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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 70 – The Formidably Peerless Xu Jingming

Chapter 70: The Formidably Peerless Xu Jingming

Xu Jingming was relatively special to countless people in China. Although his strength had been plummeting in the past month or so, and it was said that his strength was in the third tier of China’s experts, Xu Jingming was definitely known by virtually everyone! This was because Xu Jingming shone the most at China’s first Divine battle after the virtual world’s launch.

The popularity of that battle was almost comparable to the Firestarter Cup. The audience back then remembered Xu Jingming! They also looked forward to his subsequent performance.

However, Xu Jingming didn’t live-stream, so they could only see his fights occasionally through a third party. His strength wasn’t as dazzling, so his popularity naturally plummeted.

But today!

“Way too awesome.”


“This is what you call a battle!”

“This kind of shield technique is cool. Everyone else is defending, but Xu Jingming’s shield is just formidably peerless!”

“Formidably peerless!”

“Formidably peerless, Xu Jingming!”

Countless comments flooded in.

The audience broke out into goosebumps as their hearts raced with excitement.

In the stands.

This kid… Liu Hai sat in the stands and watched from afar before laughing. I knew his talent was astonishing. He finally broke through!

It’s just that his shield techniques and combat methods are completely different from what I taught him? It can even be said to be the complete opposite? A thought surfaced in Liu Hai’s mind. Could it be that I taught him wrongly and ended up delaying my disciple?

Liu Hai couldn’t be blamed; he was the only person who reached Lv. 3 in every aspect after the virtual world’s launch. Liu Hai didn’t have much to reference and could only teach his best methods to his disciples.

A very strong shield technique. Lei Yunfang’s eyes lit up in the stands. He has clearly broken through with the evolutionary method as well. I’ve finally found an opponent.

Xiaoqing’s senior brother? Team Fairydance’s captain, Zhang Qing, smiled when she saw this scene. This competition is getting more exciting.

The stocky Fang Yu sat there in silence as he took in everything.

In the modern city combat map.

Tie Lianyun looked at Xu Jingming in front of him and felt a mountain crushing down on his heart. The pressure made Tie Lianyun go crazy because reason told him that… his junior brother was strong! Too strong—so strong that he exceeded the limits of whatever resistance Tie Lianyun could come up with!

When the gap reached a certain point, there was no way to fight at all. For example, Zhao Fan was very outstanding, but when Xu Jingming struck out with his shield, Zhao Fan was sent flying like a cannonball and turned into nothingness.

This was the huge difference in physique and force delivery!

“Senior Brother, be careful,” Xu Jingming said.

Be careful? I’m to be careful? Tie Lianyun’s willpower—which he had honed over the years—made him feel as if his feet were nailed to the ground. He didn’t retreat.

“Junior Brother, show me your greatest strength,” Tie Lianyun said.

“Greatest strength?” Xu Jingming moved his feet.


The explosive force from his stomp was terrifying. Xu Jingming—who was wearing dark-red armor—turned into a blur once again as though he was descending a mountain. Tie Lianyun had no time to dodge in the face of such terrifying speed.

The shield came crashing down, and all Tie Lianyun could do was raise his shield to defend. He put his entire body behind the shield.


The impact sent Tie Lianyun flying like a billiard ball, and he crashed into a residential building’s wall and shattered it. Large amounts of gravel crumbled as Tie Lianyun fell into the residence.

Xu Jingming watched this scene.

At his senior brother’s level of strength, he couldn’t use his full strength against him.

You already couldn’t withstand a single Forward Shield Smash, Xu Jingming thought to himself.

Forward Shield Smash was a very simple move, but Xu Jingming’s improvement allowed him to move at a terrifying speed. His shield smash was even more so by directing his body’s deep-seated strength into an instant eruption of strength. It was a simple move… Even though Tie Lianyun had received the country’s grooming and had learned advanced techniques like ‘Lv. 5 Shield Saber Technique,’ he couldn’t fight back.

Strength and speed were the true realms.

With the same body, greater strength and higher speed could be unleashed. This was what it meant by having greater strength delivery!

For example, Lv. 3 spearmanship allowed one to unleash even more terrifying strength and speed when using a spear. Lv. 3 shield techniques allowed one to unleash terrifying strength and speed when using a shield technique… When a person could unleash that much strength with different weapons, it meant that their control over their body was becoming more and more brilliant.

When one was sufficiently brilliant, they could unleash a Lv. 3 explosive force just by picking up a weapon!

Shield technique?

I managed to defend against it? Tie Lianyun climbed out of the rubble, his eyes burning with excitement.

Tie Lianyun only had one thought when his junior brother executed Forward Shield Smash! It was like a high-speed train hurtling down at him: he had to defend! His saber technique had reached Lv. 3, which meant that he had reached this level in certain aspects of his body. With this strong thought, the shield in his hand actually erupted with sufficient strength.

