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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 47 – Anger

Chapter 47: Anger

“Ah Yong, you’re a Radiant Sun. You do the team-forming,” Cheng Zihao instructed. “Invite me, Brother Long, and the other two.”

“Alright.” Ah Yong chuckled. “Brother Long will be carrying us.”

Zheng Bailong pointed at Li Miaomiao’s livestream. “Before we begin, we have to make preparations. Otherwise, it won’t be good if we f*ck up while carrying the boss.”

“Brother Long, the three of you are professionals; I’ll stick to your arrangements.” Cheng Zihao had managed a company for so many years after all. He watched many matches on the spectator platform every day, so he knew the basic rules.

Since he wanted an expert to carry him, he had to listen to the expert.


Sharpshooter Teng Ya said, “Of the five opponents, the other three are nothing. The key is Xu Jingming and Dai Xiaoqing. Dai Xiaoqing is now a very powerful assassin in Zhang Qing’s female team.”

“Relax. I’ll protect you,” Lei Wenqing said.

“Boss is going to stomp on Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao’s faces,” Zheng Bailong said, “but they’re live-streaming. For Boss’s reputation, we can’t go overboard.”

Cheng Zihao nodded. “We still have to take note of our image.”

Zheng Bailong said, “Our target this time is Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao. Li Miaomiao is very simple—Teng Ya, shoot an arrow and seriously injure her. Don’t kill her! After she’s seriously injured, you can take her life yourself, Boss. Kill her in one or two moves. Don’t make it too ugly; it’s a livestream after all.”

“I’ll kill her right in her face.” Cheng Zihao nodded in satisfaction. “I won’t torment her because of the audience.”

“As for Xu Jingming?” Zheng Bailong frowned. “It’s a little troublesome. Even if such an expert is seriously injured, it will be very dangerous for you, Boss.”

“I’ll also bring a bow and arrow! When you seriously injure Xu Jingming, I’ll shoot an arrow from 20 to 30 meters away and turn him into a hornet’s nest,” Cheng Zihao said smugly. “Even if he wants to counter-attack, you can intercept him from that distance, Brother Long.”

“Alright, it’s decided,” Zheng Bailong said. “Boss, you just have to follow me and stick to my arrangements. Then… it will definitely be a success.”

“With Captain around, crushing Xu Jingming will be easy-peasy,” Lei Wenqing said with a smile.

“I can defeat him in a one-on-one battle, much less with a sharpshooter helping me,” Zheng Bailong said calmly. “Their battle is almost over. Once they begin queuing for the next battle, we will immediately queue up.”

“Ah Yong, heard that?” Cheng Zihao looked at his bodyguard.

“Don’t worry, Boss.” Ah Yong stared at the livestream. “I’ll watch you the entire time.”


Xu Jingming and the others—a man and four women—finished a battle and started queuing for a new battle amidst chatter and laughter.

The bodyguard, Ah Yong, immediately entered the queue.


Soon, the queue succeeded, and the virtual world system matched them.

“All ten people are ready; the battle is about to begin! Cheng Zihao, please prepare your weapons and equipment.” Cheng Zihao’s eyes lit up when he received the notification, and he immediately chose to enter.


“Did everyone see that? In my final double kill, my sword struck like lightning and killed two opponents with two swishes.” Li Miaomiao had just finished fighting when she excitedly spoke to the hundreds of thousands of fans in the livestream stands.

Although Li Miaomiao had more than ten million followers, it was already a lot to have hundreds of thousands of people watching online.

“Alright, alright. I know it’s thanks to this expert beside me. Can you not expose me so quickly?” Li Miaomiao looked at the countless comments in the comment section and snorted.

“We’ve already won three consecutive matches,” Xu Jingming said. “With increasingly more consecutive wins, the virtual world system will automatically match us with stronger opponents. It’s even normal for five Divine experts to appear in the end. We have to be careful the further we go!”

“We’ll call it quits after five rounds. I’m not greedy at all,” Li Miaomiao said. “Xiaoqing, any objections?”

Dai Xiaoqing smiled and said, “Whatever you say, Sister-in-law.”

“What about you?” Li Miaomiao glanced at her boyfriend.

“I’ll keep you company at all times, my dear wife!” Xu Jingming immediately expressed his stance.

“Haha… Don’t worry. I won’t waste an expert’s time; I’ll be satisfied with five matches. Sigh… My star-ranking rises thanks to you, but it’ll quickly plummet thanks to my true strength.” Li Miaomiao tapped the queue.


“Hey, this is a pretty quick match-up,” Li Miaomiao said before the five of them entered the combat preparation area.

The combat preparation area was divided into two zones.

On one side was their team, and on the other side was the opposing team. They could see the weapons and equipment that the other party had chosen.

“Huh?” The smiles on Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao’s faces instantly disappeared when they saw the five people opposite them.

Cheng Zihao. Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao saw Cheng Zihao in the enemy team. He also had four teammates beside him.

Back then, Cheng Zihao had used all kinds of enticements and coercion to force Li Miaomiao to give up the millions of fans she had accumulated for years. He had also forced Xu Jingming to leave Binhai City and had even used Li Miaomiao’s parents to coerce and entice her.

Cheng Zihao smiled happily and stretched out his finger to fire.


