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Extra After the Ending chapter 26

26. Retrieving Memories(2)

Retrieving Memories(2)

“Mister, get that water….”

The little boy trembled with a troubled voice and asked me for help. The answer came right away with a look that could not be ignored.

“Yes, yes! Wait a minute. I’ll get you something to drink right away!”

I quickly ran to the convenience store I remembered on the way. A fox in a mountain without a tiger, maximizing the strength of the current human body’s strongest body, it reached a fairly long distance in less than 30 seconds.

– Belt ring



I quickly passed Alba’s greeting and ran into the beverage corner. What should i buy? First of all, I started to put this and that in case I didn’t know. I picked up everything from ionic beverages to tea and soda and ran to the checkout.

“Quickly please.”


After the calculation, where one second equals an hour, I saw the price on the calculator window and took out several 50,000 won bills from my wallet and sent them to Alba.

“Sorry!! Keep the rest!”

“Wow! What are you doing… ! Thank you!!!”

I couldn’t even express my dissatisfaction and ran back to the playground, leaving behind my part-time job, which had quickly become a slave to capitalism. We did everything from the start and returned to the playground in less than 3 minutes.

“Yuri! Are you okay?!”

“Kyaaak! Why are you coming so soon?”

“No, I ran quickly because I was worried.”

“Oh, uhm. Thank you.”

As if he felt ashamed of his anger at my words, his cheeks blushed slightly and he became quiet. I sat down next to the kid and started taking out the drinks I bought.

“Now, I prepared several here, right? Would you like water, an ionic drink, or a cool carbonated drink?”

“… Mister, you know that this is a complete overspending, right?”

“No, I increased my options because I was worried.”

“I said water, right? Phew… But since you’re sincere, I’ll be thankful.”

The little boy took out a bottle of water from among the piles of drinks and started drinking it.

– Gulp

“Puhaa~ I think I will live.”

“So why did you throw up all of a sudden?”

“I don’t know. I was just looking around the playground and I was trying to think of something, but suddenly the toe came up and I stopped….”

Seeing the little boy groaning and covering his head as if in pain, I felt like I could see some possibility.

“Remember how you stuck to me like chewing gum here?”

“Yes? Did I?”

“Yes. Telling strangers you can trust them and telling them I’m white.”

“White…. Come to think of it, he is white. Now that the ability is so weak that it’s hard to distinguish, but it’s a little bit, but I can see it. Then, the old man has always been white from then on.”

“Isn’t the color always maintained? It seems like it might change?”

“No. I thought it would stay the same. I still believed that until today. But something strange happened.”

“Strange thing?”

“Do you remember Siwoo Kim, the kid who visited the hospital today? He was obviously white too. But today, when I met him, he was no longer white. It’s not even black, but it’s changed to look grayish. I thought my ability was wrong, but no matter how many times I tried it, it was the same.”

Is that also a trace of the system? It must have been something like covering the little boy’s eyes and making Kim Si-woo’s approach easier.

I can understand why the kid’s reaction was strange at the hospital today. A country that had a special A credit rating until yesterday was about to go into bankruptcy today. It must have been even more crazy when he said that the verification system he had trusted and used for decades had gone bad.

“That’s kind of weird. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep some distance from him for a while? It could be a magical curse.”

At this time, I tried to keep the little boy away from Kim Si-woo. He didn’t have to be forced to be close anymore, and being gray meant he wasn’t very helpful in a kid’s life.

“That, would that be good? Ah! Then I have to tell my colleagues!”

“Let’s just let Anna know about it. He’s smart, so he’ll do it well.”

“Yes. Anna’s sister….”

The little boy’s face became a little pale as he continued to speak.

“… How close are you and your sister?”

“Huh? Wasn’t she just that friendly? The time we met wasn’t that long.”

“Isn’t it because people you aren’t even close to meet for the first time in a while, hug each other, speak softly and call each other by their first names?”

“No, that….”

If you think about it, the time you met with the kid or the white wasn’t that long. It was a short time, no matter who sees it, and it was memorable.

