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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 85 – World Number Seven

Chapter 85: World Number Seven

Translator: CKtalon

“The finals will begin on September 6 at midnight. Don’t forget to tune in,” Liu Xin said with a smile.

The male guest, Jin Fan, said, “Let’s recap the battle. Xu Jingming and Wang Yi cooperated and defeated Lei Yunfang. There are many interesting things to talk about.”

The commentary on the commentary platform continued, and it was still replaying the thrilling battle scene. The guests carefully analyzed every combat factor, but the number of viewers in the livestream kept decreasing.

Liu Hai also got up.


Wang Yi has also broken through. With the cooperation of two Lv. 3 experts, there’s still a threat. Liu Hai’s eyes were filled with anticipation as he disappeared from the livestream.

Elsewhere in the stands.

“Old Xu, Sister Yi, you’re amazing.” Liu Chongyuan came over excitedly to welcome them.

“We actually entered the finals. Wahaha, I was eliminated right at the beginning. Who would’ve thought that I would end up winning while doing nothing? Haha…” Heng Fang laughed loudly.

Xu Jingming, Wang Yi, and Yang Qingshuo walked to their teammates.

“Our Team Pearwood has really entered the finals. I have to consider what to say in the finals and in the interviews.” Li Miaomiao smiled until her eyes turned into crescents. “The number of downloads for my songs has increased greatly in the past few days. After the competition today… the number of downloads will probably continue to increase.”

“I often play Pearwood as background music while in the martial arts arena,” Heng Fang said. “It’s our team song.”

“Darling! Darling.” Liu Chongyuan’s wife ran over and tugged at her husband. She whispered, “I remember that the runner-up prize money is 200 million, right? It’s twice as much as the prize money for being in the top four, right? We can look for slightly bigger houses now, right?”

“Yes, buy it, buy it.” Liu Chongyuan smiled.

“Sister-in-law.” Heng Fang suddenly appeared and said immediately, “The runner-up gets 200 million, but being champion nets 500 million. You have to believe in Old Xu and Sister Yi’s strength.”

His teammates were especially happy.

Wang Yi smiled as she watched everything. Then, she said to her teammates, “I’ll head back first. I need to seize the opportunity to consolidate my foundation and prepare for the finals after breaking through.”

“Don’t let us keep you.” Xu Jingming nodded. “If you can break through to Advanced before the finals, our chances of winning will be higher.”

“To have the evolutionary method reach Advanced in a day—Captain, do you have any experience to share?” Wang Yi asked.

Xu Jingming thought for a moment and said, “First, spend about two hours consolidating your archery technique. Mainly, you need to familiarize yourself with your body’s force delivery. Then, try practicing the evolutionary method three times. Following that, hone your archery technique for two hours and the evolutionary method three times… Keep doing this. Before the competition, practice the evolutionary method more than a dozen times and see if you can have an evolutionary method breakthrough.”

“Actually, a Lv. 3 force delivery technique digs deeper into the body’s strength. Advanced evolutionary methods are also about digging deeper and mobilizing the body to participate in the evolutionary method’s cultivation,” Xu Jingming said. “If one consciously guides the body to participate in the evolutionary method at a deeper level, the chances of a breakthrough are high.”

“Understood.” Wang Yi listened attentively. “Thanks, Captain. I’ll make a move first.”

Wang Yi informed everyone before leaving the livestream.

At this moment, the number of viewers in the livestream kept decreasing. It had fallen to about 300 million, and the guests on the commentary platform were still predicting the finals.

“Xu Jingming and Wang Yi’s cooperation can defeat Lei Yunfang. In that case, they will probably pose a sufficient threat to Liu Hai.”

“Xu Jingming is good at shield techniques, and Wang Yi is good at archery. One can keep the enemy occupied while the other shoots arrows. Through their cooperation, there will be intense synergy. I also think that the finals are filled with variables. Liu Hai might even lose this finals,” the host and guests discussed.

Suddenly, the three of them saw a notification.

They rarely talked about other topics, but the information they received was quite astonishing.

“We just received news—” Liu Xin said in surprise. “—a seventh person has appeared on the Cosmos Ranking—an expert from Rome.”


Xu Jingming and the others—who had begun bidding each other farewell and were about to leave—were surprised.

“Cosmos Ranking, world number seven?” Xu Jingming felt a sense of urgency.

“Let’s go take a look.” Xu Jingming immediately headed for the Cosmos Tower in the mission space, followed by Li Miaomiao and the others.

