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Extra After the Ending chapter 21

21. Dinner (2)

Dinner (2)

– Huung Huung! Poop!!!



“You f*cking coward!! Stop!! Let go of the mood!!”

“Ha ha ha! Where is the coward in the fight? Try breaking through this barrier!”

The little boy grabbed the arm of his classmate and swung it like a windmill to block their approach. It was not easy to break through the human barrier even if it was one-to-many. A few of them hurriedly approached, but were bounced off the air barrier. Gi-tae screaming is a bonus.

“Ahh!! aaah these bastards!! You were stabbed with a knife aaa!!!

Ki-tae was full of energy. Despite the tightness of his arm, he was sensitive to the new wound and alerted everyone to the renewal of the wound with all his might.

“Hey! It’s because of you that I got hurt!! You bastards!”

“Damn it! Whose fault is it?! It’s because you wield ecstasy!!”

“Are you threatening me? In a situation like this, the only thing I can trust is Ki-tae!!”



He flashed his arms and showed off his temper to them. Gi-tae’s friends hesitate as if they are tired.

“Still, it’s fortunate that Ki-tae is a talented person. If I were a normal person, I would have already had my arms ripped off and beaten by you, right? Whoa… I’m really glad~.”


I gave more strength to my hands.


“Oh sorry. Ki Tae! Did I really get so nervous that I almost tore my arm off? If you feel like your Gitae arm is a waste, why don’t you tell the kids? Let’s stop playing like this and go home.”

Gi-tae opened his eyes at my words and looked at his friends and shouted hastily.

“D-I heard you! Back away quickly! Hurry!”

“You idiot! If you back down now, the kidnapping of Han Yu-ri is over!”

“Right! If it’s her mother’s property, if you miss it now, you can’t go into an air-raid shelter and never see it!!”

“You bastards!! Money is more important than me?!”

“That’s not what it sounds like!”

Hmmm. Did you hit the kid for money? Did they work together without any particular background? As long as these guys are properly grounded, I think it’s okay….

“Hey there friend! Take the mood!”

“Huh? Now wait!!”

I organized my thoughts and threw all my energy at the guy who seemed like a leader.




The pack leader is down. When the person giving the order disappeared, they hesitated, not knowing what to do. And that brief hesitation was enough time for me to prepare.

A handful of famous bear-shaped jellies in my hand. Originally, I bought it to eat as a snack, but I took it out because it was perfect for use here. It was small and inconspicuous, and the killing power was not very high, so it was the best weapon to reduce the worry of killing.

Throw. There is no need to take an all-powerful stance. Just like throwing a phone on a bed, lightly apply force and blow it away. This amount of power is enough to do enough damage.

A clear aim? Opponent’s evasion? It’s all useless worry to me.

-Hook! Baek!

“Oops… !!”

Among the group, the one closest to me suddenly collapsed.

“Hey. Why are you like this?!”

– Ppaak!


Another fell to the ground without any warning, flipping his eyes and biting into foam.

“Sir, what the f*ck is this!”

What is it? Secret weapon, more than X. Well, I didn’t mean to reveal my abilities here. It is beneficial to cheat and eat in moderation.

“Hey you idiots. Will I protect my young lady alone? You guys are just f*cked You know it’s a superpowered special forces unit, right? Those famous Villain Crushers. They lost their jobs too, but we hired them all? But at the same time, the opponents are talented people? Our kids would have wanted to see the taste of blood again, isn’t it a perfect situation?”

“Crazy! Villain crusher?!”

“Even your teaching assistant said never to get involved with those bastards!!”

Confused. Certainly, the Villain Grinder is a feared target for the talented. The fact that I had accumulated disappeared, but the achievements I had accumulated did not disappear. The title of madmen who kill even A-class is very famous in the society of talented people.

“Now, give me 5 seconds. If you don’t turn around and run away within 5 seconds, the sniper on standby will switch from non-lethal rounds to real ammunition and really kill you. 5,4,3….”


A few scared off started to run away, and the rest started to worry.

“Hey! Surely you checked your surroundings properly?!”

“Right! Not a single rat! You’re harassing that bastard!”

Ah… You missed your chance until the very end and talked nonsense. Can not help it. I’ll show you the fear of bear jellytan.

– Bumpy!!

“Kwaaah!” “Keep!” “Aagh!”

Miscellaneous mobs collapsed with a dull sound that made it hard to believe that the jellies were flying.

