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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 251 – Eve of Imperial City (Part 2) (3)

Chapter 251: Eve of Imperial City (Part 2) (3)

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Accompanied by the terrifying psyche blast were black beams of light! The light was strange and unpredictable.

Although Xu Jingming’s head hurt, the threat of death gave him a jolt. He brandished the spear in his hand.

He defended with Mountain Immobilization and used Flowing Water to respond to the changes in the enemy’s saber beam. At the same time, he sensed the changes in the aura of all living things. This was because the enemy’s moves were too fast and couldn’t be seen clearly. He had to use the changes in aura to determine the enemy’s moves.

Clang! Clang! Clang!


A strange black light flashed!

On Xu Jingming’s left, the first-rate expert wielding a shield and saber held his head. When the saber beam arrived, he swung his shield to block but was a tad bit slower.

With a flash of the saber, he stood there motionless, a bloody mark appearing across his waist.

The first-rate expert holding a saber tried his best to block the enemy with his eight-foot-long saber, but he still couldn’t block the terrifying and strange black light. The black light flashed past, leaving a bloody mark on his neck.

Xu Jingming blocked with his spear and retreated at the same time.

In the blink of an eye—of the three first-rate experts, two died, and one retreated.

It’s too fast. Xu Jingming looked at his waist. A piece of cloth was missing from his waist, revealing the protective armor he was wearing. This was a gift from Fei Xinlan, and there was a gash on the armor.

If not for this protective armor, I would’ve been seriously injured even if I didn’t die. Xu Jingming was secretly dumbfounded. A super expert; he must be a super expert.

To give him such terrifying pressure, the opponent was undoubtedly a super expert! This was the first super expert Xu Jingming encountered in Blood Rain World.

“Night Dharmaraja.” The silver-haired elder and the gray-robed man beside the carriage confirmed the person’s identity after seeing him attack.

“Defend to the death!” the silver-haired elder shouted.

“Defend to the death!”

“Defend to the death!” The guards roared in unison, and the assault formation immediately changed to a defensive formation. They surrounded the carriage like blooming lotus flowers and formed a defensive formation. They left their backs to their companions, only needing to deal with the front and begin preparing to defend to the death.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The silver-haired elder and the gray-robed man rushed out at the same time and charged at the Black Lotus Sect’s Night Dharmaraja.

“Taking the initiative to charge over?” Night Dharmaraja sneered.

Two of Xu Jingming’s trio died, and the remaining Xu Jingming retreated rapidly. However, the silver-haired elder and the gray-robed man joined forces to charge over.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Night Dharmaraja instantly fought the two.

The silver-haired elder held the most common shield and saber, while the gray-shirted man used a shield and sword. His sword was a soft sword, and it was fast and bizarre. With the two of them working together, one was open and aboveboard, while the other was soft and bizarre. The two of them had shields, and they completely blocked Night Dharmaraja’s terrifying attack.

Although the Night Dharmaraja was extremely oppressive and clearly had the advantage, he couldn’t break through the defense of the duo’s shields. The duo’s sabers and swords posed some threat to the Night Dharmaraja.

“Attack and destroy them completely,” the Night Dharmaraja ordered as he fought.

“Even if we die, we have to protect Master and Miss,” the silver-haired elder roared angrily. He and the gray-shirted man could only do their best to hold back the Night Dharmaraja.


“Attack!” The Black Lotus Sect disciples went crazy.

Previously, they had held back and exhausted the Fei family’s team in an orderly manner. But after Night Dharmaraja attacked and gave the order, all the Black Lotus Sect disciples went crazy! They attacked at all costs!

“Block them!” All the guards defended with all their might.

As a first-rate expert, Xu Jingming provided help according to the situation.

When they checked into the inn, there were a total of seven first-rate experts in the Fei family’s convoy! There were 27 second-rate experts and a small number of third-rate experts. Most of them were elite Blood Rain Guards. Now that they were surrounded by the Black Lotus Sect, even though everyone was back to back and most of them wore armor, they still collapsed one after another!

They were ultimately outnumbered, and the number of experts in the Black Lotus Sect exceeded the Fei family’s convoy.


A saber stabbed into Luo Baichuan’s chest. The saber was then pulled out, and blood splattered.

“Retreat.” The other guards skillfully pulled Luo Baichuan away and into the team. The entire team’s formation shrank slightly again.

“Brother Luo.” In the carriage, Fei Xinlan looked out through a gap in the window. When she saw a bloody hole in Luo Baichuan’s chest as he was dragged to the center of the convoy before collapsing beside the carriage, her heart trembled.

“I-I thought… I thought I was helping you by letting you guys come to the capital together. B-but…” Fei Xinlan was quite sad to see the other guards die one after another. After all, they were all protecting her and her father. She also had special feelings for the three guards she had personally chosen.

But now?

Back then, she thought that she was giving them a helping hand and giving them an opportunity. But from the looks of it, it also brought about terrifying danger.

“Pfft.” A guard spat out blood containing his internal organs. Similarly, disciples of the Black Lotus Sect fell one after another.

The battle entered its most brutal stage!

The Black Lotus Sect disciples seemed to have gone crazy as they wanted to quash the Fei family convoy. All the Fei family guards risked their lives to guard the carriage.

Xu Jingming’s emotions were also surging. His companions—who had been with him day and night for two months—died one after another! He could only work hard at killing the enemy with his spear, work hard at helping his companions, and do it to the very end.

At this moment, he felt powerless.

Human strength was limited—his strength was ultimately limited! It was impossible for him to turn the tables by himself and defeat the Black Lotus Sect by himself. After all, he was still far from being a super expert.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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