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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 266 – Late Night Assault (1)

Chapter 266: Late Night Assault (1)


Several days later, night.

The massive capital fell into darkness as nine black-robed figures silently arrived outside Xu Jingming’s residence.

“The target is a first-rate expert. Be careful,” the white-haired elder in the lead said softly.

The others nodded slightly.

It was an elite team composed of three first-rate experts and six second-rate experts! It was more than enough to deal with a Blood Rain Guard captain.


“Move out,” the elder ordered softly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Figures scattered and quietly crossed the courtyard walls, heading straight for the room with the door tightly shut.

The place Xu Jingming rented wasn’t big. After all, an annual rent of 50 taels in the capital couldn’t gain him a luxurious mansion.

“Halt!” The elder gave a suppressed shout. He calmed his mind and used his psyche fluctuations to sense his surroundings. He also sensed the houses in front of him.

“There’s no sound of breathing. I can’t sense any aura.” The elder frowned. He should be sound asleep at this time.

“Fang Cheng, go in and take a look.”

“Yes, sir!” A figure silently arrived in front of the door, gently opened the wooden window, and silently entered. In just a few seconds, he came out and went to a side room to investigate.

“Sir, I’ve checked all the rooms, but there’s nobody,” the figure reported.

The other eight were surprised.

“That shouldn’t be the case. According to the intelligence, Jingming spends most of his time in his residence other than strolling around the district. He usually doesn’t go out at night. Now, he’s missing? Where did he go?” a companion asked. “Brother Wen, what do we do now?”

“We can’t delay our attack on Jingming and Luo Baichuan tonight.” The elder shook his head. “If we do, Jingming might be alerted when he learns about Luo Baichuan tomorrow morning. Therefore… we have to make a move tonight.”

“But he’s not here.” His companion was worried.

“He probably left because he has something on, so we’ll lay an ambush here! Once he returns, we’ll surround and kill him. He can count his lucky stars if he doesn’t return the entire night.”

Soon, the nine lay an ambush and patiently waited for Xu Jingming’s return.


At this moment, Xu Jingming was in a Seven Kills Building branch in the capital. He wore black clothes, a bamboo hat, and a mask.

This Seven Kills Building branch looked like an ordinary inn, but the inn’s hidden hall was very spacious. Xu Jingming was also turning in his mission.

“Your Excellency Three-Kills, this is your bounty.” A gray-robed man weighed the remaining half of the gold bar. “50 gold—not one less.”

He then handed the remaining half to Xu Jingming.

“Alright.” Xu Jingming put away the gold bar.

“Having completed this mission, you will also advance to Four-Kills. This is your new token.” The gray-robed man handed the new token to Xu Jingming and asked with a smile, “Your Excellency Four-Kills, do you want to select a new mission?”

It hadn’t been a month since the assassin in front of him registered, but he had already completed five difficult missions and advanced to Four-Kills.

“I’ll be taking a break.” Xu Jingming took the token and turned to leave.

His current strength was considered quite formidable among first-rate experts; he could even exchange dozens of moves with a super expert. After all, the difference between a 20× actual combat bonus and a 10× actual combat bonus gave him a huge advantage. He could carry out a kill in one or two moves.

However, the advantage wasn’t that ridiculous when comparing a 15× increase to a 20× increase in actual combat! According to the environment and other factors, he could still exchange a few blows. If he had teammates to work with, he could completely match an adversary.

It was precisely because he was strong enough that he could become a Four-Kills assassin in a short period of time.

In the dark night, Xu Jingming wore a black robe and a bamboo hat as he carried his spear sack and walked silently.

Becoming a Seven Kills Building assassin is also a way to get money, Xu Jingming thought.

As a player, he naturally had to simultaneously put effort into several paths! He had to work hard to save money.

He became the captain of the Blood Rain Guard to save money. Being an assassin in Seven Kills Building was also to save money.

As for becoming a Seven Kills Building assassin? As a player, it was very easy for him to gather information on the Seven Kills Building branches in the virtual world. He could easily join them.

The Blood Rain Guard’s detailed information also makes my assassination much easier. Xu Jingming felt that the two paths complemented each other.

In ten minutes, Xu Jingming quietly returned to his residence’s door and glanced at the door lock. Only then did he quietly leap over the courtyard wall and land in an inconspicuous spot in the corner of the front yard.

Xu Jingming swept his gaze across the yard and couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. Although there was no moon and only stars tonight, an expert with cellular control like Xu Jingming could clearly see the ground in the front yard with the help of the weak starlight.

As a player, he was afraid that Blood Rain World would target him. As an assassin of Seven Kills Building, he was even more cautious! Therefore, there was a layer of dust in his front and back courtyard as if it hadn’t been swept for extended periods. Anyone who walked into the courtyard… would leave behind footprints that would expose them.

Xu Jingming didn’t have any maidservants or servants in his residence—he lived alone!

There are new footprints, and there are quite a number of them. Xu Jingming attempted to sense them with Mental Tempering. His mind and consciousness spread out, reaching the rooms and sensing any vital auras.

Xu Jingming suddenly opened his eyes and secretly leaped out from the courtyard wall, arriving outside the residence.

“He went out!” The elder hiding in the room sensed a weak aura entering the courtyard before silently leaving.

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