“Hey! What are you doing!!! Please wake up!”

Only the last one was left to listen to the situation. Honestly, even if you look at what these guys are doing, you can see the angle, but it would be better to check it properly.

“My friend. Are we alone now?”


When I smiled at him, he tried desperately to run away from me with his straight face and trembling legs. Gummy bears were shot in the leg of a bad boy who reacted with disgust to his smile.

– Pleasant!


“My friend. Do i kill you isn’t it? … No no no This is not it. Hey, am I going to kill you?”

“Ah, I heard they don’t kill me!!”

“No, I didn’t mean to kill you, but I’m going to kill you. But, if your friend were honest with you, she might change her mind.”

“So, honestly?”

“Yes, honestly.”

I smiled to ease my tension.


… It seemed effective.


– Tung!


After hearing all the stories from the last guy, I stunned him with bear jellytan.

Well, as expected. Unemployed people who had lost their way in the wealth of a famous kid’s family even within the academy jumped excitedly, claiming that it was their last bite.

If you look closely, they were guys who could become aces right away if they enlisted in the army. Even though he had that much ability, it seemed like it was a shock to lose that ability and fall from his original position to commit a criminal act in such a hurry. Those who were guaranteed a monthly salary of 100 million won’t be able to live on a monthly salary of 200.

And there was a high possibility that such crimes would continue to happen in the future, and it was very easy for the kid to become the target. This was especially true in situations where we were not properly prepared, such as now.




“… Ah! Uncle, are you okay?!”

The little boy who had been absentmindedly came to his senses and approached me.

“It’s clean without a single scar.”

Even at my words, the little boy looked at my body like a tooth and checked for any wounds.

“… It seems to be correct that there are no injuries. I’m so sorry. I got caught up in my work….”

“This is not an apology. I think you need to contact your parents more than that? I think we should have proper bodyguards.”

“… I know it sounds really immature, but I don’t want to contact my mom.”

“Why? Are you worried?”


“Anyway, you know that’s forced, right? After all, it’s something your parents need to know. It is difficult to handle alone.”

“That’s true, but… ha… ah!”

The little boy looked at me with a face that said he had remembered something good. What is this uneasy feeling?

“Well, um~ Wouldn’t it be fine if the mister could protect me?”

“Are you going to leave this to me?”

“You seem to be very strong~ It’s next door too~ Will you pretend not to see me being kidnapped like this?”

“So tell your parents.”

“No~! There is a way to hire strong bodyguards without worrying about your mother!”

Her little boy grabbed her inner arm and started whining, swinging at her.

“I will give you my full salary! Do you have enough money saved up? Every time I go out from the academy, I get quite a lot and it’s piled up in my bank account?! Do it, do it, do it, do it!!”

“No, I’m not short of money.”

“Money is important?! How can you be so calm when the beauty next door is in such danger?!”

She thought that the confidence to call herself a beauty was amazing. She’s not saying anything wrong, but what she says is obviously different. In particular, it was amazing in many ways to see her child, who had been pretending to be an old lady, break her mask because she couldn’t take off her mask.

“Please! Please~ mate~!”

A little boy who won’t give up and tangles around me like a wild goose while clapping at a strange beat.

She was clearly remembered as a 25-year-old adult, but at some point she became Jam Min.

“Haa… no… ha. So, just for a month….”

“Oh! Great!! There is no softness! I just recorded it!!”

From nob le mt l dot com

No, when did this kid record it again? Ha… It really dries him endlessly.

“That’s it, let’s float here. It would be a headache to get tangled up in these guys who are broken.”

I forgot to talk to the kid for a moment, but it was quite aggro to be in the middle of the people who were groaning on the floor. It was fortunate that these guys were aiming for places where there were no people.

“We were really in the same class until a week ago….”

The little boy’s face darkened again as he looked at the fallen faces on the floor. This kid is real

I pressed my fingernails firmly against the top of the boy’s head.

“Kwaaak! What are you doing!”

“I don’t see anything strange. Thinking of making curry.”

“Ah, curry! Anhydrous!”

“Yes, anhydrous.”

At times like this, it’s better to sell your mind elsewhere. If you get tired of worrying about these idiots, you lose.

Before I knew it, I headed to the apartment, dragging the little boy who was talking about the greatness of curry.

Extra After the Ending

Extra After the Ending

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Became an extra in the novel. became a real extra. Under the control of the system, they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party. 15 years have passed and the novel’s ending is approaching


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