Of course, since he saved them from danger and saved their lives, the depth would have to be deeper than the normal relationship, but it was definitely difficult to measure the distance.

“So, despite the appearance, they are not close friends?”

“Then how close are you? I will listen and judge.”

“No, it’s not really a big deal. To put it mildly, to what extent did you receive a partnership offer?”

“Hey~ Your sister who says she likes going solo is close enough to suggest her partner?”

“… Uh?! Was he like that? Anyway, it’s really no big deal. I saved you from a crisis, we ate together, rented an office for one night, and slept….”

“Ha, one night?!!!”

“Wait a minute, it seems like there is a misunderstanding because of some word, but isn’t that the case? Did you just sleep?”

I felt the need to calm the excited kid and return the story that fell into Samcheonpo to its original state. If it went on like this, Hayang would only talk about it.

“Anyway, you clung to me that day and got me a meal.”

“Yes? Even rice for the first person you met?”

You were a kid with a ridiculous face, but what you did doesn’t make it go away.

“I took her to a rice noodle shop and proudly asked to buy not only rice noodles but also jjajo.”

“What, what… !!”

She laughed at the kid who was distracted by her own shocking behavior that she couldn’t remember. I think she knows that she is ashamed of herself as the brazen child becomes self-objectifying.

“Still, I had my own concept, so I said thank you. Thank you!! Did you say that?”

“Of course!”

I thought as I looked at her little boy. Even though she recounted the day’s events casually, she showed no signs of recalling anything. Do we need more intuitive and solid evidence?

“… So why did you call me to such a dark place on a night like this to tell you about it? Wasn’t that enough to say at home? …Any other purpose?!”

A kid with a startled face wrapped his body with both arms and took a pose to be wary of me. I was dumbfounded, so I didn’t even laugh.

“Listening to what you say, do you think I tricked you into doing something strange?”

“Ahahahaha~just kidding~.”

The little boy said it was nothing and got up from her bench and went to the jungle gym. She had a much more comfortable face, as if the vomit had gotten better.

The little boy skillfully climbed her jungle gym and sat in the middle of her, looking at me.

“If not, what are you going to do now?”

I decided to show the kid’s words with action. I sat on a swing


It’s more rusty than back then, so I doubted if I’d be able to hold on to my strength, but once is enough, so hold on just once.

If there is no progress even after explaining, I wonder if it would be right to start from the beginning and show it in action. It’s about recreating that moment.

“… Something?”

“Take a look.”

I gave strength to my legs. I was a little nervous in case I made a mistake. At that time, if you want to recreate that moment again, it would definitely be better to succeed at once. I believe myself. It’s not that difficult, just focus your mind.


When I kicked the floor with strength in my legs, my body floated up in an instant. I left my body on the swing and enjoyed the feeling of floating. It rotated 360 degrees and landed in its original position. Again after 10 years, but still a perfect 360 degree swing show.

“Oh! Uncle, what is that?!”

A kid who saw my swing show jumped from her jungle gym and ran at me. She said excitedly, grabbing my arm and shaking it.

“It’s dope! Try that one more time! One….”

The strength of the little boy who used to squeeze my arm disappeared. I stopped talking and just stared blankly in front of me. The little boy’s eyes, which had been cloudy for a few minutes, gradually began to regain their color.


He was looking at me with a dejected smile that seemed to be very absurd, and with clearer eyes. It was a mysterious face that laughed and cried coexisted whether it was happy or sad.

“Nonsense. It’s really stupid. How can I forget this?”

“It’s really funny… Remembering something like this…”

Should I say it was this easy? Should I say I didn’t try something obvious? Is this the power of first meeting? No, it would be better to see that what has been piled up and piled up has exploded now. Rather, it can be said that it is great to remember the moment of that brief meeting.


Tears flowed from the little boy’s eyes. Tears filled and flowed down in an instant without any premonition.



“… Long time no see.”

Extra After the Ending

Extra After the Ending

엔딩후 엑스트라는
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Became an extra in the novel. became a real extra. Under the control of the system, they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party. 15 years have passed and the novel’s ending is approaching


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