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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 48 – Relying on Oneself

Chapter 48: Relying on Oneself

Xu Jingming held his spear and ran at full speed, staring intently at the five-member enemy team, especially Sharpshooter Teng Ya.

Although the sharpshooter’s arrow can exceed the speed of sound, I can completely dodge his arrow from 20 meters away. Xu Jingming was very confident in his movement and reaction speed. In fact, the sharpshooter’s greatest threat was a sneak attack, firing in coordination with the opponent’s actions.

The threat of an open and aboveboard shot decreased greatly—unless it was China’s number one sharpshooter, Zhou Yi, who could strafe all five people from the other party’s team and kill them.

But clearly, Teng Ya… was still far from being China’s number one sharpshooter.

“Senior Brother, I’m confident in assassinating the sharpshooter as long as I can get close.” Dai Xiaoqing held two sabers and wore soft leather armor. Her speed was even higher than that of Xu Jingming! It was just that her defense was relatively weak, so she had to let her senior brother take the vanguard while she followed behind.


“I’ll create an opportunity.” Xu Jingming watched as he rushed over.


The two experts, Zheng Bailong and Lei Wenqing, remained rooted to the ground. Sharpshooter Teng Ya, Cheng Zihao, and bodyguard Ah Yong began to retreat and widen the distance between them.


As he retreated, Sharpshooter Teng Ya suddenly unleashed an arrow without any warning.

The arrow tore through the air as fast as a phantom, attempting to fly past Xu Jingming and toward Dai Xiaoqing.

Xu Jingming blocked with his spear and sent the arrow flying.

“This sharpshooter is maintaining his distance from us. He wants to kite us,” Dai Xiaoqing said in the team chat.

“Stick to the plan.” Xu Jingming charged at full speed.

“Xu Jingming, it’s been a while since we fought,” Zheng Bailong said with a smile. He held a pair of axes and wore light armor.

In fact, he often wore heavy armor, but considering how fast Xu Jingming and Dai Xiaoqing were, it was more suitable for him to wear light armor in this battle.

Zheng Bailong! Xu Jingming stared at him, and his spear turned into a blur as he attacked.

Although the other party was a martial arts master, Xu Jingming didn’t show any respect. He didn’t like him as a person.

This person was unscrupulous at the World Martial Arts Tournament and was very ruthless! Another martial arts master, Chang Qingpeng, was kicked in the nether regions in the semi-finals. Even with the protection of his crotch, he fainted from the pain. Later on, Chang Qingpeng retired.

The Martial Arts Tournament was indeed cruel, but kind martial arts masters usually wouldn’t deliberately ‘ruin’ someone’s future and deliberately ‘cripple’ them. However, there were always a few who were ruthless. Xu Jingming had his leg broken and twisted from being struck by a shield in the knee, destroying his future.

Zheng Bailong was ruthless to his compatriot, Chang Qingpeng, who also came from China. This also attracted a lot of domestic criticism, but Zheng Bailong publicly explained that he had aimed at the abdomen. The two parties were moving during the battle, and he ended up kicking the other party’s groin—it was purely an accident.

This matter was left unsettled without concrete evidence.

But as an industry insider, Xu Jingming knew early on that this senior was a schemer.


Zheng Bailong took the initiative to meet the attack. He brandished his ax, and the two axes slammed down like two doors.

Xu Jingming immediately felt immense pressure.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In the distance, Sharpshooter Teng Ya suddenly shot five consecutive arrows. Every arrow was as fast as a blur as they landed on Li Miaomiao, who was standing by the ancient city wall in the distance.

What? Li Miaomiao panicked. She was nearly 150 meters away from the sharpshooter and had practiced Fantasy Cat Evolution—which granted the highest agility—so she had plenty of time to dodge.

However, Li Miaomiao only managed to avoid the first of the five supersonic arrows. She found the second arrow landing very close to her.

She kept dodging and barely dodged all five arrows.

Thankfully, I’ve been practicing my movement technique for the past month. I’m Cat Li after all. Just as Li Miaomiao was rejoicing, she discovered a terrifying arrow approaching.

