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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 264 – Fei Xinlan Becomes A Disciple (2)

Chapter 264: Fei Xinlan Becomes A Disciple (2)

“My brother brought me here. Their dishes are considered top-notch in the world,” Fei Xinlan introduced warmly.

Beautiful maidservants carried trays over. These maidservants wore gorgeous clothes and had extraordinary bearings; they were like daughters from noble families.

The sound of music echoed in the private residence, and the musician’s skills were clearly extraordinary. The music was pleasant and uplifting.

“I invited everyone this time because I’m going to become a disciple tomorrow,” Fei Xinlan said with a smile. “Senior Sister, Brother Luo, Brother Jing, I don’t have many friends in the capital! You are my only friends, so You have to attend the apprenticeship ceremony tomorrow.”

“A master? Which expert?” Qiu Tong asked curiously.


“Dean Ming of Martial Academy,” Fei Xinlan said, her eyes filled with anticipation.

“Dean Ming?” Xu Jingming, Luo Baichuan, and Qiu Tong were taken aback.

Dean Yu Ming of Martial Academy—the number one expert in the capital!

Even Xu Jingming—a cosmic citizen player—knew how extraordinary Dean Ming was. This was because he knew very well that for Dean Ming to hold such a high position for extended periods, it meant that he wasn’t a player but a cosmic citizen who had their memories blocked out.

After their memories were blocked, their strength would naturally decrease! However, the strength this Dean Ming displayed was rare even among Lv. 8 cosmic lifeforms. This was even after his memories were ‘blocked!’ What realm was his true strength in reality?

Dean Ming might be a Lv. 9 Origin lifeform in reality. Xu Jingming had such a guess.

“Are you guys coming?” Fei Xinlan asked.

“Yes, of course!” Xu Jingming and the others said in unison. They had to go, even if it was just to meet the legendary Dean Ming.


The next day, Xu Jingming and the others arrived at the Fei residence early and entered Martial Academy with the Fei family convoy.

In a hall of Martial Academy.

There were many guests, and Dean Ming sat at the head of the table.

This is Dean Ming? Xu Jingming and the other two stood in a corner and carefully looked at the elder sitting in the seat of honor.

Dean Ming was a hoary elder, looking amiable and kind. However… an extremely vast psychic force spread out like water and enveloped the entire Martial Academy!

Martial Academy spanned ten kilometers, making it look like a small city, yet it was completely enveloped by Dean Ming’s psychic force.

His mind and consciousness are that powerful? Xu Jingming was dumbfounded. He had seen Lv. 8 cosmic lifeforms in the virtual world, but none of them had reached such a realm.

There was no pressure.

It was like an endless ocean, completely encompassing him.

As long as he’s willing, my consciousness will go blank under the psychic pressure. All combat techniques are useless; I’ll just stand there in a daze and be at his mercy. No wonder he’s recognized as the capital’s number one! For decades, nobody has dared to provoke him.

Xu Jingming had thought about it.

Even an expert at the limits of Lv. 8 could be exhausted from sending hundreds of first-rate experts to death due to everyone having the same physique! But after sensing Dean Ming’s psychic strength… Xu Jingming immediately understood that hundreds of first-rate experts were nothing but wooden stakes in front of him!

Mind—the key to a lifeform’s evolution! Xu Jingming thought to himself. Lv. 8 lifeforms in the universe have a lifespan of 10,000 years, but most of them can’t break through to Lv. 9 their entire lives… It’s because of their mind! When… can my mind be this strong?

“Xinlan.” Dean Ming sat there and smiled at the kneeling Fei Xinlan. “From today onward, you are my disciple.”

“Congratulations, Master.”

“Congratulations, Dean Ming, for taking in such a good disciple.” Many guests gave their congratulations.

These guests were all important figures in the capital. A Blood Rain Guard captain like Xu Jingming wasn’t qualified to enter unless he came with the Fei family.

He was standing in a corner.

“Good.” Dean Ming nodded and got up to look at the guests. “Jiuyan, follow me.”

“Yes.” Wang Jiuyan immediately walked over.

Dean Ming left the hall with Wang Jiuyan.

With Dean Ming’s status, it was already good enough for him to spend time specially taking in disciples. As for entertaining the guests? The guests present didn’t dare to have such extravagant hopes.

Even if the emperor were here, Dean Ming could ignore him.

“Dean Ming really values Wang Jiuyan.”

“Dean Ming doesn’t spend as much time on his disciples compared to Wang Jiuyan.” The important figures in the hall were envious and jealous when they saw this.

It was precisely because of Dean Ming’s high regard for him that Wang Jiuyan’s career went smoothly! He rose all the way and became South Wing’s envoy. Although there were factions in the capital, they were very afraid of Wang Jiuyan.

Many people had guessed that Wang Jiuyan might be Dean Ming’s illegitimate son. Otherwise, why would he be so biased?

“Greetings, Miss Xinlan. I’m Cheng Yanran.” A graceful man walked to Fei Xinlan’s side.

Fei Xinlan looked up and was stunned.

Cheng Yanran was very handsome! His eyes were filled with melancholy as his mind and consciousness affected his surroundings in an undetectable manner, naturally leaving a good impression on others.

“You are His Highness Yanran?” Fei Xinlan was rather curious.

In a corner of the crowd, Xu Jingming, Luo Baichuan, and Qiu Tong saw this scene.

“Has His Highness Yanran fallen for Junior Sister Xinlan?” Qiu Tong was a little worried when she saw this.

“Cheng Yanran?” Xu Jingming was surprised. He had also heard of this person in the capital. “I’ve heard that many women in the capital are infatuated with His Highness Yanran.”

“Yes, he’s a playboy.” Qiu Tong was a little worried. “He has brought many women harm, and many women know that he’s a playboy, but they remain infatuated. He’s very good at women. Junior Sister Xinlan needs to be careful.”

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Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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