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Extra After the Ending chapter 29

29. Hayangi(1)

29. White(1)

“Oh, you open the door right away? Did you know I was here? Hi~~.”

Every time he asks, ‘Why are you here?’ It pops out at the magical timing when you say the word. The first meeting, like yesterday, meeting you at a completely unexpected moment surprises you.

“How did you know this place?”

“What? Don’t you want me to come?”

“That’s not what I meant. No one knows I’m here, so how the hell did you know?”

“Hmm? You know that our meeting was really steamy, right? Look at this, Jeong Dae-hyun. What is my job?”

“… Detective?”

“Correct answer! We will give hugs as a reward to our challengers who got the quiz right!”


“… !!”

I tried to lightly block it with my hand as it suddenly tried to approach me. But as if he had expected it, he gently dodged it and came into his arms.

“Whoops, can you feel the difference between Neungji? This is the reasoning power of Britain’s best detective!”

I don’t know if this also falls under the category of reasoning, but it was quite good. No matter how slowly it moved, it would have been fast for an ordinary person, but it was easily dodged. I wonder what this has to do with visiting my house without any information.

More than that, yesterday and today, I can’t tell if I’m a woman or a woman, but I had frequent contact with women. My heart wasn’t feeling well because of Hayang’s body, which was hugging me. The little boy became dizzy with another touch and smell.

“Sister?! Why is my sister here How did she get up?”

“Oh~ Yuri. Good morning~ Did you forget to give me the card key to come when you want to come?”

“I know that, but this is not my house? If you came to see me, shouldn’t you have gone to my house?”

“Ahahahaha. That’s because I didn’t come here to meet Yuri~”

“What?! So she said she came to see Mr. Do you know how your uncle is here? Uncle, can you?”

“No, wait a minute. Only you know that I live here.”

“Eh? Lol. Only me….”

I was really curious. How the hell do you know I live here?

“It’s not a big deal~. Am I just stalking or not? I just guessed it after seeing Yuri’s bodyguard who suddenly appeared, and the message that Yuri had sent saying that she had a person next door.”

“Isn’t it too late? What if her next door neighbor was someone else….”

“Well, it’s just a bit embarrassing and over~ Isn’t it worth it for a surprise like this? More than that.”

Hayang looked at her little boy with a smirk.

“Our Yuri is right in front of the house, so what is she doing here? What on earth is it that the two of you are alone at a man’s house early in the morning like this?”

“Hey. What does it matter what I did with you? You’re my bodyguard, so it’s only natural that you’re by my side. More than that, will your sister stop falling?”

The little boy poked the blade of his hand between Hayangi and me and untied her hug. However, Hayang was looking at the kid with a pretty surprised face.

“Yuri, you too… Are your memories back?”

“… Uh. Huh… ? How does your sister do that?”

“That’s because I lost my memory too. I don’t know? Some of your memories are missing or distorted, for you, me and Maria.”

“What? What the hell is that….”

“I came to talk about that today. Let’s go in Please treat the guest as the landlord.”

Hayang demanded to be treated as if it were natural, grabbed my arm and went inside. I hoped that it was my misunderstanding that the eyes of the little boy I saw as I passed by had become a little dead.

“That stray cat….”

… I didn’t hear anything

……………………… …..

“Whoah~ This is Alachne’s essence, right? Has our Daehyun completely succeeded?”

Seeing Hayang making a ecstatic expression while drinking the coffee I brewed, I felt like I did a good job of taking out the juice I treasured. I’m very proud of this.

“Mister? You don’t give that to just anyone, do you? Wasn’t it the exclusive property of the one and only neighbor like me?”

At some point, the little boy began to demand exclusive rights to the essence. What the hell kind of logic is that?

“Is that because I’m not just anyone? I still remember our steamy night~.”

“What is the best? I just really slept.”

“Ah~ Don’t bounce~. Are you the only one who saw me weak in the morning?”

Are you referring to the image of him scratching his head and seeing him off? It’s not like you’re going to show it to anyone. It was a charm and something, but it was too miserable to feel anything.

“Ha! Did you already hear that from your uncle? Exaggerating about something that is not a big deal. Did I sleep with you in the same bed yesterday?”

– Pooh!

I spewed out the coffee I was drinking. You must be exaggerating You little boy!

“What the hell are you talking about… !”

“hehehe, did I say something wrong? Didn’t you even go to bed first because you were tired from moving so hard? I wasn’t satisfied yet, so I spent the night hugging you with my eyes open?”

