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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 69 – : Xu Jingming’s Rampage

Chapter 69: Xu Jingming’s Rampage

Wang Yi landed lightly on the street and returned to the shop on the street in a flash.

“Sister Yi, impressive,” Yang Qingshuo praised.

“I hit Zhang Feng, but he didn’t die. He should be seriously injured,” Wang Yi said in the team chat.

Zhang Feng immediately hid in a building on the other side after being shot. He then found a door and entered.


After entering the room, he looked down at his abdomen injury. The clothes and soft armor around his abdomen had long been torn, and the wound was huge.

Having cultivated the evolutionary method to his present level, he moved his muscles to stop the blood loss. However, the wound was too big. Zhang Feng ripped open his clothes and began bandaging the wound around his abdomen.

“I was so fast, and I kept clinging to the walls,” Zhang Feng said. “I even changed my speed occasionally. How did I get hit?”

“Everyone, be careful. I was shot by Wang Yi and suffered an injury to my abdomen. I reckon I only have 50% of my strength left,” Zhang Feng said in the team chat. “Her location is probably this area.”

Zhang Feng marked an area on the team map.

“He got shot even in such a situation?” In China’s official livestream, the host and guests were shocked. Countless audience members were in an uproar.

Liu Xin even played the slow-motion replay.

The male guest, Jin Fan, watched and exclaimed in surprise, “Wang Yi is on the store’s rooftop, giving her a vantage point to see every direction. The moment Zhang Feng exposed himself to her—at this intersection, about 200 meters away—Wang Yi immediately locked onto the second intersection. Zhang Feng exposed himself again, but it was only for an instant.”

Jin Fan pointed at Wang Yi in the projection. “The moment Zhang Feng was exposed for the second time, Wang Yi leaped off the roof and landed here. She then shot out the arrow in midair!”

This arrow tore through the air and traversed nearly 200 meters, piercing through the glass. Zhang Feng happened to appear in the arrow’s trajectory.

The female guest watched the entire slow-motion process and exclaimed in surprise, “Zhang Feng has actually been constantly changing his speed while traveling; he slows down every few seconds and occasionally accelerates. But only 1.22 seconds passed from the time Zhang Feng was exposed to Wang Yi’s arrow hitting him! Of which, the arrow spent half a second flying in the air. It’s ridiculous.”

“Zhou Yi’s bow and arrow are like heavy machine guns that are firing randomly.” The male guest, Jin Fan, praised. “Wang Yi is a long-range heavy sniper. As long as there’s a chance, she’ll seize it.”

The audience was also very excited.

In the battle, the amount of tips Wang Yi received kept rising!

As one of the top three streamers on the spectator platform, Wang Yi’s combat style had always attracted fans! Be it close-range strafing or unimaginable long-range sniping, and the fact that she was a beauty… Watching her livestream was pure eye candy!

In this battle, Wang Yi was far ahead of the ten contestants in terms of tips.


The two teams became even more vigilant when Zhang Feng was seriously injured.

“Oh?” Heng Fang—who was walking carefully—turned the intersection and saw a young man, Zhao Fan, who was also walking carefully.

The two looked at each other in surprise.

They were only ten meters apart—it was too close!

“Die!” While traveling, Heng Fang held two short spears in each hand. Zhao Fan held a crescent saber. The moment they saw each other, Heng Fang almost instinctively threw out the two short spears in his hand.

Zhao Fan’s eyes turned red as he kicked off the ground and charged forward. A short spear sliced past him, and the other short spear was blocked by the crescent saber in his hand.

Heng Fang immediately retreated after throwing out the two short spears! As he retreated, he took out the two lance pieces on his back and connected them together with a twist.


Heng Fang’s lance blocked the crescent saber’s mighty strike, but the might of this strike still made Heng Fang stumble back involuntarily.

“Die.” Zhao Fan didn’t hesitate to continue his pursuit.

One strike after another! They were like a storm or bolts of lightning that were incomparably ferocious.

Heng Fang was suppressed to the point where he could only work hard to block.

