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Extra After the Ending chapter 18

18. Extras after the ending (2)

Extras after the ending (2)

I saw a strange sight when I evaded maneuvers to avoid the demon lord’s explosion that occurred before I could fully feel the joy.

There were no broken or dead people, but several S-ranks were drowning and struggling.

What the hell is this… ?

I was in a daze at the unbelievable sight, and after a while, at least one person was really going to drown, so I started to rescue them quickly.


[Payment of audience satisfaction—]

[Result: very dissatisfied]

[No need for an epilogue]

[System number 00124A-665 will be disposed of]

[Ending the story {Academy Chinta became an extra}]

A mechanical voice heard while rescuing people for a while. But it was different from the system I was used to hearing. And that voice was announcing the end of everything.

My whole body is full of strength. It’s really over. The tension that had not been resolved even after killing the demon king was relieved.

I felt that those spectators, whose identity was still completely unknown, were really dissatisfied.

Well, I guess that’s the case with me too. I was watching the main character’s adventure for a while, but the story ended when the last boss was caught.

If it was a web novel, I would have thrown my phone away.

More than that, I was satisfied with watching them throw away without returning to the original world as if it was really natural. I just let out a sigh of relief that I didn’t die and survived.

“The f*ck is over. It’s really over.”


The curse left behind by the system is over. The obsession was gone, and the amnesia was gone. Seeing that the woman from the Baekban house I had visited the day before still remembers me today, she shed tears of emotion.

It is a secret that the bewildered lady gave the egg as a service.

And I found out about the huge poop left behind by the demon king. The explosion that occurred with the death of the demon king pushed the supernatural ability that flowed into this world out of the world. It didn’t disappear completely, but most of the abilities possessed by the talented people were destroyed.

It showed a miracle that was not a miracle of dropping an S-class talent to a C-class. It turned the high-power worldview into a low-power worldview with a single explosion.

Surprisingly, however, I was free from this influence.

It was the result of a trillion-dollar evasion maneuver magic prepared in case of an unexpected situation. In the worst-case scenario, I thought of the case of being crushed by the devil’s first bread, so I created a way to completely avoid the attack itself.

As a result, the dimension leap was created.

Leaps to another dimension for just a few seconds and makes the attack itself unreachable. So, when the Demon King was about to explode, he quickly ran with a dimension leap. Warren Buffett was also worried about the 1 trillion won evasion maneuver, but it was not my money, but I saw it.

This was the reason why some of the S-class talents were struggling in the water when they leaped to another dimension and returned in less than 3 seconds.

The image of the strongest men of the past struggling in the water itself showed the downfall of the talented.

In a mountain without tigers, it is said that the fox is king. I, who used to be a B– class, has become the strongest in the current situation, comparable to an S-class. Eh? Could I really be strong?

I was a bit embarrassed at the situation where I felt like I should be proud or not, but isn’t good good?

From nob le mt l dot com

Now there is no way to return to the original world. The dimensional jump itself, which poured in 1 trillion, was an incomplete dimension shift, and there is no way to re-implement it in a situation where most of the abilities are gone.

From nob le mt l dot com

Now was the time to acknowledge and live in a different world.



“Si, Siu, calm down!”

“Right. You are so excited!”

“Ugh! He’s so strong! Let it dry!”

The main character’s party was on the verge of catastrophe. In particular, the shock of the main character ‘Kim Si-woo’ in the current situation was even greater. I didn’t show it openly, but I enjoyed every day in a world where everything came true as I thought, as if I became the main character of the world.

But one day, most of his abilities suddenly disappeared. The monster they were hunting disappeared right in front of their eyes, and they heard breaking news that the gate had disappeared.

All the dangers disappeared as if the world had an ending.

From nob le mt l dot com

Now, he is a somewhat strong human being. The fire spirit obtained from the academy can produce as much power as a lighter. There were a lot of miscellaneous abilities like this, but all of them were in a state where they were neither one nor the other.

If this isn’t an extra, what the hell is it? I was possessed by an extra, but I didn’t act like an extra, so at first, I threw away my obsessive attention and pretended to be the main character to my heart’s content. But now it really wasn’t anything.

