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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 83 – Desperate Situation

Chapter 83: Desperate Situation

Translator: CKtalon

The spear in Xu Jingming’s hand suddenly stabbed out. The spear was as fast as lightning, and the red embellishments danced as it stabbed straight at Lei Yunfang, who was circling him.

Lei Yunfang held his two sabers, and his footwork paused slightly. This spear then stabbed into the air three feet in front of him.

To Lei Yunfang, even a sharpshooter’s supersonic arrow needed to be within ten meters of him to pose a threat. For example, he could dodge Xu Jingming’s spear strike just from judging the gathering of strength prior to the strike.

Xu Jingming couldn’t touch Lei Yunfang even if he stabbed out a hundred times.


With one strike missing, Xu Jingming didn’t dare follow up with another strike. Instead, he immediately retracted his spear.


The moment Xu Jingming missed, Lei Yunfang closed in and delivered a saber flash. Thankfully, Xu Jingming retreated as fast as lightning and retracted his spear, allowing him to barely block the strike with his spear shaft.


Despite having blocked the right saber, the saber in the left hand arrived in front of him.


Xu Jingming immediately raised his arms, and his bracer collided with the left saber. The Eight Extremities Crush affected Lei Yunfang, allowing Xu Jingming to immediately retreat and retract his spear.

Lei Yunfang looked at the gash on his opponent’s bracer in surprise and said, “Using a bracer as a shield? Eight Extremities?”

“There was no other way,” Xu Jingming said.

A set of armor didn’t have the same defense in every spot. For example, disc armor and bracers had extremely high defense. Many melee experts used the bracer as a tiny shield. It was impossible for Lei Yunfang to slice open the bracer with his swift saber.

“A bracer is too small. How many strikes can it block?” Lei Yunfang was like a hunter as he leisurely walked around Xu Jingming and changed directions from time to time.

Xu Jingming also had to turn with him, having to constantly ensure that his opponent was in his line of sight.

Lei Yunfang was clearly the person circling, but he was like a gust of wind. Just turning around tensed up Xu Jingming; the pressure became greater if he kept tracking him.

I only used one strike just now, and it was a strike that took both offense and defense into consideration. Yet, Lei Yunfang found an opportunity to make a move, and I had to block it with the help of the bracer, Xu Jingming thought. Attacking gives him a chance, but am I to just keep taking a beating if I don’t make a move?

It was a miserable feeling.

He realized how Fang Yu felt back then. Previously, he could fight and retreat as he wished with his footwork advantage, completely suppressing Fang Yu.

It was the same for Lei Yunfang now! Xu Jingming’s attacks couldn’t touch him at all, but he could attack at any time. If his attacks failed, he could attack another hundred times…

Xu Jingming just couldn’t see any hope of victory.


When Lei Yunfang circled his opponent, he would occasionally deliver a strike—strange, unpredictable, and dangerous.

When Xu Jingming’s defense was slightly inferior, Lei Yunfang immediately closed in and delivered a barrage of attacks.


He used his pair of bracers to force Lei Yunfang back again.

I’ve been defending all this time, but he still found an opportunity? The pressure on Xu Jingming increased. What should I do?

He couldn’t touch the other party while attacking. However, the other party could still find an opportunity while he defended!

I finally understand how terrifying the world’s number one movement technique is. Xu Jingming felt bitter. He also had a Lv. 3 footwork, but in front of Lei Yunfang, he was ridiculously clumsy.

In China’s livestream, even ordinary people could tell the situation.

“Lei Yunfang’s movement technique is too powerful.” The male guest, Jin Fan, came to a conclusion. “Xu Jingming can’t touch him when he completely utilizes his movement technique! Xu Jingming doesn’t stand a chance at all; he’s bound to lose.”

“He relied on his bracer to make up for the weakness in his defense, but a bracer isn’t a shield. He can’t defend every time.” The female guest, Ju Wenqing, nodded. “I can’t see any chance of him winning. In fact, Xu Jingming is already very strong. He’s still holding on despite having the world’s number one movement expert attack him at full strength.”

“Right.” Liu Xin also favored Xu Jingming and nodded. “Lei Yunfang killed all his opponents with one strike previously. This time, two strikes weren’t enough, and he had to use his movement techniques at full strength… Xu Jingming is indeed very strong to be able to last so long.”

