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Extra After the Ending chapter 20

20. Dinner(1)


“Mister, what are you going to do for dinner tonight?”

“Huh? I thought I’d just eat some curry….”

“Oh! Curry is good! I couldn’t decide what to eat, so I kept thinking!”

Is this a sense of distance from someone you haven’t met in less than a day? No, he was originally like that. Even in the past, we were stuck like chewing gum in less than an hour since we met.

“I like curry.”

I was still shopping, but at some point, the little boy became a curry and muttered something. Isn’t it something you should do? Are you quite an adult?

“Mister, what kind of curry are you planning to eat? Indian? Japanese style? Or three-minute curry?”

“I’m thinking of imitating the anhydrous curry I saw on You Tube.”

“Oh! Anhydrous! I heard it’s very tasty! But isn’t it difficult to make it yourself?”

“It’s not that I can’t do it alone… ?”

“No, I heard that doing it alone requires constant stirring and the difficulty is quite high?”

… At this point, I can’t help but notice. It appealed to the level of almost crashing into it, but it became increasingly difficult to pretend not to know.

“… Then can you help me?”

“Sure! Don’t help me! Ahh!”

I was dumbfounded at the kid’s quick acceptance, but having a cooking assistant wasn’t bad.

“Then let’s choose the ingredients!”

“No, I already bought quite a bit.”

“Until a while ago, it was the uncle’s choice, so I didn’t say anything because I was afraid I was going to be far away, but now I’m cooking too? That’s why I say, the uncle’s selection of ingredients is the bread shop!”

I was hurt by the kid’s shocking remark. I’m a veteran with n years of self-employment experience, but to be ignored by a kid over 10 years old is an insult!

“Ho… oh… Then let’s see how well you choose.”

“Don’t be surprised to see the skill of a real master, right?”

I had the urge to squeeze her cheek when I saw her raise the corner of her mouth, but I held it back. The results will tell you everything. If she showed a lower-than-expected appearance, he made up his mind to take her on a tour of Seoul after only a day of meeting her.


“Look! Was this onion you chose the best? It doesn’t matter in general cooking, but it doesn’t suit waterless curry. The texture is like this and the moisture content is like that….”

I was defeated overwhelmingly. I don’t know if that knowledge is real, but the problem was that I was persuaded. It was obviously hard to refute it because I felt that it was information that came from many years of experience.

“You… Do you think cooking is your hobby?”

“Yes! How did you get into cooking when you were young? It was a really good memory, so it became a hobby from then on.”

“Something I like to watch other people eat rather than myself. I really enjoy it. Mom… She might be like that because my mom ate it deliciously.”

The little boy, who had been frowning her forehead as if thinking of something about her, smiled again and continued her words.

“Now then, shall we go change the rest of the ingredients?”

“… OK.”

It took an extra 30 minutes to change all the ingredients and get out of the mart.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been shopping with someone like this. Until recently, most of my life was in a dormitory at the academy. I could hammock, but I was busy and ended up eating only school meals.”

“Did you come from the academy?”

“Yes. It’s a completely redundant title now.”

Until just a week ago, those from the academy were the elite of the elite. However, the abilities of students as well as educators all disappeared. It’s not completely gone, but most of it is embarrassing to even call it an ability. Indeed, the very reason for the academy’s existence has disappeared. At first, it was said that the school was closed, but in reality it was no different from a closed school.

In a word, a large amount of incompetent people who are difficult to write anywhere have been created. Of course, even now, those who used to be S and A-class possess powerful powers that can be found anywhere. However, it has fallen from a nuclear bomb to a Tomahawk missile.

The top-level talents are like this, but there’s nothing to say about the lower level. The handling itself would have been very persecuted.

“My abilities have become completely weird. In the past, even if there was a wound so big that the bone could be seen, it was healed in an instant… Yayap!”

A kid who stretches his arms out to me when I suddenly cheer up. I felt something cool with him. It feels like someone is massaging your shoulder.

“It’s like getting a massage, right?”

“Yes. Is that so?”

“This was originally a powerful buff skill that could even cause a person to collapse from exhaustion at once, but now it has become a long-distance massage skill….”

