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Extra After the Ending chapter 19

19. The person next door (1)

“Ah, that’s right. Yuri said she was moving in next door today.”

“Next door? It’s been empty for years, but someone is coming.”

Han Yu-ri thought about the house next door to her at the lobby desk clerk’s words. It was purchased by someone for common real estate speculation, so I had lived without neighbors for several years. But suddenly there are neighbors.

“Wow, how about a gift to commemorate the move?”

“Ahahahaha. Isn’t that what people usually come for?”

“Ah, then there is no affection. Besides, it’s a new neighbor’s house in a few years, so we have to start with a good image.”

What would be a good gift? Han Yu-ri, who was thinking while tilting her head, remembered a good thing in her head. Fine Swiss Chocolate. It was originally prepared to eat with Kim Si-woo, but since Kim Si-woo collapsed and couldn’t get up for a week, only dust was gathering.

‘Siwoo, no matter how shocked he was, he said that… Phew. Siwoo needs to be scolded too. The chocolate will go to the neighbor, so reflect on it.’

She prepared the chocolate and went to the neighbor’s porch. It was a place she passed by every time, but Han Yu-ri shivered slightly at the completely new feeling.

‘Don’t be nervous! First of all, from the doorbell.”

– Ding-dong!

“Wow. Did you feel like this when you heard it outside?”

While everyone was slightly embarrassed by the situation they were experiencing for the first time, the door started to open. A hardened Han Yuri pressed her ring finger with her thumb to relieve her tension. The neighbor who opened the door and came out was a man with a strong physique. Han Yu-ri herself was quite tall for a woman, but this man was only one head taller than her.

‘This is the first time anyone has ever seen something this big… no long time? Siwoo is the same height as me… Hot!’

Han Yu-ri, who was distracted by her thoughts, reminded her of her original purpose and spoke to the person next door to her.

“Oh, there you are! I’m glad I didn’t go in vain. She said someone next door was moving in. She came in from the desk and stopped by to see her face. Didn’t I get in the way or something?”

“Ah, this is Swiss chocolate. I’m giving it as a gift to commemorate moving. Originally, it is said that it is given by the person who comes, but that doesn’t seem true. So I prepared like this.”

She quick-fired her prepared words, accomplished her goal, and held out her box of chocolates. But then she didn’t receive her own gift, she blankly looked at her next door neighbor.

“… ? Neighbors over there? Are you okay?”

“Oh? Ah yes. Sorry for the late reply, I had to think for a while. Hey thank you I don’t know how to repay you.”

“No, no. I didn’t prepare for anything in return, I just did it with the thought of getting along well, so don’t feel pressured.”

“hahahaha then what? I’ll take it well. If it’s okay, would you like to go get a cup of coffee? I think it would be nice to get good coffee beans and eat them together with chocolate.”

“Yes? No um….”

I was a resident of the house next door, but I was worried about entering the house of a strange man. Han Yu-ri had the ability to understand the other person’s good and evil tendencies, but it was also a factor of anxiety that her power was drastically cut off a week ago and she couldn’t see it properly.

‘Looking at the blurry white color, he seems like a decent person….’

While hesitating like that, the man next door came over and grabbed Han Yu-ri by the arm and led him into the house.

“Now, it’s a long-awaited gift, isn’t it okay to eat it together?”

“Eh, eh? For a moment… !!”

– Kung

The house of the man next door who was dragged in before he knew it. It was a very stimulating experience for her as there were very few men she knew.

‘Can I come in here?! At the house of a man I’m seeing for the first time?!!!’

Subtly weak against coercion, she was dragged to her table and seated before she knew it.

“Now sit here and wait for a while.”

“Yes, yes.”

She nodded her head hastily, and began to look around shookly. Her apartment, her symmetrical structure, was the same structure as her own house. However, the details of the interior were distinctly different from her home. It was a space where you can feel masculine beauty, such as various guns on display from the living room.

‘Wow… Do you have a job like a soldier… ?’

There was a man’s house for the first time, if I had to ask, there was Kim Si-woo’s dormitory room, but it was the first time he came in alone like this.

“hahahaha I didn’t know the owner of the next door was so young.”

“Oh no! Of course, it’s not me, it’s my parents’ house. I think the next door neighbor is also quite young….”

“… What is that I suffered quickly and retired.”

The man with a bitter expression handed her the coffee she had prepared before she knew it.

“Ah, thank you.”

My eyes widened at the warm, unique scent.

“Huh? This….”

“hahahaha. You know. It’s coffee mixed with Alachne’s essence.”

“Wow~ I heard that this has become very difficult to find since that day. Is it okay for me to drink it?”

