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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 68 – Team Pearwood vs. Team Golden Roc

Chapter 68: Team Pearwood vs. Team Golden Roc

Translator: CKtalon

China’s official livestream was filled with people. This was a grand occasion that everyone was paying attention to.

At 2 a.m. sharp.

“Let us welcome Team Golden Roc and Team Pearwood,” Liu Xin said. The six members of Team Golden Roc and the six members of Team Pearwood appeared on stage. It wasn’t the first time for everyone, so they sat down with great familiarity.


“There was plenty of anticipation toward your battle when I was discussing it with the two guests,” Liu Xin said. “On one side is China’s number one sharpshooter, Wang Yi, and on the other side is Tie Lianyun, one of the three martial arts legends in China. This battle will definitely be exciting.”

“Liu Xin,” Jin Fan—a male guest—said with a smile, “I think Team Golden Roc has a greater advantage. Look, after Xiong Tianshan’s breakthrough, the battle between the two teams became one-sided. I think Tie Lianyun’s strength isn’t inferior to Xiong Tianshan’s.”

The female guest, Ju Wenqing, looked at the short and fat Tie Lianyun curiously. “Teacher Tie Lianyun, may I ask if you’ve broken through to Lv. 3?”

Tie Lianyun sat there with a smile and said, “Everyone will know when the battle begins.”

“It looks like this needs to be kept a secret before the battle,” Ju Wenqing said with a smile.

“Zhao Fan.” The male guest looked at the slightly young Zhao Fan. “I heard that you only started learning martial arts and weaponry combat after entering the virtual world. Is that true?”

“Yes.” Zhao Fan nodded. “I’ve never practiced those before.”

Countless audience members exclaimed in surprise when they heard that.

He had reached this level after one month-plus in the virtual world?

Xu Jingming and the others from Team Pearwood were secretly surprised when they heard that. When martial arts, weaponry, and combat became something everyone participated in, it was inevitable for freaks of nature to appear.

“Your performance in the preliminaries and the first round was very impressive,” Jin Fan said. “I believe more people will become your fans after they know that you started learning martial arts after the virtual world’s launch.”

“Thank you.” Zhao Fan was very humble.

“Let me ask the captain of Team Pearwood.” Liu Xin looked at Xu Jingming.; she still thought highly of him. “China’s first Divine battle was also the first virtual world livestream I hosted. Back then, Captain Xu Jingming’s performance was the best. I wonder if… Captain Xu Jingming has the confidence to defeat Team Golden Roc?”

“Of course, I’m confident,” Xu Jingming said with a smile.

“Jingming, you seem very confident?” Tie Lianyun—who was a man of few words—suddenly spoke. He glanced at Xu Jingming and questioned, “Is it because of your sharpshooter teammate or because of yourself?”

Xu Jingming also looked at Tie Lianyun and smiled. “I’m looking forward to fighting you, Senior Brother.”

Tie Lianyun smiled. “Me too.”

Both parties faintly sensed that the other party had a breakthrough and treated the other party as a formidable opponent.

“Captains, it feels like you’re about to break out into a fight on stage,” Jin Fan said. “I heard that Team Golden Roc’s Sun Li was originally a member of Team Pearwood? Sun Li had trained with Xu Jingming and the others for an extended period?”

“Yes,” Sun Li said with a humble smile. “I can only say that we weren’t fated.”

Heng Fang said, “Our Team Pearwood doesn’t have any contractual constraints and only relies on verbal promises. Everyone trained together, but there’s always someone who doesn’t care about promises and is more concerned about money. It’s fine; there is little common ground for understanding between persons of differing principles!”

Sun Li’s expression turned gloomy.

This was China’s official livestream! More than a billion people were watching this battle.

“Right, we didn’t have a contract restricting us,” Sun Li said. “Therefore, Team Pearwood still contacted Wang Yi despite having a sharpshooter like me! In that case, there was no need for me to stay.”

“Sun Li, do you still have any shame? You were the one who left first!” Liu Chongyuan gritted his teeth. If it weren’t for the livestream, he would’ve cursed.

“I received Captain Xu Jingming’s first invitation at midnight on the 28th, the last day before registration,” Wang Yi said with a smile. “I didn’t hesitate to agree to Captain Xu Jingming’s request.”

“Xu Jingming’s junior sister, Dai Xiaoqing, has long been friends with Wang Yi,” Sun Li said again. He had to mislead the billion-strong audience; otherwise, it would be troublesome if his reputation was completely tarnished.

“Please make preparations. The competition is about to begin.” Liu Xin didn’t stop them and allowed the two teams to clash. She only reminded them when it was almost time.

The two teams got up and looked at each other.

In the combat space, in the combat area.

“The map of this battle is a modern city map.” Xu Jingming looked at the map in front of him and frowned slightly. “The buildings are densely packed, so it isn’t too conducive for sharpshooters.”