Why are his attacks so fierce and his strength so great? Heng Fang found it unbelievable. Liu Chongyuan cultivates Giant Bear Evolution, but the might of his strikes feel inferior to Zhao Fan’s saber techniques.

Zhao Fan’s saber was extremely ferocious and powerful! Furthermore, it was like a tsunami—one strike after another without any rest.

Sixteen consecutive strikes resulted in Heng Fang exposing his core! The 17th strike landed on Heng Fang’s chest; it split open his armor and torso!

Heng Fang dazedly stood in his spot as his body began to turn ethereal.

I lost? Heng Fang found it unbelievable.

Zhao Fan watched Heng Fang’s ethereal figure vanish, and his young face revealed a hint of regret. I feel like I’m just a little short. I was just a little short of breaking through! The might of this strike can be much greater!

In China’s official livestream, this battle was also replaying at a slow speed. Zhao Fan delivered 17 consecutive strikes with extreme ferocity, killing Heng Fang after dishing out one strike after another!

“Zhao Fan is only 18 this year. He only started learning martial arts after sitting for the college entrance examination, when the virtual world opened up.” Liu Xin exclaimed in surprise, “He’s growing too quickly. It feels like he will be much stronger in a few days! Seven or eight days ago, Fairy Wang personally came up with China’s expert rankings and designated Zhao Fan as number one in the third tier. However, I think Zhao Fan has improved too much in seven or eight days. He’s now ranked at the forefront of the second tier.”

“Too strong.”

“I also started practicing after the virtual world’s launch. Why am I still a Silver Moon rookie?”

“The difference between people is too great.”

“How can he be that strong after just slightly over a month in the virtual world?”

“In Expert Tracking, they interviewed Zhao Fan, his relatives and friends, and his classmates. He has indeed never practiced before!”

Countless comments flooded the comment section, exclaiming in surprise at this 18-year-old genius.


In the modern city map, both teams had rendezvoused.

Heng Fang was killed in a one-on-one battle against Zhao Fan? Xu Jingming, Wang Yi, Yang Qingshuo, and Liu Chongyuan were very surprised.

“Zhao Fan’s growth is indeed fast,” Wang Yi nodded and said. “We’re now fighting four against five. Thankfully… Although Zhang Feng isn’t dead, he doesn’t have much strength left.”

Liu Chongyuan nodded. “We have to be careful of Zhao Fan next.”

“Tie Lianyun is the one we need to be careful of the most,” Yang Qing said. “Senior Brother Tie Lianyun is, after all, one of the three great martial arts legends in China. He was once on par with Liu Hai and Lei Yunfang. His strength might be much more terrifying than that of Zhao Fan.”

“I’ll deal with Tie Lianyun; you guys try to deal with the others first,” Xu Jingming said.

“With Sister Yi’s looming threat, the two of us still have some confidence,” Liu Chongyuan said.

A terrifying sharpshooter could make the other party hold back at all times to prevent the sharpshooter from dealing a successful hit.

“I also want to test how powerful this Zhao Fan is.” Yang Qingshuo cultivated Shadow Leopard Evolution and was known for his speed and agility. He was confident in holding back opponents who were stronger than him.

“They’re approaching.” Wang Yi looked out the window and saw the five people rapidly advancing.

As the team’s vanguard, Tie Lianyun held his shield and saber while Zhang Cheng held his dual shields. Zhao Fan and Zhang Feng followed behind, followed by Sun Li.

“Let’s go.” Xu Jingming, Yang Qingshuo, and Liu Chongyuan quickly went downstairs and arrived on the street.

“Enter the shops; we will only be sitting ducks on the street.” Tie Lianyun saw this from afar, but he wasn’t settling on the battlefield Xu Jingming and the others had decided on. “Let’s find Wang Yi and get rid of her.”

After Tie Lianyun gave the order, the team quickly advanced. They turned a corner and ignored Xu Jingming and the others before entering the store.

“How cautious.” Xu Jingming looked up when he saw this. “Sister Yi, they entered the shops.”

Wang Yi—who had appeared on the rooftop—quickly ran with the quiver on her back. She ran to the corner of the rooftop and quietly jumped down, swiftly moving to another building along the street.

