!! I will sleep here!!!”

My God, did he really evolve into Super Jammin in the end? I really didn’t know that I would occupy a bed and use a herd. It was hard to keep my mind off the really messy action.

What’s even more problematic is that only Jammin does what he does, and the subject who does it is a grown adult. Except for the lines, it looks like they are lying on the bed and flirting. Even so, as she grew up to be quite beautiful, she became more and more aware of it, but this kind of sudden action was not good for her heart.

Of course, I was holding onto my mind to some extent because of what I was doing, but there was no answer unless I occupied the bed like that and let go.

“Are you really going to do this?”

“What is this? Uncle, you signed a contract with me. You said you wouldn’t hold back! Eul, give A a place to sleep!”

The boss’s daughter’s act of power was so realistic that it felt like my bones were hurting. Then I have no choice but to go to the river. No, even river water is ambiguous. It would be fair to say that this is an escape.

“Yes. Sleep in bed I’ll sleep in the living room We’re in the same house anyway, so there’s no need to worry, right?”

“Profit! Are you kidding me?! What would happen if it wasn’t in the same room?! Now, you’re here to protect me!”

– Pang Pang!

The little boy knocked on the bed and urged me to come. Did you really mean to sleep together? Dizzy

“I don’t do anything. Are you just sleeping?”

It felt like the lines between male and female were switched. Is this true gender equality or something?

“It’s too bad to sleep like this. Talk a little more Just stay by my side until I fall asleep. Please….”

Certainly, from her point of view as a kid, it wasn’t long before she recalled her memories. She might spend a night just chewing on her recalled memories of me. She was ruthless that she had to do it alone.

Yes, she thinks that she is sleeping with Jam Min, who she was close to in the neighborhood, not a green and attractive woman in her twenties. It’s really no big deal.

“Okay, we’ll sleep together. Stop protesting and wash up.”



As soon as my permission was given, I got out of bed and ran out of the bedroom.


I heard the sound of the front door opening as if I was going to wash at my own house. Whoa… Now that I’ve sent it home, I’ll have to wash it up too. Thinking about it today, I was sweating a bit because I moved a lot. I thought it would be embarrassing to sleep without washing like this.

“Where did you put the towel?”

Moving in, she took out the toiletries she had set up and took off her top. Since time is running out, it would be a bit difficult to soak, and I thought it would be better to simply wash off with a shower.


She heard a scream behind her and turned around to see the little boy standing there, her face red.

“What is it? Why are you here?”

“Everyone, of course I’m going to take a shower! What if I get kidnapped while showering at my house!”

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No, are you still holding on to that concept? When I looked closely, I saw that he had a shower basket in his arms. The preparation is thorough, too.

“There is another bathroom in the master bedroom over there, so take a shower there. There must be a towel in that drawer too, so use that.”

“Ah, I was thinking of going anyway!”

– Bang!

I shut the bathroom door and ran away. A bloody laugh came out. Even though it seemed like they were playing with people, in this respect, it was completely wormwood.

Seeing you like that made me feel like I was getting a little bit less nervous about having to sleep together.


“Oh, oh oh… Come on!”

I deliberately took more time to warm myself up with hot water, and a little boy was sitting on the bed to greet me.

“Come, come.”

Thanks to the king-of-king-size bed, I didn’t think I would have to rub my body because it was narrow. I have nothing to do for now, should I go to sleep right away?

“Should I turn off the lights?”

“Hup! Yes, yes!”


When the lights went out, it became dark in an instant. If it was a normal body, it would have taken several minutes to adapt to this darkness, but the body of a person with abilities began to adapt to the darkness right away.

And thanks to that, I started to see the little boy better. He swallowed his saliva with a nervous face, hoping for me in the dark.

“Yuri, are you scared?”

“Ha?! What, what? Am I perfectly fine? Are you still standing there, drinking and lying down? Are you lying next to me because you’re embarrassed? Uncle, are you a coward??”

He fluttered as if he was flustered, and immediately started counterattacking me. This little guy comes out like that, right? Then I counterattack with action.

– Pool seats


As I lay down on the bed, I felt the accumulated tiredness rushing over me. Even taking a shower with warm water made my body tired. Originally, I was going to make fun of the kid a little more, but my eyes started to close.

“… ? Uncle, are you going to sleep?”

“No, I’m not sleeping….”

“It seems like they are fully prepared to go to sleep….”

“Hmm~ isn’t it?”

“Is this a yawn? Will you get stabbed in the side if you lie?”

“Either way….”

I was going to have a little conversation and put the kid to sleep first, but it went strangely wrong. My thoughts didn’t work properly. It was difficult to withstand the sudden flood.

Although he prided himself on having a steel-like body and tenacious spirit, it was difficult to overcome this strange feeling of comfort.



-Cock Cock

“Uncle, Uncle, Uncle!”