“Don’t worry. There are suitable combat plans for all five maps and scenarios,” Wang Yi said.

The two teams immediately chose their weapons and equipment.

After all the choices were made, a total of ten people from both sides entered the battle map.


In a modern city.

The ten people arrived in this area. Although the modern city appeared huge, it only spanned one kilometer for combat! Over time, this area of allowed activity would shrink.

Shrinking the area forced the teams to fight it out.

No team would constantly hide in a competition like the Firestarter Cup National Tournament. This was because they had to fight even if they hid until the end. It was better to go all out at the beginning.


Xu Jingming appeared on the rooftop of a six-story residence. He bent down and hid under the guardrail, carefully looking around.

“Point C is suitable for an ambush; it’s closer to me,” Wang Yi said in the team chat. At the same time, she marked out the location of Point C on the team map. After being in combat so many times, she was already very familiar with the areas suitable for an ambush on the five maps.

“Rendezvous at Point C,” Xu Jingming said in the team chat. “Be careful of Team Golden Roc’s sneak attack while rendezvousing.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Everyone in the team started gathering.

It was the same for Team Golden Roc.

Tie Lianyun appeared in a residential house. He carefully looked out through the edge of the curtain and saw the location of his teammates on the team map. He then labeled a spot. “Let’s assemble at Point A. We might encounter the enemy during the rendezvous. Be careful of the sharpshooter and watch out for Yang Qingshuo’s sneak attacks.”

“Yes, Captain,” the four said in unison.

The styles of the two teams were completely different. Xu Jingming’s team was centered around the sharpshooter, while Team Golden Roc’s sharpshooter, Sun Li, enjoyed a much lower status. His archery was much weaker, but he was good at close combat, so there was no need to protect him deliberately. All they needed to do was treat him as a special warrior.

In a residential house, Wang Yi wore soft armor on the inside and a layer of soft sportswear on the outside. At this moment, she was carrying a total of six quivers.

In order to deal with the orc army during the preliminaries, the virtual game allowed for unlimited replenishment of equipment. But in combat, all the weapons and equipment needed to be selected from the beginning! They had to carry the equipment selected, so weight had to be considered. There was no limit to the number of arrows a sharpshooter could fire. As long as one could carry them, they could carry as many as they wanted.

Having too many quivers will affect my movement and archery. Wang Yi carefully put down two quivers and placed them in the room. The first backup spot.


Then, she carefully left the house and silently walked down the stairs. After leaving the residence, she walked along the edge of the building and quickly headed for Point C.

Wang Yi arrived at the third floor of an inconspicuous street shop that was just dozens of meters away. She then put down two quivers. Second backup spot.

This feels much better now. Wang Yi carried the last two quivers and walked familiarly to the rooftop of a shop on the side street. Through the corner of the balcony railing, she began to observe her surroundings carefully.

The buildings around the shop on the side street were relatively short, allowing her to see anyone coming from every direction.

Wang Yi waited patiently.

“I’m here.” Yang Qingshuo was the first to enter the area.

Wang Yi checked the corners of the rooftop, and suddenly, her eyes lit up. She saw a figure dart past the street intersection about 200 meters away and carefully proceed in a certain direction.

Wang Yi quickly took out her arrow and took two steps to the other corner. She stared in that direction and saw the figure flash past again, advancing very quickly.

Wang Yi almost instinctively deduced the other party’s speed.

In her eyes, 200 to 300 meters of space appeared in her mind! The enemy’s advancing speed, the distribution of the surrounding buildings, and the effects of the wind speed—everything was extremely clear.

It’s that spot! Wang Yi charged forward and leaped out of the rooftop, drawing her bow in the air to a full draw in midair. She stared at the area expressionlessly and released the armor-piercing arrow in her hand.


Releasing armor-piercing arrows placed a huge burden on the body, and one could only fire one at a time. Moreover, one needed to rest before firing a second shot. However, the might of this arrow was much greater! The arrowhead was very heavy, and the supersonic arrow tore through the air to form a shockwave that instantly penetrated the glass door of a building in the distance. At this moment, a figure flashed past the other end of the glass door, and the arrow had already struck him.

What the hell? Zhang Feng’s movement technique was like a ghost as he quickly advanced. Moreover, he stuck close to the buildings, making it difficult for the sharpshooter to see him. Even if he was spotted, it was difficult for her to hit him.

But as he walked along the wall of the building and reached the glass door—


Before the sound of the glass shattering reached his ears, the arrow had already arrived. Zhang Feng sensed the fluctuations in the air and couldn’t help but feel his scalp tingle. He was so frightened that he instinctively twisted his body.


The arrow streaked past his abdomen and tore open a bloody wound, causing blood to gurgle out.

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