“Damn!!! What is this!!!”

“Siwoo, what the hell are you doing! I know it’s shocking that the abilities disappeared, but the monsters are gone too! This obviously means everything is over. You should be happy!”

At Yu-Ri Han’s words, Si-Woo Kim glared at him with vicious eyes.

“f*ck you! What do you think a bastard who grew up learning only to kill monsters would do for a living if there were no monsters and no skills! You crazy bastard!!”

“Siwoo, what did you say… !!”

Han Yu-ri was shocked by his appearance, which was completely different from the way he usually treats party members very gently.

“What the hell are you talking about Yuri!”

“I know you are shocked, but please apologize!”

Maria and Anna also bruised Kim Si-woo with embarrassed faces.

“Really, these b*tches are so different… ! Aren’t your heads turning too?! Ok!!”

“What… ?”

“You… !!”

“Like a real dog… Kkeuk!!”

Kim Si-woo must have gotten too hot. He suddenly grabbed the back of his neck and fell down.

“Si, Siwoo!”

“Oh, what should I do!”

“I have to call an ambulance first! Where is your phone!”

This short conversation, which ended in Kim Si-woo fainting, did not shatter their faith in Kim Si-woo, but it certainly created a crack. And this small snowball began to grow in harmony with various factors.


“Ah, please move that over here. Yes yes.”

Today, a week after all the work, I called the moving center and moved my luggage for a long time. In the meantime, I collected all the money I had thrown around, and I was looking for a house to live in a proper place to live.

A luxurious apartment complex in a wealthy village that everyone dreams of at least once. Originally, I was going to live in a detached house, but maintenance was troublesome and it was troublesome to hire someone to manage it instead, so I came to this apartment equipped with everything.

A swimming pool, gym, sauna, buffet, reading room, cafe, convenience store, etc., Were located within the complex.

I lived in a penthouse on the top floor. The size of more than 200 pyeong and the enormous use of space, which shares a huge floor with only one house on the other side, made my jaw drop.

The view from the window on the top floor made everything look like ants. Alas, just looking at this view is worth buying.

It became very quiet when all the moving goods were moved and the staff left the house after tidying up. Suddenly, my side felt cold. I thought I should have at least one partner as I decided to live in this world, but it felt even bigger when I was alone in this wide space.

“Come to think of it, what is the main character doing?”

First of all, I had to clean up what I had done, so I did my best to erase my traces. In the meantime, I was so used to people completely forgetting about me that I dealt with it complacently, so I was quite busy for a week. Even so, I was involved in a lot of illegal things, so I really gritted my teeth and erased the traces.

I completely forgot about it because I was so busy and there was no reason to protect the main character even if it was dangerous. As I was trying to figure out where the main character was, hoping that nothing had happened in the week, the bell at the front door rang.

– Ding Dong

“What? It’s impossible to go up this floor without permission, right?”

A ringing sound came from a space where even residents of the same apartment building couldn’t come up other than me and the landlord on the other side? It means….

“Are you the landlord on the other side? Maybe the timing was right so I was at home.”

Well, since they are neighbors who have to live together now, it would be nice to get to know each other better and have a good time. There is nothing more awkward than running into an elevator or a convenience facility after blushing for nothing.

Thinking about this and that, I went to the front door and opened it.

“Oh, there you are! I’m glad I didn’t go in vain. I heard from the desk that someone next door was moving, so I stopped by to show my face. Didn’t I get in the way or something?”

The landlord on the other side has a refreshing and bright voice.

“Ah, this is Swiss chocolate. I’m giving it as a gift to commemorate moving. Originally, it is said that it is given by the person who comes, but that doesn’t seem true. So I prepared like this.”

Her black straight hair with her violet tinge, her Hime cut, and her hairstyle made her look pretty.

“… ? Neighbors over there? Are you okay?”

This woman staring at me with her big, slightly raised eyes….


A little boy appeared in front of me.

Extra After the Ending

Extra After the Ending

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Became an extra in the novel. became a real extra. Under the control of the system, they rolled over and over again, doing the chores of the main character’s party. 15 years have passed and the novel’s ending is approaching


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