There’s still a sixth arrow? Li Miaomiao couldn’t make it in time because the sixth arrow that appeared out of nowhere was less than ten meters away from her when she discovered it. She was hit in the thigh just as the thought appeared in her mind, and she staggered back from the impact and fell to the ground.

There was a gaping hole gushing out blood in her thigh.

“He can hit me with an open arrow from 150 meters away even when I practice Fantasy Cat Evolution?” Li Miaomiao was still in the mood to switch her voice to something only the audience could hear. “As expected of Teng Ya, one of the top ten sharpshooters in China. Does anyone know what’s up with the sixth arrow? I only saw five, so how did the sixth arrow appear in front of me?”

Meanwhile, Sharpshooter Teng Ya smiled smugly and said to the excited Cheng Zihao, “Boss, the first target has been resolved. She’s seriously injured and can’t escape. Boss, go harvest the heads.”

“As expected of a sharpshooter. Impressive!” Cheng Zihao was excited. “Leave it to me.”

“Ah Yong, let’s go.” Cheng Zihao led his bodyguard, Ah Yong, and quickly rushed at Li Miaomiao.

Xu Jingming was in a predicament as well. Zheng Bailong’s ax came crashing down like an undercurrent, making it difficult for him to escape.

Lei Wenqing also held dual sabers and cultivated Shadow Leopard Evolution, so his speed wasn’t inferior to Dai Xiaoqing’s. He fought the latter without any lofty aims; he just didn’t want to make any mistakes and focused on defense.

Sharpshooter Teng Ya was also watching covetously, ready to fire at any moment.

“Miaomiao.” Xu Jingming’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red when he saw Cheng Zihao lead his men straight for his collapsed girlfriend.

I can’t be bothered anymore. Xu Jingming unleashed his full speed and charged forward in just two steps.

Zheng Bailong was actually a step slower; after all, he cultivated Giant Bear Evolution. Even though he was wearing light armor, he couldn’t keep up with Xu Jingming’s speed.

“How dare you have your back to me!” Zheng Bailong instantly dropped the two great axes in his hands. His hands were like illusions as he flung from his waist, sending two flying axes tearing through the air and striking Xu Jingming at close range.


Xu Jingming was already mentally prepared when he turned his back to Zheng Bailong. As he flew, he instantly changed directions.

Of the two flying axes Zheng Bailong had thrown, one brushed past Xu Jingming’s side while the other flew past his waist, producing a rupture. Blood flowed from the gap in the armor at his waist.

“Get lost.” Xu Jingming endured the pain in his waist and ran toward Lei Wenqing with his spear.

Not good. Lei Wenqing was so frightened that he immediately retreated. He didn’t dare to face Xu Jingming and Dai Xiaoqing at the same time.

Xu Jingming continued charging at him the moment he retreated.


Dai Xiaoqing immediately charged at Sharpshooter Teng Ya.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Xu Jingming thrust his spear repeatedly. Lei Wenqing strenuously held on with his two sabers, unable to stop Dai Xiaoqing from leaving.

“Teng Ya, you fight Dai Xiaoqing one-on-one,” Zheng Bailong instructed through the team chat. “Old Lei and I will join forces and seriously injure Xu Jingming first before coming to help you.”

Zheng Bailong knew very well.

With Dai Xiaoqing’s speed and Lei Wenqing being delayed for an instant, nobody present could catch up to the female assassin.

“Oh no.” Li Miaomiao sat on the ground and watched the battlefield. Xu Jingming’s waist was injured, and he had to face the combined attacks of two enemy experts.

“Boss, I’ll protect you.” Xiaozeng had already rushed to Li Miaomiao’s side. As for Sister Kong, she was still rushing over because of the distance.

“You’re the weakest person here.” Li Miaomiao felt exasperated. “Help me up.”

“Okay.” Xiaozeng immediately helped Li Miaomiao up obediently.

Li Miaomiao held Xiaozeng’s shoulder with one hand and her sword with the other. She stood on one leg and stared coldly at Cheng Zihao and his bodyguard, who were already charging over.

“Li Miaomiao, long time no see.” Cheng Zihao laughed as he rushed over.

Li Miaomiao’s eyes were cold.

Since Jingming couldn’t rush over in time, she could only rely on herself! She had to rely on the sword in her hand!

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