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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 265 – Fei Xinlan Becomes A Disciple (3)

Chapter 265: Fei Xinlan Becomes A Disciple (3)

“Miss Fei has caught his eye?” Luo Baichuan immediately said, “We can’t just watch.”

“Xinlan’s brother is more anxious than us.” Xu Jingming watched. “He has already walked over.”

The three of them saw Fei Qing walking toward Cheng Yanran and Fei Xinlan.

“Brother.” Fei Xinlan also noticed her brother walking over.

Fei Qing nodded and looked at Cheng Yanran calmly.


This scene attracted the attention of many people in the hall.

Fei Qing… was the commander-in-chief of the empire’s Eastern Region Blood Rain Guard. He held a high position and had great authority, and he had contributed greatly to the empire! His gaze naturally carried an extremely strong pressure.

“Lord Fei.” Cheng Yanran cupped his hands and greeted him with a smile.

Fei Qing gazed at him and said calmly, “Cheng Yanran, stay away from my sister. Do you hear me?”

Cheng Yanran smiled in a relaxed manner. “It’s just a chat. I think Miss Xinlan is quite cute. Alright, Miss Xinlan, your brother is angry. He’s afraid that I’ll abduct you.”

With that said, Cheng Yanran turned and left, ignoring Fei Qing’s expression.

“Brother.” Fei Xinlan pulled her brother’s hand and whispered, “Don’t worry. I’ve heard of his deeds.”

“What do you know?” Fei Qing stared at the departing Cheng Yanran and frowned slightly.

He and the King of Yan… They had a deep grudge! There had been a bloody storm, and many people had died before he succeeded in helping His Majesty ascend the throne.

“Cheng Yanran.” Fei Qing’s eyes turned colder.

After Cheng Yanran left the hall, a group of guards immediately followed.

Qiu Tong watched from afar and whispered, “He’s the only son of the King of Yan. The 12 guards beside him are all first-rate experts. The King of Yan is also one of the most powerful lords in the world. This prince… has raped many female scions in the capital, but he gets off scot-free because the King of Yan wields too much power.”

Xu Jingming and Luo Baichuan’s expressions turned solemn. They were all very concerned about Fei Xinlan, and it wasn’t a good thing for her to be targeted by His Highness Yanran.


Imperial Capital, King of Yan’s Estate.

The current master of the King of Yan’s Estate was the heir, Cheng Yanran. This was because the King of Yan lived in his fief—Yan Nation.

According to the empire’s laws, a king’s fief couldn’t exceed 5,000 kilometers! Furthermore, each generation had to reduce the fief according to their rank.

“Your Highness, this is all the information on Fei Xinlan.” A woman handed a dossier to Cheng Yanran.

Cheng Yanran flipped it open and read it silently.

“Commander-in-chief Fei is His Majesty’s right-hand man,” Cheng Yanran muttered softly. “If his sister gets together with me… Do you think His Majesty will still trust Fei Qing if I marry her?”

“His Majesty might still place his trust in him,” the woman replied. “Furthermore, Fei Qing will definitely stop Your Highness from marrying Fei Xinlan.”

“Stop? What right does he have to stop us if it’s mutual?” Cheng Yanran smiled.

The woman fell silent; she knew of the prince’s charm very well. The latter’s mental strength had an invisible influence. Despite being infamous for being a playboy, many noble ladies were infatuated with him.

“Even if I fail, just enraging Fei Qing and preventing him from sleeping well is good enough for me.” Cheng Yanran’s eyes turned cold as he continued flipping through the dossier. “This dossier says that Fei Xinlan has three good friends from her hometown. Two of the men are called Luo Baichuan and Jingming?”

“Yes.” The woman nodded.

“Take them down a notch,” Cheng Yanran said. “Tell them to stay away from Fei Xinlan from now on.”

“Understood.” The woman immediately knew what he was implying.

“I don’t want anyone dead,” Cheng Yanran stated indifferently. “It’s fine losing an arm or a leg! If they are crippled, they will feel inferior and will then leave Fei Xinlan obediently.”

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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