Xu Jingming appeared under Cosmos Tower and looked up at the huge list that was as high as the Cosmos Tower in the night sky.

There were seven names on the huge list.

World Number One: Liu Hai (China)

World Number Two: Tiger Fussen (USA)

World Number Three: Alan Emelianenko (Russia)

World Number Four: Tejano Xire (Botswana)

World Number Five: Lei Yunfang (China)

World Number Six: Kai Saint Mills (USA)

World Number Seven: Riven Gullit (EU)

Riven Gullit, that ice and snow giant from the EU? Xu Jingming knew who it was when he saw the name.

Riven Gullit was an overlord of the World Martial Arts Tournament in recent years. Although he couldn’t crush the three kings, he was always in the top three when participating in the Martial Arts Tournament. Moreover, he had won a total of two world championships.

Riven Gullit was 32 years old, 2.28 meters tall, and 225 kilograms.

This was the latest data on the other party’s stats in the World Martial Arts Alliance before the virtual world launched. Back then, a 2.28-meter-tall person was humongous; he deserved the accolade as a behemoth.

The martial arts world has always doubted Riven Gullit, Xu Jingming thought. This is because he relies on his height and arm length to exert extraordinary strength. He wore heavy armor and held a pair of sledgehammers, and he easily charged to the forefront of the World Martial Arts Tournament with them. However, he’s too large and doesn’t have enough agility. When he loses competitions, it’s because his opponents usually find an opportunity to use their agility.

There are many people in the world who are large, but those who are large generally move slowly. Riven Gullit’s agility is a little lacking compared to the world’s top experts. Compared to ordinary people… he’s fast and fierce.

After cultivating the evolutionary method, everyone’s body can become very strong, and their physical talent will take a step back. I never expected that a martial arts expert who appeared to rely on his body would be ranked seventh on the Cosmos Ranking and number one in the entire EU, Xu Jingming thought.

The EU was a combat powerhouse. After all, with a population of about one billion, they grew a strong tradition for combat, and many world-class experts appeared.

“Jingming, Jingming.” Li Miaomiao messaged, “Come over quickly. The entire Internet is talking about this world number seven! Many livestreams have found the latest information on Riven Gullit.”

“Oh?” Xu Jingming immediately tapped and headed for his girlfriend.

On the spectator platform, in a livestream where his girlfriend was, Xu Jingming was teleported over and sat down beside his girlfriend.

“Although the countries in the virtual world aren’t connected for the time being, the world is still connected by ordinary networks in the outside world,” Li Miaomiao said.

Xu Jingming looked at the streamer in the livestream.

“I’ve been collecting detailed information on all the experts in the world and videos of their battles.” A thin youth sat there and introduced, “This person is ranked seventh globally on the Cosmos Ranking. I’ve already briefly explained his achievements in reality. As for information about him after the virtual world’s launch, I’m afraid not many people in our country know about him.”

The thin youth pointed at the few videos that had begun playing. “These are all videos of his battle in the virtual world. He cultivates Ferocious Tiger Evolution! After cultivating the evolutionary method, the weakness of his lacking agility vanished, and he became even more agile and ferocious.”

“While wearing heavy armor and wielding a pair of sledgehammers, he remains agile and fierce. He’s the most ferocious behemoth in the entire EU,” the lean youth said. “The EU is also holding a competition, and Riven is undefeated! He also led a team into the finals. Who would’ve thought that he would clear the third floor of Cosmos Tower before the finals? The EU is in an uproar now, and he’s also recognized as the number one martial artist in the country!”

Xu Jingming watched several videos that were playing at the same time. The videos were replays of key battles.

“Riven Gullit’s combat techniques are very brilliant.” Xu Jingming watched. “Perhaps in the past, he was restricted by his oversized body, and his physique was lacking in agility, making it difficult for him to reach the level of the three kings of the martial arts world. But the evolutionary method has made him lose this weakness and become even more terrifying.”

Li Miaomiao nodded.

“In the past, I thought it was strange that such a giant could be so strong in the martial arts world.” Xu Jingming sighed with emotion.

In reality, many giants were inadequate in actual combat. They were crushed the moment they entered the arena.

However, Riven crushed others when he entered the arena. It was incredible that he remained stably in the top three and clinched two world championships.

In China, I might be second only to Master Liu Hai and Senior Lei Yunfang, but there are still many experts worldwide. Xu Jingming also gained a deeper sense of the competition between many experts worldwide and said, “I still have to work hard. I’ll go to the training grounds first.”

“Okay.” Li Miaomiao nodded obediently and watched her boyfriend leave and disappear..

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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