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Extra After the Ending chapter 23



“Siwoo woke up?”

Is this a one-line sentence that makes people angry? The thing he had put out of his head because he’d been really busy the past week started to occupy a room in his brain again.

“What, what happened?”

Still, it might be a good material to overcome this situation. I didn’t want to send it if possible, but what will happen if I don’t send it. I felt cowardly because I did not have the courage to face the little boy.

“Ah… He said that my friend was hospitalized in a coma and had just woken up.”

“Ah! Then you should go I’ll take you. Don’t worry about safety.”

“… Mister. Why are you in such a hurry?”


“It’s important that my friend woke up, but it’s not bad and it’s not urgent. We still have a lot to say, right?”

I couldn’t help but be embarrassed by the appearance of a little boy with dynamic eyes that I had never seen before. Oh please please don’t do this Can we please stop forgiving this cowardly bastard?

“Even if the hospital is 10 minutes late, 10 seconds is enough for Mr.

-Koo Woo-wook

I felt pain in the grip I could feel from the gripped arm. What? I’m a B-class body? Were you completely in love?


“Uh, uh uh.”


It seemed that he had no intention of letting go of this hand until I said anything. Although he was obviously a tomboy, the kid who had the light attribute at some point evolved into darkness and was putting pressure on me.

What should I do? Should I just pretend I don’t know and do nothing like a coward? Does that mean that there is a possibility that something could be improved? Conflicting questions piled up one after another. It was more difficult than when I was in the military, when I was tearing up the pots of villains, and when I summoned the demon king to bring out the ending of this world.

Still, I had to choose.



“… I’ll tell you everything when I get to the hospital.”

I took the best step that a jjolbo could make. If someone sees it, they might say that I just pushed this moment back, but… That’s true, but I needed time to think.

And once we made a promise. He’s not so cowardly that he can’t even keep his word.

“Either saying that and running away, or delaying again….”

“No, I won’t do that. Just promise me this.”

“A promise?”

I released the little boy’s hand that was holding my arm and joined my hand.

“You should do your best as much as I do.”

I couldn’t bear to see my actions become meaningless. Even if I confess everything, I refuse to remember that I am the only one who is treated as a paranoid patient. As little as you asked me to tell you, you are also responsible.

From nob le mt l dot com

Now it was like riding a boat. It was the little boy who opened Pandora’s box and I won’t let you go easily.

“… Best?”

“You just need to know that.”

………………… …..

Arrived at the hospital. Since it is an affiliated hospital of a university that is said to be the best in Seoul, the size is enormous, so I wondered if it would take a long time to find a room, but Yellowy was waiting at the entrance.


A yellow one finds us and runs with two tails flapping. Seeing this, it seemed like a long time ago.

“Maria! Sorry. Are you a little late? Is Siu okay?”

“Yes! Are you okay! The doctor went after examining, but everything is fine, and just in case you don’t know, you just need to see it for about 3 more days and be discharged.”

“Really? I am very fortunate.”

Ah, that bastard, his limbs, torso and head are all fine. If I had been hurt properly and lay down a little sickly, I would have felt better inside.

“But Yuri… Who is that?”

When the yellow guy found me and hid behind the glass, he asked.

“Ah, it’s a bit complicated to explain…. Ah! He is my bodyguard!”

Isn’t that too abbreviated, kid? Couldn’t I have explained that he was a kind, warm, and kind neighbor next door who even saved lives?

“Bo, bodyguard?”

So your mom got you a bodyguard? But there are people who are really targeting me!”

“What?! Are you okay?! Are you not hurt?”

“I’m here because it’s okay. It was really dangerous, but this man saved me!”

“Ohh… !!”

Yellowy’s eyes, which used to be wary, were shining brightly before he knew it. It was a dramatic change that seemed to pop up a notification window saying that the favorability was +10. Little guy is good at adapting colors.

“By the way, where did Anna go? Are you taking care of Siu?”

“No, I went out for a while because I had something to do.”


On my way to the hospital room after a face-to-face greeting between Yellowy and I. I could also hear the news of Anna. Are you still here I know the screaming worm is back because of the system, but is it gone now? I didn’t care because I was busy, but if he still had it, I felt like I should give him some kind of follow-up support.

Listening to the chatter between the little boy and the yellow boy, walking and riding the elevator, he came to a single-person hospital room. Is Siwoo Kim here?

– Smart smart

“Siwoo. I’m Maria Shall I go in?”

[Uh, come in.]

The main character you meet for the first time after the ending. Sweat dripped from his clenched fists.


“… Ah.”

Siwoo Kim opened his eyes. He had exploded and collapsed a week ago, swearing at his teammates. And he opened his eyes only now.