-Kok kok kok kok

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No matter how many times Han Yu-ri poked her in the side, Jung Dae-hyeon did not move. She couldn’t believe it, but she really fell asleep. She was a little dumbfounded, but Han Yu-ri thought that there was nothing strange about her, considering what had happened today.

‘Well, since the morning, she has moved, killed the kidnapper, and taken her to the hospital….”

Han Yu-ri covered Jeong Dae-hyeon with a blanket and lay down next to her. In an instant, she seemed to be in a deep sleep, but there was no response when I poked her cheek.


Han Yu-ri said she wanted everything at this time, and she started stroking his hair and touching her face.

As if she wasn’t satisfied with mere touching, she hugged his face in her arms.

– Kkoooook

I don’t want to miss him. That was her idea The last memories of her childhood with him came as a big shock. She lost her memory in an instant and she walked away in fear of him. She really did something she shouldn’t have done.

She said that she was unintentionally misfortune, but that did not comfort her.

‘I had to remember as much as I did. I made you feel very lonely.’

He didn’t tell me everything, but I could guess. In particular, his memories of his academy days were truly bizarre. Whatever it was, after a day he forgot about it. It wasn’t just something that only applied to her.

‘A life that is not remembered by everyone is like hell.’

‘There is no reward… Even so, he stayed by my side, rescued me, and helped me.’


The strength of the hand that embraced Jung Dae-hyun grew stronger as the memories of the past continued to emerge.

‘Thank you. Thank you very much. And I’m really sorry.’

Her heart was like a storm. Her heart-warming gratitude and self-disappointment pity began to mix in her. The memories of her so far were accompanied by a terrible sense of helplessness, so I even heard the frustration of not being able to do anything.

It doesn’t change even if you regret it. When she sees him, she runs away, she forgets him even after talking to him, and even if she thanks him, the next day her relationship is all reset. She couldn’t fathom how much pain she’d inflicted on him.

And soon after, these emotions burst out.

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’

Because I received so much, I couldn’t fill it with gratitude alone, so I apologized endlessly.

‘… So, never miss it. I’ll be by your side. Being next door is such a fate. I will stick to you even if you push me away. I can’t help it even if I hate it.’

“Never… Never miss.”

Having his eyes in his eyes, Han Yu-ri reflected on her promise.

She began to fall asleep little by little from the heat rising from his body in her embrace.

“I really, really like it. Mister.”

With those words, her mind melted into her dream.

Only the breathing of the two could be heard in the room.

……………………… …..

“Ugh uh uh uh.”

I fell asleep. She was supposed to put her little boy to sleep first and then sleep on her couch yesterday, but things went awry. Still, her body felt refreshed.

She stretched and looked around her, but there was no sign of her little boy. What, she was so confident and then she was shy so she went back to her own house?

Scratching her belly, she opened the door and went out into the living room.


– Dalgrak Dalgrak

Her house, which she thought nobody was in, was quite noisy. I went to the kitchen where the sound came from and there was a little boy cooking with her apron on.

The smell of baking bacon was quite fragrant. She wasn’t feeling very hungry, but she started to hear a growl from her stomach, probably because of the smell.

“Oh, mister, are you awake?”

“Ugh… What are you cooking all of a sudden?”

“It’s morning. You have to eat breakfast to start the day energetically!”

“Yes… It’s not like that.”

I didn’t mean to ask in that way, but it was hard to stop the little boy from continuing to cook as if it were natural.

I didn’t have anything to do, so I set the cutlery and sat down at the table.

“Hey! Bacon, scrambled eggs and even toast! How are you?!”

“It’s very easy.”

“Did you make it well?”

“Yes, I really do.”

Bacon is bacon, eggs are eggs, and bread is bread. I wondered if there was anything special about it, but I just kept my mouth shut and put the food prepared by the little boy in my mouth.

“How is it?”

“Mmm! It’s really good!”


To be honest, I thought it was very ordinary, but I was able to do as many reactions as Hyeja did in accordance with the sincerity.

After watching me eat, the little boy started eating too.

Warm breakfast and soft sunlight. I thought it was a very peaceful morning.

– Ding Dong

The doorbell suddenly interrupted the quiet meal.

“Hmm? Who are you at this time?”

“This floor is a place where even residents cannot enter, so it would not be possible to come up without a delivery service… Have you ever ordered a courier?”

“No? There would be nothing If you are a visitor, you will be contacted from the lobby… What the hell is it? Wait a minute.”

“Eh? Are you going straight to the front door? Check it out over the intercom! It could be dangerous.”

“It’s okay. Are you okay.”

I thought there was nothing to worry about unless it was a serious risk. There was only one sign that could be felt outside.

-Tirik. I’m sorry.

“Oh, you open the door right away? Did you know I was here? Hi~~.”

When I opened the door, I saw White smiling and greeting me.

Extra After the Ending

Extra After the Ending

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Became an extra in the novel. became a real extra. Under the control of the system, they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party. 15 years have passed and the novel’s ending is approaching


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