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Extra After the Ending chapter 24



Upon opening the hospital room door, Kim Si-woo’s face was full of smiles. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him, but with a smile on his face, he knows how to pull aggro.

“… Uh?”

But when his gaze came to me, the smile on his face faded and he began to frown abruptly, as if he had seen cockroaches in the house. I don’t know what it is, but it was better to see than a smiling face.

“Siwoo! Are you okay?”

The little boy approached Siwoo Kim and checked his condition. Aren’t you fine to look at? Despite the little boy’s worries, Kim Si-woo was not able to react properly.

My eyes were fixed on me beyond the kid nearby.

“Uh… ? Siwoo why… ?”

At that time, the little boy hesitated and walked away from Kim Si-woo. A face like he saw something unbelievable. Even my legs trembled a little and I thought I would fall, so I grabbed him from behind.

“Yuri, are you okay?”

“Yes?! Oh no, it’s okay. Thanks for catching me.”

“… For a moment!”

As I and the little boy got closer, Siwoo Kim was startled and hurriedly tried to get off the bed.

“Siwoo! You can’t move like that all of a sudden!”

Yellowy, who was guarding Kim Si-woo’s side, prevented his sudden action. It was a natural concern, but the timing wasn’t right. Kim Si-woo returned Yellowy’s behavior with a sh*t-chewed face.

“… Oh Mr… Hmm!”

Then, as if realizing something, he straightened up his expression and smiled at the yellow.

“Thank you Maria. My body was sore and I wanted to move a little. Shall we stop doing this and go outside? Is it okay to go for a walk?”

“Ah yes! Probably no problem! I’ll ask the nurse for a minute and come back!”

As Maria walked out of her hospital room, Siwoo Kim looked at me.

“Hey… What kind of relationship do you have with us?”

“Ah, the introduction is late. My name is Jeong Dae-hyun, who is working as Yuri’s bodyguard.”

You must be very curious about who the cock that suddenly broke into your harem party with that look that is very wary. I’m full of hearts that I want to get rid of quickly, but what should I do? Even if you wanted to kick me out, wouldn’t it be easy?

“Bodyguard… ? Yuri, what is this?”

“Huh? Ah… My parents thought I was in danger, so they attached a bodyguard….”

For some reason, the little boy seemed to be reluctant to see Kim Si-woo. After falling once, he didn’t even try to get closer. Kim Si-woo was concentrating only on the word bodyguard, as if he hadn’t noticed the little boy.

“A bodyguard? You can ask me for that!”

“Siwoo, it happened while you were in the hospital, so I couldn’t help it. In addition, it was really attacked, and it would have been a really big deal without this person.”

“What? Attack?!”

“There was an incident where they ransom me….”

There are many things that are inconvenient in many ways to tell the details, so the kid shortened it. Being attacked by a classmate who was in class with you is something that can’t be easily experienced.

“Well, then I am awake now. From now on, I will protect you. Send him away, huh?”

“If that’s the case, Siwoo, you’re going through a lot. Even so, asking a kid who has just been discharged to become a bodyguard is a bit….”

“No, use it….”

There was nothing to refute, so perhaps Kim Si-woo’s mouth was blocked, and he only licked his lips.


“Siwoo! Say you can go for a walk!”

An energetic yellow guy came running to announce the news.

“Now, here are the slippers. Are you having a hard time getting excited? Shall I trust you?”

Despite Yellowi’s utmost sincerity, Kim Si-woo did not react in any way. His gaze was always fixed on me. What if you screw up?

“It’s already night, so it’s only possible to stay in the hospital, but just walking around would be pretty good.”

With Yellowy’s dedication, he was ready to go out before he knew it. However, Siwoo Kim hesitated without getting up from the bed.

“Hey, Yuri. Can you help me Is Maria unable to support her because of her height?”

Kim Si-woo You man! Seeing the kid’s cunning tricks trying to cling to the kid made me feel feverish.

“hahahaha! If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better for me, who has good strength?”

“Yes? Wow!”


I lifted Kim Si-woo and supported him by putting him on his side.

“How are you? Do you think it will never fall? Women are relatively weak, so if they are not supported, both can fall.”

“What is this… thank you….”

Blowing a refreshing smile to Kim Si-woo, who grieved at his teeth, he started the walk. While walking down the hallway, Yellow began to explain the current situation to Kim Si-woo in detail. The closure of the academy, the power and monsters of the talented people who do not return even after a week, and the collapse of the social position of the talented people that result from this.

Kim Si-woo sighed when he heard the situation.

“Whoa… Really what now… ? What are you thinking?”

“Maybe because I still have magical powers, I was contacted asking if I would like to work at the research lab, so I decided to go there.”