“Captain, Wang Yi has left the store.” Sun Li—who was hiding at the back—caught a glimpse of her and immediately reported, “She went to the gray residential building beside it.”

“The building by the side doesn’t boast a good field of vision. Immediately attack Xu Jingming and the others,” Tie Lianyun immediately ordered.

Wang Yi was a huge threat in the shop due to its wide field of vision, but her threat was much lower in the building beside. As long as the team dodged slightly, it was difficult for Wang Yi to find a chance to attack.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The five of them quickly rushed over to Xu Jingming and the others.

“Junior Brother!” Tie Lianyun took the lead. With a shield in one hand and a saber in the other, he charged forward valiantly.

“Senior Brother.” Xu Jingming held a shield in each hand and looked at his senior brother in anticipation. He had been practicing his footwork these days, and especially after his shield technique broke through, he had vaguely gained an idea about how he should work toward a footwork breakthrough.

The force exerted by his feet could be very fast and fierce, and he could reach 50 meters per second in two steps! How could he perfectly utilize his footwork? This was the key.

“I hope you can give me some pressure.” Xu Jingming took the initiative to welcome him.


The saber in Tie Lianyun’s hand flashed, and it sliced through the air like it was slicing through water. Xu Jingming faintly heard the sound of air being sliced apart before the saber arrived in front of him.

Xu Jingming blocked with his shield and gently diverted the force. At the same time, he moved about and avoided Tie Lianyun’s shield bash.

“You’ve really broken through.” Tie Lianyun’s eyes burned.

“Senior Brother, your saber technique is also extraordinary.” Xu Jingming was certain that Tie Lianyun’s saber technique had broken through, but his shield techniques and physical attributes didn’t pose a threat.

Tie Lianyun’s fighting spirit was high as he executed his shield saber technique. The country has focused on grooming me. The ‘Lv. 5 Shield Saber Technique’ deduced from my shield saber technique is extremely exquisite. I’ve been training hard in the virtual world and in reality… My saber technique has broken through, but my shield technique hasn’t.

Only by combining the shield and saber can I fuse Yin and Yang into one and truly achieve perfection, Tie Lianyun thought to himself. Only then can I unleash the might of Lv. 5 Shield Saber Technique.

This junior brother of mine has extraordinary shield techniques; he can completely block my saber! He’s a rare opponent. Tie Lianyun displayed the moves in Lv. 5 Shield Saber Technique. His moves were dazzling as he attacked relentlessly.

Xu Jingming held his dual shields and blocked as he dodged. My opponent is rare. I hope Senior Brother can help my footwork break through.

An opponent virtualized in the virtual world could have very high strength, speed, and other aspects, but their moves were much less exquisite. They also had very lacking combat intelligence and other traits.

True experts could often dish out unexpected moves.

While Xu Jingming and Tie Lianyun were fighting, Yang Qingshuo and Liu Chongyuan were also battling Zhao Fan, Zhang Cheng, and Zhang Feng. Sun Li was still in the distance, ready to fire at any moment.


Wang Yi rushed out of the residence and shot out an arrow.


Zhang Cheng—who held two shields—was already prepared to block the arrow.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Sun Li shot three consecutive arrows at Yang Qingshuo, who was in a somewhat sorry state. At this moment, Zhao Fan struck again.


Yang Qingshuo was sent flying dozens of feet away from the strike. Liu Chongyuan immediately blocked it with his dual shields, and Zhao Fan and Zhang Feng immediately attacked. Although Zhang Feng’s abdomen was injured, he could still use a portion of his strength. He still posed a threat.

“Sun Li is too familiar with our moves. With him watching, it will be a difficult fight,” Yang Qingshuo said anxiously in the team chat.


Sun Li’s armor-piercing arrow struck Liu Chongyuan in the knee. Although it was fine with the protection of his heavy armor, it broke Liu Chongyuan’s pace.

Zhao Fan took the opportunity to slash at Liu Chongyuan’s leg, causing him to collapse.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Sun Li shot arrows at Yang Qingshuo, who was in a sorry state.

Wang Yi also shot, but Zhang Cheng held two shields and protected Zhao Fan and Zhang Feng with all his might.