“If you don’t eat it, it expires, so it would be appreciated if you eat it together.”

“Yes, then.”


Alachne is a plant-type monster, and was originally a useless type of monster that was thrown away. While being treated like that, a certain insane ability born with human experimentation spirit mixed the juice that was flowing from Alachne’s corpse with the coffee he was drinking during the break and drank it.

… And the price of Alachne’s body began to soar to the level of Bitcoin. Because the taste of coffee with essence is really beyond imagination. Some kind of special effect, even cheap beans, made the best beans round and round to give off a flirty flavor, and the unique scent was a taste that could not be reproduced with any other beverage.

“Haa… it’s good….”

Han Yu-ri had a happy smile on her face. Her family was also from an upper-class family, but Alachne Coffee was a precious drink for her too. In particular, this moment was very special for her as it was a fantasy coffee that could not be obtained except for a small amount of already refined essence now that the demon king had disappeared and even the monsters had disappeared.

“Let’s eat the chocolate we gave you here. This coffee goes well with chocolate.”

“hehehe. Yes.”

The one who was nervous about entering the man’s house until just now was Han Yu-ri, who was babbling and eating chocolate.

“Wow! This is amazing!”

“Pretty good, right? If you have time, come often for a drink. There are many other combinations.”

“Eh? Are you still okay? It’s very precious….”

“As you can see, the shelf life of the essence is only a few months, so it is too much for me to eat alone. I’ve collected quite a few, but I don’t know anyone and the neighbors seem like good people, so it’s good to share them, right?”

“hehehe, then…. Ah! I’m Hanyuri! Isn’t it strange that you keep being called next door?”

“That is also true. Mr. Yuri… Is it okay if I call you?”

“Yes! Sure!”

“I am Jeong Dae-hyun. What am i… Call it whatever you like. Just relax, you’re fine.”

“… !!”

Han Yu-ri’s eyes widened. It wasn’t terribly great. Just….

“Coup! Ahhhhh!!!”

The laughter she was trying to hold back burst out.

“Did I say something so strange?”

“No… Breathe! I just thought that the title of uncle suits me really well… !!”

Seeing Han Yu-ri holding her head down on her table and holding back her laughter, the man next door, Jeong Dae-hyeon, scratched his cheek.

“No, it doesn’t matter if you call me Mister if you like it that much….”

“Isn’t that too pointless? Big!”

“You all laughed like that?”

“Ahh! I’m sorry, it suddenly burst out… ! I’m not usually this kind of girl!”

“I think I know you are a good person because you came to say hello first. Just call me uncle It would be more awkward if I call you by a different title from now on.”

“Hmmm! Oh sorry Because I can’t stop laughing Then we’ll do it evenly!”


Han Yu-ri held out her hand and continued her words as if suggesting.

“Since I informally call you Mister, Mister, please just call me Yuri! Even with half words!”

“… Did you know that we met less than an hour ago?”

“As you said earlier, it would be more awkward to be formal now, right? I think it will be more comfortable if you get closer to what you are doing!”

“… Let’s do that….”

“Spoken words!”

“… Okay.”



After that, after hours of chatter, she was able to send her little boy home. It was 5 seconds one way away from the house, but I was dumbfounded at the word to see me off, but I finally saw it off.

“If you only get involved with him, you’ll be unilaterally stopped.”

Pretend it’s not the case and secretly spread it out a lot. Originally, Alakne, who was really going to eat Gogoi alone, took out her juice. Well, looking at the way she likes Chin, it seemed like it wasn’t a bad choice.

“Do you have more memories than that?”

I didn’t expect that she would react that way to the word ‘mister’. At that moment, it really felt like going back to that moment 15 years ago.

“Not bad.”

Her body ached all over at the sudden visit of her little boy. It was nice to meet the little boy, but she felt she wished she didn’t meet her often. She gets excited whenever she meets him. The tension is real high tension, so there is no joke.

As I got older, I pretended to be a pretty lady, and after a while, she took off her mask and started playing with me. Moderately… Let’s meet in moderation….

“I’ll wash up and rest for a bit, then I’ll go to the mart and buy some groceries.”

With that in mind, she went into the bathroom.


“Ohh, mister, send me from here!”

I met a kid at the mart….

If you think about it, it was harder not to meet because it was an apartment with all kinds of convenience facilities.

“Are you shopping? Ahh! I’m bored, let’s go together!”

She ran away with the cart she had been dragging, left it where it was, and stood alongside me.

“Let’s go!”

Extra After the Ending

Extra After the Ending

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Became an extra in the novel. became a real extra. Under the control of the system, they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party. 15 years have passed and the novel’s ending is approaching


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