“Ha, f*ck it….”

– Woodeukwoodeuk

Kim Si-woo twisted his stiff body and loosened his stiff muscles. I applied power to his hand and used his superpowers to check his strength. And he woke up again That it was never a dream a week ago.

“Damn it! Zenzaang!! What the hell is this!!!”

– Bang bang!

I couldn’t get rid of it, so I only hit the bed. In one morning, he became a little strong unemployed. The monsters are gone and peace has come to the world. Peace in the world!

It was just the worst situation for Kim Si-woo. It was only then that he was no different from the world he originally lived in. He does things he doesn’t want to do, and every day is gray, so this world was like an oasis to himself who was looking for a new life every time.

I was suddenly possessed by this world on my way home from work, but it didn’t matter at all.

There was a big risk of risking her life and fighting monsters, but it was only a small obstacle.

This world was a world of creations he knew, and he knew all kinds of hidden peace, so he was full of energy. The status window given after being possessed pressured him to save the world, but he presented a lot of rewards.

My strength was overflowing, and the information about the future that I was memorizing was getting rid of even the least amount of anxiety.

At some point, he came to think that he was the main character as he watched the heroines gathering around him.

Everything was absolutely perfect.

Even a week ago.

“f*ck it… !!!”

At some point, Kim Si-woo, who was trembling, realized that he had forgotten in anger.

“In this state of incompetence, even the setting of a goddamn orphan….”

The original setting of the character Kim Si-woo. An orphan with no place to lean on.

He didn’t have enough money to live on his own. When he earns, he buys weapon enhancements or elixirs to eat, but he has spent all of them, so there is really nothing. Since the weapons and body he had invested in were useless, Kim Si-woo was on the verge of going crazy.

In a situation where you don’t know if your strength will come back, the only person you can trust is the three women who were on a team.

But before he collapsed, he couldn’t control his anger and cursed at him. Of course, due to their personalities, they wouldn’t leave Kim Si-woo because of this one mistake, but they didn’t know the world.

“Ha ha. I’ll have to be careful. They secretly bounce off each other, so the relationship is still ambiguous, but if you make more mistakes, it will be the end.”

To Kim Si-woo, they didn’t feel like people. Although it is real, it was the result of his way of thinking, thinking of it as a half-game. He was just a character in the story and a target of attack.

[I heard a voice from the hospital room!]

– Tadadak

I heard voices outside the hospital room and the sound of people running.

– Drooling!


Maria appeared with fluttering yellow hair.

“Siwoo! Are you okay?!”

Looking at Maria crying and worrying about herself, Kim Si-woo thought.

‘Yes. f*ck. Without these b*tches, my life is nothing. I’ll treat you as well as possible, so please act as a landlord.’

“It’s okay, Maria. And I’m sorry….”

“Eh? Why all of a sudden?”

“At that time, I was so excited that I said something I couldn’t. I really can’t raise my head thinking that Maria must have been hurt.”

“No. I’m really glad you’re okay.”

Looking at Maria who smiled happily at her own words, Kim Si-woo laughed inwardly at her.

‘It was amazing that even though he acted like a dog, he stuck to me like a chewing gum, but now I see it. Let’s go forever Kkeuk.’

“Where are the other two?”

“Ah! Yuri is at home taking turns with me, and her sister went out for a while to have something to do. I need to call.”

As if remembering Maria, I took her phone and went outside.

Yuri Han, Anna Edinburgh. The two were obviously close, but it was a strange, distant relationship. Even though she was very friendly, Han Yu-ri did not touch her beyond a certain point, or Anna Edinburgh, who never went to the end even though she seemed persistently tempting.

Kim Si-woo decided while thinking about his relationship with Maria and the other two.

‘I haven’t been able to properly progress the relationship because I’ve been growing stronger and catching monsters, but that’s not the case anymore. Yes, it’s just that the genre has changed from a hunter story to a love comedy. Half a year if you attack properly? No, they’ll be able to make rice cakes in three months.’

I waited for the other two with a confident smile.

– Smart smart

[Siwoo. I’m Maria Shall I go in?]

“Oh, come in.”

Maria, Han Yu-ri, and a tall man can be seen through the door. Kim Si-woo’s face, which had been filled with a smile while looking at Han Yu-ri, began to wrinkle as his eyes turned to the man.

As a male, the intuition that I shouldn’t get involved with that bastard began to rise.

‘f*ck… What is that cock?’

Extra After the Ending

Extra After the Ending

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Became an extra in the novel. became a real extra. Under the control of the system, they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party. 15 years have passed and the novel’s ending is approaching


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