“Captain, we can’t hold on anymore.” Liu Chongyuan collapsed to the ground. Faced with the incoming weapons, he tried his best to protect his head with his shield and anxiously spoke into the team chat.

“This Zhao Fan is too fierce.” Yang Qingshuo tried his best to dodge and block the arrows.

Xu Jingming heard the team chat.

The pressure Senior Brother is giving me isn’t enough. Xu Jingming was very regretful. His footwork was good enough, but speed didn’t determine a Lv. 3 footwork.

Forget it. Xu Jingming suddenly unleashed his strength.

Boom! Boom!

Xu Jingming’s feet seemed to explode with lightning as his speed rapidly increased, leaving Tie Lianyun—who was attacking as he wished—dumbfounded. Xu Jingming’s current speed far exceeded his, and he couldn’t catch up.

“Hide!” Tie Lianyun shouted at the top of his lungs.

Zhao Fan, Zhang Feng, Zhang Cheng, and Sun Li looked over at the same time and saw a dark-red blur charge over. The impact of this speed was like that of a terrifying god.

“Not good.” Zhao Fan and Zhang Feng immediately retreated.

“Ha!” Being in heavy armor, Zhang Cheng was the slowest; he immediately raised his dual shields, stabilized his body, and tried to tank the attack.


Xu Jingming—who was wearing dark-red armor—executed a simple Eight Extremities Crush shield technique when he arrived in front of Zhang Cheng. The shield in his right hand was unstoppable as it carried the high-speed impact of his body and struck the heavy-armored Zhang Cheng.

One could ignore the attacks of many weapons when donning heavy armor, but heavy weapons were their nemesis.

Xu Jingming’s Crush shield and the explosive strength coming from his Advanced evolutionary method made his might unimaginable.


Zhang Cheng—who held two large shields—was sent flying. His entire body exploded in a bloody mist—his organs already ruptured from the impact. His entire body turned ethereal, and only the two large shields tumbled far away.

The fleeing Zhao Fan, Zhang Feng, and Sun Li trembled. Even Tie Lianyun, who was about to chase after Xu Jingming, felt his legs turn weak.

“An expert in heavy armor was pulverized?”


“What the hell is this?”

“Am I seeing things?”

The viewers exceeding a billion in China’s official livestream were in an uproar. Countless voices swept through the livestream like a tsunami.

However, the dark-red, godlike-like figure on the battlefield was too fast. In two steps, he arrived in front of the injured Zhang Feng.


Zhang Feng was sent flying. A bloody mist rose up as he flew back, and his entire body turned ethereal.

Countless audience members exclaimed. “Another one is gone!”

“This is madness!”

Xu Jingming turned and stared at Zhao Fan.

Zhao Fan was like a rabbit that had been eyed by a tiger. He was clearly very strong, but Xu Jingming was terrifyingly imposing. After Xu Jingming unleashed his full strength—especially the eruption of his Be Fire might—he was even more terrifying than Liu Hai!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every step was like the eruption of lightning and fire. In just three steps, he caught up to Zhao Fan.

Zhao Fan gritted his teeth and stopped, intending to block with the saber he flipped out.


The godlike-like figure charged over and smashed with his shield as though sending the world into a collapse.

With a bang, Zhao Fan was sent flying like a cannonball. As a bloody mist rose, he turned ethereal.

The archer—Sun Li, who was originally the furthest away—was fast and had long fled.

“I’ll leave Sun Li to the three of you.” Xu Jingming stopped and looked at Tie Lianyun.

“Yes, Captain.” Liu Chongyuan, Yang Qingshuo, and Wang Yi were stunned when they stood up. They couldn’t help but raise their voice in gusto as they chased after Sun Li.

Tie Lianyun’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Xu Jingming.

At this moment, the entire China’s official livestream erupted! Countless viewers went crazy.

“This is Xu Jingming?”

“That idiot Fairy Wang; Xu Jingming is in the third tier?”

“Oh my god! How is Xu Jingming so strong?”

“How can his shield be so terrifying!?!?”

Xu Jingming’s tips were like an erupting volcano as they kept rising.

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