“Ummm… Wouldn’t I just inherit my parent’s job?”

The answer of the yellow and the little boy. A plausible future image was drawn. On the other hand, Kim Si-woo was in a really different situation. In fact, there is no problem in making a living after entering the military, but it was unknown whether Kim Si-woo would accept it.

Obviously, this guy also had quite a lot of A-class abilities, but his abilities were even worse than the other abilities. It’s clear that he can’t even resist properly even though he moves his body around and whimpers, perhaps because he’s resentful of being caught by me.

I don’t know if the growth that relied on the system came back as a side effect, but the feeling of deprivation was incomparable to other talented people.

The one who was flying high in the middle of the day was thrown to the floor. If you ask a person who used to work for a world-class conglomerate to go clean a septic tank right away, he will have a seizure. Siwoo Kim was in exactly this situation.

When Kim Si-woo’s face darkened, the yellow guy continued.

“First of all, Siwoo has no place to stay. Would you like to stay at my house when you are discharged?”

“No, you don’t have to.”

Someone intervened and blocked the proposal that Yellowy had courageously made. When he heard the voice behind him, he turned around and saw Hayangi standing there. I was a little surprised to see White, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, pop out from behind.

The little boy looked back together and ran to Hayang with a happy face.

“Sister! Where have you been?”

“Ah~ I was busy with this and that.”

Hayang scratched his head with a smirk and continued.

“Siwoo is also a man, right? How uncomfortable would it be to live with a woman? So I got a house for you!”


“Oh! Siwoo! Are you impressed with me? I think you’ll be waking up soon, but the dormitory is closed, right? So

I took special care to save you a nice house!”

“No, just do whatever you want… More than that, didn’t my older sister get far away from me?”

“Hey, I haven’t heard any sounds in my head since that day? I did an experiment, and it turned out that even if I got away from you, I was perfectly fine!”

“Uh… uh? Chu, congratulations… ?”

“Thank you Siwoo! I couldn’t go because you were busy, but I think you can go back to England!”

“Come to think of it, sister, you haven’t been to England in a while, have you? Now that this has happened, shall we go on a trip to England?”

“Huh, traveling isn’t bad either. It would be good for Siwoo to come up with a plan after he is discharged from the hospital.”

Hayang, who was talking with the other kids, turned to me.

“Who is this other than that? If you see it sticking like this… Could it be that Siwoo’s boyfriend?!”

“What are you talking about, sister!”

“Ahahahaha, kidding, kidding.”

What kind of joke is that, Haya?

“Nice to meet you. I am Jeong Dae-hyeon, Yuri’s bodyguard.”

“Hey~. You are Yuri’s bodyguard~”

White’s face, which had been smiling until just now, became sharper. Wait, what did I do to look at you like that?

“Hey, I’m Yuri’s bodyguard, but until a few days ago, I had never heard of Yuri as a bodyguard before. But how can I trust you?”

“Sister! This man saved my life!”

“Yuri, what if that was all planned? How do you know if you’re going to stab me in the back after making me believe it?”

“That’s too far-fetched!”

“There is nothing forced. And I’m not blindly against it, am I? It’s about verifying.”

“Right! I had some thoughts like that too. Multiple verifications are required to protect Yuri!”

Kim Si-woo, who had been organized, agreed with Hayang’s words with a lively face. This bird… !!

“Siwoo, even you… !”

The little boy looked visibly flustered. It seems that he did not know that I would be rejected to this extent by his colleagues. Come to think of it, the yellow might have accepted it too easily.

“Maria is going back with Siwoo. I will have a talk with him.”

“No, me too….”

“It is true that the patient is resting quietly. Maria, please?”

“Ah yes! I’ll take good care of you! Let’s go, Siwoo!”

“No wait… !”

Attracted by Yellowi, Sareeji from everyone’s sight searched for Kim Si-woo, and only me, the little boy, and Whitei remained. Hayang didn’t take his eyes off me. And the little boy was fidgeting between me and White.

“Sister, is this person you can really trust? Huh?”



Hayang quietly approached me and grabbed my hand.

“Hmm…. Jeong Dae-hyun?”


– Kwak!

With my answer, her strength in holding my hand grew stronger.


– Wow!

Hayang gave me a meaningless smile and warmed me up. I hugged him to be exact.

I was dizzy at the soft body and scent of her suddenly approaching me.

“Sister?! What are you doing!”

Despite the little boy’s panicked cry, Hayang’s eyes were on me.

“Jeong Dae-hyeon.”

“Yes… ?”

“It’s been a while?”

Extra After the Ending

Extra After the Ending

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Became an extra in the novel. became a real extra. Under the control of the system, they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party. 15 years have passed and the novel’s ending is approaching


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