Although there was still a huge gap between him and Xu Jingming, he blocked enough of the impact and deflected most of the force. He didn’t die from a single strike.

Oh? Xu Jingming looked at Tie Lianyun.

“Junior Brother, I have to thank you for helping me make a breakthrough in my shield techniques.” Tie Lianyun held a shield in one hand and a saber in the other as he walked out of the wrecked residential building. “I’ll let you know the Yin and Yang might of the shield and saber combination. Even if your physique is stronger, it won’t be easy to defeat me.”

“Yin and Yang?” Xu Jingming looked at his senior brother with anticipation in his eyes. “Senior Brother, it looks like I’ll have to be serious!”

Tie Lianyun stared at his junior brother.


Xu Jingming instantly turned into a dark-red blur.

This speed again. Tie Lianyun couldn’t dodge such terrifying speed and could only tank it head-on.

Xu Jingming only took two steps forward, and he was so fast that he produced huge resistance in the air. The moment the dual shields in his hands approached Tie Lianyun, he struck out ferociously! Regardless of what techniques the shield and saber had, with the range of his two shields being large enough—all he needed to do was strike! Just as his father had said, he just needed to pounce regardless of the enemy’s moves!

Xu Jingming respected his senior brother very much, so he used Eight Extremities Tiger Pounce!


Tie Lianyun was still sent flying, but he forced himself not to cough out blood.


Xu Jingming didn’t show any mercy; his feet kicked the ground as he charged forward like a bolt of lightning. His speed of advancement was even faster than Tie Lianyun’s retreating flight.

Huh? Tie Lianyun’s expression changed. Before he landed, he saw Xu Jingming appear in front of him with a leap.


This time, Xu Jingming leaped up and raised his right shield high as if he were holding a huge ax! His waist and abdomen were like the axles of his body as he allowed the momentum to carry him. Just by exerting his strength, his right shield turned into a stream of light that cleaved down!

Mid-flight, Tie Lianyun could only hold his shield and couldn’t deflect the force. He endured the strike head-on!

With this strike, Tie Lianyun crashed into the ground with a bang. The ground even caved in, producing a huge crater in the concrete. Most of Tie Lianyun’s body was trapped in the crater.

Eight Extremities, Mountain Cleave!

The process of being sent flying was also a buffer.

This time, he crashed into the concrete ground. The impact instantly erupted across the concrete ground and Tie Lianyun’s body. In an instant, countless bones in Tie Lianyun fractured, and his blood dyed his armor red. He also spat out blood and some bone shards.

“Junior Brother, you’re stronger than me now.” Tie Lianyun stared at Xu Jingming and spoke with difficulty before his body began to turn ethereal.

Xu Jingming watched this scene.

Combining Yin and Yang won’t work either, Xu Jingming thought. Eight Extremities Tiger Pounce and Mountain Cleave was sufficient to finish off Senior Brother. It looks like I have to fight an opponent who has reached Advanced in the evolutionary method to have a good fight.


“Xu Jingming, I love you!”

“From now on, I’ll be your fanatical fan!”

“Why are Xu Jingming’s moves so cool? They’re even better than Liu Hai and Lei Yunfang’s battle.”

“Way too formidable.”

Countless comments appeared, and countless viewers were won over.

Xu Jingming’s battle was magical. Bam—with a slam of his shield, the enemy turned into nothingness. Even Tie Lianyun turned into nothingness under the Eight Extremities Tiger Pounce and Mountain Cleave combo.

This was a pure and formidable aesthetic.

In the modern city map, Xu Jingming looked into the distance. Yang Qingshuo, Liu Chongyuan, and Wang Yi had already surrounded Sun Li.

Sun Li’s arm and thigh had been shot. He was leaning against the wall and looking at the three people in front of him.

“Hmph, you guys must be feeling smug, huh?” Sun Li sneered at Yang Qingshuo and Liu Chongyuan. “I never expected that the seemingly loyal Xu Jingming would be such a vile person.”

“Huh?” Wang Yi, Yang Qingshuo, and Liu Chongyuan were stunned.

“Xu Jingming is so strong; even his evolutionary method must’ve broken through a long time ago.” Sun Li sneered. “He must’ve broken through a long time ago. He kept it a secret and didn’t say a word. He was probably laughing at me when I left the team! If he had disclosed his strength earlier, would I have left the team? He even kept it a secret from his teammates. A vile person like Xu Jingming—”

“Pfft.” An arrow instantly penetrated Sun Li’s mouth and penetrated his head.

Liu Chongyuan and Yang Qingshuo glanced at Wang Yi.

“I really can’t stand listening to his nonsense anymore.” Wang Yi put down her bow.

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Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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