It was a moment when I could feel the level of aptitude. Is this more serious than you think? No matter how weak they are, those with much stronger abilities than ordinary people will struggle to get anything if they lose their original position and fall into the abyss. It would be nice if it fell into a sports-like path in a positive direction, but the majority were likely to be involved in crime.

I didn’t know if I didn’t prepare for this.

“Hey, you’re Han Yu-ri, right?”


At that time, a voice came from the front. I saw a young man wearing a black hoodie, with bloodshot eyes and unclosed hair.

“Oh, don’t you remember me? Same academy cadet… It’s Lee Ki-tae from class 3….”

“Ah! That’s right. Sorry! I didn’t recognize it right away. Long time no see. How have you been?”

“… Under! How are you? How are you? Ha ha ha ha ha!!”

An alumni of the kid starts to laugh madly at the kid’s regards. I laughed for a while as if it was really funny, then coughed.

“Is it because you are the daughter of a wealthy family? Yeah, you don’t know what we’re like because you’ve been living well enough for four years.”


“Do you go to the mart to buy groceries? The load is really full. What’s that dude? Bodyguard? Wow, that’s a lot of money.”

The classmate who was sarcastic with a twisted smile screamed as if he couldn’t take it any longer.

“f*ck you! We’re twisting and falling into a f*cking abyss, so f*cking good!!!”

“Stop robbing that sh*t, so what are you going to do?”

I couldn’t stand it because I saw the little boy’s face that was getting harder and harder.

“Ah. A good bodyguard. I don’t know how strong I am, but no matter how weak I am, I’m from the academy. Get out of the way if you don’t want to be left behind.”

“Does the academy only teach mouthwash? I think the mouth is S-class? Did you stop brushing your teeth and attacking? Why are you scared?”

It is a situation that is not good for the mental health of the kid if he is shaken anyway and has to drag out more time than this. She was quick to provoke and decided to kill him.

“Because this bastard is trying not to bleed!!”


The one that jumps out with the sound of cutting through the wind. It is definitely a speed that has exceeded the category of ordinary people. Quite a few special forces members would be able to do it easily. But he unfortunately met me.

– Woodeuk


In an instant, he grabbed his arm and broke it.

My physical ability is B-class. It is evaluated as B–, but it is evaluated as such because the means of attack are limited, and pure physical ability is a perfect B-class. And the best body in this world, minus me, is probably the C-class limit. In short, the body this guy has to deal with is the strongest in the world.

The difference between a professional boxer who trained his body for over 10 years and a 3-year-old is even bigger.

What is on the mountain where the tiger disappeared?

The fox is king.

“aaa!!! What is this bastard!!!”

But if you show off your strength without permission, you’ll get in trouble. Previously, S-classes were outside the standard, but now I am outside the standard. There were many S ranks, but I am alone. The more famous you become, the more annoying things will become.

“Ah, my strength skills are quite strong~. My strength has weakened too, but is a scumbag like you yawning?”

“Ahh!! Hey what are you guys doing! You’re a f*cking idiots!!!”

Were the superpowers that felt weak nearby were his colleagues? What should I do to make several people naturally well?

“Ah, mister! Run away! That’s what they’re after. What if you get hurt?”

Who is this kid worried about? I was about to burst into laughter.

“Kid, who are you worried about?”

“I am not a kid….”

The little boy stopped talking. At the same time, fellow classmates came out from all sides.

“Hey, that bastard is definitely a high-ranking guy. Attack in one hit!”

“I know even if you don’t say anything, but you have to be strong anyway, so your physical durability will be at the bottom.

“Mister Geo. You seem to be a bit confident in your strength, but is this your first time playing Daguri?”

It was difficult to punch the little girl who was walking confidently with all kinds of tools.


Oh, I was so annoyed that I was exhausted.

“Hey, if you don’t attack quickly, your friend’s arm will be gone forever?”

“Ha ha…. I will turn a blind eye to your bluffing on the last road. Dip it!”

I clenched my fists as I watched the guys running at once with the words of the guy who seemed to be the leader.


“Be quiet. It is a weapon.”


He swung the boy’s classmate.

Extra After the Ending

Extra After the Ending

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Became an extra in the novel. became a real extra. Under the control of the system, they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party. 15 years have passed and the novel’s ending is approaching


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