There’s nothing wrong with that, but it was inexhaustibly wrong. Rather than that, did you sleep hugging me after I went to sleep?

“Poop. Yuri Do you feel that you are bluffing too? If you really crossed the line with this person, you wouldn’t have reacted like this, right? Oh gu oh gu oh gu oh gu, our Yuri still smells like a virgin?”

“Unnie, you can only talk about it. You don’t have any experience, right? She lives in a conservative country in Nayaseong, but what was she doing while living in England, where she was completely free?”

“Didn’t I tell you that I’m of mixed Korean blood? Half of your blood is a Confucian girl~? Besides, the family is Puritan, so chastity before marriage is the default?”

There was nothing I couldn’t say because these crazy people were arguing overheated. In the crazy situation of spitting out virginity with a man in the middle, it touched the soul of the ten scholars who were sleeping inside.

“Stop, stop! Anna, you said you came here for a reason too!”

“Aha~ That’s right. I’m sorry~.”


Hayang looked at the little boy with inflated cheeks as if protesting, “I’m mad,” And laughed as if it was really fun.

“Ahhhhh! Originally, I prepared to help with this and that, but I didn’t know that I would regain my memories this quickly. Seeing Yuri, who had been so shy, so active, it seems that memories with Daehyun have come back. I don’t know what kind of memory it is, but seeing that a person completely changed, it must be a pretty great memory?”

“Isn’t that great? For the sake of the first time I saw him, he personally stepped up to beat the bad guy and saved me.”

“Me too? For the first time I saw him, he jumped at a class A villain and saved me.”

“Eh, A level?!”

“Oh my, is it possible that it was enough to catch a poor villain who is not even an A-class? I really risked my life to help. Whoop!”

“Rain, the strength of the villain is not important! The heart that helped me is important!”

“Ah~ But if the level of difficulty is added to that heart… Ughhhhh!!”

Oh! Without realizing it, I cut Hayang’s crown. They keep going the other way, but the end is an argument, so I can’t look at them anymore.

“I, you hit me! Mom… The day I hit but didn’t hit my dad!!”

“Let’s stop teasing the little boy and come here and say what we wanted to say.”

“Hmph, it feels like only the kid is completely favored.”

“It is an illusion.”

“Yes. Okay. I’ll do that once and move on. So let’s stop kidding and get to the point.”

Hayangi, who had straightened her posture, looked at the little boy with a rather serious voice and continued.

“Yuri, haven’t you felt anything strange?”

“… ? Is it strange?”

“Since I met Siwoo Kim. Why did you have a party with Siwoo Kim?”

“… Uh? That’s why I’m worried about Siwoo….”

“Worried? Since when have you been worried about him? How worried do you have to be to organize the most important party in the academy with him?”


“Isn’t it strange? It was strange every time I met and heard you guys. It wasn’t long after you started to worry about Kim Si-woo, and Kim Si-woo had grown to the point where you didn’t have to worry.”

“It seemed like it was moving as if it had been stabbed with processed emotions. You always worried about Kim Si-woo, who has grown to the point where you don’t have to worry.”

“… And that goes for me too.”

Hayang tousled her hair in annoyance.

“I received a request one day. It was a request to find a missing person. Normally, I would have checked several times through my ability and reasoning and called the police, but I moved complacently to the point of stupidity and was kidnapped.”

It was different from the time when I was just talking nonsense. To be a smart detective, I thought I was living on my own because I was too complacent, but that wasn’t the case. Wouldn’t this be a trick of the system?

“Something happened and eventually I came to Korea and ended up being sold as a slave, but Kim Si-woo bought me. And from then on, I fell in love with Kim Si-woo.”

“For that one reason of being a grateful person who brought me out of the bondage of slavery, I developed feelings of love for him and used my abilities unsparingly for him.”

“But no matter how much I thought about it, it was strange. This feeling was too artificial. I pride myself on being smarter than others. If there is something strange, you can immediately notice it and identify the contradiction. The more contradictions of those feelings piled up, the more I felt like I was going crazy. And you know how it is now?”

Goosebumps came up. Looking at Hayang from the side, no matter how you look at it, he was insane.

“The heart of that love is still there.”

“I love you so much that I hate you so much. To the point where I want to tear Kim Si-woo to death.”

Extra After the Ending

Extra After the Ending

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Became an extra in the novel. became a real extra. Under the control of the system, they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party. 15 years have passed and the novel’s ending is approaching


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