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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 84

Chapter 84: All’s Well, Ends Well

Translator: CKtalon

Wang Yi moved on the roof and changed her location. She then drew her bow and shot arrows repeatedly, every arrow shooting at Lei Yunfang at supersonic speeds.

But as the world’s number one movement expert, Lei Yunfang had reached an unimaginable level. He didn’t need to look at the arrows; all he needed was to follow the abnormal vibrations of the wind to easily dodge them.

For Lei Yunfang, riding the wind was already instinctive. However, this scene dealt a great insult to Wang Yi.

He actually has his back to me and allows me to fire freely, yet I still can’t hit him??Every arrow that missed hit the stone ground as well as her heart. She felt aggrieved and uncomfortable.

She was proud. She recognized that there were people in the world who were stronger than her, but she couldn’t accept it. There was actually someone in the world who could have his back to her, but she couldn’t hit him no matter how she shot.

The angrier she was, the colder Wang Yi’s expression became. She was like an iceberg that didn’t produce any waves. Outsiders couldn’t sense the increasingly hot volcano of anger beneath her coldness.

When her fury reached an extreme, her eyes instantly turned red, and the blood in her body flowed much faster. At this moment, she felt her brain buzz, and her reaction speed increased.

The muscles, ligaments, and bones in her body became extremely clear at that moment. She could clearly mobilize every muscle’s strength, allowing the explosive strength in her body to reach a brand-new level.


Wang Yi drew the bow as usual, but this time, she suddenly pulled the bow to its limits. It bent greatly—truly in a fully drawn way.

It had to be known that when Wang Yi strafed, she usually only drew one-third of the bowstring. She only drew it more when using armor-piercing arrows. At this moment, the bend of her bow was at its limits. Wang Yi could sense the bow’s material trembling.


Wang Yi’s mind was extremely clear. The fingers on her right hand released.

The arrow suddenly tore through the air at a terrifying speed and headed straight for Lei Yunfang, who was more than 60 meters away. Lei Yunfang still had his back to the arrow, and his attention was focused on Xu Jingming.

“Huh?” Lei Yunfang sensed an abnormal vibration in the wind. This vibration was different from before, causing his expression to change slightly as he suddenly turned his head.

Upon turning his head, he saw a blurry arrow already ten meters away from him—it was too fast!

Lei Yunfang’s eyes widened, and in an almost impossible manner, his body suddenly ducked to the side.


The arrow brushed past.

Just brushing past Lei Yunfang’s waist caused a few pieces of his clothes to tear, but the wind carried by such a fast arrow was like a saber. Lei Yunfang didn’t even wear leather armor, so the tear took away a chunk of flesh, causing blood to spurt.

“Lei Yunfang is injured!”

“Wang Yi’s arrow injured Lei Yunfang!”

The countless audience members who originally thought that the outcome was sealed exclaimed in surprise. Wang Yi’s arrow was previously like a toy that couldn’t touch Lei Yunfang at all. However, the arrow’s speed was clearly much faster this time. Lei Yunfang still had his back to the arrow, and he was already a step slower when he discovered it.

“The virtual world has shown that the maximum speed this arrow reached is 612 meters per second. Wang Yi’s arrow previously only reached about 460 meters per second.” The male guest, Jin Fan, pointed at the speed at which the virtual world system displayed.

“Wang Yi has broken through!” The female guest, Ju Wenqing, was delighted.

“Teacher Lei Yunfang is in trouble!” Liu Xin said.

At this moment, Xu Hong and his wife, Li Chen’an and his wife, Grandpa Xu, Li Miaomiao, and many of their relatives and friends—including Heng Fang and Liu Chongyuan—watched excitedly.

“What the hell?” Cheng Zihao, Sun Li, and the others found it unbelievable that they had turned the tides.

“All the best, Master!” Pang Yun and his classmates cheered excitedly in the stands.

The moment he was injured, Lei Yunfang tapped his foot and instantly turned into a cyan shadow that lunged toward the distant roof where Wang Yi was.

Wang Yi actually broke through!?Lei Yunfang felt the effects of the injury at his waist, and even his speed slowed down. He only had 90% of his original speed, but he still unleashed his full strength.

Xu Jingming was about to collapse from the pressure just now, and he blocked it with great difficulty purely on instinct. However, Lei Yunfang suddenly became injured and abandoned him to charge at Wang Yi.

