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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 82 – Xu Jingming and Lei Yunfang

Chapter 82: Xu Jingming and Lei Yunfang

Translator: CKtalon

When Xu Jingming shouted from the restaurant and Lei Yunfang charged at him, countless viewers in China’s official livestream boiled over.

“Lei Yunfang has charged over.”

“Wow, they’re about to fight.”


“Lei Yunfang and Xu Jingming are about to clash.”

“The competition has just begun, and the two final bosses are about to fight? Can it not be so exhilarating?”

“My scalp feels like it’s going to explode. I don’t dare breathe anymore. Xu Jingming mustn’t lose in one move.”

“The outcome of this semi-final match will depend on their battle!”

Countless audience members watched.

“Dad, can Uncle Xu win?” Fang Xinglong’s daughter asked with uncertainty as she watched the match with him.

“Even if he loses, he would have won.” Fang Xinglong smiled at this scene. Back when he was coerced by Cheng Zihao, he had no choice but to get his junior brother to leave the combat center. Now that the virtual world had arrived and his junior brother had risen in prominence, Fang Xinglong was happy for him.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Xu and Xu Hong, as well as Li Chen’an and his wife, were watching nervously.

“Can our son win?” Mrs. Xu was worried.

“It’s a little difficult.” Xu Hong watched nervously.

“They’ve clashed!” Grandpa Xu’s eyes widened.

In the town, a drizzle fell on his face. Xu Jingming stood in front of the railing on the restaurant’s third floor and watched the cyan figure rapidly approach.


With a sudden stomp, the restaurant’s floor split apart with a bang, and Xu Jingming’s entire body rushed out as a blurry dark-red figure. With this step, he traversed more than ten meters and stepped on the courtyard wall opposite the street, causing a portion of the courtyard wall to explode. Xu Jingming then pounced straight for the cyan figure.

In just two steps, he charged down from a height of about eight meters on the restaurant’s third floor, arrived at the courtyard wall that was more than three meters tall, and tore toward the distant roof where the cyan figure was running.

With the force of gravity and his entire body’s explosive force, Xu Jingming’s might was indeed terrifying by the time he arrived.

What a formidable kid. Lei Yunfang felt a gust of bloodlust blow at him as Xu Jingming thrust his spear forward.

I mustn’t hit it head-on!

Lei Yunfang didn’t focus on strength to begin with. He chose Shadow Leopard Evolution, which granted the least strength among the five evolutionary methods. He only wore cloth clothes and had two very thin sabers. He focused on speed—extreme speed.

Xu Jingming charged over ferociously.

Lei Yunfang’s figure flashed, and his shadow blurred as it drew a curve, avoiding the spearman’s strike.


Xu Jingming’s spear stabbed through the yard wall, and the force of the spinning spear caused the yard wall to explode. Countless gravel tumbled across the street where Xu Jingming landed.

Standing in the middle of the stone street, Xu Jingming held his spear and looked at the cyan figure.

“A move that can’t hit anyone is useless.” Lei Yunfang walked on the street and looked at his opponent with burning eyes and an intense fighting spirit.

“Senior Lei, do you only know how to dodge? With time, the entire combat map will shrink. You can’t keep dodging.” Xu Jingming looked at him.

“Haha? Dodge?” Lei Yunfang moved.


His figure turned ethereal as he instantly closed the distance.


A spear projection greeted him! The spear projection was like an arrow that instantly stabbed at the cyan figure.

My speed is inferior to yours, but can my spear’s speed be inferior to your movement speed? Xu Jingming was extremely confident. Spear after spear flashed and enveloped an area in front of him. With a series of clanking, he delivered more than ten strikes in an instant!

Lei Yunfang’s expression was cold as he blocked more than ten strikes with a single saber.


The thrusting spear suddenly turned into Spear Cleave.

The moment it was blocked, the force it produced made Lei Yunfang’s expression change. His body was forced to fly back from the impact, and with a tap of his foot, he landed on the roof to stabilize his body.

“Senior Lei, if you just use one saber like this, I’ll definitely stab you to death in a few dozen moves!” Xu Jingming looked at the saber-wielder with intense killing intent.

Just more than ten strikes had completely suppressed Lei Yunfang.

Xu Jingming was very confident to say this.

“Hahaha… It looks like I can’t underestimate you.” Lei Yunfang drew another saber from his back with his left hand. With two sabers in hand, the threat was naturally different.


“Awesome, awesome.”

“Xu Jingming said that he can definitely stab Lei Yunfang to death in a few dozen moves… It looks like Lei Yunfang has to use two sabers after all.”

“The gap wasn’t that great to begin with. The person who said he could finish him in one move underestimated Xu Jingming. If he shows any signs of carelessness, Xu Jingming will eliminate Lei Yunfang.”

“The battle will only get more intense.”

Countless audience members were watching this battle; very few people noticed Wang Yi and Yang Qingshuo chasing after the other four members of Lei Yunfang’s team. This battle was truly an apex battle in the Firestarter Cup.

Although Liu Hai was stronger, it was too easy for Liu Hai to defeat Zhang Qing. The excitement garnered from a single punch was inferior.

Nobody expected that the gap in this battle wasn’t that great, making it much more intense. Both parties needed to give their all.

