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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 46 – Cheng Zihao Now

Chapter 46: Cheng Zihao Now

“Jingming, Jingming.” Li Miaomiao suddenly sent a message.

“Miaomiao, what’s the matter?” Xu Jingming’s expression softened when he saw his girlfriend.

“Carry us four beauties in a five-person team,” Li Miaomiao shouted. “Don’t worry. Sister Xiaoqing is here too; she won’t tire you out.”

“Coming,” Xu Jingming replied with a smile.

He could sense Miaomiao’s concern for him. Perhaps his girlfriend knew that he was in a bad mood today and had roped him in.



Xu Jingming entered the combat space after clicking on Li Miaomiao’s team invitation and saw four beautiful teammates—they were Li Miaomiao, Sister Kong, Xiaozeng, and Dai Xiaoqing.

“Senior Brother.” Dai Xiaoqing had always admired her senior brother. When she was a child, Xu Jingming was already a famous prodigy. When she was in school and was still a teenage girl, her senior brother had already entered the World Martial Arts Tournament and was a world-class expert.

“Xiaoqing.” Xu Jingming smiled and nodded. “Quite impressive—I see that you are already on Fairy Wang’s expert ranking.”

“I’m only lining the bottom,” Dai Xiaoqing said humbly.

Ever since she was a child, her father, Dai Tongda, had taught her martial arts. She was very talented, and at the age of seven, Dai Xiaoqing could already make teenagers cry for their parents. Later on, she also became a female professional gladiator.

Perhaps it was because of her single-parent family or because she had practiced martial arts since she was a child, but Dai Xiaoqing was very ruthless to herself and could endure hardships. She had never relaxed with the ushering in of the virtual world, so it was obvious why Fairy Wang had placed her in China’s top 100.

“It’s impressive to be in China’s top 100,” Xu Jingming praised. “Perhaps you can surpass me one day.”

“I’m still a good distance away from you,” Dai Xiaoqing immediately said.

“Stop chatting. Queue up for the battle,” Li Miaomiao urged. She, Sister Kong, and Xiaozeng had already made preparations.

Xu Jingming and Dai Xiaoqing also tapped.

The virtual system started the arrangement.

“Miaomiao and Sister Kong are Radiant Suns, Xiaozeng is Silver Moon, and there are two Divines. This team is quite interesting,” Xu Jingming said with a smile. When extending team invitations, one could only invite teammates who weren’t more than a level away from them.

Li Miaomiao was now an 8-star Radiant Sun. She could invite Divine Xu Jingming and Dai Xiaoqing, as well as Xiaozeng—who was at Silver Moon.


After the queue was formed, the battle countdown began.

It’s starting. Xu Jingming and Dai Xiaoqing were very relaxed. With the two of them carrying three rookies, it was a cinch.

“Be serious. I’m going to livestream,” Li Miaomiao said.

“Don’t worry.” Xu Jingming, Dai Xiaoqing, Sister Kong, and Xiaozeng were clearly much more serious. After all, countless fans were watching; they needed to watch their image.

Li Miaomiao had many fans to begin with. Moreover, she often live-streamed with Xu Jingming, so she attracted a lot of fans.

Although Xu Jingming didn’t live-stream himself, his girlfriend did! This was also the best way for fans who liked Xu Jingming to watch his livestream.

In the virtual world, in Cheng Zihao’s personal space.

It was a beautiful immortal abode located in the clouds.

“Boss, we have three billion in cash now that we have a successful round of Series C financing,” Zhou Feng said excitedly.

Cheng Zihao sat there, tasting the ambrosia and taking in the beautiful scenery of his immortal abode. He said in satisfaction, “Calm down. The virtual world is the biggest explosive node in the human economy. My three companies were worth hundreds of millions to begin with. With the three companies combined, we have the advantage. I’m also willing to burn money, so we are definitely among the top ten live-streaming companies in the country. Three billion in financing is nothing.”

“Isn’t it a little stressful with a valuation adjustment mechanism?” Zhou Feng asked. “Once the bet fails…”

“What do you know?” Cheng Zihao shot him a glance. “How many great opportunities can one encounter in one’s life? The virtual world is the greatest opportunity I’ve ever encountered! When the opportunity comes, one has to be ruthless! At this time, one has to burn money and contract more and more streamers to occupy an increasingly expanding market.”

