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Extra After the Ending chapter 27

27. Don’t take it home(1)

Don’t take it home(1)



“Mister, Mister.”

“Um… uh.”

“Uncle, Uncle, Uncle.”

“Wait, how long are you going to call me that?”

“hehehe, just checking to see if you are there.”

The memory of the little boy has returned. She felt like a kid who remembered me, looked at me properly, and paid for everything with just one greeting. Really, that alone was enough. Her heart swelled.

It was like proof that my labor under the system was not meaningless.

I returned home after soothing the little boy who shed tears like a broken faucet. I made them drink warm tea and fed them sweet snacks, so the little boy who was giggling calmed down to some extent.

However, it was only for a while that I was relieved to not cry anymore. The kid who came to his senses started playing with me. Clinging to my side, I began constantly reaffirming my existence.

-Cook Cook Cook

“Wait, stop stabbing me in the side.”

“hehehe, is the man really there? But I’ll check a little more.”

Acting as if I would disappear if I took my eyes off it just a little bit, he clung to me and did various stupid things. I couldn’t stop this and it was cute, so I decided to just watch it.

After ten minutes, I felt a warm and soft touch in my hand. I looked at her hand and before I knew it, the little boy’s hand was overlaid on top of mine.


“If you hold the pod like this, it will be difficult for you to go anywhere, right?”

The little boy with a hesitant smile leaned back on the sofa as if he was now relieved. And he looked at me and muttered.

“… How the hell am I supposed to forget about you?”

“It’s not your fault. It’s hard to believe, but someone erased your memory.”

“But… That can’t be an excuse. Even so, I should have remembered Mr. .”

I appreciated the little boy’s words, but it must have been difficult for him to remember me. Rather, it was enough to remind him of that brief encounter.

“I forgot about you, but you were always by my side.”

The return of the little boy’s memories was not just the return of her childhood memories. She even returned to her memories of her academy days.

At that time, she approached them in various ways to protect Kim Si-woo. It was natural to keep it secret in the dark, and starting with the academy’s security guard, I stayed around using all the jobs that could be nearby, such as local residents, merchants, and soldiers.

In addition, unlike Kim Si-woo, who was completely inaccessible, I was able to have a conversation with Little, Yellow, and White, so even though it was fragmentary, the moment-to-moment encounters remained in my memory.

“I’ve seen you, but I don’t remember. We talked, but the next day, the memory of the previous day was gone.”

It was a time when I just walked in place as if on a treadmill no matter how much I tried to get closer. No matter what I did, they would forget me the next day. Eventually I gave up too.

“You saved me from a crisis many times, but you continued to support me….”

She remembered the meeting with me in the academy days, and the little boy’s tear ducts, which had barely stopped, began to burst again.

“Heyying. Uncle.”


A crying little boy came up to me and hugged me. The body of the little boy who came into my arms was very soft.

It was difficult for her to adapt to the fact that the child she thought of as a child has grown up and is showing the appearance of an adult. That she had changed, she knew from the old evening, but she felt it physically and it felt different. Theory and practice are different. In particular, her breasts, which were like chewing gum, became very strong because of what she ate.

-Koo Woo-wook

The little boy’s contact began to grow stronger. Oh, come to your senses, you madman! No matter what, it’s kind of like that to a kid! When the child was 10 years old, she saw Jam Min doing something, and even now she is secretly like an elementary school student, so she says something!

“Thank you, Mister. Thank you very much. I will repay this gratitude for the rest of my life.”

Seeing the little girl expressing her gratitude to me with her wet eyes glistening, I wondered what she was doing, but her body senses didn’t tell lies, so I was dizzy.

“Lee, how about going to the bathroom and wiping your face? Yuri, your face is a mess from crying so much.”

You have to take it off first. I need to take a break and come back to my senses through my own time.

“I don’t like it. What if I disappear somewhere while saying that?”

“No, you don’t have to worry about that anymore? Come on, go to the bathroom.”

“… Why are you trying to separate me like this? Don’t like me? Are you embarrassed?”

From nob le mt l dot com

Now it’s not tears of joy, but really sad, so I tried to frown like crying.