Lei Yunfang held his two sabers and also observed Xu Jingming carefully. From his spearmanship just now, he’s probably very close to clearing the third level of Cosmos Tower. He might be able to clear it in a few days. The gap between him and me isn’t that great.

However, this makes it more interesting. Lei Yunfang’s figure flashed as he attacked again.

The spear-wielding Xu Jingming stood in the middle of the stone street. He only struck abruptly when the other party was close.

Xu Jingming had attained great speed in his spearmanship—being able to create Shadowless Thrust was a testament to that. However, he didn’t dare to use Shadowless Thrust rashly because it required him to give up on defense and not hold back at all; the other party could seize the opportunity to counter-attack once he failed.

Lei Yunfang’s reaction and ability to put up a defense was too fast. Xu Jingming needed to be confident in his ability to execute Shadowless Thrust.

Of course, Xu Jingming was also very fast with ordinary jabs. This was a basic move he had practiced since he was a child.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The air howled as one spear afterimage after another stabbed out repeatedly.

Experts usually delivered 70% of their strength when attacking while reserving 30% so that they could deliver the next move. By connecting one move after another… Even if one move failed, they could immediately follow up with another move, preventing the enemy from noticing a flaw.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Lei Yunfang charged over and delivered two strikes with extreme speed.

The saber beam was ethereal and unpredictable!

Xu Jingming was extremely valiant. I have the advantage in terms of weaponry when it comes to spear versus dual sabers. Lei Yunfang doesn’t dare to get close at all because my spear will pierce through his body when I’m close. He has to break through my spearmanship in order to get close.

Forward Thrust! Forward, further forward! The spearhead danced as it stabbed out repeatedly. Occasionally, it would swing in a circle to block the area.

Lei Yunfang kept attacking with his two sabers. Even though he occasionally delivered a threatening strike, Xu Jingming blocked it with a circling sweep of his spear.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Xu Jingming suppressed his opponent’s retreat and thrust out his spear repeatedly.

When Lei Yunfang dodged, the spear stabbed into a street wall, causing it to explode.

Using this opportunity, Xu Jingming delivered Sweeping Crush, which Lei Yunfang dodged once more. However, the sweep reached a shop on the side of the street. The entire shop collapsed under this strike, sending large amounts of gravel flying in the direction of Lei Yunfang.

Lei Yunfang dodged as he used his saber to block the gravel.

“What’s going on? Why doesn’t Lei Yunfang have any advantage?”

“Instead, Xu Jingming is very fierce. He chased him all the way, and every move he delivered was formidable. It looks like he’s about to tear down the street.”

“Are the buildings in this ancient town map that weak? A single spear strike can collapse a small building?”

“I’ve specially tested it on the map. I’m a Silver Moon player, and my evolutionary method is at the Beginner level. I struck the wall with all my might more than 100 times before leaving a hole. These kinds of brick buildings from ancient times are still very durable. It’s easier to damage those wooden buildings. In short—it’s not that the building is weak but that Xu Jingming is formidable!”

“Indeed. He’s like a bulldozer; every thrust is like a cannonball.”

Countless audience members commented.

“Why do I feel like there’s a chance of winning?” Li Miaomiao watched nervously, feeling stifled. “Jingming has held the advantage the entire time.”

Isn’t Lei Yunfang being too rash to fight Old Xu head-on? Heng Fang thought as he watched.

At this moment, Liu Hai was also watching the battle in the stands. Lei Yunfang relied on his movement technique to clear Cosmos Tower’s third level! If he didn’t use his advantage in movement and only relied on his dual sabers… he wouldn’t be able to defeat my disciple at all.

Lei Yunfang finally couldn’t take it anymore after being chased and attacked by Xu Jingming all the way. Xu Jingming uses a spear, so he has the advantage in a clash between spear and dual sabers. My dual saber technique is at Lv. 3 47%, so I don’t have the advantage just by relying on my saber technique. Forget it. I’ve had enough fun fighting and honing my saber technique.

Then, let’s end the battle. Lei Yunfang’s eyes turned cold as he turned into a cyan shadow with a whoosh and pounced at his opponent.

Xu Jingming stabbed out ferociously as usual.

Previously, Lei Yunfang would’ve blocked with his saber. But this time…

Lei Yunfang’s figure flashed, and he began circling around Xu Jingming. He would occasionally pounce close to the latter or circle him.

Xu Jingming immediately tensed up and carefully looked around. What movement technique is this?

Despite a person circling him several meters away, his spear couldn’t reach the other party! The other party circled him repeatedly and changed his movement technique. He didn’t need to deliver a single strike to make Xu Jingming extremely nervous. This was because as long as he revealed a single flaw, the other party could kill him with a single strike once he succeeded in coming close.


Lei Yunfang felt the wind circle around him as he rode it. He sped up or stopped at times, sometimes changing directions while attacking at other times… Everything happened as he wished without any deliberation or intention; it was completely instinctive. His movement technique was unpredictable, and his entire body seemed to be a gust of wind circling Xu Jingming.

Lei Yunfang’s saber is about agility. Liu Hai watched from the stands. 70% of one’s strength depends on the footwork when it comes to agile saber techniques or sword techniques. As long as he can close in on the range of the saber and sword, he can kill the enemy with one strike.

Xu Jingming will lose if he makes a single mistake.. My dear disciple, Lei Yunfang is the real Lei Yunfang when he uses his movement technique.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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