The audience was also waiting for the outcome.

“It looks like that’s the end of the line for Xu Jingming.”

“He’s already very outstanding.”

“Lei Yunfang used his movement technique to his limit, but Xu Jingming managed to last for three minutes, alright?”

Countless audience members were waiting for the outcome of this battle. Be it the hostile Cheng Zihao and Sun Li or Xu Jingming’s relatives and friends, they all knew that the chances of winning this battle were almost zero.

“Sister Yi and the others finished off the four opponents,” Heng Fang said.

The livestream showed a vast point of view, covering one kilometer of the town, but almost everyone was paying attention to the battle between Xu Jingming and Lei Yunfang. Very few people were watching Wang Yi and Yang Qingshuo chase after Lei Yunfang’s team. Their gazes would shift away when they occasionally saw them.

But at this moment…

The four people in Lei Yunfang’s team had been wiped out.

With the penetration of the spear, Yang Qingshuo watched his opponent vanish.

“Sister Yi, all opponents taken down,” Yang Qingshuo said in the team chat.


Wang Yi also came to this alley. She nodded and looked into the distance. “Captain is fighting Lei Yunfang. Let’s help him.”

“Okay.” Yang Qingshuo nodded.

The two of them rushed over and soon arrived at an inn 70 to 80 meters away from the battle. The two of them arrived on the roof of the inn and could clearly see the battle.

Xu Jingming was suppressed badly. He had to give it his all—he couldn’t attack with his spear and had to defend every time! Even so, he would occasionally suffer a defense break and had to rely on his bracer to block.

Thankfully, he only needed to protect his head! Lei Yunfang’s saber couldn’t slice through Xu Jingming’s armor. After all, the latter’s armor became much heavier and had a much higher defense after reaching Advanced.

“I can’t help you, Brother Xu. If I go over, I’ll probably be finished in one strike,” Yang Qingshuo said.

“I’ll try.” Wang Yi watched carefully.

She sensed the wind and the drizzle as her gaze landed on Lei Yunfang, who was moving in the distance. She began drawing her bow and nocked her arrow.


Wang Yi’s eyes turned cold. She released her finger, and the supersonic arrow instantly tore through the air.

Lei Yunfang—who was dealing with Xu Jingming—sensed the wind and moved like a ghost as he rode the wind.

Suddenly, he sensed an abnormal vibration in the wind. He shot a glance and saw that it was an arrow that had arrived more than 20 meters away.

Lei Yunfang’s movement rhythm changed slightly.


The arrow flew past Lei Yunfang and finally stabbed the stone ground, blasting open a crater.

I have to use my full strength to deal with Zhou Yi’s arrow. But for your arrow, young lady? I don’t even need to look at it. Lei Yunfang smiled.

He really didn’t need his eyes. With his acute senses for the wind, he could detect anything as long as it reached a certain distance—even if he had his back to the attack.

He dodged this arrow so easily? When Wang Yi saw this in the distance, she felt that Lei Yunfang was only moving normally. With a slight change in rhythm, her arrow missed.

Again—I have to at least interfere with Lei Yunfang. Wang Yi gathered her strength and shot out another arrow.

Lei Yunfang didn’t need to focus on the arrows or the abnormal fluctuations in the wind; he just needed to take note and change his pace. Lei Yunfang treated it as a form of entertainment that allowed him to hone his movement technique.

In the martial arts arena, I virtualized a group of sharpshooters to attack me. I dodged and killed the enemy as I did so. Compared to the virtual opponents, this girl is ultimately one person. She’s no threat. Lei Yunfang fixated his eyes on Xu Jingming. On the other hand, Xu Jingming can really hold on. Let’s see how many times you can hold on.

He suddenly closed in again as his saber flashed.

Xu Jingming’s attention was completely on Lei Yunfang as he defended with his spear.

Defense, defense, defense again!

Lei Yunfang’s movement technique was ghostly, and his saber technique was sudden. Xu Jingming instinctively defended every time as he had no time to think.


Another bracer blocked with great difficulty and forced the other party back.

It’s the fifth time. How many more times can I block? Xu Jingming’s skin was red, and his eyes were red. His blood was pumping to its limits, and he was already using every ounce of strength in his body, but he still felt like a prisoner in desperate straits. The more he struggled, the more powerless he became..

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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