Xu Jingming immediately felt relaxed, but he also understood that he had to seize the opportunity.

I can’t waste the opportunity Sister Yi created.?Xu Jingming kicked off the ground and unleashed his full speed, turning into a dark-red shadow that chased after Lei Yunfang.

At a distance of about 60 meters, even at Lei Yunfang’s peak speed, he needed about a second of interrupted travel.

Wang Yi stood on the roof and didn’t move. Her arrow was still nocked as she trained it at Lei Yunfang while watching the cyan figure attack.

“Charge!” Lei Yunfang’s expression turned more ferocious.

Xu Jingming—who was running at full speed behind him—appeared to be slightly slower than him, but as long as he stopped and dodged… Xu Jingming would be able to catch up and attack with his spear.

In his current situation, it wasn’t suitable for him to fight Xu Jingming. He had to get rid of the sharpshooter first.

This is the moment.?When the distance shrank to 30 meters, Wang Yi suddenly drew her bow fully and instantly shot out an arrow.

One arrow, two arrows, three arrows!

Wang Yi allowed the other party to charge over and didn’t even dodge. She focused all her energy on the bow in her hand and shot out three consecutive arrows in a short span of time. As the distance narrowed, each arrow posed a greater threat than the last.

Lei Yunfang held his two sabers while Xu Jingming chased after him. Dodging wasn’t an option, so he instead slightly changed directions and lunged forward, brandishing his saber to block the arrows.

It was relatively easy to block the first arrow.

The second arrow was extremely dangerous.

The third arrow was already within ten meters. Even Wang Yi—who hadn’t broken through—posed a huge threat at such a close distance. And this terrifying arrow… At this close distance, Lei Yunfang could only rely on his instincts to swing his saber.


He felt his abdomen jolt as his saber missed! He failed to block it.

“Die!” Lei Yunfang knew that the situation wasn’t good, but he still forcefully swung his saber. With a flash, red marks appeared on Wang Yi’s body, and her body began to turn ethereal.

Wang Yi smiled.

With her speed, if she chose to escape, Lei Yunfang would catch up to her and kill her with a single strike.

By not escaping and shooting with her full strength, there was still a chance of killing him.

Not bad… One for one!?Wang Yi’s body turned ethereal as she looked at the huge hole in Lei Yunfang’s abdomen.

Lei Yunfang stopped and looked down at the hole in his abdomen—the arrow had completely penetrated his abdomen, tearing open a fist-sized hole as blood gurgled. With such a terrifying wound, Lei Yunfang stopped struggling and turned to look at the pursuing Xu Jingming.

Xu Jingming also stopped and looked at Lei Yunfang with a spear in hand.

“I lost.” Lei Yunfang looked at the spearman with mixed emotions. “I never expected to lose to you kids.”

“We won by luck only after Sister Yi and I joined forces,” Xu Jingming said. After their previous clash, he knew the gap between him and Senior Lei Yunfang. The pressure he felt from the other party’s full strength was immense.

“A loss is a loss. After all, this is a team competition.” Lei Yunfang looked at Xu Jingming. “It’s just that the two of you defeated me together. You have to make Liu Hai suffer a little.”

“Definitely.” Xu Jingming nodded.

The blood in the hole in Lei Yunfang’s abdomen gushed out too quickly, and his body turned ethereal. Finally, he completely dissipated and left the world.

We actually won.?Xu Jingming found it unbelievable. He couldn’t defeat Lei Yunfang by himself, but Sister Yi’s breakthrough allowed the two of them to naturally pose a greater threat when working together.

The moment Lei Yunfang disappeared, the rain in the town stopped. The sun appeared in the sky, and its rays illuminated the town.

It was beautiful, and a rainbow appeared.

Xu Jingming looked over and saw Yang Qingshuo standing on the roof not far away. The two of them smiled.

They had finally won the semi-finals match!

They could proceed to the finals and engage in a final battle with their master, Liu Hai’s team.


The town collapsed in front of them, and Xu Jingming and Yang Qingshuo turned ethereal and returned to the combat space.

“Let us congratulate Team Pearwood for winning this round of the semi-finals. They will be participating in the finals with Liu Hai’s team,” Liu Xin said excitedly. “Let me announce another piece of news—Team Pearwood is also the only team to have two Lv. 3 experts since the Firestarter Cup started..”

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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