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Extra After the Ending chapter 25

25. Retrieving Memories(1)

Retrieving Memories(1)

“It’s been a while?”

“… !!”

Hayang’s words really shocked me. Can this be she doesn’t remember me I haven’t seen one in the past week. By the way, long time no see? If it’s been a long time, are you referring to that moment in England? She didn’t know about the little boy, but she realized that her memories weren’t completely gone. Then….

“You can’t believe it?”

“Huh. So far for now.”

White, who was hugging me, fell off. The little boy, who had come close to me, kept the distance between me and Whitei, who were close to me.

“What are you two doing all of a sudden? And what did you say?”

The little girl was sweating and asking about the relationship between us, but she didn’t answer.

“I thought I was the only one involved with you, but I wasn’t. But I guess it’s not Yuri yet?”

“Sister? What the hell do you mean?!”

“Aha~ Yuri, don’t panic. Who is stealing it? I’m going to see Maria. Have a good time together.”

Hayang finally said that and went back to her hospital room. It’s still my pace.


Then I heard a cold voice like a north wind in the middle of winter.


“How do you know your sister?”

“Wait, I wonder if I saw it for the first time too.”

“Don’t lie. It’s the first time you’ve ever acted so friendly to someone you’ve never met, right?”

Ah, this little dead eye is trying to come back. Let her think about it. She was going to talk to the flirt about me anyway. In the meantime, it’s only natural that we have to talk about Hayang. Even if he had to hide it, if you look at Hayangi’s attitude, he can’t help but get involved in the end.

“Yes, we know each other. I’ll tell you the details when I go home after the hospital visit.”

“Good. Then go home now.”

“What? No, how long has it been since I’ve seen your face?”

“I saw it with my own two eyes and it was fine. Is there anything else I can do? Don’t worry, I’ll call you and say I’m leaving first.”

What is this bulldozer-like progress? No, I don’t have a mental preparation. As if nothing was wrong with my appealing eyes, the little boy finished the call in an instant and caught a taxi through the app.


The little boy came up to my side and grabbed my wrist. Am I the only one who feels that it’s not something thrilling and romantic, but handcuffs that the culprit puts on to prevent him from escaping?

It was definitely a hand that could easily be released with just a little bit of strength, but at this moment, it felt harder than any other metal.



The front door opened with the sound of the door lock. The dark hallway and living room were automatically turned on by sensors. It was like a light guiding me down the road to hell I felt uncomfortable with. When I first saw it, I thought I liked it because it was new.

– Kung

“Uncle. What are you doing? I’m waiting for you on the sofa in the living room. I’ll bring something to drink.”

“Uh… ?”

This must have been my house, right? As if it was natural, I went to the kitchen and saw the little boy preparing coffee, and I felt like the host and guest were evangelized. No, when did you know what was in the kitchen? Did you figure it all out in the short time you were making dinner?

As I sat awkwardly on the sofa in the living room, the little boy brewed coffee and brought it to me. He left his coffee on the table in the living room and sat next to me as if it were natural.

He didn’t say anything. Just sit next to me and sip coffee. And it was to the point of not taking his eyes off me. No, this was a bit of a burden.

“Big. I said I want you to do your best too.”


“Then can you believe anything I say? In fact, I am the Great Demon King who came to destroy this world.”

“No. I don’t believe it.”

“No, I told you to do your best.”

“But your eyes are lying? Even if I try my best, I can’t believe that.”

“What kind of lie detector are you? Anyway, even if it’s hard to believe, please believe me.”

“Hmm… all right. Say anything.”

I’m in a situation where I have to make an important decision of a lifetime. I wonder if it’s too much. Still, there is a possibility. The attitude of the little boy, the fragments of his memories, and even the meeting with Hayang. I don’t know if everything will be resolved with this conversation now. But I can assure you that it is definitely different from before.

The difference between 0% and 1% is not simply the difference of the number 1. The boundary between the possible and the impossible. And I saw the border.

“Do you remember your stepfather?”

“Ha? That disgusting person… Rather, how does he know that person?”