“You have to believe in the virtual world’s influence!” Cheng Zihao stood up, his eyes fervent. “Watch. In the future, our company’s valuation will continue to rise. It’s very normal to have tens or even hundreds of billions. We have a large number of livestreams and a large number of streamers! That means massive traffic, and this massive traffic… can be monetized into revenue!”

“Look, doesn’t even a cautious person like my brother want to invest?” Cheng Zihao scoffed. “When I was down and out, he ignored me. Now, he wants to invest and is only willing to give my company a valuation of five billion? He can keep dreaming!”

“Boss, but your brother doesn’t need to sign a valuation adjustment agreement with you,” Zhou Feng said.

“A valuation of five billion is akin to robbery!” Cheng Zihao said. “I have to keep my shares under control now; otherwise, how can I proceed with the next round of financing? Don’t worry. The virtual world has only been launched for a month; this is the hottest competition! Our company will rapidly expand in a snowballing fashion. Before long, you will realize that the performance requirements for the agreement are nothing!”

“Yes, Boss, you’re right.” Zhou Feng could only flatter him.

“You may leave.” Cheng Zihao waved his hand, and Zhou Feng dissipated.

Cheng Zihao sat and savored the ambrosia. He couldn’t help but curse. “The virtual world’s officials are really good at earning money. Other than the wooden hut and clothes they issued at the beginning, all the other clothes and food in the virtual world cost money. A watermelon and a cup of tea cost money. Although the price is much lower than in reality… it’s just virtual data. There’s almost no cost, right?”

For example, this jug of wine is ambrosia-grade? It costs 108,000 just for one jug? How ruthless. Cheng Zihao couldn’t help but take another sip, feeling light-headed. However, it’s indeed an amazing drink. It’s much better than any alcohol in reality.

While living in the immortal abode and drinking ambrosia, Cheng Zihao tapped open the spectator platform.

It’s time to study the market. Cheng Zihao spent more than five hours a day browsing the spectator platform, hoping to understand the changes in the live-streaming market.

Li Miaomiao is live-streaming again? Cheng Zihao noticed the livestream.

He still paid attention to Li Miaomiao.

In the livestream was a battle; on Li Miaomiao’s side was a man with four women.

Xu Jingming wore only modern sportswear and held a spear as he followed Li Miaomiao.

The two worked together to kill the enemy! The two of them attacked together whenever a single enemy appeared.

It was the same when three enemies appeared. With Xu Jingming’s help, Li Miaomiao slaughtered and culled everything in her path.

Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao? Life sure is good for them. Cheng Zihao felt unhappy when he saw the couple displaying their affection for each other. The joy he felt from the successful financing was gone.

What he wanted to see the most was a woman he couldn’t get live a miserable life before crying and shouting as she ran to him.

“Xu Jingming’s strength has dropped to the third tier. He’s only getting worse,” Cheng Zihao murmured softly. He still felt stifled and unhappy.

He tapped lightly and invited his friend, Zheng Bailong.


Zheng Bailong appeared in the immortal estate.

“Boss, is there anything I can help you with?” Zheng Bailong smiled.

“Brother Long, I need your help.” Cheng Zihao pointed at Li Miaomiao’s livestream in front of him. “This Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao have some conflicts with me. I don’t like them! I don’t have any major requests; I just want to trample on their faces in a virtual world battle!”

Zheng Bailong looked at the livestream. “Of the five of them, only Xu Jingming and Dai Xiaoqing are Divine. The other three are rookies! Don’t worry; it’s easy to trample on them. Do you want me to help cripple them and let you harvest their heads?”

“That’s even better.” Cheng Zihao felt tempted.

“If they form a team of five, we also have to form a team of five. If the average combat strength is close… the probability of being matched is very high,” Zheng Bailong said after some thought. “We can wait for them to finish one round. Once they are ready for the next, we can do it simultaneously!”

“Alright, make the arrangements,” Cheng Zihao said.

Zheng Bailong shouted in the team chat, “Teng Ya, Old Lei, come over… We need to carry a boss for two matches.”



Cheng Zihao’s company had invested in Team White Dragon. It was very normal for them to occasionally carry their boss for two matches to bully rookies.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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