Cheng Zihao’s mouth moved, and he revealed a domineering stance.

Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao fumed with anger when they saw the other party’s ostentatious stance.

At this moment, hundreds of thousands of fans in the stands of Li Miaomiao’s livestream also saw it.

“This is Cheng Zihao, right?”

“Cheng Zihao from the Tiger Shark Group! He started a business called the White Dragon Company, and many beautiful female streamers are from it. He even established a team and invited Zheng Bailong and several other top experts.”

“Cheng Zihao is so arrogant. Is he challenging Sister Cat?”

“This battle is interesting! Cat Li has met her match!”

“Brother-in-law can’t handle this match. Zheng Bailong is a martial arts master, and his strength is firmly above his.”

“All the best, Cat Li!”

“All the best, Cat! Crush the White Dragon Team!”

“All the best, Brother-in-law! I believe in you; you can carry them!”

“From a logical point of view, Brother-in-law won’t be able to carry this match. With Zheng Bailong and Sharpshooter Teng Ya on the other side, there’s a high chance of losing this match!”

“Don’t cower. Destroy them!”

The fans in the audience watched, but they had a nagging feeling that Li Miaomiao and Xu Jingming were in trouble!

After both Xu Jingming and Cheng Zihao finished choosing their weapons and equipment for their sides—


A map appeared in front of the ten. Then, the ten people turned into streams of light and plummeted to the map.

The battle began!


In an ancient battlefield.

Outside a dilapidated ancient city wall was a piece of dark-red land that appeared to be dyed red by blood. This dark-red land had no obstructions, and the only structure was the dilapidated ancient city wall.

Ten figures appeared in different locations on the ground.

The characteristics of the ancient battlefield’s map were that it didn’t provide cover; one could see the distribution of enemies and enemies at a glance.

Zheng Bailong swept his gaze across the team and marked the location on the team map before speaking calmly into the team chat. “Don’t give them any chance in this match. The five of us will assemble at Point A. Move out!”

“Alright.” Cheng Zihao carried a bow and arrow, held a saber, and quickly ran for Point A.

Zheng Bailong and the others also headed for Point A—this was the best place to protect Cheng Zihao, and it didn’t give Xu Jingming and the others any chance to launch a sneak attack.

Xu Jingming watched this scene from afar.

They’re very cautious. They know that they have the advantage in strength, so they immediately teamed up so as not to give us a chance to defeat them one by one. Xu Jingming saw this. Zheng Bailong does employ reliable strategies.

“Senior Brother, what do we do?” Dai Xiaoqing asked.

“Miaomiao—you, Sister Kong, and Xiaozeng retreat to the city wall and hide far away. I’ll fight them head-on with Xiaoqing,” Xu Jingming said. “Only by charging head-on will we have a chance of winning.”

“After we separate, Senior Brother and I will be killed by the sharpshooter. Only by joining forces can we have a chance of winning.” Dai Xiaoqing nodded.

“Let’s move,” Xu Jingming ordered.


“Let’s retreat quickly. Let’s not affect Jingming and the others.” Li Miaomiao, Sister Kong, and Xiaozeng were in different areas of the ancient battlefield, but they were charging at the dilapidated ancient city wall.

Xu Jingming held dual shields while Dai Xiaoqing held dual sabers. The two of them charged straight for the five-member team that was in the midst of gathering.

The two naturally gathered together as they charged over. Xu Jingming charged slightly forward while Dai Xiaoqing stayed slightly behind.

“They’re really charging in despair.” Zheng Bailong chuckled when he saw this.

“If they don’t charge up close, they’ll only be taken down one by one by the sharpshooter,” Lei Wenqing said with a smile.

“Let’s approach the city wall; our first target is Li Miaomiao. Moreover, we can prevent Xu Jingming and Dai Xiaoqing from fighting in peace,” Zheng Bailong ordered.

The five-man team quickly approached the city wall and headed in Li Miaomiao’s direction.

“Zheng Bailong, do you still have any shame?” Dai Xiaoqing—who was charging over—shouted angrily when she saw this. “It’s five against two, and you’re still being so wretched?”

“Young lady, this is called strategy.” Zheng Bailong thought nothing of it. He had been through a lot, and he was already used to all kinds of trash talk and psychological battles his opponents had used against him during the tournaments.

Bang! Bang!

A fierce glint flashed in Xu Jingming’s eyes, and he suddenly threw away his two shields. As he ran, he took out the two spear segments on his back and twisted them, locking them into place.

“Charge over as quickly as possible.” Xu Jingming stared at the sharpshooter. “The five of them aren’t as fast as us when moving together.”

“Alright, Senior Brother.” Dai Xiaoqing nodded.

They were to charge over as quickly as they could and attack head-on!

“Look, Xu Jingming threw away his weights,” Zheng Bailong said. “He abandoned his dual shields before we even fought. This is called strategy.”

“They’re too fast.” Cheng Zihao panicked and said, “They’re about to catch up.”

Zheng Bailong looked at Cheng Zihao. If it weren’t for this Silver Moon rookie boss, Xu Jingming and Dai Xiaoqing wouldn’t have caught up so quickly.

“Let’s begin!” Zheng Bailong said calmly.

“Yes, Captain.” Teng Ya and Lei Wenqing’s eyes were filled with excitement as they started the culling!

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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