“I was the one who saved you from that nasty man.”

“Yes? What is that….”

A kid with an expression of incomprehension. Is it like this too? But even so, this is just the beginning. I’m not mentally weak enough to despair over this.

“Then let’s think about it one by one. How do you remember the situation at that time? For what reason did that stepdad disappear from you?”

“That’s right….”

The little boy, who had stopped talking for a while, seemed to recall the situation at that time, but suddenly began to change into a stern expression.

“Why? Strange… under?”

“… What the hell is it?”

“That… I had a childhood friend named Jungwoo….”

Kim Jeong-woo. The original protagonist of this world. In a way, they were real extras who were worse than me. An entity that instantly became airy and disappeared within the story. In addition, it is terrible that even his childhood friend was taken away by Kim Si-woo.

“I’m sure Jungwoo helped me, but I don’t remember… Weird. It’s too blurry. How did you help me?”

“It was definitely something I was very grateful for and it was memorable, but I’m not sure how it ended. Why didn’t I remember this yet? What the hell is it?”

It was a feature of the system. It erases memories and prevents the behavior itself that could become a variable. It is to prevent re-chewing and recalling memories. But with the disappearance of the system, access to these contradictions became possible. And the memory the system filled in was pretty sloppy.

A little boy’s head will resemble the image of someone stepping on a flower bed and tearing out all the plants that were originally grown and replacing them with new ones. I don’t even remember growing plants, but anyway, the flower beds were occupied by new things.

If there is a problem, there is a board with the name of the original plant written in front of the flower bed.

Should a person who sees a flower bed for the first time trust the flowers in the flower bed or the name plate in front of the flower bed? It is unknown whether that is the real image of the flower bed or just a name plate.

If you can’t figure it out with this, you can add more other conditions.

“The only person you met back then was your childhood friend?”

“I don’t know. Just… I just don’t remember. I thought it was so obvious, but I can’t remember anything.”

“… Let’s change places, to the place where you first met me.”

“This is your first time?”

“Yes. Just like you thought, it’s not the first time you and I met today, it’s not here.”

The playground. It was not too far from here. Didn’t they say that the first time in anything is important? If you’re trying to recall a memory, the first place you meet is a good place.

I don’t know if this will bring back memories. It doesn’t matter though. The kid started first, and now he doesn’t give up. Don’t bother me until I remember. Be prepared to take it with you wherever you go.


A lukewarm windy night. I was walking with a little boy in an alley where the only thing I could rely on was the light of the street lamp.

“Wow, long time no see here. I haven’t been here since I moved, but I’m very glad to see you.”

The little boy was walking around and looking at the space of memories that had been coming for a long time.

“If it’s the playground you mentioned, surely that place?”

“I don’t know how many playgrounds there are here, but you’re probably right.”

“A place with a lot of very old instruments?!”

“Yes, yes. Right there.”

As I was walking down the street, I saw a familiar landscape before I knew it. It was the playground where I first met my little boy. Its appearance was maintained as it was at that time, as if it had preserved relics of the past. Since it was a place that was not managed in the first place, it may be maintained this way. If it had been managed, something major would have gone into the construction.

“Oh my God, how is this place the same as in the old days?”

The little boy went around the playground and looked at the equipment. It’s definitely really the same. Except the paint peeled off more and it rusted more.

“This… this playground… !”

The little boy, who had been wandering around the playground for a while, muttered as if he remembered something. Seo, could it be that you remembered just by coming to the place of memory?


From nob le mt l dot com

No what! The little boy started to vomit. Oh my God, a heroine who vomits… ! Memories of dinner flowing down the vomit waterfall seemed vague… Not this!

She rushed over and patted the boy on the back.

“Yuria, are you okay?”

“hehehe. hehehe. It’s okay, it’s okay.”

The little boy, who vomited all over the sand and got back up, went to the bench and sat down.

“Mister, get that water….”

“Yes, yes!”

Extra After the Ending

Extra After the Ending

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Became an extra in the novel. became a real extra. Under the control of the system, they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party. 15 years have passed and the novel’s ending is approaching


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