“No, no, I don’t like it. I really like it. It’s not burdensome at all.”

“Hey. Then, as you said, I will go to the bathroom.”

Whoa. It’s very difficult to soothe a child. If you say one word wrong, you dry it like this. Still, I can spend some time in the bathroom now.


“… ? What. Aren’t you going to the bathroom?”

The little boy didn’t go to the bathroom and stayed there holding my hand.

“I’m going as you said, but please go with me too.”

“Why does that happen….”

“Isn’t it the result that everyone is happy while doing what you said and reflecting my intention not to leave?”

Is that how it works? It’s more than light years away from its original purpose, but I don’t know how to refute this.

“Go quickly. Come on.”

She was dragged to the bathroom by a little boy who grabbed her arm and dragged her.

… Then let’s release this hand and try to move away from it. Because I have to use both hands to wash her face anyway.


“… ? Aren’t you washing?”

“I don’t want to loosen my hands.”

“Then how are you going to wash it?”

“Let’s do it with one hand.”

She said curtly and started washing her face by turning on the water with one hand. However, the little boy, who is right-handed with one hand, was creaking in many ways when he tried to move with his left hand.

“… Washing your face is hard.”

“Right? So, let go of these hands….”

“Old man wash me please.”

What the hell is this kid talking about?

“You think that makes sense….”

“What can I do? Sleep come on If I keep not even washing my face like this, my face will be completely swollen and I might not recognize you.”

“… Ha. Okay. I’ll do it for you, so lower your head.”


At my words, the little boy immediately put his face into the sink.

I don’t know if this is correct. Is it okay to fiddle with a grown girl’s face in the name of washing her face? I don’t think it’s easy to do this between lovers.

I couldn’t stay still, so I started washing my face. It was really the first time since I was born that I did someone else’s face instead of my own. It was difficult to progress quickly because I was not used to it. It was all the more so because of the little boy’s features and soft skin texture that could be felt by her fingertips.

“Pu-huh, it tickles.”

“Come on, quiet. If you say it, it will stain your mouth.”


It took time to slowly handle treasure, but now we were nearing the end.

“Here, wipe some water with a towel.”

“Please wipe it.”

10-Year-old Jam-min looked at the little boy with cold eyes who had regressed more than he did when he was younger, but he pushed her face in without taking it out as if it was natural. He covered the boy’s face with the towel he was holding.


“What are you talking about?”

“Refreshing~. Well. What would you have said?”

I had doubts about the unknown words, but I decided to turn my attention away. After arguing with the little boy, I looked at the clock and saw that it was past 12:00 at night.

“Yuri, it’s already 12 o’clock? Isn’t it time to go to sleep?”

“Is that so? A lot of things happened today, and I’m tired, so I think I should go to bed early.”

Oh, why do you listen without much resistance? I was afraid that I would leave it later, but I was glad that the finish was comfortable.


“… ? Aren’t you going home?”

“… ? Why are you going home?”



Where did it go wrong? Why is she so proud to say that a grown-up girl will stay at a man’s house, leaving the house 10 meters in front of her?

“There’s your house right in front of you, but you’re not going?”

“Your uncle promised to protect me. What if I am alone at home and get kidnapped?”

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No matter how you look at it, you seem to be worrying too much….

“Because I’m really good at sensing, so I can cover that distance? You do not have to worry.”

“No. Today, I realized that kidnappings happen in an instant. A little carelessness is not allowed.”

My head ached as to how to send the little boy back, who was determined to sleep here. Are you really not going?

“Yuri, I really have the ability….”

– Tadadadak!

The little boy who was listening to me untied her hand and suddenly ran out. What the heck, where are you going?

That momentary thought produced tremendous results. The little one was heading straight for the bedroom when she had figured out where she was. With the thought that she had to stop, she tried to move but she had already opened the door and jumped onto the bed.

– Fu-wook!

The high-quality mattress received the little boy who flew up without any shock. And the little one turned her head and called out to me.

“I!! I will sleep here!!!”

Extra After the Ending

Extra After the Ending

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Became an extra in the novel. became a real extra. Under the control of the system, they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party. 15 years have passed and the novel’s ending is approaching


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